5 Precautions To Take When Relocating

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Whether you will be relocating to the tree-lined streets of Paris or the bright neon-lit streets of Tokyo, your move can still be a pleasant experience for the entire family. Local or international relocation hasn’t stopped due to coronavirus. In an era where remote work is becoming the norm, many people are in motion. Even international relocation during COVID can be a hassle-free experience if you plan well and follow all the protocols of social distancing.

When relocation becomes unavoidable under COVID, follow our easy checklist of precautions below for your upcoming international move:




1. Prepare for overseas travel and quarantine regulations

As COVID-19 infection waves ebb and flows worldwide, international travel regulations are changing rapidly. While you decide to call another country home during COVID, enquire about the rules of the country that you are relocating to. It is highly recommended to check with the country’s travel information until the last minute as things can change at the eleventh hour.

On the other hand, note the essential documents you would need and the regular basics to get a green signal from the border authorities. It would be disheartening if denied entry at the border just because you don’t have the required documents handy.

If you are moving with your family, take note of the additional health certificate. Most countries and airlines require a few essentials like – a negative COVID19 test report or a COVID 19 vaccine certificate. Others may need you to comply with CDC recommended shots and immunization certificates and your children’s health records.

As open borders are still not a reality, many countries have strict quarantine rules. So, it would be best to know the specific laws of the country and be mentally prepared. While some countries allow for home quarantine, others have stricter rules. Be sure to read all the fine print. If you are unaware of the norms, you might face serious consequences such as financial penalty or deportation to your home country.

Financial penalties can be way beyond your imagination. A Taiwan news report says you can be forced to pay NT$1 million for violating quarantine rules.



2. Ensure your insurance is valid

Since you are relocating to an entirely new country, make sure your insurance cover is adequate to support you and your loved ones in an emergency. The best way to avoid distress in a new land is to ensure your safety with a good insurance policy. For instance, the main insurance to take care of are health insurance, travel insurance, renter’s insurance, and any specific insurance that you might need.

Under the current pandemic, health insurance matters the most. If you have doubts about whether the insurance covers COVID crisis, hospitalization, and outpatient expenses, ask your insurance provider about every detail.

Also, consult with your company before you travel to make sure everything is put in place and covered with your family in the new destination.





3. Look for a technologically advanced relocation company

The thought of moving can invite a lot of stress associated with social interaction with people walking around wearing a mask. While you call a relocation company, they might like to survey your home to gauge the moving cost. The best alternative would be to select a relocation service provider who offers a virtual estimate facility.

With technological advancement, it is possible to book a virtual artificial intelligence AI-backed survey with your relocation partner. While AI may sound complicated and scary, have no fear as this service doesn’t involve sending a ten-foot-tall robot to look at your home. It’s far quicker and far more efficient than that.

If you have to move quickly, a virtual survey is now available to speed things up. Sanelo offers such AI-based assistance. What this means for you is a service offering remote video assistance. That way, we can quickly assess your items and the number of boxes you have.

With quick and efficient AI, there is no waiting around for a lengthy quote to be completed. The manner of getting a quote is now streamlined to make your move even simpler. Why let time go to waste? Let technology do the work while you make plans to dine out in your future neighbourhood.

Also, ask your relocation company about their clear COVID19 policies. It might include their protocols around physical distancing and sanitization. If you have any other specific concern, make sure to discuss before you sign a contract.



4. Pack smart considering global shipment delay

Deciding upon what to take along with you while moving abroad is a complex balancing act. If you need to quarantine in the new host country, pack a separate carry-on luggage set. If you are relocating with young kids, here are a few things to keep in mind for the home-stay or quarantine:

  • Cleaning supplies and extra clothes.
  • Electronic devices like extension cords, chargers and
  • Extra food and snack supplies for the kids.
  • Playthings and toys to keep the kids occupied.
  • Some easy exercise equipment like skipping ropes or folding yoga mats.

Now, with the current pandemic, you have to consider a probable shipment delay. Check with your moving company to figure out a tentative duration for the delivery process. This will help you chalk out what essentials you need to pack for your carry-on luggage to support everyday necessities till you receive your shipments abroad.



5. Opt for a smooth relocation service with live support

During COVID, the last thing you would want to experience is hectic paperwork and stress related to the safe delivery of items. Well, look for a reliable moving company that will ascertain smooth paperwork from immigrations to custom clearance and other essential documentation required to relocate the goods.

The fear of damage may keep you worried all the time till you receive your items in one piece. When you hand over your valuables, such as the vase that your spouse adores or your child’s favourite toy, your worry is obvious.

Hiring an experienced relocation company can ease your trouble. Precession packaging and professional handling of shipments will ensure delivery of your household items in the exact condition.

To keep you updated about the latest position of your shipment, some moving companies provide live support that is highly appreciated when you have all your personal belongings on the way.




After all, what matters is your peace of mind

The current situation has brought a lot of uncertainty to our lives. And among all, moving homes can be heart-wrenching. Being informed and taking the right decision will make your relocation smooth and easy even during COVID.

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