Moving/Relocating To Mesa, Arizona: 7 No-Nonsense Tips

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When you mention Arizona, the iconic red vistas with their towering rock buttes usually come to mind. In fact, the word Mesa means a flat-topped elevation that is a very common and welcomed site in Arizona.

Mesa City, however, is a city in the middle of the state of Arizona. It is found in Maricopa County in the eastern region of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Mesa is also the third largest city in the state, right next to Phoenix and Tucson. In 2021, the city’s population was estimated at a little over 500,000.

Living in Mesa brings you close to excellent outdoor recreational areas, perfect for any outdoor lover. Even though it’s right in the middle of the desert region, there’s a lot of water to be found, so you won’t have to worry about being thirsty!

In Mesa, the cost of living is reasonable, and you’ll be glad to know that its property tax rate is the second lowest in any large metropolitan area. So, if all of these sound appealing to you, then moving to Mesa might be the next step to your growth. Check out this article as we go through no-nonsense tips that will get you packing sooner than later!

1. Pick The Right Neighbourhood That Fits Your Lifestyle

When budgeting your finances, the biggest chunk usually goes to housing costs. Whether you’re going to buy a new house in the suburbs, or you want an apartment to be closer to the city centre, deciding where to settle down is a huge decision.

Not only will it hugely affect your housing costs, but it will also play a big part in day-to-day life. So, if you’re moving to Mesa, here are some neighbourhoods we’d recommend for you to consider:

Downtown Mesa is the go-to for young professionals. Closest to modern amenities, company offices, restaurants, and night life, Downtown Mesa is the destination for those who want to be in the centre of it all.

Eastmark has excellent amenities and beautiful homes. It’s one of the more populated neighbourhoods on this list at 34,000 plus. It has also been recognised as a best-selling and well-planned development area in the city.

Red Mountain Ranch is more for the affluent crowd. With a population of only 2,400, there’s a lot of space as well as amenities such as golf courses, tennis courts, and other private venues.

Dobson Ranch is an excellent choice for those looking for things in the middle. It has wide open spaces, and the homes are beautiful but affordable. Dobson Ranch also has amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, parks, and other shops, making its population of over 14,000 very happy and satisfied.

Desert Uplands is another neighbourhood that caters to the affluent crowd. The Uplands are very popular thanks to the houses having big spaces, 100% dog-friendly, and access to great schools and local amenities. The Uplands are perfect for families who like and need their space.

2. Better Adjust To Your New Life By Looking Into The Cost Of Living

In a recent census, Mesa scored a 108.4 cost of living index based on a 100 index for the national average. This means that Mesa is roughly 8.4% more expensive.

Based on the same census, the median household income in Mesa was 61,640 USD between 2016 and 2020.

A single person will need about 915 USD per month on expenses, while a family of four will require an average of 3,200 USD. This does not include housing, as that varies greatly based on location, taxes, childcare, and the actual space.

If you want to rent, a one-bedroom apartment can start at 1,125 USD and go up to 4,000 USD if you want to get closer to the city centre. If you are looking to purchase a home, the median home cost is 353,800 USD.

Remember that these prices vary greatly based on several factors, so you should always conduct due diligence when researching where to stay.

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3. Be Sure To Prepare For The Warm Weather Mesa Has Year Round

There’s a reason why Arizona becomes a top tourist destination during winter. Arizona is a welcome hideaway for folks who can’t stand winter chills. But if you plan on living there, you’ll need to prepare for the hot climate, which most definitely will make air conditioning your new best friend.

Mesa can be found in the Sonoran Desert and is thus considered to have a hot desert climate. Summers can get very hot, with temperature spiking at 106 °F and will most likely not drop below 77 °F in July.

One thing that you can look forward to is that due to the arid temperature, there are fewer allergens and mould, thus greatly improving air quality.

During the “coldest” month of December, temperatures average at about 67 °F high and 40°F low. Not too far off from the summer temperatures.

4. Get Some Well Deserved Rest And Recreation By Visiting These Tourist Spots

Everybody deserves a little rest and recreation from time to time. In Mesa, Arizona, you’ll find lots of places for people to enjoy their free time with friends and family. Check out our top suggestions, and start planning your vacation outings:

Golfland Sunsplash is two neighbouring amusement parks where you can have loads of fun. On one side, you can go go-carting, enjoy about in a miniature golf course, relive the 90s with arcade games, and on the other side, go splash around in swimming pools with 29 different rides.

Orange Patch is an orchard where you can spend a pleasant afternoon picking fruits such as grapefruits, oranges, and tangerines. If you’ve had your fill of pickings, you can also buy products such as pickles, sweet preserves, and jams from their store.

Mesa Arts Centre, if the day gets too hot, you can go and spend an afternoon in the Arts Centre and watch a few shows, art galleries, and exhibitions.

Hot Air Balloon Rides are available in Mesa through many different companies. The desert landscape makes for the perfect launching pad for a leisurely aerial adventure.

Arizona Museum of Natural History is another destination for you to spend a lot of time enjoying exhibits and shows. You also get to learn a lot about the state and its history.

5. Enjoy Your Proximity To The Beautiful Outdoors

Going outdoors doesn’t automatically mean heading off into the mountains and rock climbing. With over 40 miles of bike lanes that snake throughout the city, cycling is one of the many ways to enjoy the outdoors and learn about the city simultaneously. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Program of Mesa provides many services to make cycling a safer and more enjoyable activity in the city.

But, if you’d like to go outside the city and get your boots dirty, here are some outdoor activities you should try out:

Visit Usery Mountain Regional Park and take a hike on one of its 29 trails. If you’d like to spend the night, you can choose from one of its 73 camping spots.

Salt River offers kayaking, so it’s an excellent place to get your feet wet.

Follow the Apache Trail and take a drive into the Superstition mountains. Still, you’ll have to check with local permissions as sections of the trail have been closed off due to landslides, while others are open to foot traffic only.

Head to Canyon Lake, relax and enjoy the sights while you get on a steamboat cruise.

6. Don’t Be A Stranger And Be Part Of Community Activities And Celebrations

A surefire way to get to know a new city, its people, and get with the local vibe, is by joining festivals and celebrations. It gives you an idea of what the city holds dear and what makes the people come together. If you plan on living in Mesa, here are some festivals that you should check out!

Mesa Arts Festival is a fun way to spend time with your friends and family as you participate in hands-on activities, listen to live music and taste locally sourced food. You’ll also be able to view displays by local, regional, and national artists.

Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Latin American celebration related to art, culture, and life. Arizona is a neighbour to Mexico, so you can expect many people to celebrate the holiday in Mesa.

Tequila Fest Phoenix celebrates over 50 brands of tequila in this event filled with fun and lots of drinks. Aside from the shots, there is also live entertainment and food available.

Tempe Festival Of Arts, though not entirely in Mesa, is pretty close, and the 50-plus-year-old festival is an excellent day to be had. There’s great food, beautiful art displays, and live performances.

7. Engage With Professionals To Keep Your Move A Breeze

When relocating, carrying heavy luggage around can add to the stress of an already difficult situation. Sanelo has had years of experience taking care of people in the middle of the moving process.

That’s why engaging with a professional moving company like Sanelo will make your whole move a much better experience. Whether you’re moving locally or internationally, having a partner you can trust is very important.

With Sanelo, you won’t need to worry about carrying around your luggage and just focus on enjoying your trip. All the while, you’ll know your belongings are always protected, thanks to Sanelo’s shipment protection.

Conclusion On Moving To Mesa

Living in Mesa will never bore you. It offers a beautiful landscape and natural attractions, cultural shows and festivals, and modern amenities.

Mesa is home to over 10 colleges and universities, including Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus. The city is home to more than 40,000 students pursuing higher education.

The biggest sectors in the economy come from healthcare and social services, retail, education, construction, and manufacturing. The city provides a lot of job opportunities, with only a registered 6% unemployment rate.

Mesa also has several growing industries, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new place to put down roots.

On top of that, Mesa is a family-oriented and culturally diverse city where you can enjoy your days and learn a lot of things from local museums.

If you’d like to learn more about the state of Arizona or other similar cities, check out our guides on Flagstaff, Fairbanks, and Fort Smith.

Frequently Asked Questions About Relocating/Moving To Mesa

Is Mesa Expensive To Live In?

The cost of living in Mesa, Arizona, is largely within very close margins to the national average. Mesa’s housing costs are, on average, 10% higher than the national average. Utilities are 6% higher, food pricing and transportation are 4% lower, and health care services are roughly 8% lower.

How Cold Does It Get In Mesa, Az?

The winter months in Mesa, Arizona, are between November to February, peaking in December with an average low temperature of 40 °F and a recorded low temperature of 17 °F.

Does It Snow In Mesa, Arizona?

Winters in Mesa are mild, cool, and sunny. The area has never received any significant snow in recent memory. Historically, it has snowed in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1933 and 1937, and most recently received 0.22 inches of snow in 1998. Mesa belongs to the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo Before Moving?

Contacting Sanelo at least 3 months before the desired relocation date is ideal. Moving can be an arduous task, and our team will have the necessary time to provide the best service and make the whole experience catered to your specific needs.


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