Moving/Relocating To Alabama: 14 Tips That REALLY Work

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Known as the “Heart of Dixie”, Alabama is a beautiful southern state in the United States with a rich history. Moving to Alabama will be the right decision if you like forests, as almost 70% of the state is forest lands. Because of this, Alabama has several national parks perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Living in Alabama also brings you the famed southern hospitality, warm summers, and hearty meals. We know you’re getting excited, but there are several things to know before moving to Alabama.

You might want to look up the pros and cons of living in Alabama to see what you’re getting yourself into. It’ll also help if you compare your current cost of living, the choice of cities you might want to settle in, and housing prices. But don’t worry, we’re here to give you 14 tips that will surely help you with your relocation.

1. Look Up The Pros And Cons Of Living In Alabama To Make A Well-Informed Decision

When moving to a new place, it’s always a good idea to start with a general overview of the good and the bad. If you plan on moving to Alabama, consider some pros and cons of relocating is a good move.


The Sunny Weather

The average temperature for Alabama hovers around 64 °F all year round. Though temperatures may rise during peak summer months, the Gulf of Mexico helps to regulate temperatures.

Access To The Gulf Coast And Its Beaches

If you like going to the beach, the southern city of Mobile opens into the Gulf of Mexico. You can enjoy the 60 miles of sandy beaches and pristine waters.

Low Population

Alabama only has 5 Million people and ranks 24th in the ranking of most populated states. If you like space and don’t want to live in overcrowded cities, then Alabama is what you are looking for.


People Tend To Be More Conservative

Citizens tend to lean on the conservative side, especially in rural areas. Some businesses and the sale of certain goods such as alcohol are limited during Sundays, so that is something that you will need to get used to.

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2. Read About The Major Industries And Job Opportunities In Alabama

The top industries that provide jobs in Alabama include healthcare services, space and aviation, manufacturing, bioscience, and tourism.

Alabama is in the top 5 states for aerospace engineers. Large companies in the industry, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Lockheed Martin, and Airbus, which has a manufacturing facility in Mobile, have made their mark in the state.

Alabama’s agriculture is booming and is also known as the cotton state. There are roughly more than 40 thousand farms in Alabama. Approximately  20% of all jobs in Alabama have something to do with agriculture. Exportation of cotton, poultry, quail, and wheat are some of the biggest that Alabama offers.

Aside from agriculture, chemical manufacturing is one of Alabama’s biggest exports. There are roughly 200 chemical-related companies in the state, with a quarter of those in the Gulf area.

As of 2022, the top 5 employers in Alabama are Encompass Health, Regions Financial, Civil Air Patrol, Outokumpu Stainless USA, and BBVA Compass Bancshares.

If you are looking for a job or a new industry to break into, these would be our suggestions.

3. Calculate The Cost Of Living And Prepare A Budget

Compared to other states, Alabama is very affordable. According to research by The Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average cost of living in Alabama is around 35,800 USD per year. Alabama is ranked as the 4th state in the United States regarding the lowest cost of living by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Centre.

Regarding the cost of living, a 2022 report by the United States Census Bureau says that the median annual income for a household in Alabama is 52,000 USD.

According to the same census report, the average rent in Alabama is around 800 USD. This includes a one-bedroom apartment and estimated costs for monthly utilities, which are perfect for young professionals.

4. Conduct A Thorough Research Of The City You Want To Live In

Alabama’s cities can give you several choices. Do you want to live near the mountains to feel the cool mountain air, or do you fancy the farm life? Do you prefer to live near the gulf and be within driving distance of the beaches, or do you still want to live near the city centres where life can get a little busy? Here are some choices you might consider when choosing where to call home:

Mobile is a city in south Alabama that opens into Mobile Bay. Home to the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Mobile is perfect for those who want to stay and live near the water.

Huntsville is the most populous city in Alabama. It can be found in northern Alabama near the border with Tennessee. Huntsville is famous for its many facilities relating to aviation and aeronautics.

Montgomery is Alabama’s capital and a great destination if you want to settle down. It has very affordable housing prices, low tax rates, and a very low cost of living, not to mention its safest major city.

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5. Being A Homeowner In Alabama Means Lower Property Tax

The property tax in Alabama is amongst the lowest in the country. The latest numbers show Alabama’s median effective real property tax rate is 3.33. This means that for every 1,000 USD of property value, a property tax of only 3.33 USD is paid.

The rate in Alabama is very low compared to the national median of 10.35 USD. Coupled with the already low cost of living, you are looking at serious savings.

Due to the lower property taxes and the very affordable housing market, many people are looking into the state to make a move and build a new home.

6. Live Like A Local And Join In On Holidays And Celebrations

Alabamans know how to have fun. You can expect that there’s always some fun event or festival you can go to and have a blast. So, get your calendar and mark these dates and plan out a few road trips:

Mardi Gras in Mobile is the oldest annual Carnival celebration in the United States, usually in late February. The celebration of mardi gras is full of parades, masquerades, and marching bands.

Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic is held annually on Memorial Day in Decatur, Alabama. The event hosts over 60 local and national hot-air balloons that parade and dot the sky for an afternoon of fun and flying.

The Renaaissance Faire is  great if you are a fan of dressing up in medieval garb; you’ll have loads of fun at Florence, Alabama, in October. You’ll see sword fighting, magicians and jugglers in elaborate costumes, musicians, a few friendly tournaments, and lots and lots of food.

Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Garden in Huntsville is a popular tourist attraction in late November. It features over 600 display pieces spread over miles of road you can drive through and enjoy.

7. Relish In The Flavours Of The South And Enjoy A Good Old Backyard Barbecue

Alabama belongs to a string of southern states called the “barbecue belt”. These states have a deep love for barbecue, the age-old technique of slow cooking meat, and have influenced each other’s styles, flavours, and textures over the years.

In Alabama, hickory wood, oak, and pecan are the fuel choices as they infuse the meat with a certain flavour that you cannot find anywhere else. Barbecue is not only a way to prepare food but also an art form that goes deep into the state’s culture. The same families have run many barbecue joints for generations. They often boast their special ingredient or house sauce that adds that extra layer of personality.

It is commonplace to see family and friends go outside for an afternoon cookout in the summertime. The menu will always include a few racks of ribs, grilled hotdogs, and patties for that extra smokey flavour on the burgers. Who knows, you might be hosting your very own cookout pretty soon!

8. Don’t Be A Stranger And Visit Alabama’s Top Attractions

When you settle down in Alabama, it’s also a great way to get to know the state and its history through the local attractions while having a little fun at the same time. Home to eight national parks, educational museums, and miles of shorelines, Alabama has got you covered. Here are some destinations that we think you’d thoroughly enjoy.

US Space and Rocket Centre is a museum in Huntsville, Alabama that showcases the achievements of the US space program during the space race. It features rockets, space memorabilia, and artefacts.

Point Mallard Park is an open-air facility featuring several fun attractions such as water parks, golf courses, an ice complex, an amphitheatre, and so much more.

Cheaha State Park is a 2,700-acre recreational area in Delta, Alabama and is the state’s oldest operating state park. It’s perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Huntsville Botanical Garden is a 118-acre botanical garden found in Huntsville, Alabama. It is home to thousands of species of fauna and flora in its many gardens, including the Biblical Garden, which features plants mentioned in the Bible.

Gulf Shores area in the southern part of the state and gives you access to 60 miles of sandy beach.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is a museum and research centre with multimedia exhibitions on African-Americans’ life and struggles during the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s.

9 . Cheer On The Local Teams And Catch A Game Of College Football, Alabama’s Favourite Spectator Sport

In Alabama, football is the game’s name, or, more specifically, college football. The University of Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers are crowd favourites, and their matches draw in large crowds and viewing parties. In Alabama, they take their football games seriously, and some businesses even close up shop to watch a game during college football season.

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan of Alabama college football right away, but remember that it is a common topic of conversation, a source of pride, and a fun game to watch and follow. It will be a gateway to getting to know the locals if you plan on living in Alabama.

10. Always Have Your Contacts Available And Updated

When you move to a new city, there will be a lot of logistics to handle. You’ll have to keep close contact with your real estate agent to ensure your transfer is in order and that there are no hiccups to your new home. You’ll also need to have the numbers of the local power and water companies on hand just in case you encounter any issues with your new home.

Having your insurance provider on speed dial is also beneficial, especially in the early days of relocation when things can still get a bit busy.

If you are transferring to a new job and your new home, have your boss, human resource, or just your new office’s number on hand.And if you have kids, staying in contact with the school or daycare is a must to be sure the kids are getting settled in OK.

Finally, a new home can be a challenging thing to handle, and some items might get lost along the way. Having a locksmith on your phone will never hurt, just in case, you lose your keys or even lock yourself out of your new house!

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11. Plan Your Relocation Timeline

Moving can be truly stressful. You’ll need to be in sync with your real estate agent and be sure that when you arrive at your city of choice, your house is waiting for you and ready for occupancy. You’ll need time to prepare the paperwork and call the local utilities to ensure they are up and running.

You’ll also need boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and more to protect your belongings during transit. You will also need to sort through the things you will bring with you, those that will go in the garbage, and the things you think will be good to give to charity.

If you don’t plan in the weeks before moving, things will get hectic, and you’ll feel even more overwhelmed. Making a relocation timeline, highlighting the big events mentioned above, spreading them out over a few weeks, and keeping track of your progress will make your move much smoother.

12. Engage With Professional Movers To Make The Move As Easy As Can Be

Handling logistics isn’t easy, and you might find yourself a bit lost, but you don’t need to worry. If you engage with a professional moving company like Sanelo, you don’t have to stress anything. Sanelo has years of experience helping people make a move, whether internationally or locally.

A moving company makes your relocation to Alabama easier. If you speak or email with one of our representatives, they’ll be glad to listen and make a plan that is distinct to your needs. Forget about carrying heavy luggage or boxes, and enjoy your trip stress-free.

Conclusion On Moving To Alabama

There are many reasons why moving to Alabama is such a great idea. This state offers opportunities in many industries, lovely neighbourhoods, an affordable housing market, good food, and some nice places to visit for rest and recreation. Its low cost of living also makes Alabama a great destination for retirement or if you just want to start a new beginning.

If you want more tips about moving to other states or countries, check out these articles about moving to Spain, India, or the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving/Relocating To Alabama

Is Alabama A Good Place To Live In?

Yes. Alabama has a very low cost of living compared to the rest of the country, as well as low taxes and home market prices. The warm weather, proximity to nature, and steadily growing economy make Alabama a great destination for a new home.

Are There Many Farms In Alabama?

Yes. Farming and agriculture are some of the biggest industries in Alabama, and the export of related products is some of the most important to the state’s economy.

Is Housing Expensive In Alabama?

No. The median value of an owner-occupied housing unit is around 150 000 USD which is considerably lower than the rest of the country. In addition to low housing costs, property taxes in Alabama are some of the lowest in the country.

Is The Weather In Alabama Good?

Yes. Alabama has mountainous areas to the north and the gulf coast to the south. It, therefore, has a variety of climates depending on which end of the state you are in. The climate is typically warm and sunny throughout the Alabama summertime, while the winters are mild, cool, and comfortable.


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