Moving/Relocating To Amsterdam: 7 COMPLETE Steps For A Peace Of Mind During Your Relocation Process

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Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is a lovely place to work and live in. Living in Amsterdam makes it easier for you to maintain a work-life balance since this city offers plenty of attractions and entertainment.

It is essential to learn about things to know before moving to Amsterdam, including the basic facts and the cost of living in Amsterdam. This way, you will be well prepared to start a new life in Amsterdam. We’ve come up with 7 complete steps to help you have a great relocation experience so keep reading to find out more!

1. Learn The Basic Things To Know Before Moving To Amsterdam

Moving to a new city means you will need to adjust to adapt to the new environment. Moreover, if you move from a tropical country, the climate in the Netherlands will be extremely cold for you.

Therefore, below are some basic things to know before moving to Amsterdam that will help you to settle in easier.

Prepare Yourself For The Winter

The temperature in the winter can dip to 34°F (1.1°C). Therefore, you need to be prepared before winter comes.

It is always practical to bring your own winter clothes from your home country. The prices in Amsterdam are relatively high since its currency (Euro) has a higher value than in other countries.

Get Your Health Insurance Ready

People who work and live in the Netherlands must have health insurance. If you are a non-EU citizen, you need a Dutch health insurance policy.

Companies in Amsterdam generally will provide health insurance for their employees. That’s why it is crucial to clarify the health insurance coverage with your employer.

Understanding The Dutch Culture

Before moving to Amsterdam, it is better to learn the local culture so you don’t come across as impolite. Some of the cultural “don’ts” you need to know are chewing gum while speaking and putting your hands in your pockets while standing.

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2. Research To Find The Best Neighbourhood For You

Before starting your home search, determine what kind of neighbourhood you need. Do you need a family-friendly area or a vibrant neighbourhood surrounded by clubs and bars?

For your reference, below are some of the best neighbourhoods in Amsterdam that are suitable for families and singles.

Amsterdam Zuid

Amsterdam Zuid is a popular choice for expats living in this city. It is also a great area for families since some top schools are located here.

This neighbourhood also offers parks, kid-friendly cafes, restaurants, and galleries. On top of that, this area is considered quiet despite its location in the city centre.

Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam Noord is a neighbourhood you need to check out if you are on a budget. It was once an industrial area so the housing prices here are relatively lower than in other residential areas.

This area also offers open spaces, such as art venues and festivals, where you can socialise with other residents.

Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Another relatively affordable area you need to know about is Amsterdam Nieuw-West. It has numerous new high rise apartments and an expanding expat community. Many expats live in this area due to its affordability.

Amsterdam Nieuw-West offers parks and open spaces like Sloterplas Lake, where you can enjoy various outdoor activities.

3. Prepare A Budget Plan For Your Monthly Expenses

Amsterdam is an expensive city. The housing cost will take a big chunk of your income and can double or triple when you live in the city centre area.

The monthly rent for an apartment in a non-expensive area is around €1,200 (1,268.9 USD) to €1,500 (1,586 USD). If you are single, you will also need to prepare €1,050 (1,110.31 USD) for the monthly living expenses.

You can try the following tips to cut your expenses and save more money:

  • Find a neighbourhood outside the city centre.
  • Ask your colleagues and friends for recommendations of cheaper grocery stores and better routes to commute to work.
  • Cook your meals instead of buying.
  • Set a goal-saving from your bank account to help you save money regularly.

4. Find A Job Before Heading To Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers job opportunities in various industries. This city is suitable for professionals who want to advance their careers while living in the Netherlands.

To help you dive into the local job market, we will share some of the biggest industries in Amsterdam for your reference:

  • automobile industries (trucks, cars, parts),
  • electronics,
  • shipping,
  • service industries,
  • bank, and
  • media.

Being able to communicate in Dutch language is a plus when you are applying for a job. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged because many companies use English for daily communication, especially multinational companies.

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5. Learn How To Go Around With Amsterdam’s Public Transportation

Public transport in Amsterdam is efficient and affordable. Therefore, you need to learn about the local public transport to familiarise yourself with the route.

People go around by buses, trams, metro, ferries, and trains in this city. You will need a GVB card to pay for the fares, while children under the age of 4 can take public transport for free.

6. Search For The Best Schools For Your Kids

As a perfect city for families, Amsterdam offers excellent education services for local and expat families.

To accommodate children from expat families, Amsterdam has top international schools that you can count on. Here is the list of the top international schools for your reference:

  • The British School of Amsterdam,
  • Amsterdam International Community School,
  • Amity International School Amsterdam, and
  • WI Ford Bilingual Primary School.

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7. Make A List Of Places To Visit And Foods To Try In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that offers culture and history. You will find many iconic buildings and foods that represent the Dutch culture.

Since you plan to live in Amsterdam, you may want to explore the city’s famous landmarks and food scene.

The Must-Visit Landmarks In Amsterdam

Like Paris and London, Amsterdam is also rich in culture and history. This city has landmarks and monuments that are worth visiting.

Check out the following landmarks as a guide to exploring Amsterdam:

  • Royal Palace of Amsterdam,
  • Anne Frank House,
  • The Waag,
  • Oude Kerk (pictured above), and
  • Oost Indisch Huis.

Another thing you cannot miss in Amsterdam is the Amsterdam canals. You can ride a boat or stroll alongside the canals to enjoy the scenery.

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Local Iconic Food To Explore

Amsterdam is a wonderful place to have a culinary tour. It offers various local dishes that won’t go wrong for anyone’s taste.

Below are some of the local dishes you need to try at least once in your life:

  • Stroopwafel (pictured above),
  • Codfish,
  • Poffertjes,
  • Dutch cheese, and
  • Bitterballen.

The recommended drink that you should try is mint tea. It will be relaxing to enjoy a glass of mint tea with a Poffertjes or biscuit.

Conclusion On Moving To Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the excellent places for you if you want to pursue a career in Western Europe. This city offers opportunities in various sectors for the local residents and expats.

In addition to that, Amsterdam offers safe neighbourhoods with excellent amenities, great schools, a good public transport system, and iconic landmarks to visit. All these factors make it easier for you to gain a great work-life balance.

Engaging a moving company like Sanelo will help you to make your relocation process even more convenient. Our team is ready to assist you through the process of your relocation and save you from a stressful moving process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Amsterdam

Is Moving To Amsterdam A Good Idea?

Yes! Living in Amsterdam will give the vibe of living in a small town. It is easy to get around the city and family-friendly.

In addition to that, Amsterdam is a business hub that provides job opportunities for professionals from around the world.

Is Amsterdam Expat-friendly?

Amsterdam citizens are friendly and welcoming to the expatriates living in this city. You will also find expat communities that will help you to adapt to the Netherlands’ capital city.

How Much Is The Average Salary In Amsterdam?

The average net salaries in Amsterdam are between €2,500 (2,643.5 USD) and €3,500 (3,701 USD). This is sufficient to afford decent living expenses for a single person.

If you’re moving with family members or if you want to live more comfortably in Amsterdam, you will need to earn more than €3,500.

Can Sanelo Help With My International Relocation To Amsterdam?

Yes, Sanelo is able to help you with your international relocation to Amsterdam. Our team is ready to walk you through the whole process of relocation, including the paperwork.

Contact us for more information before getting your quote. It is always best to consult with us about your relocation needs. This way, our team can adjust the process to meet your needs.


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