Moving/Relocating To Auckland: 11 ADVANCED Tactics That Have Been Proven Effective

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Are you considering moving to Auckland, New Zealand? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Auckland is the largest urban area in New Zealand, located on the north island. Therefore, living in Auckland will give you access to job opportunities, entertainment, and education services.

To help you prepare for your relocation, we will share 11 advanced tactics that have been proven effective. There will also be information about the best neighbourhoods and the cost of living in Auckland.

1. Find Out The Reasons Why Living In Auckland, NZ, Is An Excellent Decision

Auckland is an excellent place to live in New Zealand. People move to this city for various reasons, such as to work or study.

Below we share some reasons why living in Auckland is a good decision. After knowing this information, we’re certain you will be more excited about moving to Auckland and learning how to prepare yourself before the relocation.

Lovely Weather

The people in Auckland get to enjoy the subtropical climate throughout the year, in which there is no extreme cold or heat. In this city, you can also expect rainfall throughout the year, especially during the winter months.

The temperatures in Auckland range from 49.1°F (9.5°C) to 72.4°F (22.5°C), making it a comfortable place to live all year round.

Friendly People

It is not a secret that New Zealanders are generally friendly and welcoming, even toward the expats. It will be easy to find new friends when moving to Auckland.

The local people are known to be generous. They won’t hesitate to invite you to hang out with their friends.

You will also feel the hospitality from the local people, even on the streets or when you talk to shopkeepers. This friendly character is rooted in their culture, and is usually associated with the Māori spirit of manaakitanga (hospitality and generosity).

The Second Safest Country In The World

New Zealand sits in second place in the top 10 safest countries in the world in 2022. This means that wherever you choose to live in this country, you can expect a generally safe neighbourhood with a low crime rate.

2. Be Informed About The Average Housing Prices In Auckland

Being informed about the housing prices is crucial before relocating to any city. Let us help you out with it!

The monthly rent in Auckland for an apartment is at least 1,500 NZD (963 USD). If you choose to live in the city centre or affluent areas, be prepared to pay more as the rent prices will be even higher.

For that reason, it will be best to ask your employer or local friends for some recommendations for affordable neighbourhoods. This will help you to cut expenses on housing costs.

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3. Browse And Find A Neighbourhood That Fits Your Needs

Before browsing for areas to live in, you should know what amenities you need, such as art galleries, restaurants or family amenities. This way, you can focus your search on finding the neighbourhoods that fit your needs.

Here are some recommendations of neighbourhoods in Auckland that will fit different needs.

Top Family Neighbourhoods

If you plan to move with your family, you will need a neighbourhood that provides easy access to kid-friendly recreational places like beaches and museums. These areas are also perfect if you work in the city centre since they are well-connected.

The family areas you can check out are as follows:

  • Mangere Bridge,
  • Devonport,
  • Grey Lynn, and
  • Howick.

Top Suburbs For Food, Art, and Nature

If you want to enjoy the experience of living in Auckland to the fullest, you can choose neighbourhoods that offer great food and art scenes. It will be even better if you live in an area with easy access to nature, so you have a leisure destination nearby.

These are the neighbourhoods if you want food, art, and nature:

  • Ponsonby,
  • Grey Lynn (pictured above),
  • Titirangi, and
  • Takapuna.

4. Learn The Monthly Cost Of Living In Auckland To Get You Ready

Auckland is an expensive city. Therefore, you need to make a budget even before arriving in this city. This budget will help you determine how much you need for post-moving and monthly needs.

The estimated monthly costs for a family of four is 8,221 NZD (5,168.5 USD). If you are moving alone, then you will need around 4,544 NZD (2,856.7 USD) monthly for your expenses.

To save more money, you can ask for recommendations from your local friends about cheap grocery stores or free city attractions. It is also essential to ask your employer about your health insurance coverage to determine whether you need an additional insurance plan.

5. Get Better Job Opportunities In The Key Local Industries

To be able to work and live in Auckland, you will need to secure a job and earn a work visa first. That’s why before you start preparing for your relocation, it will be best to search for job opportunities in Auckland.

Below we share some of the major industries in Auckland to help you find more job opportunities:

  • food and beverage processing,
  • manufacturing,
  • construction,
  • international education,
  • creative industries, and
  • technology.

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6. Advance Your Career By Pursuing Higher Education At The Top Universities In Auckland

Auckland is a student destination to pursue higher education in New Zealand. This city offers excellent education services at the top local universities.

If you plan to pursue higher education to advance your career, check out the following top universities that provide various programs to choose from:

  • The University of Auckland,
  • Auckland University of Technology,
  • UNITEC Institute of Technology,
  • University Of Auckland Business School, and
  • University of Auckland Law School.

7. Learn More About The Public Transportation To Get You Around The City

The best way to get around the city is by taking public transport. The public transport in Auckland covers the routes in the inner city and the neighbouring areas.

The main public transport options in Auckland are buses, trains, and ferries. If you are in the city centre area, walking will be the best option to commute from one place to another.

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8. Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Taste The Local Delicacies

You will settle into this city easier if you enjoy the local Kiwi food. Luckily for you, Auckland has various local delicacies that will match anyone’s taste, including yours.

Here is the list of iconic local foods that you’d love to know:

  • fish and chips,
  • meat pie,
  • lolly cake (pictured above),
  • Rewena bread,
  • pork and puha, and
  • Hangi.

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9. Explore Auckland By Visiting The City Attractions To Help You Settle In

Auckland is a beautiful city with scenery and exciting places to visit. Therefore, you may regret it if you do not spare some time to explore Auckland city.

As a guide for you to plan your exploration, we recommend you the following attractions to visit in Auckland:

  • The Skytower,
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum,
  • Chelsea Estate Heritage Park,
  • Cornwall Park,
  • Auckland Botanic Gardens (pictured above),
  • Tongariro National Park,
  • Wenderholm Regional Park, and
  • One Tree Hill.

To make your exploration even better, ask your new friends or colleagues to go with you. They can be your guide, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost while exploring Auckland.

10. Make A Moving List Before Moving To Auckland

Making a moving list is a must when relocating to another city or country. You will be able to plan and track your moving progress easily if you have a list of things you need.

Here are some categories that you can include in your moving list:

  • important documents,
  • things to buy before moving,
  • packing priorities,
  • items to sell or donate,
  • important contacts,
  • travel precautions, and
  • budget.

It is better to add a timeline for each item to track your moving process easily.

You will also need to contact important parties, such as your real estate agent and employer, to give them a heads up about your arrival. This way, they will have time to prepare the essentials for you.

11. Engage A Moving Company For A Practical Relocation Process

Lastly, have an enjoyable moving experience by engaging a trusted moving company like Sanelo. Our team has years of experience handling local and international relocation.

By engaging Sanelo, you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy luggage on your moving trip to Auckland!

Conclusion On Moving To Auckland

There are many reasons why it is worth considering moving to Auckland. This city offers job opportunities in various industry sectors, excellent higher education services, lovely neighbourhoods, well-connected public transportation, good foods, and places to visit.

To avoid any unwanted obstacles, you need to prepare well for your relocation. Some tactics you can use include making a relocation list and engaging Sanelo to ship your belongings to Auckland.

If you want more information and tips about moving to other cities, check out our articles about moving to New Zealand, Sydney, and Perth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Auckland

Is Auckland A Good Place To Live?

Auckland is one of the best waterfront cities to live in the world. It has great restaurants, regional parks, beaches, excellent schools, and is walkable.

You will have many places to go to when living here. Auckland has many attractions to offer, like museums and theatres.

How Much Do I Need To Live Comfortably In Auckland City?

The average salary in Auckland is 5,135 NZD (3,725 USD) per month. This salary is enough to cover your basic monthly costs and savings.

Of course, it also depends on your lifestyle. If you plan to live in an affluent area or enjoy many leisure activities, then you should earn more.

Can A Foreigner Live In Auckland, New Zealand?

Yes, someone from abroad can live in Auckland, either temporarily or permanently. You will need a visa to live and work in Auckland.

If you want to earn citizenship, you need to live in New Zealand for five years. You also have to be physically present in New Zealand for at least 240 days each year during your stay.

How Do I Reach Out To Sanelo For My Relocation Process?

You can simply visit our official website to start a quote. If you need more information or consult your needs, please contact us. Our team is ready to help you through the process of your relocation.


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