Moving/Relocating To Bakersfield: 8 Beneficial Tips And Info For A Seamless Relocating Process

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Bakersfield is a southern California city in Kern County. Moving to Bakersfield, CA, is the right decision if you seek a high quality of life, housing availability, and affordable living costs.

There will always be things to do if you are living in Bakersfield, CA. Whether you like outdoor adventure, going to museums or relaxing at the parks, you will never run out of plans for the weekend.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But, make sure to read these 8 beneficial tips to know what Bakersfield, CA, is like. This information will help you to have a seamless relocation process to Bakersfield, California.

1. What Is Bakersfield CA Like?

Before we go deeper into the tips and information about moving to Bakersfield, let us get you an idea of what Bakersfield is like.

Large City In Southern California

Bakersfield is the 62nd largest metropolitan area in the United States. The total area is 391.80 km2, with 3.79 km2 of it being covered by water. This large area consists of many places where people live and work as well as places where you can escape to the open nature.

As of April 2020, the population of Bakersfield was 403,455, with a density of 1,039.81/km2. Generally, people in Bakersfield are known to be conservative and generous. It is normal to walk around the neighbourhood and greet each other with a “Hi!”, which can be hard to do in many other metropolitan cities.

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Bakersfield Is Hot

The weather in Bakersfield is primarily hot. It has a desert type climate that is hot and dry during the summers. On average, Bakersfield gets 191 clear days every year.

The enormous amount of sunshine makes this area suitable for various crops such as carrots, citrus, and almonds.

During the hottest period, from April to October, the average temperature is about 32.2 °C, and may even reach 43.3 °C on the hottest day. Try to spend your days inside during summers and drink a lot of water to cool down your body temperature.

In the winter months, you will find thick fog. Although the fog is usually thicker outside the populated area, people are advised to be extra careful during this period due to limited visibility.

2. Best Neighbourhoods In Bakersfield, CA

Yes, Bakersfield has a relatively high crime rate. However, it does not mean there is no safe neighbourhood in this city. Here are some neighbourhoods with a good reputation as the safest areas.

Olde Stockdale

Olde Stockdale is a well-established area with competitive housing prices. When you come to Olde Stockdale, you will find big houses and trees lining both sides of the street.

This neighbourhood is perfect for young professionals, business executives, and university professors. Olde Stockdale is also suitable for families because it has schools from elementary level to high school, making it convenient for kids and parents!.


The best thing about Quailwood is the easy access to nature. This neighbourhood is located next to Kern River and is surrounded by wildlife. This area also has parks and walking trails, perfect for people who love being active in nature.

Quailwood has a variety of properties, such as apartments and single-family homes. The median price for a house listing in this area is affordable, at $260,000.

If you are looking for a peaceful life next to open nature with affordable housing, Quailwood can be one of your options.

Downtown Bakersfield

The Downtown area is the busiest in the city. This neighbourhood is home to company buildings and businesses. Usually, people who are looking for a job live here, so they can get around easier.

Young professionals and anyone who prefers the comfort of city amenities will choose this Downtown Bakersfield.

For people moving with children, Downtown Elementary School is one of the highly rated schools in Bakersfield. They have above-average academic progress and test scores.

Besides the easy access to the business centre, housing costs are also the main reason people love Downtown. The median house price in this neighbourhood is $207,440. For a convenient and safe living place, this price is worth it.

3. Living In Bakersfield Is Affordable

Based on, the overall cost of living in Bakersfield is much cheaper than in California, even though it is slightly higher than the national average.

Grocery and health care are the two items that are cheaper than the national average costs. However, the median rent for apartments is also considerably affordable. For example, the rental price range for studio apartments is from $746 to $763, and rental for one-bedroom apartments is $755 to $772.

Therefore, Bakersfield is an affordable place for young professionals and job seekers. With a reasonable cost of living, you can still enjoy life by visiting parks or joining the nightlife.

4. There Are Career Opportunities For Anyone

You can find job opportunities from various industries in Bakersfield city. The main sectors in Bakersfield are agriculture, mining, oil industry, natural gas extraction, petroleum refining, and regional corporate offices.

This city is also home to country music. If you want to pursue a career in music, you can start here. People in Bakersfield love country music, and legendary names like Buck Owens and Marley Haggard started from here.

If you are not in the job market, establishing a business is a good plan. With the 1.2% job growth compared to last year, the Bakersfield economy shows that it is getting better. This situation means the city residents have buying ability that will support your business.

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5. You Will Enjoy Relaxing Outdoor

One of the best things about living in Bakersfield is the number of parks and green areas. These are several areas that you can visit to destress in nature.

Kern River County Park

Kern River County Park is a vast recreation facility with a zoo, park, golf course, and other amenities. The zoo is called California Living Museum because it has 80 animal species and various plant species that represent different regions in Kern County.

You can also enjoy a picnic at Lake Ming or camp at the camping area. In short, this park has all sorts of recreational facilities for the Bakersfield residents.

Wilderness Park

Wilderness Park is an open area where you can bring your children and dogs. There is a playground for the children to play and develop their social skills by meeting new friends. You can also walk your dog at this park while enjoying the scenery!

Sequoia National Forest

This forest is famous for the 39 gigantic sequoia trees with a height that can reach 84 meters. Sequoia National Forest is located not far from Bakersfield city. It is the place to go to if you want to escape the busy atmosphere of the city and relax.

Moreover, you can enjoy better air quality by walking on the trails surrounded by pine trees. People come to this place all year round to do various recreational activities.

Besides hiking, there are other activities you can do in this national forest, such as horseback riding, fly fishing, and exploring the Sequoia Crystal Cave.

6. The Best Way To Get Around

You need to get familiar with the bus system in Bakersfield, CA. Golden Empire Transit or GET is a primary public transport for the Bakersfield Urbanized Area. GET public transit system covers within 110 miles radius.

GET provides local residents with several options to get around. They have a fixed-route bus service, which is an on-demand service. GET on-demand can pick you up from home to the destination you need to go.

For people with disabilities, GET provides paratransit service. The passengers can make use of this service for medical appointments, shopping, working, or going to recreational areas.

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7. Enjoy The Food At Local Festivals

When you are living in Bakersfield, join in their festive events! One of them is the Taco & Beer Festival in the winter. You can try out craft beers and tacos at this festival and visit the boutique vendors to shop some merchandise.

During events like this, you will get a chance to meet the locals and get to know each other. Considering Bakersfield people are generally friendly, you’re likely to find new friends here.

8. Things To Know Before Moving To Bakersfield, CA

Budget Your Moving

Budgeting will make your moving process seamless and stress-free. You need to have a note with a list of things you need during the relocation process, along with the costs.

Having a budget will help you determine how much you need to allocate for the relocation and what you can do to not be over budget. Budgeting also helps you in deciding how much you can spend for rental or housing needs.

Search For A Living Place First

It is essential to get a living place before you even arrive in Bakersfield. You can contact real estate agents or ask your colleague in Bakersfield to recommend a living area. Make sure to contact your real estate agent before moving to inform your moving plan.

Having a living place will save your time and energy. It is because you do not have to go around searching for a home while trying to adapt to a new city.

Get Help From A Mover Company

Moving can be a hassle if you do it yourself. Reach out to a professional mover company such as Sanelo.
As an experienced company helping people move around the world, you can count on us to help you move to Bakersfield, CA.

All you have to do is contact us to consult your moving plan and what you need to ensure your belongings arrive safely. Then, you can start your quote on our website.

Conclusion About Moving To Bakersfield, CA

Getting information about Bakersfield will give you an idea of how to plan your moving and settlement processes. Information like the weather, job opportunities, best neighbourhoods, and living costs help you plan and determine what you need to move and settle.

Do not forget to always have a note in handy to list everything you need. You can make a checklist of documents or things you need to bring with you when moving. You can also make a list of precautions to have a safe relocation trip.

One more thing, do not forget to make budgets for the moving process and your living expenses during the first month.

If you want a safe and seamless moving trip, reach out to Sanelo to help you deliver your package safely. We will enrol you into our shipment protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Bakersfield, CA

Is Bakersfield A Safe Place To Live?

Bakersfield has a reputation as a dangerous city. The probability of someone becoming a crime victim is 1 in 22.

This situation is scary, but it does not mean you cannot live in Bakersfield peacefully. Before choosing a residential area, check the crime rate of the area. In addition, it is safer to find a place that is within walking distance of your workplace.

What Is The Average Income In Bakersfield, California?

The median household income in Bakersfield is $63,139 in 2019. However, it does not mean you cannot afford to live in Bakersfield if your income is below this number.

There are people earning around $31,000 who are still able to afford to live comfortably in Bakersfield, CA. You only need to decide where you live and manage your lifestyle.

What Is A Famous University In Bakersfield?

The famous university in Bakersfield is California State University (CSU). This public university offers 45 baccalaureate degrees, 21 masters degrees, and one educational doctorate. So, Bakersfield can be your option to pursue higher education.

Does Sanelo Provide Service For An International Moving?

Sanelo provides services for both local and international moving. We hold consultations, so we can find out what you need and customise the moving process for you. By starting a quote with Sanelo, you give yourself precise protection for your belonging.


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