Moving/Relocating To Bath: 7 Closely Guarded Life-Hacks

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Bath is a small yet beautiful city filled with economic opportunities and beautiful Roman and Georgian architecture. All these factors are why moving to Bath is an attractive decision.

Living in Bath means living in one of the best places in the United Kingdom (UK). It has outstanding amenities such as independent shops, city attractions, restaurants and many more.

Here we provide 7 life hacks to help you get the best experience of living in Bath, UK. You will find some essential information such as finding the best places to live in Bath, cost of living, and the job market in Bath.

1. An Overview Of What It Is Like Living In Bath, UK

If you are new to Bath, these three points are what you need to know to get an idea about living in Bath.

The Weather

The weather in Bath is overall amicable. Summers are mild with a temperature not over 79°F (26°C) and partly cloudy, while winters in Bath are cold, windy, and cloudy, with temperatures dipping to 26°F (-3.3°C).

Snowfalls only occur about seven days in the whole year. This is one of the perks of living in Bath, in which you don’t need to shovel snow every winter.

Georgian And Roman Bath Architecture

It is undeniable that the classic buildings in Bath add to the beauty of this city. When you arrive in Bath, make a bucket list to visit the most iconic buildings here, such as The Roman Baths and Bath Abbey.

If you love the Christmas vibe, you should visit Bath Abbey on Christmas to enjoy the church carol.

The Traffic In Bath

Traffic in Bath can be hectic and congested. Based on SomersetLive, traffic in Bath is worse than in London because the streets are difficult to navigate and crowded.

If you are in the city centre area, it is better to walk than drive. You can admire the surrounding buildings while strolling along the street.

In addition, the public transport in Bath is pretty good. Therefore, if you do not have a car, you can take public transport like buses and coaches to travel within the city.

2. Take A Peek At The Housing Prices In Bath

The house prices in Bath are not low. Even the average house price in Bath is more expensive than in London. In October 2021, the average price of a house in London was £516,285 while the average house price in Bath was £528,530.

It is almost possible to find an apartment with monthly rent lower than £1,000 in Bath. Apartments in a prime location could cost above £2,000 per month.

If you want a more budget-friendly option, you can choose to live outside the city centre area. The unfurnished apartments are usually cheaper than the furnished ones, so you need to choose between a lower rent or a more expensive rent with furniture.

3. This Is How You Manoeuvre The Cost Of Living In Bath

Bath is one of the least affordable cities in the UK. Most of your salary may go to the housing costs since the average rent in Bath is around £1,200.

Without rent, the estimated monthly cost for a family of four is £2,703, and for a single person is £800. However, you can apply these tips recommended by students to save money in Bath:

  • walk instead of drive when you are in the city centre;
  • buy secondhand items;
  • avoid payday loans because the interest is higher than a credit card;
  • cook your own meals; and
  • secure a job before moving to Bath.

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4. Find The Best Places To Live In Bath

Bath is a fascinating city that has perfect neighbourhoods for everyone. We have provided you with some recommended neighbourhoods in Bath to make your home research easier.


Larkhall is mentioned as a trendy urban village by The Sunday Times. This area gives you the vibe of small-town with excellent city amenities. Families will love this area because there are high-quality infant, junior, and secondary schools.

Larkhall is perfect for those who want a strong sense of community in the neighbourhoods and many local independent shops.

Combe Down

Combe Down is a suburb located only 1.5 miles away from Bath city centre. This area is characterised by large woodland areas, perfect for nature lovers.

You will find community pubs, shops, and restaurants around the area. The best thing about this neighbourhood is the strong bond among the residents. With a great community and beautiful outdoors, Combe Down is the perfect neighbourhood for anyone, including single young professionals, families, and even retirees.


Walcot is a suburb in Bath located northeast of the city centre. It is a bohemian neighbourhood with craft and vintage shops, boutiques, and technology businesses.

You can walk from Walcot to the city centre and The Bath Spa railway station. There is also access to the main road, London Road, only two minutes away.

5. Job Opportunities: Things You Need To Know When Searching For Jobs In Bath

The unemployment rate in Bath is relatively low, which is 3.1%. This number can decrease gradually because the city foresees a net growth of 11,500 jobs by 2030.

The data shows that Bath has the opportunities if you wish to have a better career. You can dive into the Bath job market online or be promoted by your local colleague or friend.

The most significant industries in Bath are digital and information and communications technology (ICT), as well as creative industries such as arts, publishing, and software development.

Healthcare, retail, leisure and tourism have also become the industries that provide many employment opportunities in Bath. For education or knowledge-based jobs, you can consider the University of Bath and Bath Spa University.

However, do not get discouraged if your expertise is not related to the above industries. You may be surprised that there are more opportunities than you thought.

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6. The Must-Visit Attraction If You Are Living In Bath

It will be a waste if you do not visit the city attractions while living in Bath. You can spend your weekends or days off to enjoy the beauty of Bath from up close.

Here are the places that you will enjoy visiting:

  • The Roman Baths Museum;
  • Bath Abbey;
  • Thermae Bath Spa;
  • Royal Victoria Park;
  • Alexandra Park; and
  • The Bath Spy Mission Treasure Trail.

Of course, there is much more to explore in Bath. You will enjoy going around the city on public transport. Bath has excellent transport links with many regular buses that operate around the city and connect it to the neighbouring towns and villages.

7. Get The Taste Of Bath

One of the best ways to adapt to Bath is getting familiar with the food. Fortunately, it will not be difficult for you because the local dishes in Bath are delicious.

Here is the must-try list to help your culinary journey in this city:

  • Bath Bun;
  • Bath Chaps;
  • Somerset cheddar; and
  • Sally Lunn Bun.

You should also try an afternoon tea in Bath. Many tea rooms across the city offer proper English tea time with ranges of fine teas, cakes, and scones.

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Conclusion About Moving To Bath

Bath is a small city with great potential. If you are moving to Bath, you will find that this city has more to offer from career opportunities and high-quality schools to great communities and beautiful scenery.

In Bath, you can expect lovely weather that will allow you to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. This city has many beautiful places you can visit on weekends or holidays. From grand ancient buildings to open green spaces, Bath has it all.

The only downside that you should consider is the high cost of living. However, you can follow some of the tips from students to stretch your pound sterling. One of the tips includes buying secondhand items that cost cheaper than brand new ones but are still in good shape.

In addition, if you want a stress-free relocation process, contact Sanelo to ship your belongings to Bath safely. You do not want to carry heavy luggage or pay extra baggage on your moving trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Bath

Is Bath, UK, A Nice Place To Live?

Bath is one of the best places to live in the UK. Its crime rate is relatively low, and it offers a great place to work and live.

Are People From Bath Posh?

People in Bath are pretty posh. Many of the residents are considered from the middle class and up.

What Is A Good Salary In Bath?

There is a gap between the average salary of women and men. The average salary for women is £29,000 and for men is £39,000.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo Before Moving To Bath?

It will be better to contact Sanelo two or three months before your moving date. You can visit our official website and start your quote. If you need to consult your needs, please contact us via phone or email.

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