Moving/Relocating To Cardiff: 6 Astounding Facts

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Are you looking for a major city with a promising economy, vibrant art scene, and picturesque scenery? If yes, then moving to Cardiff can be your solution.

Some of the benefits of living in Cardiff, United Kingdom (UK), include friendly residents, job opportunities, excellent education and healthcare, and many more. In addition, the cost of living in Cardiff is relatively low, even for students.

Are you interested to find out more about Cardiff? Here are 6 astounding facts about living in Cardiff, UK, to help you adapt once you arrive in this city.

1. Quick Facts Worth Knowing About Living In Cardiff

Moving to Cardiff can be a way to improve your quality of life. This city is a nice place to work and live in.

Here are the reasons why people are moving to Cardiff.

Beautiful Scenery

Cardiff is surrounded by beautiful nature. You only need to drive less than an hour from the city centre to find open spaces. Some of the places you want to visit to enjoy nature are Brecon Beacons, River Wye, and Three Cliffs Bay.

If you do not want to drive too long for recreation, you can visit Cardiff Bay. This area also has many shops, bars, and restaurants. It is a perfect place to hang out or relax in the city.


One of the best things about living in Cardiff is the Cardiff International Airport. From this airport, you can access other places all over Europe, even get direct flights to Qatar, Barbados, and Florida.

Within the city, the public transport link in Cardiff covers the majority of routes in the city, making commuting easier. You can go around the city by bus, train, taxi, and even boat.

The Food Scene

Cardiff is a place where good foods are. If you live in Cardiff, here are some of the local food you must try:

  • Welsh cakes,
  • cawl,
  • Welsh rabbit, and
  • Glamorgan sausage.

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2. Where To Live In Cardiff: Recommendations Of The Best Places In Cardiff

As one of the best places to live in the UK, Cardiff is a vibrant city with thriving recreational, sports, and entertainment options. You will find that there are many areas with excellent amenities.

Below are three of the best areas to live in Cardiff. You can use our recommendations as a reference for your research.


This area is considered affluent, characterised by tree lining streets and artistic details. Residents can walk and bike around the neighbourhood comfortably. You can even meet up with locals and make conversation in the Waterloo Gardens.

This lovely and friendly neighbourhood comes with reasonable housing prices. The median home price is £376,837, and the median monthly rent is £775 per month.


Splott is an area with excellent dining options and community. Its location is only a five- to ten-minutes drive from Cardiff city centre. If you need this proximity to the city centre, consider living in Splott.

Splott is also a perfect area for young professionals, families, and young couples due to the amenities and affordable housing prices. You will find a hospital, schools, a train station, bus transits, restaurants, and parks here.

The average house price in Splott is £177,624, and the median monthly rent is £866 per month. These numbers are relatively lower than any suburb in Cardiff.

Cardiff Bay

The proximity to Cardiff Bay is an attractive point of this neighbourhood. You will find plenty of places to relax, drink, and dine. Besides that, this area is pretty quiet even though the location is a recreational spot.

This area has many residential buildings with reasonable prices. The average home price in Cardiff Bay is £222,498, and the average monthly rent is £1,060 per month.

3. Reasonable Cost Of Living In Cardiff

Being the capital city of Wales, the cost of living in Cardiff is considerably low. The overall living expenses in Cardiff is a whopping 38% lower than in London.

A family of four in Cardiff is estimated to spend around £2,206 on monthly expenses without rent, while a single person spends around £659. These numbers are way lower than London. The estimation of living expenses for a family of four is £3,040, and a single person is £863.

On top of that, you do not have to pay council tax in February and March. The council tax you pay includes allocations for county councils, police, and community councils.

4. The Biggest Industries And Job Opportunities In Cardiff

The biggest industry sectors in Cardiff are public administration, education, and health. These three sectors contribute 32% of the city’s workforce and are followed by business and financial services that contribute 20% of the workforce for Cardiff.

However, you should not be discouraged if your expertise is not in these fields. Cardiff still has many opportunities for everyone. You can secure a job in Cardiff by applying online or through a referral.

Cardiff is also home to these fast-growing companies:

  • Bad Wolf;
  • Wales Interactive;
  • iTeach (Wales);
  • TrakCel; and
  • Pancake World.

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5. Cardiff Offers Excellent Education

Do you know that Cardiff is also a students’ city? This city has five universities that provide higher education for various programs.

Based on the Center of World University Rankings 2021-2022, Cardiff University ranks 17th nationwide. Another top university you can consider is Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Cardiff is an excellent place if you want to work and pursue higher education. Cardiff is known as a friendly and open place for students, even students from overseas.

6. Cardiff Is A City For Fun, Adventure, And Beauty

There are a lot of great places that you can visit in Cardiff. Here we recommend some of the best places to spend your days off and some festivals in Cardiff.

To enjoy the art scene and culture in Cardiff, here are the places that you must visit:

  • Chapter Arts Centre;
  • Wales Millennium Centre;
  • National Museum Cardiff;
  • The New Theatre;
  • Cardiff Castle; and
  • Castell Coch.

Additionally, below are open spaces in Cardiff to enjoy nature and outdoor adventure:

  • Brecon Beacons National Park;
  • Pembroke Castle & Pembrokeshire Coast National Park;
  • Roath Park;
  • Fforest Fawr; and
  • Parc Cefn Onn.

If you want more fun and learn more about the local culture, you can join the following events and festivals:

  • Cardiff Triathlon;
  • Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival;
  • Tafwyl; and
  • Cardiff Carnival.

Conclusion About Moving To Cardiff

Living in Cardiff means living in a great city with high-quality education, a promising economy and a relatively low cost of living. You are more likely to be able to save money in Cardiff regardless of how much you earn.

On top of that, Cardiff offers many recreational and entertainment options, and a friendly community. It is no wonder that this city is mentioned as one of the best places for expats and students.

You won’t get bored in Cardiff since there is a lot to see and enjoy, from the arts scene, culture and community events, to beautiful outdoor green spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Cardiff

Is Cardiff A Safe Place To Live?

This survey in 2021 shows that Cardiff is one of the safest cities in the United Kingdom. However, this does not mean you should ignore basic safety measures like locking the door before leaving the house. Even though the crime rate in Cardiff is relatively low, you should ensure to abide by the essential safety measures.

How Much Money Do I Need To Live In Cardiff?

The average salary in Cardiff is £35,900 per year. You can use this number as a benchmark when applying for a job in Cardiff.

Can Sanelo Help Me If I Move From Overseas?

Yes, our team in Sanelo is ready to make your international relocation less stressful. We will walk you through the procedure, including the paperwork and immigration clearance.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo Before My Moving Date?

It will be best to contact us three or two months before your trip. Our team will schedule a slot for the shipment of your belongings, and we can adjust the process to fit your needs.

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