Moving/Relocating To Christchurch: 6 Hacks To Ensure That You Move Well

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One of the cities you’d want to consider if you’re planning to move to New Zealand’s South Island is Christchurch. Moving to Christchurch, New Zealand, will allow you to enjoy the rich natural beauty and local culture.

To help you start a new life in Christchurch, we will share 6 hacks to ensure your relocation runs smoothly. There will also be some essential information you’d be grateful to know about living in Christchurch, including the cost of living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

1. Learn The Basic Pros And Cons Before Moving To Christchurch, New Zealand

Before packing your bags and leaving for Christchurch, you need to learn the basic pros and cons of the city to prepare yourself. After knowing this basic information, you will know how to embrace life in Christchurch.

Pros Of Living In Christchurch

Lovely Climate

Christchurch is blessed with a temperate climate known as the Mediterranean climate. The coldest temperature in this city rarely dips below 39°F (4°C) in the winter. In summers, the highest temperature is around 72°F (22°C).

This shows that Christchurch has mild weather that allows you to enjoy being outdoors any day.

Another thing that you need to know about the weather in Christchurch is it is windy all year round. Therefore, you may need to bring a jacket with you to protect yourself from the wind whenever you are outside.

Friendly Locals

The best thing about New Zealanders is their friendliness. This shows that they accept and welcome people from different countries.

This friendliness is also one of the main reasons expats enjoy living in Christchurch.

Cons of living in Christchurch


Christchurch sits on the boundary of two tectonic plates – the Pacific Plate and the Australian Plate. The movements of the tectonic plates have resulted in the 2010 Canterbury earthquake and 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

However, this city’s economy has shown steady growth after the natural disaster. Now Christchurch is not only a tourist destination, but it is also an excellent place to live for the locals and expats.

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2. Make Sure To Secure A Home Before Leaving For Christchurch

Before starting your home search, you need to know where your workplace will be. After that, you can choose an area nearby or get some recommendations from your employer for neighbourhoods with the best access to your workplace.

For your reference, below are some of the best suburbs in Christchurch that are suitable for singles and families.

Sumner (pictured above)

Sumner is the oldest settlement area in Christchurch. It is a seaside neighbourhood that offers a vibrant coastal lifestyle.

Many people visit Sumner during the summer months to enjoy some activities by the beach.


This suburb attracts families because there are schools and playgrounds for children. Riccarton also offers various housing types, such as townhouses and apartments.

In addition, this area offers a thriving cafe and bar scene suitable for young professionals.


Ferrymead is a neighbourhood with a bustling business area. From this area, it only takes 16 minutes to drive to the city centre.

This neighbourhood is suitable for professionals who want practicality since Ferrymead offers easy access to the city centre and excellent amenities.

3. Learn About The Cost Of Living In Christchurch And How To Save Money Here

The reasonable cost of living in Christchurch is one of the best features of this city. To enjoy the full advantage of this affordability, you need to learn about the average monthly expense and how to save more money here.

For starters, a single person generally spends around 4,000 NZD (2,545 USD) per month. This amount covers monthly basic needs and rents in non-expensive areas.

If you plan to move with your family members, you need to prepare to spend more depending on the size of your household.

To save more money, you can do the following tips:

  • Find free and cheap city attractions like Hagley Park and Canterbury Museum.
  • Shop at the flea and street markets.
  • Bike to work to cut the transportation expenses.

4. Look For More Job Opportunities In Christchurch

It is always best to secure a job before moving to a new city, including Christchurch. You will find it easier to settle in if you have a secured income.

Therefore, here is a list of jobs in demand you can use as a reference during your job search:

  • teachers and trainers,
  • nurses,
  • architects,
  • marketers, and
  • web developers.

If you are a digital nomad, you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa. You will be eligible to live and work in New Zealand for 12 months. For Canadian and UK citizens, you can apply for a 23 months working visa.

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5. Plan Your City Exploration To Visit The Iconic Places In Christchurch

Christchurch is one of the best tourist destinations in New Zealand. You will get to see many things when exploring Christchurch, from natural beauty to historical architecture.

Here are the must-visit places in Christchurch that are worth being on your wishlist:

  • Christchurch Botanic Gardens,
  • Avon River,
  • Awaroa/Godley Head,
  • Christchurch Cathedral (pictured above),
  • Bridge of Remembrance,
  • Canterbury Museum,
  • Victoria Clock Tower, and
  • International Antarctic Centre.

If you fancy some shopping activities, you can visit New Regent Street. It is a historic pedestrian mall that opened in 1932.

6. Familiarise Yourself With The Local Public Transportation System

Public transport in Christchurch consists of bus services, trams, commuters, taxis, and airport transport services.

In addition, you can also consider using a rideshare service, e-scooter, or e-bike as an alternative way to commute daily.

Conclusion On Moving To Christchurch

Christchurch is the perfect city if you want to live surrounded by beautiful scenery and historical sites. This city also offers safe neighbourhoods with excellent public transport.

Moving to Christchurch can be the best decision to pursue better job opportunities and enjoy reasonable living expenses.

If you want a smooth relocation process, you can engage Sanelo to help you move to Christchurch. Our team is experienced in handling relocation both locally and internationally.

For more information and tips on moving to other cities around the world, check out our articles about moving to Vienna, Basel, and Stuttgart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Christchurch

Is Christchurch A Nice Place To Live?

Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island, with lovely scenery, climate, and people. It also offers opportunities in various industries for skilled workers.

Is Christchurch Safe?

The overall crime rate in Christchurch is low. Even after the news about terrorism in this city, Christchurch still has many visitors coming to enjoy the city attractions.

However, you still need to take basic safety precautions, such as keeping your belongings safe when you’re in public areas.

Is Christchurch An Affordable City?

Christchurch is one of the most affordable cities in New Zealand. It is even more affordable than other major cities like Wellington and Auckland.

How Do I Contact Sanelo To Help With My International Relocation To Christchurch?

You can visit our official website and contact us via email or phone. Our team will be ready to walk you through the process of international relocation.

It is better to reach out to us three or two months before your moving trip. This way, our team will have enough time to arrange your shipment and prepare the essentials regarding your relocation to Christchurch, New Zealand.


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