Moving/Relocating to Cincinnati: 7 Quick And Easy Tips To Make Moving Faster, Easier, And Less Stressful [Lifehack]

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Do you have plans for moving to Cincinnati, Ohio, but you don’t exactly know how to start? Or are you looking for advice from someone who has successfully relocated to Cincinnati recently? Perhaps, do you need some advice from people that are already living in Cincinnati?

If you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Cincinnati, we’ve got you covered. This guide contains the pros and cons and 7 quick and easy tips you probably don’t know yet about moving to Cincinnati.

1. The First “Moving to Cincinnati, Ohio” Advice Is To Assess Your Priorities

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Located between Ohio and Kentucky, Cincy (an abbreviated nickname for Cincinnati) offers excellent neighbourhoods with attractive housing options, affordable cost-of-living, and friendly communities, making this city more than a flyover land.

Given that the city’s population has reached 302,600, which is more than 229,000 in the metropolitan area, the alarming number has just shown that the rate of relocating to Cincinnati, OH, has risen over the years.

A good rule of thumb for not regretting the decision of moving to Cincinnati is always to do a complete assessment of your priorities.

Are you staying in Cincinnati temporarily to complete your studies or perhaps, you are just like the other young professionals where you’ve just been offered a job near the central business district?

What’s your reason for relocating to Cincinnati?

Many locals of Cincy can agree that the booming job market and low cost of living in the city are a significant upside. But if you plan on retiring permanently somewhere else, these pros can turn into cons.

So, the first quick and easy tip to make your moving faster, easier, and less stressful is to know your priorities.

2. Consider The “Hidden Gem” Locations in Cincinnati For Accommodation

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Today, Cincinnati, Ohio, boasts of one of the fastest-growing economies in the Midwest. It has attracted people from all over the world, from investors to students, retirees to talents, and business owners to tourists.

Despite the growing population in the city, Real estate experts have reported that the total sold volume of homes in Cincinnati has decreased by 19.5% compared to June 2021. Consider this piece of information as good news, housing is still considerably affordable compared to other cities!

The most brilliant tip to getting your first home is to consider all the undervalued “hidden gem” locations:

  • Avondale
  • Clifton Gaslight District
  • Fairmount
  • Northside Cumminsville
  • West Price Hill

What makes these neighbourhoods a “hidden gem” is because that they are not only a good investment but also near several iconic places such as: 

  • Contemporary Arts Center 
  • Eden Park
  • Great American Ball Park
  • Central Business District 
  • Ohio River Trail

3. A Neighbourhood Near The Cincinnati Art Museum Is Excellent Location To Live If You Have Kids

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Is finding a Cincinnati Neighborhood really crucial? You know… there are parents out there that will do anything and everything for their children. Some may even relocate to a new city for their child. We’re serious! 

The location where your child grows up is just as important! Kids who grow up in major cities such as New York or Cleveland may have a different character than the other children who live a slower lifestyle in towns such as Wyoming or Oklahoma

Here’s a little-known tip if you want your kids to be exposed to a cultural and artistic environment during the early stages of their childhood. The best Cincinnati neighbourhoods you can move to are near the Behringer-Crawford Museum! Consider areas such as Kenton HillsLookout Heights, or West Covington!

Everywhere in the neighbourhoods near the Behringer-Crawford Museum seems to bring the old country charm, natural history, and architecture back to life. Even its parks and historic districts pair well with the hip cafes, pubs, and shop boutiques! 

Imagine your family spends the holidays looking at paintings and immersing in art. Neat, right? 

So what if you don’t have children? How to know if a Cincinnati Neighborhood is perfect for you?

The Madeira Suburb Is ideal For Retirees & Students

If you want a quiet rural environment, you’ve got to check out the Madeira suburb in Hamilton County. It’s ranked No. 1 in the best places to live in the Cincinnati, OH, area! Madeira is also home to highly-rated public schools whose graduates often get a spot in prestigious universities.

The Sparse Green Space In Montgomery Is Ideal For People That Looking To Own A Vacation Home

Montgomery is another hidden gem! Residents here describe the community as a place filled full of friendly folks! It also has excellent public parks, metro bus service, and convenient locations for all utilities.

Right now, the median home value in this area is about $374,000, with a median rent of $1,183. This means that the cost of living is actually affordable, which makes your dream of owning a vacation home realistic and achievable!

4. Find Out About The Existing Industries Before Moving to Cincinnati

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Cincinnati Economy

Cincinnati has moved above other major metropolitan regions in professional and financial services, making the city one of the fastest-growing Midwest economies!

With so many Fortune 500 companies like Fifth Third Bank, Kroger Company, and Procter & Gamble, Cincy has become a robust economic growth for retail, commercial, and more industries!

Here’s another bonus tip before moving to Cincinnati to look for a job: Make sure the industry you’re in already has a longstanding presence in the city!

Think about it! If you’re an experienced agriculture professor, what are the chances of you landing a job when the Agriculture Industry in Cincinnati is 87.4% less common than in other cities?

Even if you found an ideal Cincy townhouse, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

Also, it’s not true that the slow economy of Cincinnati is limiting your job options. The unemployment rate in Cincinnati has fallen to 8.9% lower than it was in April 2020.

The diversified economy of Cincinnati spreads across the medical, manufacturing, and commercial industries. Some of the typical jobs you can find in the city are:

  • Fast Food and Counter Workers
  • Labourers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Retail Salespersons
  • Registered Nurses
  • Stockers and Order Fillers
  • and many more

5. Decide First Whether You Should Be Renting Or Buying

The housing market in Cincinnati is just as confusing and difficult to understand as anywhere else, especially for newcomers like you.

Before committing your entire life savings and hopes into a home in Cincinnati, here’s an easy but practical tip – Just rent a place first, instead of buying!

Fundamental Question To Ask Yourself Before Relocating to Cincinnati – #1. Will I Stay Here For Long?

You’re probably not sure if you still want your home years from now, especially if you’re thinking about travelling a lot. Renting allows you to experience the neighbourhood first. So you can see if the services, the culture, and even the neighbours are worth the investment long-term.

Fundamental Question To Ask Yourself Before Relocating to Cincinnati – #2. Who Will Cover The Repair Costs?

Renting in Cincinnati is more cost-effective because it has fewer up-front expenses and less costly commitments in terms of maintenance and repair costs, especially for homes and cars.

The more repairs you do, the less likely you will enjoy your decision to stay in Cincinnati.

6. Visit Cincinnati First

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Go Metro is a metro bus service operated by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transportation Authority (SORTA) and the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar community. It serves Cincinnati residents, tourists, or business owners to commute easily to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in Hebron, Kentucky, 13 miles from downtown.

Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport (LUK) operates commercial charter flights only 13 miles from the main city airport.

Visiting Cincinnati, OH, before moving there is very practical. It’s where you can get a real-world experience of your life there, instead of reading about it. Here’s what we suggest you do:

  • Check if the previous owner has addressed the repairs you requested in your new home.
  • Assess how long and how far are the actual hospitals, police stations, and pharmacies from your place
  • Look through the house if they require repairs, including the switches, outlets, and other fixtures.
  • If you’re planning to do some child- or pet-proofing, make sure it is up to code and has the landlord’s approval.

7. Say ‘Hi!’ To Your Neighbours!

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Meeting your future neighbours before moving to Cincinnati will be much easier if you do it right before or just when you’ve moved in.

They’re going to be your best reliable source of insider information. With them, you’ll know things you can’t find online or hidden by your landlord!

Your future neighbours can share with you how to resolve any location’s power interruption issues and tips on fighting for your rights if you ever meet an incompetent landlord that won’t address the repairs concerns that you have.

They might even share the nearest and most trustworthy locksmiths that only the locals know and how to deal with noisy neighbours during holidays.

All of this tremendously helpful information could potentially make your life in Cincinnati better if you can simply say, “Hi! I’m Your New Neighbour! Nice to meet you!”

Who knows? Maybe you can even gain a friend that is more than happy to give you a tour around the beautiful recreation places such as Washington Park, Queen City, Hyde Park Square, Botanical Garden, and all the other Cincinnati attraction you can think of!

Conclusion About Living In Cincinnati, Ohio

Even as a bachelor or a family, Cincinnati has a colourful culture, friendly community, and affordable options for a lower cost of living.

We can help and assist you in moving to Cincinnati. Contact Sanelo and request a free quote today!

Interested to find out more about nearby cities? check out our guides for moving to Columbus, Indianapolis and Louisville.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Cincinnati

What Locations Does Sanelo Cover For People Who Want To Move To Cincinnati?

We’ve helped many people move to Cincinnati. In fact, here are just some top locations that we have served before:

Please feel free to learn more about our services:

What Kind Of Climate Does Cincinnati Have? Can I Still Request For Help To Move?

You can expect the summers in Cincinnati to be humid and warm while the winters are usually icy cold. You will experience partly cloudy skies the rest of the year, with temperatures varying between 24°F to 86°F. It rarely goes below 8°F or above 93°F.

Regardless of the season or weather, our trained specialists are capable of helping you with your relocation needs safely and confidently.

Give us a call at +65 3138 5273 today!

What Are The Hospitals In Cincinnati?

We understand the concern of the ongoing pandemic, and therefore, people are usually concerned if there are any hospitals nearby the places they plan to relocate.

The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Mercy Health Hospital are just some of your many options.

These hospitals are praised nationally for their medical advancements, especially in cardiology, heart surgery, geriatrics and knee replacement procedures.

Is Cincinnati A Good Place To Live?

Yes, Living in Cincinnati, OH, is an excellent place for you if you have always wanted to live in an area surrounded by nature, fun festivals and art!

Here are some exciting things to do if when you’re finally living in Cincinnati there:

  • Attractions (You can visit the National Historic Landmark, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Riverbend music centre, Cincinnati Zoo, Hyde Park, Paul Brown Stadium)
  • Food (You must try the Apple Cakes Stack Pancakes and their famous Gourmet Hot Dogs)
  • Scenery (Hang out at the northern side of Kentucky, Relax & enjoy the beautiful Ohio River views, Snap a photo of you striking a pose at a Cincinnati Skyline, Have a picnic at the Botanical Garden)

Cincinnati offers multiple reasons for anyone to live there. Did you know that Cincinnati is ranked No. 13 for the cheapest places to live in the U.S.? And that’s out of 150 cities across the country!

Their cost of living is below the national average, they offer affordable costs for housing, and the city is simply perfect for people with median household income!

If you are looking for a retirement home or are starting a family in a quiet rural setting, relocate to Cincinnati, Ohio, today!


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