Moving/Relocating To Detroit: 9 Interesting Things You Absolutely Must Know

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Keeping yourself well prepared before moving to Detroit is essential. Some important research you must cover includes visas, housing, banking, healthcare, education, and all the requirements for moving to Detroit.

Before you get overwhelmed and start worrying about how you will ever relocate to Detroit successfully, you will find practical, up-to-date and interesting information in this article.

1. Contrary To Popular Belief, More People Are Moving To Detroit Because The Area Has One Of The Lowest Crime Rates

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One interesting fact is that Detroit is an area where it is divided between the city and suburbs. At first glance, moving to Detroit may not look like a safe decision, but in reality, life in Detroit is actually extremely peaceful.

In fact, people enjoy their lives in Detroit because you can often find nice neighbourhoods to explore, and the area has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire country! This is why only the people living here would know that relocating to Detroit is not only a wise choice but also a great investment. It is the right time to buy property in Detroit now as the recent redevelopment will spike the overall value and result in handsome profits later on.

2. People Who Have Families Or Prefers To Live In A Youthful And Lively Place Are Relocating To Detroit Every Single Year

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One of the main reasons people love their lives in Detroit is the schools and bright children located there. If you have children or are planning to have one, you can be assured that your child will be growing up in the best possible learning environment.

The schools in Detroit offer small classes and well-maintained facilities, and they encourage parents to be involved. This leads to:

  • More personalised attention for your child’s development;
  • More opportunities for your child to ask questions, explore and learn;
  • Higher possibility for your child to achieve better grades;
  • Allowing you to find parenthood meaningful; and
  • More opportunities for you to forge a friendship with other parents.

Additionally, there are many kid-friendly parks, restaurants and there is even a Detroit Zoo! This creates lively, energetic, and youthful vibes every single day for people living in Detroit.

3. The Standard Of Living In Detroit Will Only Increase As The Economy Continues To Thrive With Huge Growth Prospects

Although the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic did not spare Detroit’s economy, researchers expect Detroit to be one potential bright spot for a quicker recovery than the state, and its economy will likely rebound by 2023.

According to The Detroit News, Detroit’s ongoing recovery is expected to form as a key component of Michigan’s economic growth through 2024. In fact, Detroit’s economy has tended to grow quicker than the state’s over the past five years, and this trend is forecasted to continue. This is a huge confidence boost for anyone that is planning to relocate to Detroit!

Here are some exciting statistics:

  • Job opportunities in Detroit are forecasted to grow at 29.3% in the next ten years.
  • The employment rate in Detroit is expected to grow an average of 0.6% for the next five years.
  • People who are living in Detroit are also expected to have a 4.3% rise in their income.

Having said that, all economic forecasts have some form of uncertainties. Nonetheless, Detroit’s is promising as the city continues to revamp and improve for the upcoming years.

4. The Transportation Infrastructure And Facilities Make Life In Detroit Exceptionally Easy

Another interesting reason people want to move to Detroit is because of its well-established transportation infrastructure that is managed by the largest public transit provider in Michigan – The Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT).

You can expect a smooth journey around the city to suburbs and even the neighbouring cities such as Highland Park and Hamtramck.

What’s most exciting for the residents living in Detroit is that there are several ongoing and planned projects coming soon. This includes:

  • More bike lanes to be built along the roads,
  • More public spaces
  • Better ridership programmes

If you are looking for a relocation area with great transportation, moving to Detroit is an excellent consideration.

5. People Who Live In Detroit Get To Enjoy An Affluent Lifestyle At A Lower Cost

Compared to living in New York City, Detroit could be your ideal relocation area if you prefer a lower cost of living without compromising the “affluent” component in your lifestyle.

According to PayScale, the cost of living in Detroit is 3% lower than the national average after taking into account core factors such as career, salary, and the property market.

This means that if you plan to relocate to Detroit, here’s a quick, practical and useful budgeting summary for you to plan your upcoming move.

  • The median price for a home in Detroit is $326,527
  • The median cost of renting a home in Detroit is $1,023/month.
  • The energy bills cost an average of $171.18/month
  • The phone bills cost an average of $182.47/month
  • The gas costs about $2.82/gallon.
  • The grocery prices in Detroit are about 9% lower than the national average.
  • Healthcare in Detroit is 6% more affordable than the national average.

If you are looking for inexpensive housing and a lower cost of living, Detroit could be one of your best choices to relocate to.

6. If You Love The Four Seasons Weather, You’ll Love Your Life In Detroit

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The 6th interesting fact about Detroit is that the different seasons can often alter the city’s appearance and one’s lifestyle drastically.

Life In Detroit During Summers

From June to September, summers can be hot, humid, stormy, and you can get an average of 183 days of sunlight. But this is also a cheerful season where tourism is at its peak, especially during July and August.

Life In Detroit During Fall

The fall season will fully commence in October as Detroit reaches its most colourful time of the year! The weather is extremely comfortable where boaters will soak up a few days on rivers and lakes, notably the Detroit River and Lake Erie. People generally love a quick getaway to a tried-and-true cider mill for some tasty apple cider and warm doughnuts. It is also an eagerly-anticipated season for thousands of loyal Detroit Sports fans to come together for the Detroit Lions home opener.

Life In Detroit During Winter

The winter season often starts in November and ends in April. People would often participate in snow or ice activities which can be held on both land and sea. One of the best attractions in Detroit during the winter season is the Annual Auto Show.

Life In Detroit During Spring

By May, Spring will grace Detroit with blooming tulips, chirping birds, and there’s an overall lifting of spirits everywhere. During Spring, people living in Detroit will often go fishing, spend the day at Greenfield Village, visit Belle Isle’s conservatory, and fully indulge in the spring bliss!

7. The Rich Social, Economic, And Cultural History Attracts People To Relocate To Detroit

It is no surprise if you’ve heard of stories where people are excited to relocate to Detroit because of its history and the hub of the automobile industry. It happened to a Detroit businessman named Henry Ford, who started the Detroit Automobile Company in 1899. Many automobile entrepreneurs have followed Mr Henry Ford to help build the Ford Motor Co.

That being said, many people who have relocated to Detroit take pride in its diverse culture. You can often see people enjoying themselves in museums and exploring historical sites during their leisure time.

8. Visiting Local Attractions Can Help You Adapt To Your Life In Detroit Quicker

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To help you understand and adapt to the cultural norms quicker, here are some recommended attractions to visit after relocating to Detroit.

Top Attractions To Visit After Relocating to Detroit – The Henry Ford

Known as “one of the world’s coolest museums”, the Henry Ford Museum is a top multi-venue cultural destination after you’ve relocated to Detroit. At The Henry Ford, you’ll find opportunities to explore, appreciate, and learn about Detroit’s history. This will greatly help you understand the people in Detroit faster and allow you to adapt easier.

Top Attractions To Visit After Relocating to Detroit – The Automotive Hall of Fame

Founded in 1939, during the World’s Fair, the Automotive Hall of Fame was relocated to Detroit and close to the Henry Ford Museum in 1971. The Automotive Hall of Fame is a museum that focuses on the history of the vehicle and the pioneers who have helped shape the industry.

Top Attractions To Visit After Relocating to Detroit – The Arab American National Museum (AANM)

The Arab American National Museum (AANM) is the United States’ first and only museum dedicated to honouring the Arab American contributions that have helped the country’s economic, political, and cultural landscapes. The Museum also highlights the common experiences of immigrants and ethnic groups, giving homage to the country’s diversity.

Top Attractions To Visit After Relocating to Detroit – Eastern Market

Since its founding in the 1800s, the Eastern Market has progressively grown into a vibrant place that offers fresh and healthy food throughout Southeastern Michigan. In recent years, the Eastern Market Partnership was created to help support and enrich Detroit’s culture and economy.

9. People Do Not Regret Relocating To Detroit After Tasting The Local Iconic Cuisines

The history of Detroit’s iconic cuisines is best defined by the people who had relocated and migrated there since the 20th century, when Detroit was the epicentre of the American automotive industry. You can often find Detroit’s food is largely influenced by the cuisines from Greek, Italian diaspora, Lebanon, Mexico, Chinese-American, and even Vietnam.

With a variety of cuisines to explore every day, life in Detroit will never be boring. We’ve listed 3 local iconic cuisines that you must absolutely try if you ever move to Detroit:

Your First Snack To Try After Relocating to Detroit – Paczki

Paczki is a Polish-style fried pastry bun made with butter, eggs, and sugar. Paczki is a traditional snack that is originated in Poland as Fat Tuesday Snacks. This delightful snack is richer than a typical doughnut and comes in a spherical shape that melts in your mouth with each bite.

Another Delicious Snack To Try After Relocating to Detroit – Botana

Botana is similar to nachos but slightly different. You’ll be served with warm tortilla chips that are topped with ingredients of your choice, such as refried beans, chorizo, diced onions, sliced avocados, green peppers, tomatoes, jalapeño, and a molten shell of Muenster cheese!

Give A Go At Uniquely Shaped Pizzas After Relocating to Detroit – Square Pizza

Unlike the ordinary flat and round classic pizzas, the Detroit-style pizza is a rectangular pizza topped with cheese and tomato sauce. With its unique square shape, its light airy dough was able to achieve perfect browning for the crust and slightly crips for the savoury cheese.

Conclusion About Moving To Detroit

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When considering a move, it can be all too easy to assume that a rosier life awaits you. However, all places have their own pluses and minuses.

Moving to Detroit can mean different things for different people and this includes:

  • Better career opportunities;
  • Experience the four seasonal weather;
  • Looking for an economically stable place to live in; and
  • Many more.

If you need assistance making the big move, check out our local moving services. We have a whole lot of information that might be able to help you make a more informed decision before starting your life in Detroit.

If you want to know more about other nearby cities, you may check out our guides about moving to Cleveland, Columbus and Indianapolis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Detroit

How Do I Know If Moving To Detroit Is The Right Choice?

The first thing you want to do is visit Detroit at least once before making your big move. Next, make sure that you do some research on the neighbourhood you are moving to as well, including the restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment, and transportation nearby. Through such experience, you should be able to determine whether Detroit is a place that you will enjoy living in.

Even if Detroit might not be for you, there are other cities in Michigan. You can find out more about moving to Michigan here.

Is It Possible To Move All My Belongings If I’m Relocating To Detroit From Another Country?

Yes. At Sanelo, we make moving easy and giving you peace of mind for Paperwork, Packing and Protection. Learn more about our shipment protection.

Why Should I Hire Professional Movers If I’m Relocating To Detroit?

Hiring professional movers can save you time, money and unnecessary paperwork! At Sanelo, we are committed to offering exceptional moving experiences and services to you. If you need moving services, contact us today.

Is It Safe To Engage A Moving Company?

With over 130 years of experience in international moving, you can expect the following when you engage Sanelo to assist you with moving:

  • You are backed by a solid and reputable moving organisation with 64 offices in over 38 countries.
  • Your belongings are always safe in our storage facilities, even when there’s a change in your moving plans.
  • You are covered by one of the most comprehensive shipment protection plans, no matter your destination, desires or budget may be.
  • You will be given help from our efficient crew members to help you pack and unpack within days.

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