Moving/Relocating To Dusseldorf: 7 Things You Must Know About Living In Dusseldorf

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There are plenty of reasons why Dusseldorf, Germany, is a great place to work and live. You will find 7 things you must know about why living in Düsseldorf is a good decision.

We will start our article by giving you information about the pros and cons of living in Dusseldorf. Then, you will also find other information about the best neighbourhoods, the cost of living in Dusseldorf, and many more.

We will also help you prepare for your relocation by giving you tips before moving to Dusseldorf. So if this city is one of the places you’re considering moving to, read on to find out more!

1. Pros And Cons Of Living In Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is a city that offers many benefits to its residents and visitors. However, these benefits also come with some downsides.

To give you an insight into Dusseldorf, here we share some pros and cons of this city.

The Pros Of Living In Dusseldorf


Dusseldorf is blessed with beautiful scenery with the Rhine river flowing through the city. Besides that, Dusseldorf has plenty of landmarks with grand architecture.

You will find many places to visit when living here.


Dusseldorf is family-friendly with many city attractions, excellent healthcare services, and schools.

This city also provides many international schools for expat families to help your children adapt to the city faster.

Compact City

The size of Dusseldorf is relatively small. This makes navigating the city easier. With an excellent transport system and walkability, you will enjoy exploring the city even more.

Even though the size of the city is pretty small, you will still find anything you need, whether it is shops, recreation, entertainment, and business areas.

The Cons Of Living In Dusseldorf


If you are used to living in a warm and sunny area, living in Dusseldorf can be your new challenge.

Summers in Dusseldorf are lovely, with an average temperature of 76°F (24.4°C). However, the pleasant summers do not last long. After autumn comes winter.

Winters in Dusseldorf are pretty cold with an average temperature of 33°F (0.5 °C). Usually, this city experiences snowfall for 14 days a year.

Therefore, if you’re moving from a tropical country, you can adapt by wearing proper winter clothes in Dusseldorf. You may also need warm clothes in the autumn seasons.

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2. Finding The Best Places To Live In Dusseldorf Is Not Challenging

When searching for a home, you will find that many neighbourhoods in Dusseldorf offer artsy scenes with architecture or vintage shops.

To find out more about the best neighbourhood in Dusseldorf, you can check out the following recommendations.


Living in Pempelfort is a perfect decision if you want to live outside the city centre yet still have easy access to the area.

This neighbourhood is also famous for its art scene and green areas. You will also find that this area has many apartment and office buildings, organic grocery stores, pubs, restaurants, antique stores, and many other shops.


Flingern was divided into two areas, Flingern-Nord and Flingern-Süd. Flingern-Nord is mostly populated by young professionals, whereas most people living in Flingern-Süd are families.

This neighbourhood is attractive with its art scene, modern living spaces, and relatively affordable monthly rent.


Bilk is the most populated area in Dusseldorf. Many expats and university students live here.

Bilk offers access to nature and nightlife. You will find restaurants, clubs, bars, a music scene, as well as a botanical garden with a glasshouse.

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3. The High Cost Of Living In Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf is one of the most expensive cities in Germany. The estimated cost of living in Dusseldorf for a family of four is €3,730 and for a single person is €1,991 a month.

Since Dusseldorf offers excellent public facilities and a high safety rate, the high cost of living may be justified.

To help you save money while living in Dusseldorf, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Buy a monthly or yearly pass to save on public transport.
  • Invest in a bike, and make cycling your main transportation.
  • Find cheaper grocery stores.
  • Do not miss taking care of tax returns every year.
  • Choose accommodation outside the city centre for cheaper monthly rent.

4. There Are Opportunities For Anyone In This Rich City

Dusseldorf is known as the city of art and fashion. This will be your perfect destination if you are interested in creative industries.

Other sectors growing in Dusseldorf are finance, service, chemical, hospitality, and communication. If you are experienced in these sectors, you may have better chances of finding job opportunities in Dusseldorf.

When applying for a job, please keep in mind to do the following points:

  • Ask your employer about healthcare insurance coverage.
  • Find out the average salary for your position as the benchmark.
  • If you are an expat, ensure you collect adequate information about visa applications.

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5. Living In Dusseldorf Means You’ll Have A Lot Of Beautiful Places To Visit

The landmarks in Dusseldorf are beautiful and reflect the local history and culture. You will enjoy sightseeing and strolling around these places while learning about the local culture.

To help you make a bucket list for must-visit places, here are some of the iconic landmarks in Dusseldorf:

  • Königsallee,
  • Rheinturm,
  • Medien Hafen,
  • Stadterhebungsmonument,
  • EKO-Haus der Japanischen Kultur e.V.,
  • Kirche St. Andreas,
  • Burgplatz,
  • Kiefernstrasse Community, and
  • Old Town Hall.

There are also vineyard tours you can join in Dusseldorf. During the tour, you will taste the best wines and enjoy the view around the vineyard.

6. You Will Enjoy The Culinary Adventure In Dusseldorf

Treating yourself to tasty dishes can be a great way to settle in Dusseldorf. Luckily, you will easily find the local signature and international dishes in this city.

Below are some of the local food you can explore in Dusseldorf:

  • Aachener Weihnachts-Leberwurst,
  • smoked blood sausage,
  • local asparagus,
  • local cheese with rye sandwich, and
  • pea soup.

Germany is famous for its alcoholic beverages, so you should also give these drinks a try:

  • Altbier (beer),
  • German herbal liqueur, and
  • Kölsch (beer).

7. Tips You Can Follow Before Relocating To Dusseldorf

Please follow these two simple tips to ensure your relocation process goes smoothly. These are the most practical solutions to save you time, energy, and sometimes even money!

Make A Moving List

Make a moving list by writing down all the essential things you need. This way, you can easily refer to it and won’t have to memorise everything. Besides, you can track your moving progress easily using this system.

Here are the pointers you can use for your moving list:

  • things to do (secure a job and accommodation),
  • documents,
  • things to pack (make priorities),
  • things to leave (sell or donate),
  • precautions to take,
  • budget for moving preparation, moving trip, and post-moving,
  • important contacts,
  • moving timeline.

Hire A Moving Company

You should not force yourself to bring a lot of luggage with you on the day you move. Hire a professional like Sanelo to ship your belongings to Dusseldorf.

This tip can save you from stress due to over baggage and carrying a lot of stuff during the trip from the airport to your new home.

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Conclusion About Moving To Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is a city that offers many perks such as better job opportunities, safety, walkability, good public transport, and many beautiful places to visit.

The downsides that you’d want to consider are the weather and cost of living. However, you can overcome these downsides by following the tips shared above or by asking for advice from your local friends.

Lastly, you can make your relocation stress-free by making a moving list. This will allow you to track your relocation process. Additionally, remember to hire a professional like Sanelo to ship your belongings to Dusseldorf.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Dusseldorf

Is Dusseldorf A Good Place To Live?

Dusseldorf is one of the best cities to live in the world. This city has an extensive public transport network and is safe for residents and visitors.

The excellent healthcare, education, and recreation services available in Dusseldorf allow its residents to maintain a high-quality living standard.

How Much Money Do I Need To Live In Dusseldorf?

The average annual salary in Dusseldorf is €46,584. This salary can afford the living expenses of a single person or a couple without children.

Is Dusseldorf An Expat-Friendly City?

You will find that many people in this city speak English. You may feel at home in Dusseldorf even without speaking the German language.

There are also many English speaking jobs, where native English speakers are wanted. Some of the jobs are native English travel nanny and English teachers.

How Do I Contact Sanelo To Help Me With The Relocation?

Visit the official website of Sanelo or contact us for more information. It is advisable to contact us around three or two months before your moving date. This way, our team has more time to schedule a shipping slot for you and to adjust the process to meet your needs.

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