Moving/Relocating To Edinburgh: 12 Greatest Life-Hacks For The Best Moving Experience

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Living in Edinburgh is an excellent decision. This city has many opportunities for job seekers, business owners, and students.

When you’re moving to Edinburgh, be prepared to get closer to vibrant Scottish culture, art scene, historic sites, and great people. Best of all, finding the best places to live in Edinburgh is not too challenging!

To help you before moving to Edinburgh, here are the 12 greatest life-hacks you can put to the test. You will find out how you can survive the cost of living in Edinburgh, the weather you can expect, and fun activities to enjoy in Scotland’s capital.

1. Get An Idea About The Pros And Cons Of Living In Edinburgh

Like any other city, living in Edinburgh has its ups and downs. However, you can still enjoy living here by preparing yourself with the following information.

Enjoy The Pros Of Living In Edinburgh

The City Is Beautiful With A Lot Of Historical Sites

No one can argue that Edinburgh is a beautiful city. You will find parks with beautiful landscapes, Georgian style buildings, even ancient structures. History buffs will have a great time appreciating the city.

You Can Access National Healthcare Services (NHS)

The significant advantage of moving to the UK is getting access to the NHS. This healthcare service will cover all your medical needs such as medical treatment, emergency, counselling, and health screening. By having access to NHS service, your medical bill will be much less expensive, and you are even entitled to receive some free medical services.

High-Quality Education

The education in Edinburgh is one of the best in the world. This city has top-rated public schools and excellent universities. You can rest assured that your children will get the best education in Edinburgh.

Watch Out For The Cons Of Living In Edinburgh

Relatively High Cost Of Living

The living expenses in Edinburgh are relatively high by UK standards. The accommodation expense will take the largest part of your earnings. However, you can cut the cost of housing if you live in a suburban area.

Catchment Area Policy

Schools in Scotland apply the catchment area policy. This means that a school will prioritise the children from its residential zone. If you want to transfer your kids to a school, you must find where the school resides and move within its residential zone.

2. Get To Know The Weather

Edinburgh has a mild climate, which means the temperatures in winters are above freezing point, and summers are generally cool.

The temperatures in the cold season rarely drop below 34.7°F (1.5°C), while summers rarely get hotter than 70°F (21°C). This climate allows residents of Edinburgh to do outdoor activities all year long comfortably.

The only thing that you should be prepared for is rain. Edinburgh experiences around 129 rainy days every year. So, make sure you always have an umbrella or a raincoat when you are outside.

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3. Spot The Best Places To Live In Edinburgh

In general, Edinburgh is a safe city in the UK. Even in the “dangerous” neighbourhood, the crime rate is pretty low.

To help you search for the best places to live in Edinburgh, we have come up with these three recommendations. These places are safe and have excellent amenities, so you can use these recommendations as your reference.


Newington is located in the southern part of the city and is one of Edinburgh’s best places to live. This neighbourhood is perfect for single young professionals, families, and young couples.

This area offers amenities such as cafes, restaurants, shops, and access to outdoor space. Newington is also near the University of Edinburgh, so this area is quite popular in Edinburgh.

On top of that, there are many housing options in this area, from apartments to large semi-detached homes. The average monthly rent for an apartment ranges from £850 to £2,100, and the average property price is £341,806.

New Town

New Town was built from the 1760s to the 1830s and is the centre of Edinburgh. This neighbourhood is considered prestigious because of the location and the amenities.

This neighbourhood has shopping streets, excellent schools, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. New Town is very safe, so you can walk around the neighbourhood without fear. That’s why, despite the higher housing costs, New Town is still one of the most in-demand neighbourhoods in Edinburgh.

The average monthly rent for an apartment is £1,200 per month, and the median house price is £484,506. It is impossible to find an apartment with a monthly rent below £1,000 per month in New Town.


Another neighbourhood you can consider in Edinburgh is Prestonfield, where you can walk around the neighbourhood any day. It is a residential suburb in the south of Edinburgh with beautiful outdoor scenery.

On top of that, the average housing prices are relatively lower than other safest areas in Edinburgh. The average property price in Prestonfield is £298,965, and the median monthly rent is £895.

4. Learn How To Survive The Cost Of Living In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is known as an expensive city. However, it is reasonable considering Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and home to the world’s heritage recognised by UNESCO.

On average, the estimated cost of living in Edinburgh for a family of four is around £3,551 per month while a single person generally spends £1,983 on monthly living costs.

However, there are ways to stretch your money in Edinburgh. For example, if you want to cut your housing costs, you can cook your own meals and dine out less.

One of the best ways to cut your expenses and save money is by asking for recommendations about the cheapest places to buy necessities in Edinburgh.

Bonus life-hack: If you live alone, you are eligible to claim a 25% discount on your council tax band payment. This will be a huge relief for your annual spending.

5. Move To Edinburgh With A Plan: Business And Job Opportunities

It is always best to move to a new city when you already have a job or business plan. Moreover, the cost of living in Edinburgh is relatively high, so you’ll need an income source before moving.

The top employment sectors in Edinburgh are human health and social work, wholesale, retail and repair, financial, and education. Some big companies in Edinburgh are Amazon, McDonald’s, JP Morgan, PwC, and Tesco.

This information shows that this city has promising economic potential. You have the opportunities to work for prestigious companies and advance your careers in Edinburgh.

If you move to Edinburgh to start a business, you are in the right city. Edinburgh is named one of the best places to start a small business in the UK. It is because this city attracts students and tourists that become the potential market for local small businesses.

6. Check Out Recommendations For Best Schools In Edinburgh

Edinburgh never fails to provide the best quality for all students in the city when it comes to education. Some of the schools in Edinburgh are the top in the country.

The schools in Edinburgh that earned high ranking nationwide are:

  • Boroughmuir High School;
  • George Heriot’s School (secondary school);
  • St Mary’s Music School (secondary school); and
  • Fettes College.

To ensure a seamless school transfer process, you need to contact the school several months before moving. This will give you ample time to prepare the required documents.

Universities and colleges in Edinburgh also provide excellent education services. One of them is The University of Edinburgh, Scotland’s most prestigious institution.

The good thing is the acceptance rate in this university is 40% to 50%, which means it is relatively easy to get into this university.

On top of that, studying in Edinburgh means there is no tuition fee for state schools, as Scotland has been providing free education since the 17th century. For universities, only students from Scotland are eligible to receive free education. The students eligible for this benefit are citizens of UK or other European countries who reside in Scotland, and pursue the first undergraduate degree.

7. Find Ways To Get Around The City

To get around the neighbourhood or an area, you can walk or bike comfortably. There is a 75 km off-street path that you can use for cycling and walking.

If you want to go somewhere further, you can choose a tram, bus, or taxi. The transportation system in Edinburgh is pretty good, so it is still comfortable to go around by public transport.

8. Book A Tour At The City Attractions

There are unique tours in Edinburgh. You should try to book all of these tours, so you can get the fullest experience of living in Edinburgh.

Here are the tours that we recommend you to join:

  • Walking Tour of Old Town;
  • Ghost Underground Tour;
  • Loch Ness, Glencoe and Highlands Tour; and
  • Full-Day Scottish Highlands Tour.

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9. Visit The Famous Landmarks In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a beautiful city with iconic structures that have become its landmarks. The landmarks consist of Georgian architecture that represents the culture and history of Edinburgh.

Below are the must-visit landmarks in Edinburgh that should be included in your vacation and weekend plans:

  • Edinburgh Castle;
  • National Monument of Scotland;
  • Scottish Parliament; and
  • Bute House.

10. Get Along With The Locals In Festivals

Joining the fun in festivals is the best way to get to know the local culture in Edinburgh. This city has a vibrant art scene, from theatre, music and film.

Participate in all or some of the festivals below to know more about local culture, and you may find new friends that will get you out of your expat bubble.

  • Edinburgh International Children’s Festival
  • The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival
  • Edinburgh’s Christmas & Hogmanay
  • Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

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11. Challenge Your Taste Buds With The Local Delicacy

Adapting to a new place means getting used to the local dishes. Edinburgh has authentic foods that are easy to like by everyone from around the world.

The following dishes are the famous ones in Edinburgh and have pleasant tastes even to people from outside the country:

  • Haggis
  • Stornoway black pudding
  • Smoked salmon
  • Arbroath smokies
  • Cranachan

If you love alcoholic beverages, you are in the right place. Edinburgh has an immense pub culture, and there are even tours that will take you to the best pubs and breweries in the Scottish capital.

12. Prepare Your Relocation Process Well

Moving to a new city is not easy, especially if it is outside your country. You need to prepare the relocation thoroughly to avoid any problems when you arrive in Edinburgh.

These tips will help you organise your moving preparation to Edinburgh, so your relocation process will be seamless.

Make A Checklist For Everything

Making a checklist is the most practical and efficient way to organise anything you need for the relocation. To help you make the categories for your list, you can include the important points as follows:

  • moving timeline, from preparation, trip, and arrival;
  • things to do;
  • things to bring;
  • items to sell or donate;
  • important contacts;
  • documents;
  • precautions; and
  • budget.

By having this checklist, you lessen your burden to memorise everything and you can refer to it to track your preparation progress.

Contact The Important Parties

Several weeks before the moving trip, it is essential to contact your real estate agent, employer, and/or school. You should confirm your arrival ahead of time, so they’ll have buffer time to prepare everything you need.

While confirming your arrival date, you can also ask them about anything you need to prepare. This way you can minimise any problems when you arrive in Edinburgh.

Do Not Carry Too Many Luggage On Your Moving Trip

It is normal to have a lot of luggage when you move. You can lessen your burden by engaging Sanelo to ship your belongings to Edinburgh.

We have experience helping thousands of people moving within or outside their home countries. Therefore, you can trust Sanelo to safely ship your belongings to Edinburgh from pick up to arrival.

Conclusion About Moving To Edinburgh

Moving to Edinburgh is the best solution if you look for world-class education services and better opportunities in the business and job market.

Edinburgh is also one of the safest places in the UK, making it perfect for anyone to live there. The neighbourhoods in Edinburgh generally have excellent amenities so anyone such as students, young professionals, singles, families, and even retirees can live comfortably.

Besides that, getting around the city is less stressful because you can walk and bike anywhere, even outside the neighbourhood. The public transportation system in this city is also great. You can use a bus, tram, or taxi to go around the city.

To get the fullest experience of living in Edinburgh, you should visit its famous landmarks, participate in the festivals, join tours, and taste the local delicacies. You will see that there are always things to do in Edinburgh in no time.

Before enjoying all the perks of living in Edinburgh, you need to prepare for your relocation well. Make a checklist to help you organise things before moving to Edinburgh. Remember to contact the important parties several weeks before your arrival to avoid any problems regarding your relocation.

Lastly, engage Sanelo to ship your belongings to Edinburgh safely. Contact us to consult your moving situation to adjust the process to fit your needs.

If this guide has been helpful for you, do also check out our guides about moving to Scotland and Glasgow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Edinburgh

Is Edinburgh A Good Place For Expats?

According to research, Edinburgh is the most liveable city in the UK. It is a compact city with international restaurants, from the casual ones to Michelin starred restaurants, nightlife, walking and biking spaces, open green spaces, public transportation, excellent healthcare and education services.

What Salary Do I Need To Live In Edinburgh?

To live decently in Edinburgh, you need an average monthly salary of £3,036.08 or $4,139.

Can Sanelo Help With International Relocation?

Yes, Sanelo will make your international relocation process smoother. We will walk you through the process of shipping, from filling up the paperwork to the custom clearance.

How Do I Contact Sanelo For My Relocation?

Feel free to visit our website and reach out to us by email or phone. Our team will give you detailed information that you need for your relocation.

For more information about the shipment of your belongings, you can read our shipment protection page.


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