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If the mix of a family-oriented, suburban life and the vibrance of metropolitan living sounds like the ideal place for you to settle down in, head on down to Fayetteville, North Carolina. The city of Fayetteville is the seat of Cumberland County and is the sixth-largest city in the state.

In 2020 it was home to over 200,000 residents. However, the whole metropolitan area, composed of Cumberland, Harnett, and Hoke counties, has more than 500,000 people. With friendly residents and close-knit communities, people have noted how welcoming the city’s small-town vibe is. Fayetteville is also a military town as it is home to Fort Bragg army base.

Fayetteville also brings you closer to the beautiful geography of North Carolina. If living in Fayetteville sounds exciting to you, here are 14 facts you should take note of to help you plan your trip!

1. Fayetteville Is A Historical City

The City Of Fayetteville was established in the late 1700s, named in honour of Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. He was a French military hero who had a significant role during the American revolution. He aided the American forces and had a significant impact on the result of the war.

Today, the city of Fayetteville takes pride in its history and the long road it has taken to be what it is today. The city has been known for its innovative spirit. It has also been considered an academic centre which is surrounded by gorgeous hills.

2. The Right Neighbourhood Makes Or Breaks A New City

Much like other metropolitan areas, Fayetteville is made up of several neighbourhoods. Each one has a personality of its own that adds to the overall charm of Fayetteville.

Some neighbourhoods are faster and more urban, while others are laid back, spacious, and homey. Proximity to local businesses such as restaurants, shops, and boutiques also affect the vibe. There are also wonderful neighbourhoods just outside of Fayetteville in Cumberland county you should definitely look into.

Whichever you prefer, be sure that you are making the decision of choosing where you live carefully. To help you consider, here are some of our recommendations.

  • Downtown Fayetteville
  • Rockfish Township
  • Eastover
  • Gray’s Creek
  • Raeford
  • Hope Mills

Most of these neighbourhoods have a very strong suburban rural feel, with low populations and huge spaces. So, be sure to check out the area and see if this appeals to what life you want to lead.

3. Budgeting I Essential When Adjusting To A New Cost Of Living

According to studies, Fayetteville has a livability index of 82 compared to the national base index of 100. This means that, on average, the cost of living in Fayetteville is 18% lower than in the rest of the country.

The most significant contributor to this low cost is housing. According to a recent census conducted between 2016 to 2020, the median median home value of owner-occupied houses was 134,800 USD. The median gross rent came at only 960 USD which can vary greatly if you’re renting in the suburbs or located downtown.

This gives people a bit of a breather when it comes to other costs such as healthcare, transportation, basic utilities, and groceries, as despite being lower than the national average, it is not by much.

That is why it is vital to choose where you will settle down, as it hugely affects your finances. Learning to budget at this point is essential, be sure not to be late on payments!

4. Explore Employment Opportunities With Fayetteville’s Major Employers And Industries

According to a census between 2016 to 2020, the median household income in the city is 46,321 USD. Fayettevilles’ job market is ripe for the taking if you are looking for employment opportunities.

Industries that employ the most people include educational services, healthcare and health services, hospitality and food services, construction, and the government.

In a 2018 report, the following companies came out as the city’s top employers: Department of Defense – Fort Bragg, Cape Fear Valley Health System, Cumberland County Public School System, Wal-Mart and Goodyear.

5. Get To Know The City Better Through Learning About Local Transportation

Another usual problem newcomers have when moving to a new place is finding their way around town. This is where FAST comes in. FAST is the public transportation service provider in Fayetteville.

Operating in 19 routes with over 600 bus stops in the metropolitan, wherever you need to go, they’ll take you there. To make sure you are caught up in the most updated schedules, the Moovit website and mobile application are available that give you real-time bus status changes, timing delays, bus route updates, changes of stops and any service changes. With the app at your fingertips, you will never have to worry about missing your bus!

6. Fayetteville Is A Multiple All-America City Awardee

The All-America City Award is an award that recognises efforts in inclusive civic engagement. Its goals are to promote stronger relationships between communities and their residents, businesses, and government leaders.

The City of Fayetteville has been recognised three times. The award also highlights the importance of successfully addressing local issues, so you can expect a level of engagement that runs throughout the city and its people.

7. Be Part Of The Fayetteville Team Spirit And Watch Some Games

Though Fayetteville doesn’t have a major league team, they have two minor league teams that do a lot to bring together the city for some team spirit.

Segra Stadium and the Crown Coliseum are venues that host games for the Fayetteville Woodpeckers, the city’s minor league baseball team and Fayetteville Marksmen, the hockey team.

Though not as huge as major sports arenas, the smaller scale of the venues makes for a more intimate experience. It creates a different vibe for both players and the audience. If you aren’t a fan of sports, you may start to become one and catch some games over the weekends.

8. Find Community In Expat Groups and Events

If you want to connect with people who are in the same boat as you, you’ll be glad to know that expat groups are pretty common. The best part about these groups is that they usually hold events or get-togethers that you can participate in.

If you don’t know where to look, you can try and go to online platforms and forums. Start chatting and messaging with people there and find out if there are any meet-ups or events you can join. This way, you won’t be too lost. Most of the time, people organising these events are fellow expats just trying to make a community and connections in this new place. Don’t be afraid to step out of your bubble and say hello.

9. Open Your Palette To The Local Flavours Of Fayetteville’s Favourite Restaurants

When you are new to a city, one of the biggest joys is the discovery of new amazing food to add to your favourite list. It’s also a great way to strike up a conversation with the locals. Where are the best restaurants? The best street food? The sweetest desserts?

Once you’ve settled down, here are some of our recommendations you should definitely try and where:

  • Interactive Japanese cuisine at the Miyabi Japanese Steak And Seafood House
  • Feed your soul at the Sandpiper Buffet
  • A taste of Italy at Little Italy Pizzeria and Restaurant
  • Try the classics at The Friend’s Table
  • Keep it fresh at 316 Oyster Bar And Seafood Grill

10. Fun Activities You Can Try In Fayetteville

Now that you know where the best places are to get a bite, you should also add to your to-do list some activities for you to do. Fayetteville does not have a shortage of fun things you can do with your family.

Here are our picks of what you should try that might seem unusual or new, but we’re sure you will enjoy it! Just be sure to follow instructions and be safe!

  • Axes & X’s Axe Throwing Range
  • Black Ops Paintball
  • Deep Creek ATV Park
  • Fort Bragg Clay Target Center
  • Riverside Dog Park

11. Get To Know The History Of The City And Visit These Museums

We’ve already mentioned that Fayetteville is named after Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. But the city’s history does not stop there. The city continued on to be a spot of conflict and station throughout the years, especially with the installation of Fort Bragg.

For history buffs, Fayetteville will have much to teach you and visiting these places would make for many excellent afternoons.

  • Museum of Cape Fear
  • 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum
  • Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum

12. Explore The Beautiful Outdoors Of Fayetteville

Settled on the Cape Fear River area, the city lies on the Sandhills of North Carolina. With the presence of several tributaries and the natural beauty of the coastal plains, the great mixture of outdoor activities will make you spend lots of time outside.

Not only are there amazing hiking trails and parks where you can go exploring the beauty of Fayetteville. There are also several gardens you can visit to appreciate the colours of flowers and other flora.

  • Cape Fear Botanical Garden
  • Cape Fear River Trail
  • Carter Blueberry Farm
  • Lake Rim Park
  • Fayetteville Rose Garden
  • Carvers Creek State Park
  • Fayetteville Rose Garden

13. Keep On Top Of Everything With A Mover’s Checklist

Don’t leave things up to chance. Keeping a checklist of all the critical milestones in your move is essential to keep everything seamless and stress-free.

If you make a checklist, you may organise it into different categories. You should also periodically check and add notes and updates to ensure you are on top of things.

You can begin with these categories for your checklist:

  • Purchase of packaging materials, packing, securing luggage, etc
  • Timeline of relocation
  • Documents and IDs (Passport, Work Visa/Employment contract, Tickets, etc.)
  • Budget and Cash
  • Emergency contacts

You should also remember to keep in contact with your real estate agent or new employer weeks before your trip to make sure everything is in order.

14. Engaging With Professional Movers Will Improve Your Relocation Experience

To make things even easier for you and stress-free, engaging with a professional moving company like Sanelo is precisely what you need. For years Sanelo has helped people with their relocations both locally and internationally.

With Sanelo taking care of your belongings, you won’t need to worry about carrying heavy luggage during your transit. You can just enjoy your trip and fully relax. With Sanelo’s shipment protection, you are guaranteed that your belongings are protected.

Conclusion On Moving/Relocating To Fayetteville

Fayetteville is a beautiful, thriving community that offers several opportunities for anyone seeking a new home. The city has a rich history that you can learn about from historical and military museums. It is also close to amazing outdoor destinations, parks, and gardens.

Fayetteville also has wonderful communities, amiable residents, and a thriving local economy. The award-winning city also has a deep focus on creating programs about civil engagement and solving local issues. It is also home to Fort Bragg, one of the largest military installations in the country. You also won’t be breaking your bank account as Fayetteville has a very affordable cost of living.

The city is also located at the state’s centre in between mountains and the coastline, making it the perfect starting point for road trips and vacations.

If you’re not fully decided yet and want to look into cities similar to Fayetteville, look into our guides on Fort Smith, Little Rock, and Flagstaff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Fayetteville, NC

How Much Is The Average Price Of Housing In Fayetteville?

Fayetteville has a notably affordable housing market. According to the US Census, between 2016 to 2020, the median home value in Fayetteville is 134,800 USD.

How Far Is Fayetteville From The Ocean?

North Carolina is a state that opens into the Atlantic Ocean to the east with thousands of miles of coastline. So, you can expect a lot of beautiful beaches. Fayetteville, however, is in the middle of the state, so you will need to travel for a while. The closest beach is Holden Beach which is 101 miles away.

Is Fayetteville, North Carolina, A Walkable City?

No, Fayetteville is not considered a walkable city. However, the city has filed the “Fayetteville Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan” that includes making the city more walker friendly.

Can Sanelo Help With My Relocation To Fayetteville?

Yes! You may engage with Sanelo today just by call or email. One of our representatives will be glad to assist you at every step, help with the requirements, and guide you through the whole process.


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