Moving To Flagstaff AZ: 11 Very ESSENTIAL Pointers That Will Bring You To New Heights

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If you are looking to relocate to the USA and are keen on getting some fresh outdoor air and a laid-back lifestyle, you might consider moving to Flagstaff, Arizona.

The city and its metro area are home to a little over 140,000 people. Thanks to its high elevation of almost 7,000 feet, the weather in Flagstaff is much cooler than the signature heat of Arizona. It is also known as being a gateway to the San Francisco Peaks as well as the famous Grand Canyon.

Life in Flagstaff is more suburban, with a laid-back feel to the day-to-day activities. The communities are tight-knit, but there’s still a whole lot of personality and fun that the city has to offer. If this sounds appealing to you, here are 11 very essential pointers to help you find your way in Flagstaff.

1. Make Sure You Do A Little Research And Get To Know What People Love About The City

To be able to live comfortably within a city, you’ll need to get to know its personality. Is it quiet and takes its time? Or is it fast-paced and busy? Are the summers often hot and dry? Or is it known for the snowfall of its winters? You’ll need to find out a few factors about the goings on in a city to be sure that that’s the life you want.

Flagstaff Is A Mountain Town Surrounded By Forest

Flagstaff is found 7,000 feet above sea level and is minutes away from nature. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, looking to get into hiking, or just longing for some fresh cool mountain air, moving to Flagstaff is an excellent choice.

High Elevation Has Health Benefits

It has been noted that living in cities with high elevations has several health benefits. It is so good, in fact, that athletes come to Flagstaff to train. If you live here, the thinner air, coupled with a few minutes of regular outdoor exercise, can do wonders.

Flagstaff Is Known For Its Green Living

The local government of Flagstaff has several programs that pertain to greener living, such as waste management, food production, and energy. In fact, you can apply to be a sustainability leader and be active in the community, where you can learn, inspire, and influence people to live greener lives. If this cause speaks to you, then Flagstaff should definitely be your relocation destination.

2. Look Into The Cost Of Living So You Won’t Be Shocked With The Prices

A lot can change when you move into a new city. Depending on where you are coming from, check how the current cost of living in your city compares to Flagstaff.

This will make it easier for you to adjust your budget and expectations. In 2022, the average cost of living in Flagstaff for a single individual is 2,255 USD, while it will require 4,994 USD for a family of four. These costs, however, do not include rent or housing costs.

If you are looking for housing, you’ll need to prepare as housing prices in Flagstaff are higher than the national average. According to the US Census, between 2016 to 2020, the median cost of housing in Flagstaff is 360,000 USD.

In the same census, the median rental cost is about 1,300 USD.

Other miscellaneous costs such as health care, transportation expenses like gas prices, food prices, entertainment costs, and other utilities are close to the national average.

The overall cost of living, however, is offset thanks to a high quality of living, a very ideal location, and proximity to gorgeous nature.

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3. Learn All About The Neighbourhood You Will Be Staying In

We’ve already mentioned how important it is to get to know the city you will be living in. However, it is equally important to dive a little deeper and see what part of the city you will be living in.

Think about your daily goings-on and what it looks like. Do you want to be close to the city centre where it’s all busy and fast-paced? Or, do you want to live in the suburbs where there’s a lot of space and for you to relax and enjoy your day worry-free?

What amenities do you want to be closest to? Malls and restaurants or hiking trails and outdoor hot spots? Whatever that may be, here are our top picks for your consideration.

For Those Who Want To Be Near Downtown

  • Downtown Flagstaff
  • Coconino Estates

For That Suburban Feel Or Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Kachina Village
  • Cheshire
  • Railroad Springs

For Those Who Like To Play Golf

  • Pine Canyon
  • Flagstaff Ranch
  • Forest Highlands

4. Try To Familiarise Yourself With Public Transport

Getting to Flagstaff by air is through the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport. The airport has regular flights to Phoenix, Dallas, and Dever, thanks to recent renovations.

For far-off land destinations, the Southern Transcon has been available since 1908 and is served through the downtown Flagstaff station.

Within the city, bus services, such as the Mountain Line, serve the city through nine routes.

If you are into cycling or just want to stroll around the city, the Flagstaff Urban Trails System s available. It is a city-wide pathway for shared use by anything that isn’t motorised.

The city also provides support for several special needs transportation options.

5. Explore The Natural Wonders That Flagstaff And The Copper State Has To Offer

Before anything else, the Grand Canyon National Park deserves a special mention as it is one of the best places to go when in Arizona.

The State is known for its natural beauty, and Flagstaff is no exception. Whether you’re into the outdoor lifestyle or just the occasional hiking vacation, there are a lot of places for you to choose from. Go hiking, camping, caving, ATV riding, and everything in between. Flagstaff has something for you.

Wildlife watching with audio guides

Go Camping

  • Ashurst Lake Campgrounds
  • Bonito Campground
  • Dairy Springs Campground

Take A Hike

  • Griffith Springs Trail
  • Walnut Canyon
  • Sandy Seep – Heart Trail

Go Biking Or Equestrian

  • Little Elden Trail
  • Sinclair Wash Trail
  • Deer Hill Trail
  • Anderson Mesa

These are just a few of our picks, but once you dig a little deeper and explore the outdoors, you’ll find there’s so much more to do. You can try golfing, fishing, climbing, skiing, and even geocaching!

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6. Don’t Be A Stranger To Your New Home And Visit The Best Tourist Spots

Setting aside time for some rest and recreation is essential to a well-balanced life. In Flagstaff, you have several choices to spend a fun afternoon with your family or even a weekend getaway to unwind and de-stress.

Here are our top picks for places you need to visit!

The Museum of Northern Arizona is home to millions of artefacts and individual pieces relating to the history of Northern Arizona and the Colorado Plateau. It also houses mainstays, travelling exhibits, and even festivals throughout the year.

Lowell Observatory is perfect for those who would like to learn more about celestial bodies.

Extreme Adventures Flagstaff is great for adventure seekers who want to add a dash of danger to their fun.

The Arboretum at Flagstaff is home to over 750 plants that you can visit and have a relaxing frolic.

7. Try Flagstaff Staples And Treat Yourself To New Flavours

One of the more exciting parts of moving is getting to try the local flavours. Once you’ve settled down and found your way around the city, you deserve a healthy helping of these Flagstaff favourites.

  • Pizza at Fat Olives
  • Burritos at MartAnnes Burrito Palace
  • Gourmet Bread at Wildflower
  • Speciality Burgers at Diablo Burger
  • More Pizza at Pizzicletta
  • Fine Dining at Atria

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8. Join In On The Fun Of Local Holidays And Festivals

Getting to know a city isn’t just about memorizing the streets or knowing where the best restaurant is (although that bit is important too!), it’s also about knowing what brings communities together. In a city like Flagstaff, participating in community events such as festivals and local holidays is key to knowing more about the culture that shapes the city’s personality.

So, mark your calendars and save some vacation days, and be sure to join in on the fun, and maybe you’ll meet a new friend or two!

Hullabaloo celebrates everything about Flagstaff and the community. It’s great for the whole family and a sure way to have fun.

Hopi Festival of Arts & Culture is brought to life by the Museum of Northern Arizona. It celebrates the arts and crafts of the region.

Flagstaff Blues & Brews is a mix of music and beer. Spend your time outdoors in the grass with an ice-cold drink in your hand, and just enjoy the music.

Made in the Shade Beer Tasting Festival is a celebration of over 100 breweries and their product where you can taste as much as you can and have your fill.

Flagstaff Oktoberfest, if you haven’t figured it out just yet, Flagstaff is a fan of beer. Oktoberfest is a popular event known everywhere, and you’ll have the chance to participate here.

9. Checkout Local Groups And Events For Expats

Being the new neighbour in a tight knight community can be rough. But that’s why there are online platforms or groups that you can join to meet new people who might be in the same boat as you.

The great thing about these groups is you can get to know the people beforehand and join in conversations and discussions. Once you feel comfortable, you can try and join their gatherings and events.

10. Don’t Rely On Chance And Memory, Prepare A “Moving List”

When moving, a moving list is a simple yet effective way you won’t miss anything important. The whole relocation might need a few months, so you will need to be on top of things. Think of all the steps and things a move needs, from buying boxes and tape to plane tickets and IDs.

You may begin by categorizing these items such as:

  • Paperwork and Documents
  • Things to buy (Boxes, tape, labels)
  • Belongings to organise (Bring, throwaway, donate)
  • Cash
  • Emergency numbers

You can add as many categories as you want for as long as they apply to your situation. You can also add important details such as dates and comments when you’ve accomplished something or if there are any issues.

The move will become significantly less stressful if you remember to track your regularly and label it accordingly.

11. Engage With Professional Movers And Make Your Relocation A Stress Free Experience

To fully enjoy the whole relocating experience, engage a professional and trusted moving company like Sanelo. With years of experience handling local and international relocation, you can rest assured that you and your belongings will be taken care of.

With Sanelo, forget about lugging around heavy luggage on your trip to Flagstaff! Sit back and relax, and know that your belongings are protected by our shipment protection services.

Conclusion On Moving To Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff is the cool retreat of the State of Arizona. You’d make a great home here with laid-back suburban communities, beautiful outdoor destinations, and a unique charm to it.

If you’re also concerned about environmental issues, you’ll be glad to live here and participate in green programs. The diversity in the community is another thing you should look forward to, not to mention amazing food and quite a few R&R destinations that are fun for the whole family.

If you’re ready to relocate, engage Sanelo today. To learn more about cities like Flagstaff, read our guides on Mesa, Fort Smith, or Little Rock.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Flagstaff, Arizona

Is It Hot In Flagstaff?

The City of Flagstaff is often “semi-arid”. It has a temperature variation between 19°F to 81°F, with the highest ever recorded temperature of 97 °F in the 1970s. This is significantly lower compared to the other cities in the state, thanks to Flagstaff’s high elevation.

Is Housing Cheap In Flagstaff?

Due to its ideal location, agreeable weather, and desirable neighbourhoods, housing in Flagstaff is expensive. According to the US Census, between 2016 to 2020, the median cost of housing in Flagstaff is 360,000 USD.

What Is The Average Income In Flagstaff?

Between the same time period, 2016 to 2020, the median household income was 58,000 USD.

Can Sanelo Help Me Move To Flagstaff?

Certainly, you may contact Sanelo through email or call them using the information available on the website. A representative will be glad to help you through your unique situation as well as any requirements needed.


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