Moving/Relocating To Fresno: 8 Tricks For First-Timers Who Don’t Want To Fumble

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Fresno, California, is one of the best places to live and work. Moving to Fresno, CA, is the right decision for you if you’re looking for better job opportunities and a laid-back lifestyle. Living in Fresno will expose you to a friendly community with cultural diversity and is also a family-friendly city with excellent educational quality and many fun things to do for the family.

With this article, we want to help you who are researching about moving to Fresno. If you’re wondering “What is Fresno like?”, then look no further! We’ll let you in on all you need to know to answer that question, and more, like what things you need to know before moving, and what you should do to have a seamless moving process.

1. Get An Idea Of What Is Fresno Like

Before moving to Fresno, there are some things you need to know. These three are the charms of Fresno, CA.

Urban And Suburban Sprawl

The city layout of Fresno is pretty much sprawling. So, it might get a bit difficult for you to get around without a car. The good news is there are ride-sharing services that are more convenient to use. But you can also rent a car if you really need to get around faster.

If you are not planning on having a car soon, familiarise yourself with the public transport system and other options you can use to travel around the city.

The Art Scene

The art scene in Fresno is charming Artworks around the city are difficult to miss, especially when some buildings have murals on them. Besides that, some museums and galleries display artworks that are inspired by culture all over the globe.

One of the art spots that you can visit is Fresno Art Museum. In this museum, you can enjoy the exhibition and shop for some souvenirs afterwards.

Unlimited Fresh Fruits And Veggies

Fresno is an agricultural capital in California. Fresh fruits and veggies are abundant for its residents. You can consider this a privilege for living in Fresno.

The weather in Fresno makes it possible for them to have 1.88 million acres of productive farmland. Consider grabbing your fresh produce from the supermarket and farmers’ markets around the city. By buying local produce, you support the local farmers of Fresno.

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2. Best Residential Areas You Can Choose In Fresno

Before choosing your neighbourhood area, you must consider some factors first. You have to research the safety, housing or rental price, and the distance to your workplace.

Here are some of the best and safest areas in Fresno, CA, that you can consider:

Woodward Park

This area is suitable for families or those who live alone. Woodward Park is also an area with the lowest crime rate in Fresno, which means this neighbourhood is a safe place for everyone.

The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in this area is $1,663. For a bigger unit, the average monthly rent will be around $2,200.

South Growth Area

South Growth Area is also one of the safest places in Fresno. Its development was booming in the 2000s, so most of its properties are from this period. If you like a car-friendly neighbourhood, this area is for you. It is easy to find parking spots around the neighbourhood.

The monthly rent in South Growth Area starts from $1,300 per month to $2,500. The price depends on the size and the number of rooms in the unit.

North Growth Area

This is another neighbourhood that we recommend due to the safety rate. You can say that this area is the posh part of Fresno. The median home price in the area is around $2,500,000. Of course, if you can afford the cost, it is always better to pick the safest neighbourhood.

If you decide to rent in this area, then an apartment unit can cost you between $1,400 to $2,700, depending on the size of the unit.

You don’t have to follow this recommendation as there are many affordable places in Fresno that you can pick. Before moving, preferably two months before, contact a real estate agent to confirm your relocation details.

3. Your Bank Account Will Love This City

The main attraction that makes people move to Fresno is the affordable cost of living. The average monthly spending of a single person without a family is around $890. On the other hand, the average monthly spending for a family is around $3,000. These all exclude monthly rent or housing expenses.

Based on this information, Fresno is pretty affordable for young professionals with an entry-level salary, don’t you think?

One life hack when it comes to finances is to not spend more than 30% of your earnings on housing. If you want to live more comfortably, you can save on some costs or find a side hustle.

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4. Pick Schools Or Universities Before Moving To Fresno

There are many excellent schools with high ratings in Fresno. Some of the top-rated schools in Fresno are Design Science Middle College High and Clovis West High. Both schools got a rate of 10 out of 10 from, a portal that allows the public to review a school.

You can refer to that portal or find information on other sources to get the best educational facilities for your children. Before moving, you need to contact the school advisor or official about the transferring process of your children.

If your kid is looking for a college education, you may want to look at California State University official website for more information. California State University is a public university that doesn’t require new students to take SAT for 2021 and 2022 admission. This regulation was to help the high school students who are graduated during the pandemic.

The GPA needed to apply for admission to this university is 2.00 for California high school graduates or California residents. If the kids were transferred from other cities, then the minimum GPA is 2.47.

5. Fresno Has The Job Opportunities That You Want

More than 25% of workers in Fresno work in the agribusiness sector. This sector is also the spine of Fresno local economy. Aside from agribusiness, the food and beverage industry also takes the most significant employment.

If you are interested in working in the agriculture, food and beverage, or medical sectors, you must find your way to Fresno. This city is also a good place to start a business, especially in restaurants because fresh farm products are abundant in Fresno.

6. Brace Yourself: Fresno Is Hot

You need to prepare to deal with Fresno sunny weather. The thing you need to watch out for is the heatwave. In 2021, Fresno is expected to have 64 days with a temperature of more than 100°F.

You can do several things to survive the hot weather in Fresno, such as drinking plenty of water, wearing loose clothes, taking a bath or shower, and not leaving children and pets in a closed car.

During the winter, Fresno is cloudy and wet. The coldest temperature during winter is 37°F. Generally, Fresno gets 0 inches of snow each year.

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7. You Always Have Things To Do When Living In Fresno

No need to doubt Fresno when it comes to city attractions. Here are some ideas of activities you can do in Fresno.

Visiting Parks

Parks in Fresno are not only beautiful, but they also look magical. Take, for example, Forestiere Underground Gardens, a garden with underground rooms and fruit trees. This garden was hand-sculpted by a Sicilian named Baldasare Forestiere.

Other parks that give you a magical feeling are Woodward Regional Park, Shinzen Japanese Garden, and Blossom Trail. You can also explore different parks in Fresno and have a relaxing time with friends or family.

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Learning At Fresno Chaffee Zoo

This zoo is home to more than 200 species of animals. By visiting this zoo, not only will you get to witness the wildlife and learn from them, but you’ll also support the zoo to keep going.

You can visit Fresno Chaffee Zoo with your family and friends or even your partner. A romantic date doesn’t always happen at fancy places. Visiting a zoo can be a memorable experience for both of you.

Food Hunting

Don’t doubt Fresno as a foodie city. This city has the best food places that you cannot just pass by! Once you are in Fresno, try to travel the city to find the best restaurants that won’t empty your pocket.

A place like Lazy Dog, which serves good taste at an affordable price, is indeed what you are looking for. If you fancy some tacos, then Tacos y Mariscos and Arsenio’s are the restaurants you’d want to visit.

You won’t taste the real Fresno county without trying some dishes from the food trucks. To make things better, there are food truck festivals where you can hang out with the locals while enjoying good food.

Other Useful Information When Moving To Fresno CA

It is always best to be well prepared when you’re moving to a new town. Below are three main points that you need to know before you start relocating.

Pack And Prepare

After knowing about Fresno, you know what you need to pack to prepare yourself to settle in the city. For example, Fresno is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, so you need to pack clothes for both seasons.

If you are preparing for an international move, you need to start the process months before. Contact the real estate agent and your HR officer to find out all the requirements regarding your relocation. Do also take extra precautions, especially if you’re moving during a pandemic.

Best Time To Move To Fresno, California

March can be the worst time to move to Fresno, as it is the wettest month in a year. The best time to move is during summer and winter, which is June to February.

You can also adjust your moving time to a non-peak season for the housing market so that you can easily make an appointment with your agent. Plus, the travelling expenses won’t be too high!

Find A Relocation Company

Preparing to relocate to another city or even country can be troublesome. Finding a relocation or a mover company can take some of the works off of your shoulders.

Have you heard about Sanelo? We have a long history of helping people to relocate from one city to another. You can count on Sanelo to pick up your belongings and ship them to Fresno safely.

Conclusion About Moving To Fresno, CA

Fresno offers a great place to work and live. The city has a booming agriculture industry also job opportunities for anyone interested in the sector. You can also find other industries that make up Fresno’s job market.

Before moving to Fresno, you must get an idea of what is the city like. By researching this matter, you can determine which neighbourhood you want to live in, which school you wish to apply to, and what to do to deal with Fresno’s extreme heat. These are things you need to prepare even months before your relocation date.

For an even easier relocating process, reach out to Sanelo. We have good reviews and long experience in helping people to move locally and internationally. Start your quote with us!

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Frequently Asked Question About Moving To Fresno, CA

How Is The Air Quality In Fresno?

Aside from the beautiful views and unlimited fresh fruits and vegetables, Fresno is also famous for its air pollution. So, even when the pandemic is over, a mask is a must, especially when you are in the Downtown or traffic area.

How Much Should I Make Monthly To Live In Fresno?

On average, the people in Fresno make $66,665 per year. This number can afford you monthly rent of $1,500 for an apartment. You can continually advance your earnings by upgrading your skill level and period of experience.

Are Fresno People Nice?

Making new friends would not be an issue in Fresno. Most of the people here are friendly and open to the newcomers.

Even if you are from another country, it is not difficult to come out of your expatriate bubble. Simply get involved in local activities such as festivals and volunteering projects to bond with your new neighbours and colleagues.

How Do I Get In Touch With Sanelo?

You can visit our website to start your quote. For more information, you can contact us by phone or email. Articles about our services are also available for you to read.

By having Sanelo to help you move, your relocation process will be easier and less stressful.


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