Moving/Relocating To Geneva: 5 ABSOLUTELY Reliable Tips To Learn Before Moving To Geneva

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Geneva is a Swiss city that is home to many expats. If you are not from Switzerland, it may take a lot of effort to adapt to life in Geneva.

Geneva also has several official languages and most of its people speak French. Therefore, it is better for you to learn French before moving to Geneva.

Living in Geneva can be enjoyable if you pay attention to our 5 reliable tips. We will share how you can prepare for your relocation, including information about the best neighbourhoods and the cost of living in Geneva, Switzerland.

1. Get Yourself Ready To Start A New Life In Geneva

Moving to another city or country can be nerve-wracking. You may not know what’s coming and how you should prepare yourself.

Aside from preparing all your documents before moving to Geneva, it is better to take note of the following points.

Buy Your Necessities In Your Home Country

Everything in Geneva may be more expensive than in your country. Buying things you need in your home country is a better option to save money for the relocation.

Buy clothes for all four seasons in your country, then bring them with you to Geneva. If it is too heavy to carry the luggage yourself, you can hire a moving company to ship your belongings.

Be Prepared For The Weather

Although Geneva does not experience extreme cold, you still need thicker clothes in January. The average temperatures all year round range from 35 °F (1.5 °C) to 69 °F (20.5 °C).

Geneva residents can be seen doing outdoor activities even during the coldest months. This means you do not need to worry about extreme weather in Geneva.

However, if you’re moving from tropical areas, you might need more time to adapt. You can find advice and suggestions from other expats living in Geneva.

You Will Be More Discipline

Most people in Geneva are well organised. Usually, a landlord or real estate agent will give a new tenant a cheat sheet about the local rules.

Some of the rules will mention things you cannot do on Saturdays and Sundays after 10 a.m., such as doing laundry. You will not get sued or legally punished, but disobeying the rules is frowned upon in Geneva. But it’s not a huge cause of concern because you’ll get used to obeying the rules after living in Geneva for a while.

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2. Discover The Best Neighbourhoods To Live In Geneva

Geneva is overall a safe city for singles, families, and retirees. You will find it easy to go around, and there are many things you can enjoy around the neighbourhood.

Old Town Geneva

Old Town Geneva is one of the tourist destinations because it has many historical sites and old buildings. This area is popular among the expat community since there is a lot to see and visit.

On top of that, this area has many restaurants and coffee shops, and everything is within walking distance. How convenient!


Paquis is an outskirt area with large green spaces. This area is perfect if you love outdoor activities and enjoy the nightlife.

Paquis has bars, restaurants, clubs, and saunas. You can also enjoy the scenery at Paquis Lake Promenade while strolling or jogging.

This area is safe. However, it is best to not walk alone at night around the neighbourhood.

Eaux Vives

Living in Eaux Vives will give you the small city vibe. This area is a perfect mix of urban and rural with green spaces and playgrounds. You can even see Lake Geneva from here.

Eaux Vives is perfect for families with options for accommodations such as apartments and houses. You will also find a decent amount of restaurants and cafes.

3. Craft Your Monthly Budget To Outsmart The Cost Of Living In Geneva

Geneva is an expensive city, but it does not mean you cannot live comfortably here. You will be able to survive the cost of living in Geneva by crafting the proper budget.

The estimated monthly expense for a single person is €1,312.98 (1,350.09 CHF) and for a family of four is €5,155.31 (5,301.01 CHF). To get the overall monthly expense calculation, you need to add the average monthly rent.

The average monthly rent in Geneva ranges from €2,236.78 (2,300 CHF) to €3,403.80 (3,500 CHF). The rental prices depend on the size of the property and its location.

4. Plan Your Job Hunting

The main industries in Geneva are banking and finances. Many people from other countries prefer to open a bank account at Swiss banks.

The reason for this is the high level of security the banks offer. Your personal information won’t be disclosed except for severe criminal cases.

There are around 51 foreign-owned banks in Geneva. Therefore, expats have many opportunities to work in the banking industry here.

Besides banking and finances, Geneva is also famous for its agriculture, chocolate, watches, and manufacture. This city is also home to the headquarters of the World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations (UN), International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and many more.

When doing your job search, it is also crucial to find the average salaries for the position you apply for. Finding a job in Geneva can be challenging, so you may need several months to secure a job here.

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5. Enjoy Geneva Through Its Culinary Scene And Beautiful Scenery

The fun way to adapt to a new city is by enjoying what it offers. Geneva has many city attractions. In addition, it also provides beautiful outdoors and tasty food.

Here are some of our recommendations for the best places to visit and iconic dishes to taste in Geneva.

Famous Landmarks In Geneva

If you take the time to explore Geneva, you will come across many beautiful and exciting places. Below are some of the famous landmarks in Geneva for your reference:

  • Jet d’Eau,
  • Broken Chair Sculpture,
  • Eglise Russe,
  • Rue du Rhône,
  • Notre Dame Basilica, and
  • Cathédrale de Saint-Pierre.

Beautiful Outdoors

Besides places with beautiful architecture, there are also gardens and parks that offer tranquillity, such as:

  • Le Jardin Anglais,
  • Jardin Botanique, and
  • Parc de la Grange

Must-Try Dishes In Geneva

After exploring the beauty of Geneva, please stop by the local restaurants to taste some local dishes. Here are some of the iconic dishes you need to try in Geneva:

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  • toast with Cenovis,
  • Longeole (sausage with cumin ),
  • La Croute Au Fromage (slice of bread served with melted cheese), and
  • Bircher müesli.

Conclusion About Moving To Geneva

Living in Geneva can be the best experience you will ever have. This city offers opportunities for anyone to work in various industries and world-class organisations.

In addition, Geneva also has a high safety rate, excellent neighbourhoods, iconic landmarks, and tasty food. Geneva can be a perfect destination whether you plan to move alone or with family.

To get an even better relocation experience, you need a professional moving company like Sanelo to ship your belongings to Geneva. This way, you do not have to carry heavy luggage and pay extra for excess baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Geneva

Is Geneva A Good Place To Live?

Geneva is a good place to live, even for foreigners. This city offers good public transportation, safety, and high quality of life.

Is Geneva A Good City For Expats?

Geneva is an international city, so it is expat-friendly. This city is home to international organisations, and various industries flourish here. Many expats come to this city for more job opportunities and better salaries.

During the first months in Geneva, you need to prioritise getting health insurance. Usually, your employer will provide health insurance. However, if it does not provide good coverage, you should consider having an additional health insurance policy.

Is Living In Geneva Boring?

This city may be boring if you like vibrant nightlife and big-city noise. However, if you prefer a quiet life surrounded by nature, Geneva is perfect.

In addition, you will have a lot of beautiful places to visit here. It is also convenient to travel around Switzerland for vacations!

Can Sanelo Help Me With My International Relocation?

Yes, we can! Sanelo has an experienced team that will help you ship your belongings to Geneva. Simply contact us by visiting our website to start your quote or consult your moving situation.

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