Moving/Relocating To Honolulu: 10 Hacks For A Seamless Moving To Honolulu Experience

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Many people are moving to Honolulu, Hawaii, to purchase homes and live their dream island life. If you are one of them, here are things you need to know when living in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The information that we serve will guide you to prepare for your living in Honolulu. We’ve included the cost of living in Honolulu, the best areas to live, the job opportunities, and activities you can do to enjoy Honolulu so that you can be prepared to live your best life!

After reading this article, you can start to plan for your dream lifestyle in Honolulu, Hawaii!

1. A Bit About Honolulu, Hawaii, That You Must Know

Reading these facts will give you an idea of how it is like living in Honolulu, HI and how you can adapt to your new surroundings.

Weather In Honolulu

Honolulu has a tropical climate, which means they only have a hot and cool season. The hot season usually falls between June and October, while the cool season falls between December and March. The nice thing about the cool season in Honolulu is there is no snow, so you don’t have to be worried about freezing cold temperatures.

The temperature in Honolulu rarely drops below 65.4°F, even in the cool season. In the hot season, the hottest temperature in Honolulu can reach 95°F.

Even though the scorching temperature seems unappealing, summertime is the peak time for tourism in Honolulu. This is also the time when festivals, shaved ice, and hiking become everyone’s favourite!

The People Of Honolulu

Generally, Honolulu is known for its nice and friendly people. Hugs, alohas, and smiles are common all around the city. It’s no wonder that in addition to the pleasant weather, the friendly community is another reason why people move to Honolulu.

Local Language

Honolulu city has a population of 400,000, and aside from English, the other official language is Hawaiian, which is spoken by the native Hawaiians.

As an official language, there is a Hawaiian interpreter at the courts. So both the native Hawaiians and English speakers can keep using their languages.

If in Honolulu people mainly use English, on the island of Ni’ihau, Hawaiian is the main language to communicate.

2. Find A Job While Living In Honolulu

Honolulu has a strong job market. People from outside the city have the opportunity to find employment in Honolulu.

The employers in Honolulu, of course, want people to commit and move to the city after being hired. Therefore, your chance of getting a job in Honolulu is bigger when you have already moved in.

After moving to Honolulu, you can start searching for job opportunities on job listing sites, such as State of Hawaii Careers and CareerBuilder. Another way you can find a job in Hawaii is by using Craigslist by going through the job listing and posting your resume.

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3. Dive Into The Major Industries In Honolulu

Tourism is a major industry in Honolulu, HI. So, businesses related to hospitality, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, and travel, are growing well in this city.

Public-sector is also a big job provider in Honolulu. The U.S. Department of Defense, with its Air Force bases, takes up a significant number of local employees. In 2019, there were 19,591 civilian workers at the U.S. Department of Defense in Hawaii.

Other industries that give more job opportunities are health care, electronics, manufacturing, research, agriculture, and aquaculture. Suppose you have an educational background or expertise in these industries. In that case, you have a better chance to achieve your dream of living in Honolulu.

4. Find Your Best Neighbourhoods To Live In Honolulu

These three neighbourhoods that we recommend are the best in terms of safety and accessibility to city amenities. Of course, you may find other great areas aside from these three, but you can use this information as a point of reference to kickstart your research:

Diamond Head-Kapahulu

The location of this neighbourhood is only ten minutes from downtown Honolulu. Diamond Head-Kapahulu has a wide range of housing options, such as quaint cottages, single-family homes, and luxury high-rise condos.

This area is also near Waikiki Beach. You only need to drive for four minutes or walk for 24 minutes to reach the beach.

The median house price in this area is $551,971, and the median monthly rent is $1,413. This neighbourhood is safer than 60% of other Honolulu areas. Therefore, Diamond Head-Kapahulu is perfect for anyone from single young professionals, families, and even retirees.


If you do not want to live in the busy Honolulu metro side, you can choose Kaneohe to have a beach life. Kaneohe is home to U.S. Marine Corps Air Station at Kaneohe Bay, making it perfect for the military families to live here.

The median home price in this area is $662,613, and the average monthly rent is $1,654. This price is worth it, considering its proximity to highly rated schools and recreational places.

On top of that, this area is safer than 74% of other Honolulu neighbourhoods, which makes sense since the neighbourhood is near a military station.

Pearl City

Pearl City is a dense suburb with a population of 45,605. Even though the median home value is higher than the national average, about 70% of its residents are homeowners.

It is a convenient place to live on Oahu island. This neighbourhood has a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. You can even find top-rated schools in this area.

The median home value here is $667,000, and the median rental price is $1,908. With this high median home value, it is no wonder that most of its residents are people above 60 years old.

5. The Cost Of Living In Honolulu Is High, But You Can Manage

Living in the paradise of Oahu island does cost a lot. The overall living expense is 80% higher than the national average.

It may seem surprising that Hawaii real estate cost is around 200% higher than the national average. However, if you think about it, it is expected that a hot tourism destination comes with a high cost of housing and living.

The median income for a single person household in Honolulu, HI is $32,921, and for a family with two children is $50,107.

There are cities with higher median incomes yet lower living expenses in other parts of the country. This fact means that you can afford to live in Honolulu.

Thanks to Honolulu’s walkability, you can cut expenses by walking or biking to get you around the neighbourhood. Another way to cut spending is by cooking or not dining at a beachfront restaurant.

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6. Boring Does Not Belong In Honolulu

As a tourism destination, Honolulu never runs out of fun things to do. Here are a few things you can do in Honolulu:

Hike To Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is easily accessible because it sits only 5 miles from downtown Honolulu. You only need to bring proper footwear, drinking water, and stamina for adventure.

You need to hike about 1½ miles through a rainforest where Steven Spielberg filmed Jurassic Park. The path to the waterfall is slippery and muddy. However, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the waterfall.

The walking path is suitable for the new hikers but challenging enough to make your heart pump. So, make sure to try visiting Manoa Falls once you are living in Honolulu.

Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter tour to see Oahu island from above. This will be a new experience for you, moreover, if you use the open-door helicopter.

The duration of your tour will be around 20 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on the package. The cost for one tour starts from $260 to $350. It may seem expensive, but this experience is a must-try, at least once in a lifetime.

Of course, there are fun things to do other than these two. You can walk along the beach, surf, swim at the beach, shop, and visit the Honolulu Museum of Art School.

7. Find The Hottest Food Spots

Your living experience will not be complete without good food. These are some of the best places to satisfy your tastebuds in Honolulu:

Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Since you are in Hawaii, why don’t you grab some Hawaiian food?

Helena’s Hawaiian Food has served the Hawaiians since 1946. This restaurant specialises in classic local dishes, such as kalua pork, lomi salmon & ribs. For dessert, you can try a taro dish called Poi that tastes sweet and slightly sour.

8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille

8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille was established in 1986 and has served the Hawaiian as a gathering spot since then. In addition to delicious Hawaiian-Chinese food, you can also enjoy karaoke and watch sports games with other customers here.

The must-try dish in this restaurant is salt and pepper fried pork chops and the crisp-skinned Fat Fat Chicken that is served with a side of pepper and MSG. If you prefer the savoury taste, then this is a must-try place.

The Lanai At Ala Moana Center

The Lanai at Ala Moana Center is a food court in Honolulu. If you want to try a variety of food in one go, then you should visit this place.

Musubi Cafe Iyasume, Brug Bakery, and Palme D’Or Patisserie for Japanese-style cakes are some of the most recommended stalls.

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8. Fun In Festivals

To find out more about the local culture and get along with your local friends, you can go to festivals. If you have kids, you can take them with you to festivals and community events. They will learn new things and build good memories with you. Here are some festivals you can consider:

Oahu Festival

You will find parades, concerts, art festivals, culinary celebrations and sports tournaments during the Oahu festival. This festival is a perfect place to start learning about Hawaiian culture for a newcomer.

However, it can get very crowded. Therefore you need to be extra careful if you’re going with kids. Make sure to always hold their hands when walking through the crowd.

Moiliili Summer Festival And Bon Dance

This festival celebrates Japanese and Hawaiian cultures. The main attraction at this festival is Bon Dance. This dance is a Japanese style of folk dance where the dancers dance around a tower accompanied by traditional Japanese instruments.

The Bon Dance is, initially, a remembrance and to appreciate the ancestors and the sacrifices they made. Nowadays, most people tend to only associate this dance with summer.

9. The Best Way To Get Around In Honolulu

Honolulu has public transportation in place, with buses running regularly around Honolulu and Oahu. The bus fare in Honolulu is $2.50, which includes free transit within a specific time frame.

You can get around the city just fine with this bus service because Honolulu does have an excellent public transportation system.

Other means of transportation that can get you around are taxis and ride-hailing apps. This type of transportation is more expensive and more effective since they only stop at your destination.

10. Quick Hacks For A Seamless Relocation To Honolulu, Hawaii

If you want a seamless moving experience, you should follow these quick and effective hacks. You only need to do these three things below during your preparation.

List All The Things You Need

Make a list of things that you need, including the contact or your real estate agent. It is essential to have this list handy, so you will not miss any important thing.

Also, make a to-do list so that you do not have to remember everything. Remember to include a reminder to call your real estate agent a few weeks before the move date. This is to give your agent time to prepare the essential things for you before your arrival.

Save Before Moving To Honolulu

If you plan to look for a job after arriving in Honolulu, then you need savings. You have to make a budget for the moving and living expenses. Plan a monthly budget for, at least, the first three months after arriving in Honolulu.

Even if you’re moving to Honolulu after getting a job, make sure to have some money saved before coming. These savings will pay your living costs until you get your first payment.

Engage A Professional Mover

Get a stress-free moving process by engaging a professional mover, like Sanelo. We have experience and expertise in helping thousands of people moving cities and countries.

Start your quote with Sanelo once you have the plan to move. You can also contact us to consult your moving process to manage the process to fit your needs.

Conclusion About Moving To Honolulu

Beautiful Waikiki beach, sunshine, and great festivals surely sound attractive to many people. No wonder Honolulu has become one of the places in the country that people want to live in.

The thing is, island life comes with a high cost. The monthly expenses in Honolulu are far higher than in other cities in the States. However, this will not be an obstacle if you are well prepared before heading to Honolulu.

You can start your moving process by finding out some facts about Honolulu, including the weather, the job market, the industries, and the amenities this city offers.

It is best to find a job before you pack your bags, but you may get a better chance if you move to Honolulu before starting your job hunting. Give yourself several months before you proceed to plan B and go to another city.

To ensure you have a smooth moving experience, write down what you need to bring and what you need to do. That way, you will give yourself less stress because you organise your relocation well.

When you start to pack your belongings, do not forget to also call Sanelo. We will pick up your belongings and ship them to Honolulu safely. Carrying all your belongings by yourself may cause damage and more expense due to excess baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Honolulu

Is It Safe To Live In Honolulu?

Honolulu is one of the safest places in the United States. In general, the crime rate in Hawaii is far below the average crime rate nationally.

What Salary Do I Need To Live Comfortably In Honolulu?

The average household income in Honolulu is around $50,107. If you want to live comfortably in this city, you need to make about $65,000 yearly.

How Much Money Should I Save Before Moving To Honolulu, Hawaii?

If you plan to look for a job once you arrive in Honolulu, then you need around $10,000 to pay for your living expenses. This amount is enough for three months of living expenses in Honolulu.

Can Sanelo Help Me If I Am Moving From Overseas?

Sanelo can help with international relocations to Honolulu, HI. Contact us via phone call or email to consult your needs. Our team will assist you so you can get a stress-free moving experience.

We can walk you through the shipment process, including the paperwork for immigration and customs clearance.

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