Moving/Relocating To Idaho: 11 Well-Hidden Facts You’d Want To Know Before Living In Idaho

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Are you sick and tired of crowded cities? Have you ever dreamt of moving to somewhere more serene? If yes, here’s your solution: moving to Idaho! Idaho is one of the states with the least population density in the United States (U.S.), perfect if you hate crowded areas!

What’s more, the cost of living in Idaho is lower than the national average and its growing economy gives more business and job opportunities for anyone.

Read on to find out about some “moving to Idaho” pros and cons as well as some facts and tips about living in Idaho!

1. A Glimpse Of Idaho

Before going further about the facts and tips about living in Idaho, here is a brief introduction about Idaho.

The Weather

Winters in Idaho are chilly and snowy. Idaho gets snowfall from early November to mid-March. The thickness of snow varies from city to city.

For example, Elk City, Northern Idaho, gets 65.3 days of snowy days a year. On the other hand, at Lake Lowell, Deer Flat Dam, the average snowy day in a year is 0.7 days.

However, the summers in Idaho are mild and warm. It’s the perfect season for you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Idaho.

This State Has More Than Potatoes

Idaho is known for its potatoes, and one-third of the potatoes in the States grow in Idaho. Besides potatoes, Idaho has around two million cows that are raised in this state.

Other non-agriculture industries are also growing in Idaho. Some of the biggest industries in Idaho are food processing, chemicals, mining, and tourism.

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2. The Economy Is Promising In Idaho

This state has beautiful scenery and a growing economy. The unemployment rate in Idaho is only 2.8% in October 2021. This number puts Idaho into ten states with the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S alongside Utah and Oklahoma.

The abundance of natural resources allows Idaho to sustain various industries, leading to more job opportunities. Some of the high demand jobs in Idaho are web developer, home health aid, and property manager.

In Idaho, the high paying jobs include nurse, engineer, truck driver, entrepreneur, and many more. At the same time, the highest paying job is a product owner or operator, which can earn $124,000 for entry-level.

3. Affordable Cost Of Living

The overall cost of living in Idaho is 8% lower than the national average. It means Idaho is a place for anyone, from young professionals to retirees.

The living cost gets more expensive in the rural areas. It is because transportation expenses in rural areas are more costly than in the city. Additionally, food and supplies cost more in rural areas.

If you live in the city areas such as Boise or Idaho Falls, you can expect a more affordable cost of living. This is because the transportation and utilities costs are cheaper in the city area.

4. Pick Your Community

There are cities in Idaho that are suitable for single young professionals and families. These cities are affordable with decent amenities so you can live here comfortably.


Boise is the capital city of Idaho, with a population of 749,202 people. This city attracts people due to its low mortgage rates and affordable cost of living.

In addition to a bustling city area, Boise also has outdoor attractions, such as Julia Davis Park and Zoo Boise. Boise is known for its rich culture and history, outdoor activities, food scene, and art events.


Meridian is an excellent place to live and work. This city is safe and family-friendly. The crime rate is low, with 80 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

This city also has the largest school district in Idaho, The West Ada School District. This school serves 35,000 students, with 3,100 employees.

Besides that, the city’s steady job growth makes Meridian even more promising for anyone in the job market.


Moscow gives you the vibe of a small town. This city has become more popular among millennials as they look for affordable housing and a healthier living environment.

The price of houses in Moscow are relatively higher compared to Boise, but the median rent is lower. The average monthly rent in this city is $800 a month. It makes Moscow perfect for young professionals who are starting their careers.

Besides that, Moscow is a college town with one of the biggest universities in Idaho. With many students residing in this city, Moscow has a more welcoming feel with lots of opportunities to socialise.

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5. Pursue Higher Education In The Top Universities

Here are the four largest universities in Idaho that serve thousands of students with a high acceptance rate.

  • Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg. This university serves around 44,481 students. The acceptance rate of Brigham Young University is 97%.
  • Boise State University with 24,069 Students. It is a public university with an acceptance rate of 77%.
  • Idaho State University in Pocatello serves 11,766 Students. They have a 100% of acceptance rate.
  • The University of Idaho in Moscow with 10,791 Students. This is a public university with an acceptance rate of 74%.

In general, the average salary of graduates from these universities after ten years is $43,000 per year. Of course, this number does not represent all graduates because it is only an average number. There are graduates with higher or lower incomes depending on the job position and experience.

6. Know Your Public Transportation

Idaho has transit services that link the cities in Idaho. In the cities like Meridian, Boise, and Moscow, the public transportation facilities are more adequate.

In Boise, you can get around by renting a bike or using the rideshare apps, such as Uber and Lyft. Of course, there is bus transit too in the city, but if you want to get around more comfortably, using taxi services or a bike is advisable.

7. Amazing Outdoors

You will appreciate the Idaho natural beauty. This state has a lot of great outdoor spaces where you can enjoy while doing some fun activities.

Here are some areas that are suitable for outdoor recreational activities in Idaho:

The Resort Town Sun Valley

This resort is a destination for skiers and snowboarders. The famous skiing spot in Sun Valley is Bald Mountains.
Access to Sun Valley is not that difficult since the city has an airport. You can fly to Friedman Memorial Airport, which lies 14 miles from the resort.

Lake Coeur d’Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene is a beautiful lake with beautiful scenery and rich history. At the bottom of this lake are dozens of ships that have sunk 200 years ago.

You can swim, row a boat, or have a barbecue along this lake. One thing you should remember is to brush off the dirt from your pets, shoes and camping gear to avoid bringing lead-laced dust into their homes.

According to Geological Survey data, 98% of the lead that flowed into Coeur d’Alene Lake stayed there with an average of about 480 tons per year.

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8. Eat Like Locals In Idaho

Idaho may be underrated when it comes to the foodie scenes. The people of Idaho actually do take their cuisine seriously. There are even certain dishes that represent the wonder of the state!

These are some must-try foods when you are living in Idaho:

Morel Mushrooms

People outside Idaho may not be familiar with morel mushrooms. This edible mushroom has earthy and nutty flavours, making it perfect for savoury dishes.

You need a specific permit to hunt for morel mushrooms. The harvest time for these mushrooms is during the rainy season. Foragers will go to the forests in search of morel mushrooms.

The Idahoan Sandwich

The Idahoan is a dish that represents the locals’ taste perfectly. It is a baked sandwich with meatloaf, nestled in mashed potato and layered with cheddar and Colby-Jack cheese.

You can enjoy this cheesy dish at restaurants, or you can make it yourself. This sandwich will be your new comfort food in no time!

Ice Cream Potato

Yes, Idaho is known for its potatoes. So why not take it to another level?

Ice cream potato (pictured above) is a classic dessert in Idaho. You can find it at every fair, school, and fundraiser event. This dessert is a mix of typical ice cream ingredients with a baked potato.

This dessert may freak the outsiders out, but the locals know how good this unique dessert is.

9. Events And Festivals

Community events and festivals are places for you to know more about the local cultures. These events are also opportunities for you to get closer to your local friends. We recommend three festivals you can look forward to:

Western Idaho Fair

This fair is one of the most iconic fairs in Idaho. This state fair is held at the Western Idaho Fairground outside Boise.
The fair will last ten days with a lot of entertainment, food, and competition. One of the best things about the Western Idaho Fair is the carnival area. There are rides for adults, families, and children.

You can hang out at this fair all day with your loved ones and enjoy all it has to offer.

Annual Lavender Festivals

This is an event for flower lovers. The Annual Lavender Festivals are held in Lavender Farm, Kuna, Idaho.
During the events, you can see the lavender plants and products with lavender as the main ingredient. You can also buy these products at the stalls during the festival.

This event is suitable for the whole family. By supporting Annual Lavender Festivals, you can have fun learning more about lavender while supporting the local farmers.

Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Bring your family and friends to enjoy the world class performance of famous plays, such as Romeo And Juliet and Little Shop Of Horrors. Of course, there will be many more plays you can enjoy at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

On top of enjoying the musical performances, children can also learn about theatre arts and will have the chance to join the apprentice program and training.

You can visit the official website to find out more about the festival and the education program. This event is suitable for adults and children, so you can come with your family to watch some world-class plays.

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10. The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Idaho

Every location has both pros and cons. Here is some additional information so you can be well prepared when deciding to live in Idaho.

The Pros

Homes Are Relatively Affordable In Idaho

Housing expenses in Idaho are generally lower than the national average. For instance, the median home price in Boise is $305,013, and the median rent price is $955.47 per month.

The reasonable housing prices is the reason why most Idaho residents are homeowners. In 2020, 71.50% of the residents are homeowners.

Idaho has a below-average violent crime rate

Violent crime in Idaho is 243 incidents for every 100,000 people. This fact shows that Idaho is a place with a low violent crime rate. In 2019, Idaho ranked the 10th lowest in crime rate.

Idaho residents are friendly

Based on the poll made by Big 7 Travel, Idaho placed 15th as a state with the friendliest people. They tend to be open to strangers, and are genuinely nice to people in general.

The Cons

The Rapid Growth Of Its Population

Idaho is one of the fastest-growing population areas in the States. The cities of Idaho that grow fast in terms of population are Boise and Nampa.

It could mean the living space becomes more scarce, which leads to the rise of property prices in Idaho. Besides that, the rise of the crime rate may follow that fast-growing population.

You May Find Idaho Boring

Idaho is placed as number one the most boring state in the U.S. One of the factors is that most of the households are married and have kids. So, there are not many options for entertainment.

However, if you drive to downtown Boise, the story is different. As the city grows, the nightlife scene thrives where there are bars, breweries and nightclubs.

On the other hand, if you prefer a solitary life, then Idaho is the best state for you. You can take part in many outdoor activities no matter which city you live in. If you prefer nature to nightlife and luxury shopping, you can live just fine in Idaho.

11. Things To Know Before Moving To Idaho

From all the information above, you already know that living in Idaho has its perks. But, to have a stress free moving experience, you need to do these three things:

Look Up For The Best Area To Live

Where are you going to work in Idaho? Once you know the spot, then look for the best neighbourhood in the area.
You need to consider the safety rates besides the budget. You can find the information online or ask for recommendations from the locals. If you do not have any local acquaintances, you can use an online discussion board to get in touch with Idaho residents.

If you find your new home, do not forget to contact your real estate agent a couple of weeks before your move date. This will give them buffer time to prepare all the necessary things, such as documents.

Get Yourself A list Of Things You Need

Organise your moving process by having a list of things that you need to do and have. You will be less stressed if you organise your relocation process well.

  • These are the things that should be on your list:
  • Things to bring with you
  • Things to leave behind
  • Moving budget
  • Documents
  • People to contact before the move date
  • Timeline of the moving process, starting from packing to the move date

You can always refer to your note by writing all this information, so you do not have to remember anything. This list also helps you not to miss anything before moving to Idaho.

Let A Professional Deliver Your Belongings To Idaho

If you want to have a seamless moving process, hiring a professional mover is a good decision. Sanelo has the expertise of assisting around 35,000 moves every year. Therefore, you can also have the best moving experience by starting your quote with Sanelo.

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Conclusion About Moving To Idaho

Idaho is a state with plenty of nature, rich natural resources, and steady economic growth. Moving to Idaho can be the start of your career, and if you want, you can plan your retirement here.

This state is one of the safest places in the U.S, making it perfect for students, young professionals, and families to live here. Besides that, the festivals and events in Idaho allow you to get closer to the local communities so that you won’t get lonely.

To get the best moving experience, you need to make sure to get home before moving. By getting a living place beforehand, you will have more time to adapt to your new job and environment.

It is also best to get a list of things you need, so you do not have to remember the details of your relocation process. You can always refer to your notes whenever you need to evaluate your progress.

If you want a stress free moving experience, then contact Sanelo to help you ship your belongings. By engaging Sanelo, you do not have to think about carrying heavy luggage on the move day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Idaho

Should I Change My Driver’s License If I Move To Idaho?

You need to change your driver’s license when you move to Idaho. The out-of-state driver’s license exchange should be done within 90 days after you arrive. If you have a commercial driving license, then your due time to change is 30 days since your arrival.

People who live in Idaho temporarily do not need to change their driving license. This category includes college/ university students and people who come to Idaho only to fulfil military obligations.

What Is A Good Salary To Live Comfortably In Idaho?

The average salary In Idaho is $66,665 yearly. You can live decently, or even comfortably, with this number.

However, you also need to know that the salary range in Idaho varies greatly. According to ZipRecruiter, the income of people in Idaho range between $18,842 to $125,000. This salary range suggests that there is always a chance for people to enhance their careers and salary.

How Early Should I Book Sanelo?

Two months before the move date is the ideal time to hire a mover. This buffer time will allow us to get you on schedule and collect documents, especially for international moving.

However, if you already know your moving details, then it is best to contact Sanelo as soon as possible. It is never too early to contact us and consult about your moving situation.

Does Sanelo Assist International Moving To Idaho?

If you are moving to Idaho from overseas, Sanelo is ready to ship your belongings. All you need to do is visit our official website and start your quote with us.

Our service is customisable, so we can adjust the process to fit your needs and moving situation. We will also walk you through the paperwork for the customs clearance, so all your packages can arrive safely.

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