Are you planning an international move from the bustling city of Bangalore or the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai? Look no further – Sanelo is your ultimate companion in making your move stress-free, efficient, and memorable. As a leading international movers and packers company, we take pride in offering unparalleled services to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Choosing Where To Live Is Half The Battle Of Relocating

Are you gearing up for an international relocation? Dreaming of starting fresh in Germany, the UK, or any corner of the world? Deciding where to move is a big decision. You have to think about schools, transportation, jobs, weather, the economy, and many other factors.

Every country has unique qualities. Knowing what matters to you helps with adjusting and boosts your happiness in the new location. Once you choose where to move, Sanelo can help you get there.

Engage With Professionals To Help With Your Relocation

A professional moving company like Sanelo has the expertise you need to make your relocation a stress-free success.

Enjoy your ride and forget about dealing with the boring stuff, we will focus on that, while you deal with what’s important. If you need international packers and movers in Mumbai or Bangalore, we are the best option for you!

Prepare Your Relocation Well By Following These Tips

Moving to a new place will leave you with many things to do. Therefore, making a relocation list is the most practical way to reduce stress while preparing for the relocation.

You can use these points to help you make a relocation list:

  • a list of important documents,
  • things to pack,
  • things to donate or sell,
  • important contacts,
  • a budget for preparation, moving trip, and post-moving, and
  • relocation timeline.




Why choose Sanelo as your International Relocation partner?


Expertise in Global Relocations:

With over 1,000 people speaking 60+ languages in 38 countries the world over, Sanelo’s pool of talent alone all but guarantees the very highest level of professionalism.

And when you consider the ability to successfully complete over 35,000 local, long-distance and international moves every year as well, receiving the highest quality of service is all but a given.

Whether you’re heading to the bustling streets of Berlin or the charming villages in the UK, our team is well-versed in the intricacies of international relocations.


Packing Matters for International Relocations

Making an international move isn’t as simple as loading a moving truck with boxes. Every item needs to be carefully inventoried and packed so it will remain safe across multiple methods of transportation, which could include crossing one or more international borders. A box of books has different needs for international travel compared to a couch or a television.


Dedicated Relocation Expert

Our relocation experts are with you through every step of the process from your initial home survey, through delivery and settling into your new home. Our move coordinators make sure that every moving service meets your needs and fits your schedule. All moves can be stressful, whether they’re down the block or around the world. Even planning for your packing process can be difficult – That’s where your relocation expert makes a difference. 


Global Network for Smooth Transit:

Sanelo boasts an extensive global network, allowing us to facilitate seamless transportation from your current location to your destination. Our partnerships with trusted logistics providers ensure timely deliveries and smooth transit, regardless of where you’re headed.


Transparent and Competitive Pricing:

We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. Our competitive rates and straightforward fee allows for no hidden costs and no surprises.

We offer shipment protection designed to protect just about everything as part of your plan. It’s also why our solutions are so adaptable. Because the fact is, no two moves are ever the same.


Full-Service Solutions:

From packing and loading to shipping, customs clearance, and delivery to your new home, Sanelo offers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. You can focus on the excitement of your new adventure while we take care of the logistics.


Reliability and Trustworthiness:

Entrusting your belongings to a moving company requires a high level of trust. Sanelo has earned a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the positive experiences of our clients who have successfully relocated with us:

“Supportive and prompt response. Thanks for making the shifting easier.”

“So far I interacted with Sneha and your Operation Manager. Very professional, very polite, very good in explaining and listening. I feel comfortable and in really good hands”



Conclusion On Moving From India


Contact Sanelo for Your International Move

If you’re leaving Bangalore or Mumbai, Sanelo can help with your move abroad. They will make sure everything goes smoothly and take care of your belongings. Contact us today for a consultation to help you smoothly move from Indian cities to your new global destination.

Trust Sanelo – where every move is an adventure! 🌐✈️


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move to Germany from India?

Firstly, start by filling out our free online estimate. Our relocation experts will be in touch with you after viewing your request to discuss in detail more about your move.

We will send you a link to complete our Smart Home Surveys. Our AI tool will help you scan your items you are wanting to take with you on your move. Once completed, our relocation experts will finalise details and confirm what you are taking with you.

After we finalise the details and set a moving date, our packing team will come to pack up all your belongings. And pack your belongings into your chosen transport method in preparation for shipping overseas. We will send you a shipment link to track your belongings once it has set sail.

After you move to your new home in Germany, we will bring your belongings. We will also help you unpack them. This way, you can start your new life smoothly.

What Is The Best Way To Engage With Sanelo?

Three simple steps to get you moving

  1. Fill out our simple enquiry form at
  2. Complete a virtual survey
  3. Accept your estimate and we’ll do the rest

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