Moving/Relocating To Japan: 10 UNMISSABLE Tips & Tricks

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Japan is famous for its technology, culture, Manga, and food. Even J-pop has become a big thing in today’s pop culture.

Looking for a unique cultural experience? Moving to Japan will provide just that. You may be surprised how the Japanese people incorporate a conservative view with an advanced modern lifestyle.

This article will share 10 unmissable tips and tricks, including what to know before moving to Japan and the cost of living in Japan, to get you prepared.

1. Learn These Several Things To Know Before Moving To Japan

Of course, there are things to know before moving to Japan. It is imporant to find out about these things to have peace of mind before your relocation

Learning Japanese Language Will Help You A Lot

Many people in Japan can speak English, especially in the workplace. However, learning to speak Japanese will help you a lot in your daily communication.

For example, you’ll be able to make friends easier and the local people will be more comfortable talking with you if you speak their language.

Earthquake Is A Real Threat

There are about 1,500 earthquakes that hit the country annually. Therefore, it is crucial to learn what to do when an earthquake strikes.

The Japanese government has prepared scenarios if this natural disaster occurs. Many of its urban buildings were designed to lessen the impact of an earthquake.

Japanese People Love Cats

You will see the Japanese treat cats like royalty. This feline creature has become the inspiration for many Japanese Manga.

It is also common to see cat ornaments. Even cat cafes are trendy in this country. If you are a cat lover, you will find that Japan is an exciting place to live.

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2. Major Cities In Japan That You Should Consider To Be Your New Home

There are plenty of great cities to live in Japan. To help you narrow down your search, we recommend some of the top cities to live in Japan below.


Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and is known to be crowded and expensive. However, you will find more job opportunities here since this city is a global financial hub.

The residential areas in Tokyo are densely populated, so you may not find a big place for you to live. However, this city has excellent city amenities such as parks, train stations, clinics, government offices, shopping centres, and schools.

Even though this city is modern with big roads, it is still walkable. You can go around your residential area on foot.


Osaka is another wonderful city to live in. This city offers job opportunities and a vibrant nightlife scene. You will also find plenty of recreational places to help you relax after a long week at work.

The weather in Osaka during summer is hot and humid. However, winter in Osaka is mild, so you can still enjoy outdoor activities during this season.


Living in Nagoya will allow you to enjoy a more affordable cost of living compared with Tokyo or Osaka. This city also offers excellent amenities and even international schools for expat families.

In Nagoya, you will find cultural heritage sites where you can learn more about Japanese culture.

3. Learn About The Most In-Demand Skills In Japan

Japan offers opportunities for anyone with various skills. However, it will be best to learn about the most in-demand skills in Japan to help you navigate the job market.

Here are some of the skills that many companies in Japan are looking for:

  • product & control evaluation expertise,
  • financial analytics skills,
  • sales and marketing for medical, pharmaceutical, consumer, retail hospitality, digital online (SEO experts),
  • data science (big data) and AI expertise, and
  • security-related IT engineering (cybersecurity).

Aside from the skills, you also need to be able to speak Japanese. This language skill will be an additional point when applying for a job in Japan.

When receiving a job offer, it is also essential to clarify with your employer about the health insurance provided. Learn about the coverage provided by the health insurance company to find out if you need any additional insurance or not.

4. Find Out The Estimated Cost Of Living In Japan To Create A Budget

Living in Japan can be pretty expensive. Therefore, having a rough gauge of the estimated living expenses will help you determine how much you need to prepare to live in Japan.

If you live alone, you will need about ¥242,728 (1,908 USD) a month for living expenses. This figure includes monthly rent for a studio apartment in a non-expensive area.

You will need to find ways to cut your expenses to save more money every month. Therefore, you may try out the following tips to cut your costs in Japan:

  • Find out the best times to shop or when stores in Japan offer big sales. One of the best times to shop in Japan is during back-to-school season.
  • Use public facilities for lower prices, such as a gym, tennis court, swimming pools, etc.
  • Remember to cancel the unnecessary subscriptions.
  • Tap water in Japan is safe to drink, so you won’t need to buy bottled water.

It is also crucial to know how to set up a Japanese bank account. You can ask your employer to provide you with the necessary documents to set up your account. You can deposit your cash at the bank and manage your finances better.

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5. Advance Your Career By Pursuing Higher Education At These Top Universities

As a country with advanced technology, Japan takes its education quality seriously. It offers universities various programs for local and foreign students.

For your reference, here is a list of top universities in Japan:

  • The University of Tokyo,
  • Kyoto University,
  • Osaka University,
  • Waseda University,
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, and
  • Tohuku University.

You need to learn the Japanese language to attend these universities. But not to worry, as there will be language classes for students from abroad before starting the semester.

6. Get Around By Taking The Japanese Public Transportation

Public transportation in Japan is not only well connected, but it is also technologically advanced. One of the Japanese transportation technologies that have been adapted by many other countries is the bullet train.

You can take a train, plane, bus, or even a domestic ferry if you want to get around the country. This excellent public transportation service enables you to visit other parts of Japan during your vacation.

In major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, you can go anywhere by taking a train or subway. These cities are also walkable and also perfect for cyclists.

7. The Basic Things About Japanese Culture That You Need To Know

Japanese citizens are proud of their culture. Many of the old etiquettes are still practised in Japan today.

So, you need to learn the following basic etiquette before moving to Japan. This way, you will be able to adapt to Japanese life better.

Take a look at these basic etiquettes in Japan:

  • Take off your shoes before entering someone’s house.
  • When taking public transportation, do not eat and speak loudly.
  • You have to separate your trash correctly.
  • Japanese people are not used to public display of affection (PDA).

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8. Take Some Time To Explore The Beauty Of Japanese Nature

Japan is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes. Here you can find mountains, forests, and beaches.

If you want to enjoy living in Japan to the fullest, you can take on an adventure and explore Japanese nature.

We did our research, and below are our recommendations for the most beautiful places to visit in Japan:

  • Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto,
  • Lake Kusshiro in Hokkaido (pictured above),Gion
  • Geisha District in Kyoto,
  • Ashikaga Flower Park in Ashigaka, and
  • Meguro River in Tokyo.

9. Get The Best Experience Of Living In Japan By Enjoying The Local Delicacies

Aside from technology and culture, Japan is also famous for its cuisines. Japanese cuisines have been recognised around the world for a very long time.

Below are some of the Japanese foods that you need to try for the most authentically Japanese experience:

  • Sushi,
  • Sashimi,
  • Sukiyaki,
  • Ramen,
  • Curry rice,
  • Omu rice,
  • Robatayaki, and
  • Chankonabe (pictured above).

For the iconic beverages, you can try sake. If you prefer a mildly alcoholic drink, Lemon Sour will be the best choice.

Speaking of food, Japan has vending machines for almost everything. You can buy various types of food and beverages at the vending machines, including hot meals.

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10. The Most Practical Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Relocation To Japan

There are practical tips to make your relocation process even smoother. You can also adjust the tips below according to your needs.

The first tip is to make a relocation list, and the second is to engage a moving company. These two tips will help you make your relocation less stressful because you can track the progress of your relocation easily.

Making A Relocation List

Making a list of everything you need is simple yet important. A list is an effective tool to track your progress and to ensure you won’t miss a thing regarding your relocation.

You can make a list of things you need, such as documents, things to pack, flight tickets, budget, contact with a real estate agent, etc. Give a timeline to each item and a checkmark once it is done. This way, you can track your progress, and notice any obstacles immediately.

Engaging A Moving Company

Engaging a moving company like Sanelo will make your relocation less stressful. Our team in Sanelo will ensure that the whole relocation process runs smoothly. They will walk you through the process and assist you with the paperwork and clearance for international relocation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have people that assist you through the relocation process?

Conclusion On Moving To Japan

After reading our guide above, we believe that you now have a better idea of how to prepare for your relocation to Japan.

Most importantly, you found that Japan is an advanced country with excellent public transport, top universities, great cities to live in, and exciting places to visit.

If you want your relocation process to be even more seamless, you should engage Sanelo. Our team is happy to assist you with your international relocation to Japan.

To find more tips about moving internationally, you can check out articles about moving to England, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Japan

Is Japan A Good Place To Move To?

Living in Japan is comfortable, even for a foreigner. This country has excellent infrastructure and a rich culture.

Additionally, Japan is a country with advanced technology that helps people to do daily activities. One of the examples is the use of robots for various services like in restaurants and as a security. Therefore, living in Japan will be an exciting experience.

Can I Move To Japan Without A Job?

A work visa is not the only way to enter and live in Japan. There are other types of visas you can apply for, such as student and spouse visas.

However, if your main plan is to work in Japan, it will be better to secure a job beforehand. This way, you can obtain a work visa and have an income source.

Are Japanese Friendly To Expats?

The younger generation of Japanese seems to be more friendly to foreigners. On the other hand, some older generations may not be too keen about foreign people working in Japan.

You need to respect Japanese culture and follow the rules if you want to earn their trust and make new friends.

How Do I Contact Sanelo To Help With My International Relocation To Japan?

Visit our official website, and you can find more information about our services and start your relocation.

If you need more information and want to consult with us about your relocation needs, you can contact us by phone or email. Our team is ready to walk you through your relocation process.


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