Moving/Relocating To Long Beach: 9 Latest Advice & Tips

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Great people, great weather, great food, and great scenery, Long Beach attracts approximately six million people to visit each year.

There are many reasons why moving to Long Beach is the right decision for many people. This city has lovely weather with occasional rain and living by the beach seems like a dream come true for many in Long Beach, CA.

If you’re thinking of moving to Long Beach, CA, you’re on the right page. By reading this article, you will find out what Long Beach is like, what you need to prepare before moving to Long Beach and what to expect. We also hope that you find valuable tips that will help you enjoy living in Long Beach.

1. Moving To Long Beach CA: What To Expect?

Overall, this city is a good place for everyone from young people to senior citizens. Here are the three main points why people like Long Beach:

Good Place To Live

Long Beach is a lovely place for you to live and work comfortably. As you would expect, living in Long Beach literally brings you closer to the beach area. This gives you opportunities to take part in many activities at the beach, like brisk walking, jogging, and sunbathing.

As long as you have your sunscreen ready, you’re all set to enjoy the summer at the beach. Isn’t it nice that you don’t have to travel out of town during the spring break or summer break?

Rainy Days

One thing you have to keep in your bag is an umbrella or a raincoat. On average, Long Beach has 1 to 5 days of rain from November to March. January and February are the wettest months in Long Beach. But don’t worry, the authorities will warn the residents if there will be a storm or heavy rain.

Among 365 days, Long Beach has 210 days of warm temperature. During these days, there will be a light breeze, partial sunshine, and no rain. These dry days happen in between spring and summer.

The Airport

What’s nice about Long Beach is it has an airport. Long Beach Airport is filled with facilities, including tablets for passengers to open emails or order food. One of the iconic parts of Long Beach Airport is the open atrium decorated with lines of palm trees. Passengers can sit and relax here while waiting for their flights.

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2. Watch The Economy and Job Market Grows In Long Beach

If you’re considering moving to Long Beach to start a business, you’re in for a treat.

Long Beach is the sixth-largest city in California, and it is located between Los Angeles County and Orange County. The geographic factor made it easier for business owners in Long Beach to prospect clients from the surrounding area. Of course, the growing economy in Long Beach is the main factor why this city is business-friendly.

If you are in the job market, Long Beach also has opportunities for you. The major sectors in Long Beach are health care, financial services, hospitality and tourism, aviation, oil, and trade. So, if you are interested in working in one of these sectors, moving to Long Beach can be your answer!

3. The Cost Of Living In Long Beach Won’t Scare You

Overall, the cost of living in Long Beach is 43% higher than the national average. The average monthly cost of living here is around $3,035. This includes housing, utilities, grocery, and transportation.

So, the average salary of Long Beach, which is around $3,300 to $4,000, can cover the essential cost of living for a one-person household. If you have family, then you’ll need a higher income for your household.

4. Find The Neighbourhood That Suits You

Before moving to Long Beach, you need to find your home area first. Below are some neighbourhoods that you can check out as references:

Belmont Shore

Belmont Shore gives you the mix of urban and suburban living. This neighbourhood is also surrounded by restaurants, bars, parks, and growing local businesses. There is Rosie’s Dog Beach for pet owners, where your furry friends can run around off-leash.

The median rent for an apartment in Belmont Shore is $1,900, and the median house price is $800,000. It is understandable why the housing price is high in this area: Belmont Shore has it all, so you don’t have to go out of your neighbourhood to find places for entertainment.

The Waterfront

This neighbourhood is located right in front of the seaside. So, you will most likely get the sea view from your home. This area has its own aesthetics. There are vintage shops and coffee shops that remind us of pictures from Pinterest.

With the beach nearby, many parks, and city attractions, this area is a sanctuary for families and senior citizens. Residents have many places to do outdoor activities around the neighbourhood.

The average rent for an apartment in Waterfront is around $2,600. The cheapest one is at least over $2,000. If you like the lifestyle in downtown Long Beach, then living in this neighbourhood is definitely worth it.

East Village Arts District

From its name, you already can guess that this is the artistic part of the city. East Village Arts District is a vibrant neighbourhood due to the murals. If you live in this neighbourhood, you can enjoy artistic attractions such as museums, art galleries, and live music.

Currently, there are about 376 apartments in this neighbourhood. The median rent for an apartment here is $4,000 per month, with the cheapest one costing about $2,200 per month.

East Village is suitable for young professionals and families. With many things to see, you can easily enjoy the attractions without going outside the area.

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5. Perfect Place To Retire

Are you dreaming of spending your golden years by the beach? Moving to Long Beach, CA, can be your answer.

Compared to other beach cities, Long Beach is relatively affordable for retirees. The retiree communities in Long Beach also offer senior citizens health care assistance and safe outdoor activities.

Long Beach is a perfect place to spend your retirement with a fantastic view, beach, and nice weather. Living in a city with great outdoors will also keep you healthy during your old age!

6. Community Events

The residents of Long Beach are diverse.

It is no wonder the community events represent various cultures from around the world! One of them is Annual Southeast Asia Day, where people from Southeast Asia show some performances, such as traditional dance, music, and craft. Children can participate in art and crafts sessions during the event.

Another event you cannot miss is Long Beach Antique Flea Market. This event features 800 sellers of antiques, vintage clothing, and all the unique items. If you fancy the antique and vintage aesthetics, this is your time to shop.

Due to the pandemic, some events may get postponed. Therefore, we recommend that you check with the event organisers to find out their latest updates.

7. You Will Like The View

The main view in Long Beach is the port. In Long Beach, there are restaurants with outdoor seatings so visitors can enjoy the view of the port. This view also makes Long Beach a perfect place for a summer holiday.

The vibe in the downtown is laidback and fun. You will enjoy walking around downtown as you’ll come across great places to dine, shop, and buy fresh fruits and vegetables in this area. It is also lovely to take your pet for a walk in the downtown area.

The views that you may often see in Long Beach are murals. A place like East Village Arts District is your destination if you are a fan of street arts. You can visit Long Beach Art Walk, an event that features local artists with beautiful sights of artworks.

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8. Boring? We Don’t Know Them!

There are a lot of places to see and things to do when you live by the water. You will never get bored of spending your weekends and holidays inside Long Beach city.

Chilling By The Beach

In Long Beach, sightseeing is not the only thing you can do at the beach area. Here, you can explore the water by renting a swan boat or bike around the Shoreline Village. Of course, you can also visit cafes or restaurants with a sea view.

Walking At The Park

Long Beach is not always about the beach; there are also parks and green spaces that are worth exploring.

If you want a relaxing weekend, you can visit the parks to take a walk there. One of the most beautiful parks is Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. The perfect arrangement of the pond and plants make this garden an ideal place to spend a peaceful weekend.

You also want to visit El Dorado Nature Center. If you come here when the weather is foggy, it feels like you enter an enchanted forest from a storybook. There is a walking trail for visitors to enjoy nature.

Private Helicopter Tour

Get the perfect view of Long Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, and Los Angeles by having a helicopter view. Seeing your everyday living area from the above perspective will be a unique experience for many!

9. Quick Advice Before Moving To Long Beach

To have a successful relocation process, you need to have good preparation. Especially if you are moving from another country, the preparation may take longer. Here is some advice to help you prepare for your relocation:

Best Time To Move

Find out when is the best time to move to Long Beach, CA. You won’t have to deal with heavy traffic or bad weather by moving at the best time. It is also much more convenient to make an appointment with your real estate agent due to fewer demands.

The best time to move to Long Beach is between May and September. The weather in these two months is the best as it is warm with no rain. Besides that, there are lesser summer tourists in May and September, making the traffic less hectic.

Make Your Moving Timeline

Making a plan for moving means you have to know the timeline. Make a checklist with the deadlines for each task. By having this timeline written, you will have less stress remembering when to do what.

You should also write down all the precautions to take when relocating to Long Beach. Having this information in hand will help you to move successfully and safely.

Hire A Mover

A mover company can be helpful during your relocation process. Having someone else ship your belongings will make you less stressed and can focus on other things.

At Sanelo, we can help you move to Long Beach seamlessly. Contact us to get more detailed information about the shipment of your belongings.

Conclusion About Moving To Long Beach, CA

Hopefully, you have an idea about Long Beach and what to expect from living in Long Beach by now. With the diverse culture, vibrant art scene, and average cost of living, you must know how you will prepare to settle in Long Beach.

You also know that you need to be prepared for the weather from what you have read above. So, make sure to move at the right time when it is not raining. You also may want to have a plan of places to see once you are in Long Beach. There are many things to see in this city, starting from the street art to the grand open sea.

Contact Sanelo for a seamless relocation process. Let Sanelo ship your belongings to their new home. Learn about our shipment protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Long Beach, CA

How Cold Can Long Beach Get?

The coldest temperature recorded in Long Beach is 48°F or 8.8°C. Long Beach will be chilly in December when winter is at its peak. However, people do still go out and have a good time during the coldest month.

Is Long Beach Pedestrian-Friendly?

Long Beach is one of the most walkable cities in the nation. There are plenty of places where you can walk around, such as El Dorado Nature Center, Shoreline Village, and many more. You only need to pack your sneakers and take a walk.

Is It OK To Pack Less When Moving?

Yes, it is always best to pack less when you move. You can sell your belongings or furniture before moving. A better option is finding people who will take things you cannot bring to Long Beach.

There is no need to worry about finding the things you need because the local shops have everything you need. Moreover, Long Beach does not have extremely cold weather that requires you to have thick clothes.

Does Sanelo Help With Interstate Relocation?

Sanelo helps both interstate relocation and international relocation. You only need to start your quote with us at least two months before your moving date.

You can find more tips about interstate moving on Sanelo’s blog. Make your relocation process seamless with assistance from Sanelo.


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