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Moving/Relocating To Los Angeles: 9 Undisclosed Tips

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Moving to Los Angeles may be a dream for many people. Aside from Hollywood and the dazzling television industry, LA offers more to people who want to live here. Of course, there are things to know before moving to Los Angeles to have the life you want in this city.

By reading this article, we hope you will find moving to Los Angeles guides that will benefit you throughout your relocation process. You will also find moving to Los Angeles advice that you jot down on your moving checklist.

1. Top 3 Reasons People Are Moving To Los Angeles

The Pleasant Weather

You’ve probably already guessed this since Los Angeles is a city in California: it has lovely weather! There’s sunshine all year round, and the coldest time period is in December where temperatures may dip to 48.3°F. (9°C).  This is great news for those considering to relocate from places with harsh winters.

When you’re living in LA, the pleasant weather won’t get in the way of your activities! It is no wonder LA is a popular tourist destination!

You Do Not Have To Own A Car

Here’s a piece of good news if you’re not planning to buy a car: Los Angeles is not a car-dependent area! The public transportation system is able to get you anywhere in the city. There are also ride-hailing platforms like Uber and Lyft if you’re in a rush. So, if you’re living in LA, there are many options for commuting and you won’t have to deal with car instalment and its insurance!

LA Is Not Only About Hollywood, There Are Other Growing Industries

When talking about moving to Los Angeles, it is impossible to not talk about Hollywood. But did you know that there are other notable industries besides the entertainment industry? For example, information technology startups have been growing in Los Angeles lately. Other sectors like hospitality, food and beverage, and many others are also growing in LA.

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2. Welcome To The Land Of The Opportunities

Thousands of people are moving to Los Angeles as the city is promising for people from any background and skillset. LA’s economy is one of the most dynamic in the world! Industries are growing fast, especially the tech companies and creative services. Besides that, many freelancers are also moving to Los Angeles and work from home or coffee shops.

There are plenty of options for you, whether you’re looking for job opportunities or planning to build your own business. The unemployment rate in this city keeps decreasing, from 11.2% in April 2021 to 9.7% in August 2021, signalling that LA’s economy is heading to a better condition.

The dynamic nature of the economy in LA presents many opportunities, especially for those who are creative and looking for flexible working arrangements.

3. The Best Neighbourhoods In Los Angeles

There are many neighbourhood areas in Los Angeles. Santa Monica, Downtown LA, and North Hollywood are on the recommendation list of many articles providing moving to Los Angeles advice. Young professionals usually prefer these areas because of the affordability of housing and the walkable nature of the neighbourhoods.

Of course, you can still find good neighbourhoods other than these four areas. All you have to do is find the information online, then contact the real estate agent. We recommend you get references from local acquaintances or other trusted sources before picking your neighbourhood.

On average, the monthly rental price is between $1,000 – $3,000 depending on the area and unit type. Protip: if you’re planning to stay for less than a year, consider looking for a fully furnished apartment. Otherwise, you may find it challenging to resell the furniture you already bought.

4. Find The Right School For Your Children

There are public schools and private schools in Los Angeles. Both have unique characteristics so it’ll be best for you to weigh them to decide which is more suitable for your children. One of the moving to Los Angeles guides that you may receive from people is how to find the proper education.

For example, in top private schools, the competition can be stiff. However, it does not mean that there is no chance for your children to get in. You can contact the school officials or education advisor to discuss the transferring process.

Hiring a tutor can be a solution if you do not want to rush your children into transferring to a new school. This may help your children to adapt and catch up with the curriculum.

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5. Tips To Trick LA’s Living Costs

Los Angeles has a higher cost of living than the national average, but this does not mean you cannot live here. Here are some practical tips on how to save up: 

  • Rent a fully furnished apartment to save money on furniture. 
  • Share a flat with your friend to save money on housing.
  • Save money on utilities. The weather in Los Angeles is not extremely hot or cold, so you do not need to blast your air conditioner all the time. 
  • Preparing home-cooked meals will save you money for food.

One more thing to remember, especially for the young professionals: the nightlife in LA is fantastic, but you have to save. The cost for nightlife in Los Angeles is around $85 a night. If you move to LA, you may want to save up for the first few months until your finances are stable.

6. Art And Sports In LA

Finding places for arts and sports in Los Angeles is not difficult. Los Angeles is filled with museums and venues for performing acts and you can find performing gigs very easily in LA. Basically, living in Los Angeles will serve you artistic experience from any genre.

The same goes for sports! In Downtown LA, you can find Dodger Stadium, and in the South Park area, there is Figueroa Stadium, which hosts many sports events. The Greater Los Angeles region has hosted the Super Bowl 7 times since 1967 and is set to host the championship again in 2022!

7. Nightlife And Recreation In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a place to have fun. You will not get bored when it comes to nightlife and recreation. If you fancy frequent night outs, then neighbourhoods like Venice, West Hollywood, Downtown LA, and Silver Lake are places you’d want to visit.

Of course, aside from the parties, you can choose to live a laid back lifestyle by enjoying other recreational activities such as sightseeing or going to the beach. You can also visit the San Bernardino mountains, which only takes two hours drive from LA. It is a tourist attraction, and you can find many outdoor activities here, such as hiking, fishing, or visiting Santa village.

8. Show Me The Food

The diversity in food options is real. As LA is home to people from many different cultures, you can find food from all over the world here. The diversity of cuisines makes it easier for people from overseas to adjust because they still can get the food from their home countries.

If you like Asian food with the rich taste of herbs, then you can try Pho. It is a soup dish that originated in Vietnam, served with fresh bean sprouts and coriander. On the other hand, if you want something for your sweet tooth, you can grab a portion of ice cream sandwich. It is a dessert that consists of ice cream and chocolate cookies.

There are many other iconic dishes that you can find in Los Angeles. Having good food is a great way to bond with your new friends or colleagues in LA!

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9. Note Down Things To Know Before Moving To Los Angeles

Do Not Rent For The Whole Year

Los Angeles is a big city with sprawling areas. You may find one neighbourhood area has a completely different vibe from another. Therefore, the area that you live in when you arrive may not be the area you want in the long run. So, it is always wise to rent for three to six months first, then decide whether you wish to stay or move.

Before moving to Los Angeles and picking your apartment, please find information about the best neighbourhood. It is essential to consider your budget, safety, and accessibility to the workplace.

Contact The People You Need Before Moving To Los Angeles

Contact the people that will help your moving processes, such as your employer, real estate agent, and school officials. They need to know the detail of your arrival also you can ask them for any requirement regarding moving to Los Angeles. Especially for those who are moving from overseas, having detailed information is important.

Start Your Moving Process At Least Two Months Before

Starting early is essential when it comes to moving to another state or country. If you hire a professional mover, you should contact them at least two months before moving. By doing this, you will have more time to pack and collect the necessary documents. One more thing, do contact a professional mover company with experience and good reviews, like Sanelo.

Conclusion About Moving To Los Angeles

By reading through the information above, we hope you find tips for a successful moving process either interstate or internationally. It is always nice to know about the city a bit better before moving to LA. 

Some points you can take from this information are that living in Los Angeles is fun and it can be your career opportunity. Even though the living expenses in LA can be expensive, you will always have ways to afford them. You also have plenty of things to do in Los Angeles for fun. As long as you have your moving checklist on hand, moving to LA is not that stressful.  

To make your moving even more seamless, contact a mover company. They will help you to ship your belongings to your new home. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Los Angeles

How Much Do I Need To Live Comfortably In LA?

Based on gobankingrates.com, on average, you need an annual income of $74,371 to live comfortably in Los Angeles, California. This number can get you a one-bedroom apartment in a decent area. However, the median income annually in Los Angeles is around $49,000 to $50,000.

A big tip you can get about living in Los Angeles is to save money no matter how much your income is. You can use the 50-30-20 rule to manage your monthly expenses. If you earn less than the “comfortable” amount annually, there are opportunities to find additional income in Los Angeles.

Is Los Angeles A Walkable City?

For some neighbourhoods, you can walk or bike around the neighbourhood. Areas like Downtown LA is walkable and safe. You can also ride your bike to get you around this area. If you do not want to buy a car, you can live in the nearest location to your workplace.

How Is The Public Transportation In Los Angeles?

There are plenty of options for public transportation. For your information, Los Angeles has one of the best public transportation networks in the county. It includes subways, light rail, buses, and shuttles.

Is It Possible To Move To Los Angeles Alone?

You can move to Los Angeles alone. To get a smooth experience when relocating to LA, you can hire a professional to ship your packages safely. That way you do not have to bring a lot of luggage during the flight.


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