Moving/Relocating To Minneapolis: 10 Must-Know Hacks

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Nobody can blame you for falling for Minneapolis charm. This city has many attractions that pull people to move in.

Here you can find delicious food, great people, beautiful green space, and of course coffee shops. Living in Minneapolis brings you closer to St Paul, the capital of Minnesota. Minneapolis – St Paul is also known as the Twin City for their close distance.

So, suppose you are moving to Minneapolis, MN. In that case, these are the must-know hacks you need before packing your bags or calling a professional mover. By reading this article, you will find things to know before moving to Minneapolis. This article will also help you plan your relocation process to Minneapolis, MN.

1. Why Moving To Twin Cities Is Worthwhile

If you want to know why relocating to Minneapolis is worth the effort, here are some reasons that you need to know.

The Money Is Here

Minnesota is known as a state with a low unemployment rate. One of the reasons is because Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St Paul) is home to 500 companies. Big companies like Target, Best Buy, and United Health Group built their headquarters here.

This factor alone is good news for young professionals that wish to find a job opportunity in a big company.

Outdoor Recreations

Minneapolis city is not only a metropolitan area with the crowd and its economy. It is also a place where you can enjoy nature.

You cannot miss water sports and recreation at the Mississippi River that cuts through the city. There are also hiking trails that you can enjoy with friends and family.

With the abundance of nature, living in Minneapolis can be very healthy for your body and soul. You can balance your lifestyle by doing outdoor activities after a hectic working week.

Saint Paul

A city only 9 miles away from Minneapolis, St Paul is a place you’d want to visit. St Paul has the name for the most romantic city in the United States for its charm. Different from its metropolitan sibling, Minneapolis, St Paul has many buildings with Victorian architecture.

One of the famous buildings that you want to visit is the Cathedral of St Paul. So, if you live in Minneapolis, you can enjoy all the good things the Minnesota Twin Cities have to offer.

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2. Things To Know Before Moving To Minneapolis

Before you pack your bags and leave your current town to Minneapolis, there are things you have to know.

Tradition Is A Big Thing

People in Minneapolis treasure their traditions. That is why you will find festivals and fairs throughout the whole year. The State Fair is also something that everyone is looking forward to.

People will appreciate you for trying new things and embracing their culture during these events.

Learn To Swim

Minneapolis has so much water.

It is a land with thousands of lakes, so your local friends will invite you to their cabin or lake house. They do not mean to show off; this is how people bond and have a good time together by doing water sports. So, make sure you learn to swim or get yourself familiar with ice fishing and rowing canoes.

Learn To Drive For Winter

If you are from a warm area, you need to learn how to drive for Minneapolis winters.

The harsh winters can get your car stuck in the snow. You want to have a local to supervise you when you drive during winter for the first time. You have to know how to get your car out of the snow other than calling a tow truck.

Forget Starbucks And Get Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee is the place you want to get your caffeine booster. Besides that, there are indie coffee shops that you want to visit and experience the vibe.

3. Connect Your Children With Local Education Services

If you are relocating to Minneapolis with the whole family, you need to contact the education service beforehand. You can check the websites of local public schools or private schools and assess which one is suitable for your children.

Contact the school and discuss the transferring process. Your children can join the new school sooner if you have already started the process before moving to Minneapolis MN.

4. Is The Cost Of Living In Minneapolis Wallet-Friendly?

One of the best things you will get from living in Minneapolis is affordability.

If you search data on the internet, you may find information that says its overall cost of living is 5% higher than the national average. Of course, not everything is more expensive compared to the national average cost of living. For example, the utility cost in Minneapolis is 9% lower.

You may want to learn cooking and baking rather than going to restaurants and bakeries. There are also many free activities that you can do outdoors instead of going to the mall. Even though you are not a sports fan, try going to a sports event when the tickets are cheap. This tip will give you a lot of fun at an affordable price.

5. Housing In Minneapolis

Renting an apartment outside the city centre may give you a lower rental price, but it may not be a wise move.

Public transportation in Minneapolis is good, but you do not want to wait for a bus when it is below zero degrees. So, it is always best to live near your working place. It may come with a higher price, but it will save your time and transportation cost.

The monthly rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is around $1,400 per month. On the other hand, the monthly rental for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city centre is about $1,100.

If you move with your family or in a group, then you need a bigger place. The monthly rental for a three-bedroom apartment is around $2,500 in the city centre and about $1,800 outside the city centre.

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6. You Can Survive The Winter Months

One thing that you have to know before moving to any place in Minnesota state is to prepare for the winter. Especially if you are from warmer areas or countries, you need to find out the survival hacks during harsh winters.

Even though the cold season can be long, you can still go out and enjoy outdoor activities. Try new things on icy surfaces like skating or ice fishing. Embracing winter by joining the community in festivals can be your best experience.

7. What Is It Like Living In Minneapolis?

By reading the above points, you may have an idea of how it is living in Minneapolis. It is a great city with great views and traditions. All you need to do is enjoy the first couple of years to explore the city and join as many festivals and fairs as possible.

Before relocating to Minneapolis, it is always best to get a job first. Even though the opportunities here are endless, it is always the best decision to ensure you are financially secure before moving in. That way, you can at least have your HR help you with the accommodation.

8. Enjoy The Delicious Minneapolis Food Scene

Minneapolis is a city of coffee shops, but you should not ignore the food scene. You can find an iconic eating place like Juicy Lucy for a cheese-stuffed burger or The Mason Jar and Crooked Pint Ale House if you want to try tater tot hotdish.

Another iconic food from Minneapolis is cheese curd. Everything tastes better deep-fried, the same thing goes for cheese. You will find each restaurant has its way of serving fried cheese.

For those who come from other parts of the world, you can also find many different types of delicious food in Minneapolis. The diversity is well reflected in the various cuisines you can find here.

9. Never Get Bored In Minneapolis: Recreation And Outdoor Activities

It will be nice to live in a place with many things to do to destress.

Minneapolis has museums and parks that you can access for free on certain days. Some of the places you can visit are Loring Park, Mill City Museum, Lake Harriet, and more. You can check on their information before visiting them. Besides that, doing activities outdoors is the best way to meet people and socialize.

One of the attractions that you cannot miss is the Chain of Lakes Regional Park. You can find public beaches, gardens, a bird sanctuary, and a dog park in this area. You can also do other activities like skiing, playing football, tennis, ice skating, and many more. The park system in Minneapolis is one of the best!

10. What To Do To Start Your Move To Minneapolis MN

You must start right to have a smooth moving process. Take a look at these tips to begin moving to Minneapolis MN.

Contact The Important People

If you already get a job before moving to Minneapolis, make sure you communicate with them about your relocation process and see how they can help. This step is important, especially if you do not know anyone who lives in Minneapolis or if you come from overseas.

Recommendation about accommodation places can help you a lot since you do not know the area.

Contact the real estate agent before moving, so you can move in as soon as you arrive in Minneapolis. If you have children, do not forget to contact the education advisor or the school official to ensure that their transfer process goes smoothly.

Plan Your Trip And Finance

Moving is not only about packing and leaving for the new city. It would be best if you also were prepared financially. Keep a note and make checklists for your moving process. Not only do you need your to-do checklist, but you also need a financial checklist.

You need to track your finances, how much you need for the whole moving process and the payment timeline. You also need to plan your finances for your first six months living in Minneapolis. It is because, usually, you can settle financially after six months.

Professional Movers Are Your Best Help

Do not stress yourself about how to bring your stuff to the new place.

All you need to do is hire a professional mover, and they will deliver your package to your new home. You need to contact a professional company two or three months before your trip date to get the best result.

It is also important to use the relocating service that already has a good reputation. For example, on Sanelo website you can find information that you need about local or international moving. You can always contact them for further details and to confirm your moving time.

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Conclusion About Moving To Minneapolis

Minneapolis has its charm. Even during the winters, this city does not lose its attraction. You do not have to spend more cash on going to warmer places during winters. Embrace all charms Minneapolis has to offer, the seasons, nature, the festivals, and the people.

A professional moving company is a big help during the relocation process.

Lastly, do not forget to contact important people like your employer, real estate agent, and school officials. They may tell you things you need to know before moving to Minneapolis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Minneapolis MN

Is Minneapolis A Good Place To Live?

With the booming economy, job opportunities, good education quality, best park system, and great outdoors, Minneapolis is an excellent place to live for young professionals and students! Whether you come here alone or with family, you can start a new career and better quality of life in this city.

Is Minneapolis A Walkable City?

Minneapolis is a walkable city. It is also a friendly city for bikers. The most walkable Minneapolis neighbourhoods are Lyn Lake, Downtown West, Lowry Hill East, and Uptown.

How Much Do I Need To Live Comfortably in Minneapolis?

On average, you need a monthly salary of around $4,300 to live comfortably in Minneapolis. Of course, it also depends on your lifestyle and whether you have children or not. If you have children, then you may need more because there is tuition expense.

Do I Need A Professional Moving Company To Help Me Relocate?

Getting help from a professional to move to another state or country is always good. Make sure to contact your moving company and ask for detailed information to ensure your moving process goes smoothly.


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