Moving/Relocating To North Dakota: 7 Insider Hacks About Living In North Dakota

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Have you ever thought of living in a place with beautiful scenery, great job opportunities, and friendly communities? If yes, you should consider moving to North Dakota.

This state is considered one of the happiest states to live in because living in North Dakota gets you closer to beautiful open nature and better job opportunities. The relatively low cost of living in North Dakota is one of the main reasons people move to this state.

There will be pros and cons of living in North Dakota. That’s why before you pack your bags and head towards The Peace Garden State, you should learn about these 7 insider hacks.

1. Know The Pros And Cons Of Living In North Dakota

The first hack that will help you adapt to North Dakota is finding out the pros and cons. This information will help you know what you should prepare for life in North Dakota.

Enjoy The Pros Of Living In North Dakota


If you enjoy living in a serene area with a slow-paced lifestyle, then North Dakota is perfect for you. Almost 90% of land in North Dakota is dedicated to farms, ranches, and remote mining operations.

As a result, the cities in this state have a rural vibe. You will not see overcrowded places or the hustle and bustle of big cities in North Dakota. There is also no traffic congestion which means you can go anywhere in the city within minutes.

What’s more, there are still plenty of open spaces that have not been touched by urbanisation. So, the air quality in North Dakota is relatively high.

You will Find The Nicest People In The Country

The North Dakota residents live up to their state’s name, “Dakota”, which means “friend” in the Native American. You will find most residents have a strong sense of community.

The friendliness makes North Dakota one of the best places to raise a family in the country. Your neighbours will care and treat you as part of the community.

Good Education System

On top of the good things above, North Dakota has an excellent education system. Especially if you are pursuing higher education in agriculture, you can go to North Dakota State University. This university is one of the best agricultural universities in the country.

There are also top-rated school districts all over North Dakota for your children. Once you know which city you will live in, you can search for the local schools for your children.

Learn And Embrace The Cons Of Living In North Dakota

Long Winters

North Dakota experiences four seasons yearly, including long winters. On average, the winter will last 40 to 70 days statewide. The temperatures during winter can drop to -19°C in some cities.

There is also chilly winter wind that can be dangerous if you are outside for too long. Therefore, make sure to wear a hooded parka, water-resistant winter boots, and warm gloves to protect you from the harsh winter.

Luckily, the summers are warm. It is nice to do some outdoor activities from July to August.

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Wildlife Encounters

If you love to hike in open nature, you should be careful with the wildlife. Meeting animals like bison may be a cool experience, but it will also be terrifying.

If you encounter a bison on your way, you should stay calm and back away slowly. Keep a safe distance because this animal can be dangerous. This method also works for other animals like moose or deer.

Another thing to know is that summers are when all the bugs are out. You may want to have bugs repellent wherever you go.

2. Secure Your Place In The Best Cities To Live In North Dakota

Depending on your needs, you can choose to live in the “big town” parts of the state or the “small town” parts. Below are some cities that are most recommended as the best places to live in North Dakota due to their low crime rates.


Minot is a large city in North Dakota with a population of 47,428 in 2020. This city is also one of the safest areas in North Dakota.

Living in Minot is relatively affordable since its overall cost of living is only 1% higher than the national average. The housing prices are also reasonable. The median home value is $339,713, and the median monthly rent is $1,064.

This city is perfect for families and young professionals as there are decent amenities like restaurants, schools, and recreational areas.

West Fargo

West Fargo is the fifth largest city in North Dakota. Its total population in 2020 was 38,626 with a density of 2,408.10/sq mi.

This city is one of the safest places in North Dakota, making it the perfect city to live and work in.

The housing prices in West Fargo are quite affordable. The median home price is $268,144, and the median monthly rent is $839.98.


Dickinson is a lovely little town. Overall, this city is the perfect place to live and raise a family because of its safety.

This city is one of the fastest-growing cities in North Dakota. The census of the city population shows that the population has increased by 32.3% from 17,787 in 2010 to 23,527 in 2020.

In addition, the average housing prices are relatively affordable. The median home price in this city is $268,600, and the monthly rent ranges between $500 to $1,300.

3. Take Advantage Of The Affordable Cost Of Living In North Dakota

The overall cost of living in North Dakota is generally affordable. Even though it may differ from one city to another, you can expect reasonable housing and healthcare costs.

Besides the affordable living expenses, taxes in North Dakota are relatively low as well. The income taxes range from 1.10% to 2.90%, and property tax is 0.99%.

Therefore, it is best to take advantage of this affordability by investing in a property or retirement saving plan.

4. Get Better Job Opportunities In The State With Steady Economy Growth

The state’s unemployment rate is 3.2% in 2021, and it is 1.3% lower than the national average. For job growth, North Dakota is projected to create roughly 11.9 million jobs in the next ten years. This data shows that North Dakota is indeed an excellent place to find better job opportunities.

According to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rank of North Dakota for employment rate is number 4 nationwide. It means that there are plenty of job opportunities in North Dakota. You only need to dive into the job market and find a career you want to pursue.

Below are the top industries in North Dakota for your reference. However, do not be discouraged if your expertise is not related to one of these sectors. There are still plenty of opportunities for you in North Dakota.

  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas, and Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail
  • Transportation

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5. Many Things To Do If You Are Living In North Dakota

There are city attractions and outdoor activities in each town of North Dakota.

Here we recommend some of the best places to visit when living in North Dakota.

North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum

North Dakota has a rich history that you can explore, and the best way to do it is by visiting the museums.

North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum is located in Bismarck, the capital of this state. In this museum, you can find traces of North Dakota’s history from 600 million years ago. There is even a lifesize T. rex skeleton on display that will definitely catch children’s attention!

Nonetheless, this place is perfect for anyone regardless of age. You can learn more about North Dakota from the exhibitions and other activities organised by the museum.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in western North Dakota. It is the best place to meet bison, elks and prairie dogs.

This park has three parts that the Little Missouri River links to and a camping area near the river.

Besides camping, you can also do other activities such as hiking, picnicking, and sightseeing. It will take you 90 minutes to drive around the park.

If your way of destressing is by having an outdoor adventure, you can visit this park.

Plains Art Museum

Another museum that you should visit is the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. This museum has various art collections that are worth seeing.

Some of the collections are paintings, sculptures, and prints. There are also collections from the traditional Native American and African cultures.

If you love to go outside, you must visit the gardens and public art. Some artists have designed two gardens in different areas—Heritage Garden & Amphitheater in Moorhead, Minnesota, and Pollinator Garden in Fargo, North Dakota.

Image Credit: Unsplash

National Buffalo Museum

The National Buffalo Museum is located in Jamestown. This museum is dedicated to educating people about the conservation of North American bison.

Besides visiting the exhibitions to see bison skulls and other things related to bison, you can also visit the bison herds. These herds are the museum’s living exhibits so visitors can learn directly.

The National Buffalo Museum is a place that you can visit with your children to introduce them to one of the native animals in North Dakota.

6. Taste The Local Delicacy

Eating like the locals is the best way to adapt to a new city. Fortunately, the famous local foods in North Dakota are tasty.

To make your search easier, we recommend the following iconic dishes for you to try:

  • Knoephla (creamy dumpling)
  • Walleye fish (grilled or fried with vegetable side)
  • Hot beef or turkey sandwich (sandwich with hot meat, mash potato, and gravy)
  • Kuchen (cake dessert with fruits or chocolate filling)

The above dishes taste good and are comforting, perfect for a newcomer in North Dakota.

7. Follow These Hacks Before Moving To North Dakota

Preparing your relocation can be tedious. Therefore, we have these three hacks to make your relocation process less stressful.

Do Not Pack The Winter Clothes

To survive the harsh weather conditions, you need to have proper clothes for the season. The harshest weather in North Dakota occurs in winter. That’s why you need good winter clothes.

North Dakota can be colder than your hometown. Even if you already have winter wear, it is best to buy new ones from the local shops in North Dakota.

This is to make sure that your winter clothes can deal with the cold in North Dakota.

Have A Checklist

It is a simple yet most effective hack to do before moving to North Dakota. Write down the list of things to do, things to bring or leave, the timeline of your moving process, people to contact, precautions, and the budget to prepare.

By having this checklist, you do not have to memorise every single thing about your relocation. You can look at your checklist, prioritise accordingly, and cross the tasks once you’re done.

Engage Sanelo

It is crucial not to force yourself to carry heavy luggage on your moving trip. Especially if you are moving from overseas, you do not want to add more hassle by bringing heavy luggage.

Engage Sanelo to save yourself from a stressful relocation process. Sanelo will pick up and ship your belongings to North Dakota.

Conclusion About Moving To North Dakota

If you want a better opportunity in the job market or a place to raise a family, then moving to North Dakota is an excellent decision. This state offers stable economic conditions, various industry sectors, good schools, beautiful scenery, and warm communities.

In addition, the overall cost of living in North Dakota is relatively affordable, no matter in which town you live. The home prices are still reasonable for families or young professionals to afford.

Although North Dakota gives you the vibe of living in a small town, this state has many recreational places you must visit. These places are even perfect for the whole family. You can choose whether to enjoy indoor activities at museums or outdoor adventure at the parks.

To avoid a stressful relocation process, follow some of the hacks we’ve shared with you in this article, such as not taking your winter clothes with you, making a checklist, and engaging a professional moving company, Sanelo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To North Dakota

Why Did Many People Move To North Dakota?

Since 2010, many people moved into North Dakota and increased the population by 13%. Most of them moved for job opportunities, yet some moved for family reasons.

What Is The Average Annual Spending In North Dakota?

The annual cost of living in North Dakota varies from county to county. In Morton County, the most expensive area in North Dakota, the yearly spending for a family of four is $96,859. Yet, in Ramsey County, the least expensive area, the annual spending for a family of four is $69,384.

Is North Dakota A Family-Friendly State?

Yes, North Dakota is a family-friendly state. It has great schools, kids-friendly recreational areas, and a friendly community.

How Do I Engage Sanelo For My Relocation To North Dakota?

Visit our official website, or you can contact us by phone and email. Feel free to talk to our representative to consult your needs during the relocation process.

It is best to contact us two or three months before your moving trip to ensure the shipment schedule.

If you want more information about moving to family-friendly places in the country, you can check the following articles.


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