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Moving/Relocating To Northern Ireland: 5 Top Life-Hacks

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Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain, with Belfast as the capital. Moving to Northern Ireland means you will get to experience the many things it offers, such as green spaces, excellent amenities, and many more.

Before you pack your bags, here are the top 5 life-hacks to help you embrace the pros and cons of living in Northern Ireland.

You’ll find out more about the cost of living in Northern Ireland, the economic opportunities, the best places to live in Northern Ireland, and the things you can do for leisure and recreation.

1. First And Foremost, Find Out The Pros And Cons Of Living In Northern Ireland

Living in Northern Ireland has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is crucial to find out what living here is like before packing your bags to move to Northern Ireland.

To prepare you before your relocation, here are some of the pros and cons of living in Northern Ireland that you’d love to know.

The Pros Of Living In Northern Ireland

Overall A Safe Place To Live

Northern Ireland is considered one of the safest places in the United Kingdom. In fact, the capital city, Belfast, has a lower crime rate than London and Manchester.

Crimes like street violence and theft are relatively low here. However, roaming the street alone at night is still not advised. Most crimes in Northern Ireland are fueled by alcohol, and most people go to pubs or bars to drink alcohol at night.

Many Green Spaces

Another perk of living in Northern Ireland is the abundant green spaces. In Belfast itself, there are about forty local parks across the city.

No matter which city you live in, it will be easy to find green spaces such as local parks, community gardens, and vast green landscapes.

Having green spaces across the region will also help you maintain a work-life balance since you’ll have healthier options for recreation.

Easy To Get Around

In the city area, you do not really need a car. There are buses, trains, trams, and taxis. You can even enjoy the city centre areas by bike.

However, driving a car is the best option if you want to explore rural areas. The transport system is not as accessible in rural areas as the stations are rather far from each other. In addition, there are only a few train lines connected to the rural areas.

The Cons Of Living In Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland experiences four seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. However, it also experiences frequent rain and cloudy days due to its maritime climate. On top of that, high wind also occurs frequently in the coastal areas.

Even though the weather can seem gloomy on most days, the temperatures in Northern Ireland are pretty mild. During summers, the temperature is commonly around 65°F (18.3°C), and in winters it ranges from 38°F (3.3°C) to 35°F (1.7°C).

The Average Salary Is Relatively Low

The median annual salary in Northern Ireland is £29,000. It is lower than the median yearly salary in the UK, which is £31,000.

However, this is not a huge cause of worry because the cost of living here is affordable. On top of that, there are free recreational spots in Northern Ireland, such as Slieve Gullion Forest Park and Bangor Castle Walled Garden.

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2. Secure A Home In The Best Places To Live In North Ireland

When looking for places to live, you need to consider the amenities and the safety rate. In 2021, quest+ recommended these places as some of the best places to live in Northern Ireland.

Holywood, Co Down

This area was named one of the best places in Northern Ireland. Holywood, Co Down is only 15 minutes from Belfast city centre. When you live in this area, you can access the city centre easily while still having the benefit of living in a scenic coastal region.

In addition, Holywood is also known to have excellent amenities such as boutiques, coffee shops, parks, and, of course, a beach. On top of that, this area also has high air quality.


As the capital of Northern Ireland, it will be easy for you to find amenities or public services here. There are also city attractions so you will have things to do during weekends.

Besides that, Belfast is among the safest places in the UK. It means this city is perfect for anyone, including families, singles, and students.

Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh

Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh was named one of Ireland’s best places to live.

One of the main factors contributing to this is beautiful nature. Having beautiful scenery surrounding the area puts everyone in a good mood most of the time.

Enniskillen also only has around 61,000 people residing in 1,691 km2 of area, making it a relatively serene place to live.

If you love an area with a strong sense of community while providing the chance to enjoy the serenity, then Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh is perfect for you.

3. Things To Do To Outsmart The Cost Of Living In Ireland

The cost of living in Northern Ireland is relatively affordable and it varies from one city to another. To help you prepare a budget for your living expenses in Northern Ireland, we will take Belfast as an example.

In Belfast, excluding the monthly rent, the cost of living for a family of four is around £2,150, and for a single person is about £600. You can use this information as a benchmark for preparing your monthly budget in Northern Ireland.

Additionally, you can also try these hacks to save more money and reduce your monthly expenses:

  • Visit the free city attractions such as museums and parks or participate in a free walking tour.
  • Visit St George’s Market on Saturdays for free food samples and affordable groceries and crafts.
  • Install water-saving showerheads to reduce water heating bills by 30%.

You will also enjoy a relatively affordable housing price in Northern Ireland. The average house price here is £159,109, and the average monthly rent is £705.

4. Know Where Are The Opportunities

The biggest sectors in Northern Ireland are food processing, textile, machinery and equipment manufacturing, and electronics. Some other important industries concentrated in the eastern part of Northern Ireland are papermaking, shipbuilding, and aerospace.

You may have a bigger chance of getting a job if you have the expertise or experience in these sectors. In addition, healthcare and digital creative services professionals are also highly demanded in Northern Ireland.

Remember to secure a job or source of income before moving to Northern Ireland. This way, you have the financial stability to settle in the new city. You can find and apply for jobs online or through referrals.

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5. Get The Best Experience By Exploring North Ireland

Northern Ireland is blessed with beautiful landscapes, grand buildings, and cultural attractions. It is crucial to plan a recreational activity to have a healthy lifestyle.

For your reference, here are our recommendations for landmarks, national parks, and festivals that you can visit throughout the year.

Famous Landmarks

Some famous landmarks you can find across Northern Ireland include:

  • The City of Londonderry (Derry);
  • Dunluce Castle;
  • Giant’s Causeway;
  • The Linen Museum; and
  • Glenarm Castle.

The National Parks

To refresh your mind during vacation times, it is advisable to visit these national parks and enjoy the outdoor adventure:

  • Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast World Heritage Site;
  • Giant’s Causeway National Nature Reserve; and
  • Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark.

Culture And Festivals

Get closer to the local cultures and people by participating in the following festivals:

  • Stendhal Festival;
  • Belfast TradFest;
  • The Ancient Sounds of Ireland; and
  • Skiffie Festival.

Conclusion About Moving To Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a country with many charms. It offers opportunities in various sectors, affordable living, excellent places to live, and beautiful places to visit.

To have the best experience in Northern Ireland, you need to follow these life-hacks;

  • finding out the pros and cons,
  • securing a home and a job,
  • learning ways to cut expenses, and
  • enjoying beautiful places there.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Northern Ireland

Is Northern Ireland A Nice Place To Live?

Northern Ireland is overall one of the best places to live in the UK. It has excellent amenities such as parks, shops, restaurants, and bars. The safety rate in this country is also relatively high.

Can I Move From England To Northern Ireland?

Yes, you can. The Common Travel Area guidance (CTA) allows people with British or Irish nationals to live in either country without a visa or residency permit.

If you have been living in this country since before 1 January 2021, you can apply for a Withdrawal Agreement Benefit card.

Can Sanelo Ship Packages From Overseas?

Sanelo can help to ship your belongings from overseas to Northern Ireland. You only need to visit our website and start a quote. For more information about how we assist international relocations, please check out our “International Moving” page.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo?

Ideally, you need to contact us three or two months before your relocation. This way, our team can schedule a slot to ship your belongings.

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