Moving/Relocating To Oakland: 11 Best-Kept Secrets To Move And Settle Down In Oakland

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If you wish to find a great city with reasonable housing prices, Oakland is your answer. It is also why moving to Oakland, CA, can be the start of your career. With reasonable housing prices, living in Oakland, California, is affordable.

If you are a young professional looking for opportunities in the art or technology industries, moving to Oakland will be your best move. This city offers opportunities in the economy to start your life in Oakland.

This article will give you fundamental information about Oakland that you need to know before you start moving. You will learn about the weather, the outdoor activities, and opportunities for job seekers and business owners.

Let’s get started!

1. Life In Oakland: Things To Know About Living In The Nickel City

Knowing some facts about Oakland is a must before moving here. You must know what kind of city it is and what is it like living in Oakland. Below are three basic facts for you, so you can get a glimpse of what Oakland is like.

Oakland Is Huge!

The total area of Oakland is 78.03 sq mi or 202.10 km2. This makes Oakland the largest city of Alameda County, California.

Not only is the area huge, but Oakland has also a diverse layout. You can find beaches, hills, and flatlands. This makes exploring Oakland more exciting!

Great Weather

Oakland is blessed with 260 days of sunshine. With a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, it experiences warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters. So, you don’t have to be afraid of extreme cold if you live here.

The hottest temperature recorded in Oakland is 109°F or 42.8 °C, while the coldest is 26.0°F or -3.3°C. Basically, once you get accustomed to the climate, it is possible to do outdoor activities all year long. This factor is one of the charms of Oakland that draws people in as tourists and permanent residents.

Diverse Culture

Oakland is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the states. The proportion of the racial groups are more or less equal. This makes Oakland more welcoming for people from any race and country.

Living in Oakland will introduce you to the cultures from different places in the world. This diversity also contributes to Oakland’s art scene. You can see from the murals that the local artists represent the diversity in Oakland.

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2. Find A Home In Oakland

Before looking at any other factors, make sure the neighbourhood you pick is safe. After making sure that you are in the safe part of the city, you can check other criteria such as the housing price, walkability, etc.

Here, we recommend you some of the best neighbourhoods in Oakland for your reference.


Bushrod is one of the safest areas in Oakland. This is the neighbourhood you’d want to live in if you like a bike-friendly place. You can also find local restaurants, bars, and green spaces around the area.

If you plan to rent an apartment unit, the median monthly rent in this area is $2,400. This means the cheapest rent in Bushrod may not be lower than $2,000.

However, it does not mean that this area is out of reach for young professionals or families. With better money management and priorities, living in Bushrod is possible for everyone.


With the lowest crime rates in Oakland, Rockridge is one of California’s best places to live. You can easily spot bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks around this area. The public schools in Rockridge are top-rated, which makes this area suitable for families.

The average monthly rent for a studio apartment is $1,800 and $2,600. The median rent price for apartments in Rockridge is $2,800.

Adams Point

Compared to the whole of Oakland, the crime rate in Adams Point is 8% lower. This makes Adams Point one of the safest places in the city.

Adams Point offers urban life in Oakland. What we mean by urban life is challenging parking spaces, and your car is most likely to get hit if you park it on the street. You can also see the dense urban housing with which most people rent their homes.

Adams Point is a great place to live for singles or families. It has amenities like bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Your children can also attend the top-rated public schools in this area.

The median monthly rent in Adams Point is $1,671. This price is still affordable for young professionals or young parents.

3. Of Course, You Can Afford Living In Oakland, California!

The overall cost of living in Oakland is higher than the national average, but it doesn’t mean you cannot afford it.

Actually, with an annual income of $49,000, you can live a decent life in Oakland. Mainly, single people in Oakland spend $1,235 per month, excluding the housing expense. This means you can still save about 10% of your monthly earnings. Of course, you need to earn more if you have more people in the household.

4. Transfer Your Kids To The Top Education Facilities

Providing top-quality education for your kids should not be a problem in Oakland. This city has the best schools that support your children academically and socially.

In searching for schools, you can check the overall graduation percentage, reading and math proficiency, and teacher-student ratio. Schools with a higher rate have a high percentage in graduation, reading, and math. The balance between students and teachers is also more proportional.

For example, Crocker Highland Elementary School provides education for grades K-5. The teacher and students ratio is 1:23, which means there is one teacher for every 23 students. This is a perfect ratio to ensure that a class can run in a conducive manner. They also achieved 80% proficiency in reading and 76% proficiency in math.

You can browse and find the best schools for your children. Even though you are looking for middle schools or high schools, the proficiency percentage in reading and math are still substantial.

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5. Employment and Business Opportunities In Oakland

Having the busiest port in the Bay Area gives Oakland economic gain in logistics and transportation. Lately, Oakland has received national attention for its growing arts and creative industries, solar and green energy clusters, food industries, and manufacturing. In short, Oakland has a place for anyone from any professional background.

The future job growth in Oakland, California, is expected to be around 35%. This expectation is higher than the national future growth prediction, which is 33%. It means more opportunities for Oakland residents and anyone who wishes to start a career in Oakland.

Growth in the job market means growth for the city economy. This will lead to an increase in people’s spending that will benefit the local business owners. With the steady growth of employment rates in Oakland and the expected growth in the future, this city can be your best place to build a business!

6. Find Out How To Get Around In Oakland!

Public transportation in Oakland is something you have to be grateful for. You can quickly get around the bay area with BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) or AC Transit. The ticket prices vary depending on the distance.

You can use the BART electric train to go to the downtown offices area. If you want a more comfortable option for public transport, you can pick taxis to get you around the city. So you only need to choose between busses, trains, or taxis.

7. In Oakland, You Have To Eat!

The food scene in Oakland is something else. The iconic dishes in the Oakland food scene are soul food with strong African-American influence, Southeast Asian food, fried chicken, ramen, Middle eastern, and Mexican.

The concept of farm to table is also a thing in Oakland, where the dishes served to customers are freshly picked from the local farms.

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8. Explore Oakland! It Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Oakland has beautiful outdoor scenery. You must explore the beauty of its land once you arrive in Oakland. Here are some areas that you can admire the view:

Lake Merritt

This site is a tidal lagoon that was formed at the end of the ice age. This lagoon is connected to the Pacific Ocean. That’s why Lake Merritt has both salt water and fresh water!

Now the lake is in the centre of Oakland and surrounded by the city neighbourhood. You can walk around this area to enjoy the view. This lake is not for swimming, so you can only walk around the lake.

Lake Temescal

If you are looking for an ideal area for sightseeing, Lake Temescal should be under your consideration. It is at the centre of Temescal Regional Recreation Area.

You can do many things by the lake such as going for a picnic and swimming. There is also a trail for walking, running, fishing, or biking. (Psst, if you’re looking to tie the knot, the lake area is also a perfect place to take your pre-wedding pictures!)

Morcom Rose Garden

Who does not like roses? In Oakland, there is an eight-acre rose garden for you to explore. Morcom Rose Garden grew 6,000 rose bushes from any variety.

If you love flowers, especially roses, this garden is a place for you to learn while enjoying the beauty of the blooms. Besides the flowers, Morcom Rose Garden also has a unique layout that reminds you of the classic Victorian era.

9. Join The Festivals

One way to get closer to the local community is through the festivals. As one of the most diverse cities, you can expect to see the representation of many cultures in the festivals.

There are tons of festivals in Oakland, but due to the current pandemic situation, you need to confirm with the event organisers if the event is postponed or not. Meanwhile, here are some festivals that are making Oakland vibrant.

Oakland Carnival

This event is colourful and fun. You can find music, dance, food, and cultures being celebrated here.

The main attraction during this festival is the extravagant costumes that you will see people wearing for the parade and musical performance. Once you are here, there will be no way you don’t join the fun and dance along.

The 90s Experience

This is what heaven looks like for millennial kids. If you were born in the 80s and early 90s, you’ve probably gone through the 90s and its aesthetics. The 90s Experience is your throwback moment to celebrate your teenage years. You will see neon colours all around, permed hair, denim for everything, and the overall 90s vibes!

Oakland Art & Soul Festival

This festival brings all the Oaklanders together. You will find music performances, art displays, dance, and food stalls. This event is also fun for the kids because they get to perform and learn to make art. If you live in Oakland, California, you have to attend this festival to get to know the local cultures better.

10. Get The Support When You Are Retired

There are retirement communities in Oakland that provide support for senior citizens to spend their golden years peacefully. So, if you’re planning to retire in this city, you don’t have to be afraid that nobody will assist you.

There is an assisted living option if you purchase a retirement home in Oakland. Retirees in Oakland can pick between independent living or assisted living. The retirement living space is usually in the form of one-bedroom apartment units. The area for retirement is designed to be relaxing with a garden and a secure building.

11. Things To Do Before Moving To Oakland, CA

To make your moving process seamless, you should know some of the important things to do before you drag your suitcase to Oakland. These tips will prepare you well before moving to Oakland, CA.

Plan Your Relocation Timeline

Make a to-do list that will facilitate your relocation process. Don’t forget to include the timeline so you know when to do what. Put all the precautions on the note, so you can prevent obstacles during the moving process.

By having this note, the whole relocation process will be less stressful because you do not have to memorise everything you need to do.

Have A List Of People To Contact

When moving to a new city, you must have a list of people to contact. The most important one is your real estate agent. Make sure to get your real estate agent before moving to inform your moving time. It will give your agent time to prepare your unit before you arrive.

If you land a job before moving to Oakland, CA, then save your HR number. You can ask for information about the best transportation options from the airport to your house and from home to the office.

Do-It-Yourself Doesn’t Apply When Shipping Your Belongings

Don’t insist on doing it yourself when relocating your belongings to another city or country. Call a professional like Sanelo to help you to ship your belongings to your new home.

Especially when you move from another country, having a professional mover to help you is wiser than doing everything by yourself. By having Sanelo help you with your belongings, you can pack more since you won’t have to carry the packages yourself. You can find out more about how Sanelo helps international moving on our website.

Conclusion About Moving To Oakland

Overall, Oakland is an excellent place to live. You can start your career in this city and live in Oakland until your retirement day.

By reading the article, you found that there are things to know and things to do before moving to Oakland. First, you have to browse for your new neighbourhood area in Oakland, and if you have kids, you need to find a school to transfer to. Therefore, keeping a list of people to contact will help you to prepare for your relocation process.

When moving to Oakland, one of the most important things is to send your belongings to your new home, especially if you are from overseas. To avoid making mistakes while moving internationally, you need to list things to do, complete with the timeline. Make sure to call Sanelo to help you with the shipment of your belongings.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Oakland

Is Living In Oakland Safe?

Like any other city, there are safe parts in Oakland, and there are less-safe parts. The areas that we recommended above, Rockridge, Adams Point, and Bushrod, are the areas with low crime rates. You can browse other areas too, and check the crime rates in that area before making up your mind.

What Is The Best Time To Move To Oakland?

In general, anytime throughout the year is a good time. Oakland does not have an extreme climate makes it comfortable to travel anytime.

If you want to avoid the crowd, then you should exclude late July and early October. During these periods, students are busy looking for apartments. So, it won’t be easy for you to make an appointment with your real estate agent.

What Is A Good Salary To Live Comfortably In Oakland?

According to NLIHC (National Low Income Housing Coalition), the annual income to live comfortably in Oakland is $77,360.

Will Sanelo Deliver My Packages Safely?

As a professional relocation company, Sanelo is committed to delivering your belongings safely. You may check out our shipment protection page for more information.

Contact us to discuss your moving details, so we can give the best solution for your need. You can start your quote with us to enjoy our relocation service. With expertise and experience, you can trust Sanelo with your belongings.


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