Moving/Relocating To Ohio: 12 Best Tips & Pointers To Take You To The Heart Of It All

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Taking its name from the Ohio River, the state of Ohio lies in the northern part of the American Midwest. Known as the “Heart of It All”, moving to Ohio brings you a life that marries the best of what the United States has.

Ohio has huge cities full of modern amenities and urbanised living while offering quiet rural suburbs or remote locations. Living in Ohio also brings you closer to its rich heritage and history, some of which include being the birthplace of aviation and the home to several US presidents. At present, Ohio also has a booming economy while keeping the cost of living affordable for its citizens.

However, to make sure that you are making the right choice, consider the pros and cons of living in Ohio. But don’t worry. This guide will give you 12 tips and pointers to help you decide if your heart belongs in the buckeye state.

 1. Look Up What It’s Like Living In Ohio

That might sound basic, but that’s why it’s on top of the list. Every state has their own distinct personality, and every city or suburb has a further micro-culture. If you wish to relocate, you should know all you can about a place and see if it fits you.

In Ohio, the central location, the great value, excellent institutions, and friendly people are some of the many reasons why people have started to turn their eye to Ohio as a place to Settle down. It has the appeal of large states like urbanised cities but also has the appeal of affordable living and space of smaller states.

Ohio also has the luxury of being a state that enjoys all four seasons. From hot summers, rainy springs, windy autumns, and snowy winters.

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 2. Choose The Neighbourhood That Fits Your Lifestyle

If the things listed above are something you are into, then the next step is choosing where exactly in Ohio you wish to live. As we’ve mentioned, there’s a healthy mix of urban and rural life, some of which aren’t too far from each other. So, whether you want to live in a big city, have the white picket fence fantasy of the rural suburbs, or enjoy peace in a more remote location Ohio has something for you.

Urban Centres

These are probably Ohio’s largest cities, not to mention the most populous and most urbanised. Here you will find the best job opportunities, the most advanced services, and all the modern world’s amenities. These places are usually the choice for young professionals. Of course, some suburbs are just outside these cities where you can live and still be a short driving distance from downtown.

  • Cincinnati
  • Dayton
  • Columbus
  • Cleveland
  • Toledo

Rural Destinations

From old riverboat towns to historic villages to towns that make it seem like you stepped through a time machine, Ohio is dotted throughout the state with these wonderful treasures. If you want to live a simple rural life with local markets and a very tangible personality, these neighbourhoods and many like them await you.

  • Geneva-on-the-Lake
  • Marietta
  • Yellow Springs
  • German Village
  • Waynesville

 3. You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised With The Affordable Cost Of Living

In Ohio, each one of your dollar bills goes further than any other. According to a 2020 census, Ohio was the most affordable state. Compared to the national average, Ohio has a livability index of 82, which means it is, on average, 18% cheaper.

Housing and rent are one of the biggest contributors to these savings. Rental costs start at only 650 USD for a studio space, while a four-bedroom will net 1,250 USD. Other costs such as groceries, transportation, healthcare, and utilities are also all under the national average in varying degrees.

 4. You Might Want To Look Into The Housing Market And Purchase A Home

If you are not keen on renting, purchasing a home in Ohio is not far from a possibility. According to the US Census, between 2016 and 2020, the median cost for a home is around 151,400 USD, which is almost half of the national average.

Moreover, you can expect prices to go even lower for places outside the city centres or in the suburbs. So, if you want to start a new life in a new home, Ohio is one of the best places to start that dream.

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 5. Dive Into The Thriving Job Market And Level Up Your Career

If you are looking to further your career, the booming job market in Ohio is ripe for the taking. You can dive into several industries and get great employment opportunities.

In a 2019 study, the Cleveland Clinic and Walmart were the top employers in the state, with a combined employee count of over 100,00. This is then followed by Kroger Co. from the retail sector, followed by Ohio State University and Medical Center in education and medicine. Rounding up the top five, we have Bon Secours Mercy Health, Inc., which is also from the healthcare sector.

From the top employers, it is no wonder that retail, health services, and education are the top industries in the state.

However, there are also excellent opportunities in production, especially for plastic and rubber, metal fabrication, as well as electronics and appliances. Ohio is quite known for being a major producer of steel, automobiles, and trucks.

 6. Don’t Miss Out On The Local Events And Festivals

Get in touch with the local vibe and make connections with your neighbours faster by participating in activities that mean a lot to the locals. That means going outside and being part of local festivals and holidays.

Whether it’s events that are attended by people from all over the country, or a local holiday, nothing compares to having a fun and enjoyable experience that brings communities closer together. Once you are a resident of the state, be sure to keep an eye out for these:

  • Appalachian Festival, which is on Mother’s Day weekend, celebrates the Appalachian culture through dance, music, stories, crafts, and demonstrations.
  • A World A’Fair is held at Dayton Convention Centre in May and celebrates cultures worldwide through food and live performances.
  • ColossalCon is a must-see for anime and gaming fans in June.
  • Fall Farm Fest celebrates the harvest season and showcases every farmer’s hard work. It is held at Miami County Park District in October.
  • Champaign County Hot Air Balloon Festival. There are hot air balloons. Go! Ride one! Trust us on this one.

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 7. Pump Up The Adrenaline With Ohio’s Many Theme Parks

Every now and again, it’s essential to have some rest and recreation; sometimes, that entails a little adrenaline pump. Ohio has everything from thrilling rides and water adventures to just pure fun.

Set aside some vacation days and bring your family to one of these fun-filled destinations.

Adrenaline Junkie Destinations

  • Kings Island in Mason
  • Cedar Point in Sandusky
  • Jungle Jack’s Landing in Powell
  • Adventure Zone Family Fun Center
  • Sluggers and Putters Amusement Park

Water Parks

  • Troy Aquatic Park in Troy
  • Coney Island Adventure Park in Cincinnati
  • Zoombezi Bay in Powell
  • Kalahari Waterparks in Sandusky

 8. Learn All About The History And Heritage Of This State By Visiting These Museums

Ohio has a very rich history, and it’s one of the many things that people of the state are able to connect to. If you plan on living in Ohio, it would be great for you to get to know the important historical event that has shaped its local culture, not to mention museum trips are always fun for the whole family.

But if you aren’t much of a history buff, there’s a lot to learn about the culture, too, such as art, technology, geography, and even the more contemporary attractions.

Here are some places that you should definitely check out:

  • Toledo Museum of Art and Cleveland Museum of Art
  • National Museum of the Great Lakes
  • Merry-Go-Round Museum
  • Liberty Aviation Museum
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Great Lakes Science Center

9. Create New Connections And Build Community With Other Expats

We know it’s fun to think about joining festivals or finding your way around town and automatically having a good time. But when moving to a new place, it doesn’t always go as smoothly as that, especially if you factor in culture shock.

That’s why you might also want to look into expat groups. They are groups that are manned by people who are also not local but have found a home and community in Ohio. There are usually events, gatherings, and other such programs that they offer to facilitate people who are having a hard time adjusting find their footing.

You can also look into online groups and platforms if you don’t know where to start. Some websites are dedicated to this. You can join forums, ask or answer questions, and find information on events you can join. Who knows, maybe you might want to host an event in a few years yourself.

 10. Get Your Fingers Dirty With These Local Favourites

Discovering new flavours and textures is one of life’s few truly blissful things. And when it comes to delicious food, Ohio has a lot to offer. Once you’ve settled in, don’t be afraid to walk around your neighbourhood, discover new restaurants, and try the house’s speciality. To get you started exploring Ohio’s food scene, here are some of what we recommend to order.

  • Buckeyes are a candy made from peanut butter balls
  • Goetta Sausage a german inspired sausage that rose to prominence in the Cincinnati region
  • Barberton Chicken is a serbian-style fried chicken
  • Sauerkraut Balls, a favourite appetiser from the state’s Polish influences
  • Cleveland-Style Barbecue is a local twist on the all-time favourite barbecue
  • Cincinnati Chili is spaghetti topped with chilli and shredded cheese

 11. Stay On Top Of Your Relocation By Starting A Mover’s Checklist

A mover’s checklist is a simple but effective practice you can incorporate into your moving process to ensure you are on top of things. It might sound tedious initially, but trust us when we say you’ll be glad you did.

Just list down all of the elements involved in your move, from documentation, packing needs, items you will bring, sell, or donate, emergency information, international insurance, and more. Just take a few minutes and list them down.

Next is to always update the list, add notes, write in the status, any roadblocks, and always, always put in dates of when you did anything significant. That way, you will always be able to track your relocation at any point.

12. Engage With Professionals To Keep Your Move Stress-free

Relocating to a new one will be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. Engaging with professionals will help you be on top of things and give you a partner to help you every step of the way.

Sanelo is a professional moving company with years of experience aiding people with their relocations, be it locally or internationally. Sanelo will take care of your belongings, so you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy luggage during your flight.

You will just enjoy the ride worry-free, knowing your belongings are under Sanelo’s shipment protection services.

Conclusion On Moving To Ohio

There are several reasons why Ohio is an excellent place to relocate to. The mix of highly urbanised cities and the slower small-town feel of the suburbs means there is a place for everyone. The state also has a very vibrant culture and heritage, making it a very interesting state to learn about and explore.

On top of that, there are also gorgeous natural wonders and several go-to destinations for you and your family to have some well-deserved R&R. And while you’re at it, dig in the thriving food scene and discover new favourites. If you are planning a family or already have kids, the quality education in the state is something to look forward to.

You will also have lots of opportunities to join local festivities, a perfect chance to try local mouth-watering tabletop favourites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving/Relocating To Ohio

Is Ohio A Good Place To Live?

Yes! Ohio has so much to offer. Whether you prefer an urban life or the quiet of rural suburbs, there’s a place in Ohio for you. Also, The cost of living in Ohio is very affordable.

Is Moving To Ohio A Good Idea?

Ohio is full of opportunities, has a great and diverse population, and has some of the most affordable cost of living in the entire country. If that sounds appealing to you, then yes, moving to Ohio is a good idea.

How Much Is Housing In Ohio?

Between 2016 to 2020, the US census records the median household cost in Ohio to be 151,400 USD. This is significantly cheaper than the national average.

How Soon Should I Get In Contact With Sanelo?

To give Sanelo time to prepare for your move and go through the process and requirements, it is advised to engage without our staff at least 3 months prior to the relocation date.


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