Moving/Relocating To Oklahoma: 8 Things To Know + FAQs

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Are you considering moving to the state of Oklahoma? If you are, this article is an absolute must-read!

We’ll share with you 8 things you absolutely must know and frequently asked questions for moving to Oklahoma City.

1. A Very Low Cost Of Living In Oklahoma

According to USA Today, Oklahoma is the fourth most affordable state to live in. The average price for a home in Oklahoma is $123,000. If you take into account the average home price in the United States of $226,000, Oklahoma is affordable. It costs half as much to buy a home in Oklahoma as it does in the United States.

Isn’t that amazing?

The average rent in Oklahoma is lower than the rest of the United States as well. In Oklahoma’s largest and most popular city, Oklahoma City, the average rent is just over 700 dollars.

2. Oklahoma Holds A Lot Of Opportunities For Budding Entrepreneurs

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The capital city of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, has created an amazing environment for young and budding entrepreneurs. The state has lots of incubation programs, co-working spaces, and startup events. Oklahoma’s second-largest city, Tulsa, is not far behind OKC. Additionally, experts expect a huge climb in the economy in the coming years.

3. The Ease Of Getting Around In Oklahoma City

Since Oklahoma City is the capital city of Oklahoma, let’s briefly explore how easy it is to get around in the city. In Oklahoma City, you don’t have to wait in the car for hours before you’re able to get somewhere. With the proper road infrastructure to support the population of 643,000 people and counting, you can get to your destination in a jiffy. To put things into perspective, there is 12,000 miles worth of highway in the state of Oklahoma!

4. There is Huge Job Stability In Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a strong and stable economy. As such, there are plenty of job opportunities available in the state. The stability of jobs may not appeal to everyone when it comes time for an employee to start their own company. However, if you want to work at a place where they don’t just expect you to leave after five years but actually value your contributions, this might be the right fit for you. It also helps that many employers offer great benefits packages too: health insurance, retirement plans, paid vacation days, etc.

5. You Don’t Have To Rush Or Wait In Crowds

If you want to experience life at its finest without having to deal with crowds or long lines, then this state is perfect for you. There aren’t huge crowds in Oklahoma City and Tulsa compared to the city areas in other states. Additionally, due to the smooth traffic, you can travel at your own pace without having to rush from place to place. The locals claim that “rush hour” simply does not exist in Oklahoma. That’s what attracts most people to move to Oklahoma!

6. Lots Of Diversity And Culture In Oklahoma

The median age of Oklahoma is 36 years old, but 25% of its population is under the age of 18. Oklahoma’s diversity makes for a fascinating cultural experience.

The largely young population is due to the fact that Oklahoma has an extremely low cost of living, and therefore attracts students to move over to attend college.

With the culture being laid back and helpful, people in Oklahoma love helping others in times of need, such as natural disasters. As a friendly community, most residents go to church and are religious, so be sure to accept an invitation if someone were to invite you to their church! If you don’t go to church, decline the invitation respectfully, so you won’t appear rude.

7. Be Wary Of The Snow Once Every 2 Years

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Oklahoma’s roads can get slick with ice. On average, Oklahoma has one heavy snow every two years. There are a couple of schools and work closings each year due to the weather. As such, do be mentally prepared that there will be a huge snow event once every 2 years.

8. It Is Essential To Own A Car In Oklahoma

While there are many ways to travel around the state of Oklahoma with public transportation, the most convenient way to move around in the state is to own a car. The public transportation system is still a work in progress, and the usage of public buses is still not as wide as it should be. Therefore, when you’re moving to Oklahoma, be sure to factor in the costs of owning a car too.

Conclusion About Moving To Oklahoma

Oklahoma is an extremely affordable place to live in, with huge growth prospects if you’re a budding entrepreneur. Aside from the occasional snowstorms that happen once every 2 years, there isn’t any huge concern you have to be aware of while living in the state.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Oklahoma

Why Do People Move To Oklahoma, OK?

Oklahoma City is an affordable, peaceful, and growing city that has lots to offer. Some people move to Oklahoma because of its extremely low cost of living, making students being able to afford rent and their living expenses here.

What Should I Know Before Moving To Oklahoma, OK?

Other than huge snowstorms that occur once every 2 years, be sure to invest in a car so that you can travel around Oklahoma easily. The public transportation system is not as convenient as it should be yet, so getting a car is a must. If you are looking for a stress-free relocation, let Sanelo help you move your home.

How Much Money Do You Need To Live Comfortably In Oklahoma?

According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in order to live a comfortable life in Oklahoma, you should be making at least $29,339 per year before taxes in order to be able to cover all your basic living expenses as a working adult.

Is Oklahoma City A Fun Place To Live In?

Yes. Oklahoma City is a beautiful place that is kept affordable with a strong community. Whether you’re working, studying, or dining, there is always something for everyone. For nature lovers, there is the Myriad Botanical gardens. For people who love going to museums, there is the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the Western Heritage Museum. You will most definitely be able to have fun if you move to Oklahoma City!


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