Moving/Relocating To Omaha: 10 Best Secrets Uncovered For A Smooth Moving Experience

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Living in Omaha, Nebraska, will be an excellent option if you want a wide range of job opportunities, entertainment, and recreation that comes with reasonable living expenses.

The cost of living in Omaha, Nebraska, is relatively affordable. You still can find median monthly rent below $1,000 in a nice and safe neighbourhood. Since the housing prices are reasonable, you can consider investing in a home if you are thinking of moving to Omaha.

If you find yourself wondering “Is Omaha a good place to live?”, you have to read this article. We have the 10 best secrets about Omaha that most people may not know of.

1. Reveal What It Is Like Living In Omaha, Nebraska

Before deciding to live in Omaha, you need to know these underrated facts about living in Omaha. This information will help you get an idea of how you can settle in this city.

Brace Yourself For The Windy Winters

The climate in Omaha is continental. This city has freezing winters, hot summers, and frequent thunderstorms.

The nicest temperature will be during springs which range from 63°F to 40°F. It is the best time for vacations and exploring the outdoor recreation spots.

The coldest temperature during winter can dip to -4°F, but expecting colder temperatures might be wise. In 2018, the temperature dipped to -20°F in the winter. On top of that, winters in Omaha are windy and snowy.

In summers, the temperature can reach 87.5°F on the hottest day. Summers in Omaha are humid and warm, so make sure to wear loose clothes that are sweat absorbent.

The Friendliest Community In The Country

WalletHub included Omaha in the 30 most caring cities in the country. It is easy to start conversations with Uber drivers, grocer shopkeepers, or other residents you meet on the street.

When you have the opportunity to talk to the locals, find out recommendations about the best restaurants, best grocery shopping tips, and so on.

With the welcoming atmosphere of Omaha, you will not feel lonely even though you are far from your hometown.

A Great Place For Sports Fans

The best thing about being a sports fan in Omaha is hanging out with other sports fans at the bars. Here are some sports bars in Omaha, NE, to find your sports buddies:

  • Addy’s Sports Bar & Grill
  • IceHouse Sports Bar
  • Big Red Restaurant & Sports Bar
  • The Salty Dog Bar & Grill

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2. Best Neighbourhood: Safe And Affordable Areas In Omaha, Ne

If you are moving to Omaha, do not forget to find a safe and affordable neighbourhood for you. Below are three of the best neighbourhoods in Omaha:


Aksarben is an excellent place for single young professionals, families, and even students. The housing prices in this area are relatively affordable. The median home price is $235,000 for and the median monthly rent is $993.

This area has restaurants, coffee shops, fitness studios, and excellent schools. Aksarben is also home to Elmwood Park, which makes up over 215 acres of green space.

West Omaha

West Omaha is one of the safest neighbourhoods in the city. Its location is 30 minutes away from the downtown area.

This suburban neighbourhood is packed with spacious houses, neighbourhood parks, malls, and restaurants. West Omaha is also a great place for families as it is home to top schools, such as Aldrich Elementary School and Millard North High School.

The median house price is $330,000, and the median monthly rent is $934. This is reasonable considering its proximity to the downtown and the excellent amenities.


If you love the feeling of living in a historic area, then Dundee is the right place for you. You will find Colonial, Georgian, and Tudor Revival houses and modern style apartments and condos.

You can reach any place you need by walking. There are also some attractions in Dundee that you can visit, such as Memorial Park, shops, restaurants, theatre, and a public library.

The housing prices in Dundee are relatively affordable, with the median home value being $319,000 and the median monthly rent being $1,005.

3. The Friendly Cost Of Living In Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is a big city with a small town cost of living. The overall living expense in Omaha is 6% lower than the national average. Even the housing costs are 11% lower than the national average.

Based on the data from Numbeo, a single person in Omaha will spend about $1,018.91 for monthly expenses. On the other hand, a family spends around $3,584.06 for their monthly needs. These numbers exclude the rental or mortgage.

It means with an income of $32,302 annually for singles and $61,439 for families, Omaha residents can afford their monthly needs. You can use these numbers as a benchmark to determine a livable salary in Omaha.

4. This City Is Recession-Proof: Job And Business Opportunities

One of the largest companies in Omaha is Berkshire Hathaway Inc., with Warren Buffet as the chairman and CEO. This company contributes to the high employment rate in Omaha. In 2020, the total number of their employees was 360,000.

The high employment rate makes Omaha a recession-proof city. The economy is still thriving in Omaha, even during the pandemic.

Other major employers in Omaha are PayPal, Nebraska Medicine, Offutt Air Force Base, and many more. If you are interested in finance, technology or healthcare industries, Omaha will be the best place for you.

In addition to the abundant job opportunities, Omaha is also an excellent place to start your business. You can start a business that provides high-demand services, such as senior care service, social media consulting, organic beauty products, and healthcare consulting.

Even though Omaha has plenty of career and business options, it does not mean you can move to this city without a plan. Having a career or business plan before moving to a new city will also help you plan your finances. You must know how much you need to save until you have your first income.

5. Omaha Has Excellent Universities

On top of affordability and economic opportunities, Omaha also offers high-quality universities. These two universities are the University of Nebraska Omaha and Creighton University.

University of Nebraska Omaha

The University of Nebraska Omaha is a public university with 399 academic programs. It is best to determine the field of study you are interested in before enrolling at this university.

This university also has online programs so you can pursue higher education while working.

Creighton University

If you prefer to enrol at a private university, Creighton University is for you. This university has comprehensive programs, from undergraduate to professional.

The medical and health services programs are the most prominent in this university. Therefore, if you need advanced education in pharmacy, medical, nursing, and EMS, you can consider studying at Creighton University.

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6. Outdoor Adventures For All Four Seasons

A good city should provide balanced amenities. In addition to the business and career opportunities, Omaha also offers outdoor adventure as a recreational option.

These three destinations are perfect for your outdoor adventures in all four seasons. However, there are other places to explore once you arrive in Omaha.

Omaha Riverfront

Spend your weekend exploring the Omaha Riverfront. It is an area with a view of the Missouri River. Many people visit this place to stroll along the trail or bike and take in the beautiful scenery.

Fontenelle Forest

This 1,400-acre forest is just several minutes away from the city area of Omaha. It is a recreational destination you can consider if you love to be in the wild.

Take your hiking shoes and explore the forest while admiring the scenery. Fontenelle Forest is also a great place if you are interested in nature photography.

Chalco Hills Recreation Area

This recreation area is an excellent choice if you like to picnic by the water. In addition, there are 7 miles of trails, both dirt and paved, for visitors to explore. The trails include 5.7 miles around Wehrspann Lake. However, do note that swimming in the lake is not allowed.

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7. Have Fun At The Festivals

Omaha has festivals and events for you to join. These events and festivals can be a chance for you to get along with your local friends. You may also make new friends during the events since Omaha is known for its friendly residents.

Below are some of the festivals and events you can enjoy in a year. If you come with your little ones, remember to look for festivals with family-friendly activities.

  • Nebraska Balloon & Wine Festival
  • Dundee Day (family-friendly)
  • Hippie Fest
  • Bright Nights at Lauritzen Gardens (family-friendly)
  • Holiday Lights Festival: Holidays in the Old Market (family-friendly)
  • Merry & Bright: Holiday Poinsettia Show (family-friendly), and many more.

If you are from overseas, joining community events will help you come out of your expat bubble and be more social with the locals.

8. The Culinary Hidden Gem

The famous dishes from Omaha are steaks and burgers. In addition to these classic local favourites, there is a noticeable growth in culinary. It is because chefs from big cities like New York City and Chicago came to Omaha for new business opportunities.

Living here means you need to taste the beer because Omaha is a hidden gem for craft beer. You will find excellent breweries across the city. If you love beer, you can go on a brewery tour using this guide.

9. You Will Love The Public Transportation System

Omaha has Metro Transit to provide public transportation services for its residents. There are bus services, Rapid Bus Transit, and paratransit.

These services can get you around the city. If you want a more comfortable option, rideshare services from Metro, Taxi, Uber, Lyft, and Jayride are available.

10. Moving To Omaha Means Getting Excellent Medical Facilities

Omaha has Nebraska Medical Center, which was named one of the world’s best hospitals by Newsweek. This ranking is based on recommendations from medical professionals, results from patient surveys and patient safety, hygiene measures and quality of treatment.

You can rest assured about your health care in Omaha. Moreover, you have even easier access to one of the best hospitals in the world.

Conclusion About Moving To Omaha

Living in Omaha means you can enjoy a lower cost of living than the national average. On top of that, Omaha has promising economic growth that provides abundant opportunities for business and jobs.

If you want to pursue higher education, Omaha has universities with hundreds of programs you can choose from. You can even pursue higher education and work at the same time.

Omaha also offers reasonable housing prices. Many of the neighbourhoods in Omaha are near to city amenities. If you need to go anywhere further than walking distance, there are Metro and ridesharing services that you can use.

Omaha is also home to one of the best hospitals in the world, Nebraska Medical Center. It has excellent medical staff and facilities for various treatments.

This city has recreational spots you can enjoy with family and friends. If you like the festive events, Omaha has festivals for all seasons.

For a newcomer, freezing and windy winters can be challenging. As time goes by, you will learn to embrace all seasons, including enjoying outdoor activities during winter.

Whether you move from another city or country, make sure to engage a professional mover like Sanelo. You do not want to carry heavy luggage during your moving trip. It is more practical to let Sanelo ship your belongings to Omaha.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Omaha

Is It Expensive To Live In Omaha, Nebraska?

The cost of living in Omaha is relatively affordable. Especially if you live in a walkable neighbourhood, you can save a lot on transportation.

Is Omaha A Safe Place To Live?

Omaha has a crime rate of 38 per one thousand residents. Some of its neighbourhood areas are considered the safest. However, it is still not advisable to be out alone at night.

When Is The Best Time To Move To Omaha?

Basically, you can come to Omaha anytime, but if you want the perfect temperature, spring is the best time.

How Do I Engage Sanelo For My Relocation?

Visit Sanelo and start your quote. If you need to consult your moving needs or situation, you can contact us. Our team will be happy to walk you through all the processes.

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