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Moving/Relocating To Orlando: 10 Must-Know Insider Info You Absolutely Must Know

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Nobody can blame you if you are thinking or currently researching about moving to Orlando. As the most visited tourist destination in the U.S, anyone can see the opportunities in Orlando. Besides that, Orlando is a good place to live during your retirement days.

Living in Orlando can be an exciting experience. To have a seamless moving process, there are things to know before moving to Orlando. By reading this article, you will find more information about moving to Orlando tips to help you settle in the new city.

Besides helping you move to Orlando, we will also give you insights into Orlando as your new home. You will learn about its economy, weather, food, and other things you need to know about this city.

Let’s start!

1. Let’s Debunk The Myths About Living In Orlando

You’ve probably heard of some myths about Orlando out there, but let us debunk them together, shall we?

Orlando Is Boring

Orlando is a city with many attractions. The myth or stereotype of Orlando being a boring city is far from the truth. If you visit the Downtown area, you will see that this area is bustling with activities from high rise apartments, restaurants, bars, sports centres, and shopping spots.

If you are up for even more fun, you can visit theme parks and water parks in Orlando. There is always something you can do for leisure here so you’ll never get bored!

The Weather Is Always Hot

During summertime, Orlando can be really hot. But the hot weather does not exist all year round. During spring and autumn, the temperature experiences a dip with average highs of about 80°F (27°C) and 78°F (26°C). In the winter, temperatures dip to a range between 73°F (22°C) and 50°F (10°C).

Most People Living In Orlando Are Retirees

The suburbs areas are home to retirees and senior citizens. However, it does not mean that you cannot find younger residents here. In fact, the median age in Orlando is 32.9 years old, which means that the Orlando population is primarily youngsters in their mid-20s to late 30s.

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2. Some Neighbourhoods You’d Want To Consider

Another moving to Orlando tip is to research about residential areas you want and contact some real estate agents before taking your pick.

Hunter’s Creek

If you prefer to live in an area away from the city’s hustle, you may want to consider Hunter’s Creek. The atmosphere of this neighbourhood is calm, with around 20,000 people living in the area. Hunter’s Creek has a serene and homey atmosphere that is perfect for you to come home to after a long day at work.

Thornton Park

What’s interesting about Thornton Park is the classic architecture that you can find around the town. So if you can appreciate a classic or vintage aesthetic, this is the place for you!

Thornton Park is a popular choice among young professionals because of the walkable distance from their workplace. This will definitely help you to save money on transportation.

Lake Eola Heights

Despite its location in Downtown Orlando, this neighbourhood is a historical landmark. In Lake Eola Heights, you will find historic properties that are still standing since the 1800s. Here you can also find old houses that need to be repaired.

This area is also pet-friendly. You can find eateries that allow pets within walking distance. If you like the classic atmosphere in your neighbourhood, then you may want to pick Lake Eola Heights.

3. The Weather In Orlando

Orlando does not have extreme changes in its weather all year. The coldest temperature in Orlando is around 49°F, and it happens in January, and the highest temperature is 90°F during summer. Orlando is a place where you can do outdoor activities all year because it is not too cold in the winter or too hot in summer.

The best weather in Orlando is during March and May. These months are the best period to travel to Orlando for tourists. As a resident, you will find the streets are more packed than usual. But if you love crowds, these will be the perfect months for you to visit some city attractions.

4. Live Comfortably In Orlando On Budget

One of the perks of moving to Orlando, Florida, is you get to enjoy a lower cost of living. Overall, the cost of living in Orlando is 3% lower than the national average. Here is the explanation to help you get an idea about how much you need to live in Orlando:

The median monthly rental price for an apartment unit is $966, while the median home price is $308,483. Of course, these numbers depend on the model and location of the unit. You can browse information about the neighbourhoods in Orlando to pick the area that suits you best.

The utility costs are higher by 11% compared to the national average in Orlando. The median monthly electricity bill is $186, and the phone bill is $198. Hold on, there’s no need to worry because utility costs are actually adjustable. You can take specific measures to reduce electricity bills, such as turning off your lights and air conditioner when you don’t really need them.

5. Land A Job Or Build Your Business In Orlando

Orlando is the perfect place to start your new career and family! The city is famous for its attractions, spectacular scenery and endless employment opportunities. So, whether you are a fresh graduate or a professional who wants to start a new career path, moving to Orlando can be your best option!

What’s more, this city has a low unemployment rate which is 5.3%, in August 2021 and this number has kept decreasing in the past few years!

One of the “moving to Orlando tips” that we recommend is to land a job or to have a clear business plan before moving. There is no need to limit yourself when it comes to business or employment opportunities in Orlando. You can have options of industry sectors that you want to work in.

6. Get Your Kids High Rated Education Facilities

Most Orlando public schools are highly rated. This is good news! It means that you can find excellent schools at affordable tuition fees. To help your kids catch up with the lessons at school, you can hire a tutor, which may cost between $25 to $80 per hour.

Before moving to Orlando, you can find a list of schools to compare. After you find the right school to enrol in, you can contact the school’s staff to assist with the transfer. Usually, your kids will be getting assistance to adjust after starting the new school’s learning process.

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7. Best Events To Get To Know The Community

One way to get to know the local culture and communities is through events like festivals and fairs! Orlando has several festivals that you need to know about and participate in.

Orlando Film Festival

The Orlando Film Festival is an annual film festival that has been held for more than a decade. At this festival, you can watch many films that are unique and experimental. If you’re looking for something different in movies, these less mainstream ones might just be your cup of tea!

The festival takes place at Coba Plaza Cinema. You can also see competition for Best Screenplay, Best Director, and many more during this festival. It is also an event where you can meet other movie enthusiasts and make friends with them, to avoid living in an expat bubble.

Orlando Heritage Festival

Another festival you cannot miss is Orlando Heritage Festival. It is an event that provides you with the Orlando magic. You can witness magical music performances and theme park experiences. Visit the official website and check the schedules, so you won’t miss out.

Epcot International Food And Wine Festival

Now, THIS is the festival that nobody will object to. You can take your kids to the Epcot International Food And Wine Festival and teach them about various foods from several countries. The most exciting part is, it takes place at Walt Disney World Resort!

During Epcot International Food And Wine Festival, you will find cuisines from six continents. This event will be fun for you and your kids. Through this event, the kids can also learn about culture from other parts of the world.

8. The City Attractions

Who says theme parks are the only city attraction in Orlando? Orlando is home to various art displays and performances. Once you are living in Orlando, you can visit the Orlando Museum of Art and Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of Art to please your eyes.

Another attraction that you need to visit is The Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation. In this area, you will witness the wildlife in their natural habitats. You can also enjoy activities such as zip-lining and horseback riding.

Lastly, once in a while, you can visit Winter Park if you want to enjoy a high-end type of vacation. You can enjoy a world-class dining experience or shop at independent boutiques and retailers.

The Winter Park is a northern part of Orlando. If you visit Winter Park, you should try dining at popular restaurants such as The Ravenous Pig and Prato.

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9. Explore The Food Scene

Due to the diversity in the population, you can find a variety of food from worldwide. One restaurant that you want to visit first is SOCO in Downtown Orlando. SOCO itself is an abbreviation from Southern Contemporary Cuisine. This restaurant has received good reviews for their highly-rated dishes such as the Soco-Style “Chicken and Dumplings” and the Slow-Roasted Barbecue-Glazed Pork Belly Biscuits.

You can also enjoy good food at Walt Disney World Resort at Disney Springs. You will find dishes from all around the world and fusion dishes that you can enjoy with your kids.

10. Things To Know Before Moving To Orlando

Now grab your pocketbook and pen because we’re about to share some of the things to know before moving to Orlando.

Get To Know LYNX Bus Service

Urban travellers can take LYNX Bus Service from Central Florida to some of the state’s other areas. LYMMO, a Bus Rapid Transit, gives people in the downtown area a free way to get around and help them find local entertainment, shopping, offices, and restaurants.

The SunRail runs from DeBary to Sand Lake. It includes stops at the Florida Hospital Health Village Station, Lynx Central Station, Church Street and the Disney World Health Care Complex.

Avoid Moving To Orlando During The Vacation Seasons

If you’re planning to avoid the vacation seasons and the tourists, here are the months to take note of:

  • Spring break (March through April)
  • Summer break (June through August)
  • Winter break (mid-December through January)

Most people with a family will move during summer, May through August. The reason is this period is summer break for students. So, the children are free to move to another city without missing class once school starts.

On the other hand, if you are single, the best time to move to Orlando is wintertime. The airports and traffic are less crowded during this period. Plan your move from September to April to get a less busy period for mover companies and real estate agents.

Do Not Stress Yourself About Shipping Your Belonging

Getting help from a mover company is always wise. Even for local moving, the process of packing and shipping your belongings can be troublesome. You only need to contact them, then they will take care of the shipping process to your new home.

It is also essential to pick a mover with experience or reputation of their service, like Sanelo. Sanelo will enrol you into shipment protection so you’ll have peace of mind. For more information, you can simply contact us.

Conclusion About Moving To Orlando

Orlando is the best place to start your new career and raise a family. It is easy to enjoy living in Orlando with the city attractions, economic growth, and good food.

Write down all the moving to Orlando tips you found from our article. You’d also want to contact your real estate agent and school advisor a few months before moving. This way, they can guide you about the requirements regarding your moving and student transferring processes.

Lastly, do not stress over how to get your belongings to Orlando. Contact Sanelo to let us pick and ship your packages to Orlando.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Orlando

How Much Salary Do I Need To Live In Orlando?

Since Orlando is an affordable city, you do not need a high salary to live comfortably here. You can live comfortably with a yearly salary of around $44,000. In fact, this is the median income of homeowners in Orlando.

Is It Safe In Orlando?

Overall, Orlando is a safe city to live in, especially within the tourists and businesses areas. You can check the list of best neighbourhoods online or refer to our recommendation above.

Is It Better To Use Public Transportation In Orlando?

Using public transport is better than driving your own vehicle, especially during the peak tourists seasons as the traffic will be packed with travellers. Therefore, it will be useful to learn how to use public transportation like diesel-electric commuter trains and buses.

How Do I Get Help From A Professional Mover?

Start your quote with a professional mover at least two months before moving to Orlando. It is crucial for both of you to adjust the time for picking and shipping those packages. You need to also keep in mind to take necessary precautions during the process of your moving.


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