Moving/Relocating to Pittsburgh: 10 Advice Locals Wish You Know Before Your Big Move

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Thinking of moving to Pittsburgh, PA, but you’re a tiny bit hesitant? Perhaps because you’re not sure about what it offers? Or maybe you think living in Pittsburgh might not be your cup of tea?

If you’re asking these questions and are desperate for some ‘moving to Pittsburgh advice’, then you are in the right direction! They may seem trivial, but what a city offers and whether or not it is right for you are factors that might affect your life in the coming years!

So here are 10 things about Pittsburgh that you should know to help you decide if Pittsburgh is right up your alley!

1. Higher Education Institutions

If you’re a student or you have younger ones in your family, then getting yourself familiarized with the higher education institutions in Pittsburgh is an absolute must! The city offers more than 10 universities with various courses ranging from medical to philosophy and engineering, making it the perfect place for students to broaden their horizons.

The universities in Pittsburgh include (in no particular order):

  • Carnegie Mellon University — ranks #26 in National Universities
  • Duquesne University — known as one of the best Catholic universities in the country
  • Carlow University — ranks #71 in Regional Universities North
  • Chatham University — high ranking in terms of sustainability
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • The University of Pittsburgh — ranks #58 in National Universities
  • Point Park University, and so on.

No matter what you (or your children) plan to learn, Pittsburgh has the best college for you.

2. The Andy Warhol Museum

The arts scene in Pittsburgh is pretty impressive, but don’t take our word for it; see it for yourself!

The Andy Warhol Museum is one of the most popular attractions in this city, and it’s not surprising! If you’re still scratching your head trying to figure out why the name “Andy Warhol” sounds so familiar, it’s because he’s the artist behind the famous visual art movement known as pop art. Here’s an image to jog your memory.

Image Credit: Unsplash

You’ve seen that, right? Yeah, there’s a WHOLE museum in Pittsburgh dedicated to Andy Warhol and surprise, surprise: it is the largest museum in North America dedicated to a single artist. Legendary.

3. Mattress Factory

If you’re looking for an unconventional museum experience, then look no further because The Mattress Factory might just be your best bet!

The idea of a mattress factory may seem strange at first, but once people find out what it really is (one of Pittsburgh’s oldest contemporary art spaces), everyone starts feeling pretty comfortable about going inside and taking part in their unique exhibitions coming from some truly talented minds.

Other notable museums in Pittsburgh include the Heinz History Center (no, it’s not a ketchup museum, but there IS an exhibit on it), Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History as well as the Carnegie Science Center.

4. Nature’s Gifts And Outdoor Activities

So maybe you’re not THAT into museums, and you’d much rather be outdoors enjoying nature. Luckily for you, Pittsburgh is a city that was built on the banks of three rivers. From its green spaces like public parks to state parks, Pittsburgh has many outdoor natural spaces for your enjoyment. Some of the more prominent ones are:

  • Frick Park: features tennis courts, playgrounds, many trails, as well as a leash-free park and a doggy dam for your four-legged companions
  • Sandcastle Waterpark: offers a boardwalk with food booths, several pools, including a wave pool, hot tubs, and 15 waterslides
  • Happy Hour Paddle: a great place for urban boating where visitors get the chance to kayak down the Allegheny River and appreciate the skyline, Heinz Field, and PNC Park (a baseball park)

Image Credit: Unsplash

On top of the many parks, Pittsburgh also offers its residents the Pittsburgh Zoo, PPG Aquarium and the National Aviary, the most renowned bird sanctuary in the country!

5. Living In Pittsburgh: Your Neighbourhoods Matters

Now that you know about the various attractions Pittsburgh has to offer, you’re probably thinking about where to live. When choosing where to move to, it pays to consider which neighbourhood suits your needs best.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Pittsburgh is divided up into at least 70 different neighbourhoods, each offering something slightly different. So whether you want quiet and serenity, lots of action or somewhere else entirely, we have a map showing you exactly how they’re laid out. We’ll start with the most populated area, Downtown Pittsburgh, before moving onto other parts of the city.

6. Downtown Pittsburgh For Games And Arts

Pittsburgh has a bustling downtown that is open 7 days of the week year-round. It features high-end housing options, dozens of new restaurants and endless entertainment opportunities from Penguins games (Pittsburgh Penguins is a local ice hockey team) to performing arts centres. Downtown Pittsburgh also offers easy access to highways and public transit with limited traffic during rush hour!

7. Squirrel Hill And Shadyside For Students And Young Professionals

In the east, 2 prominent neighbourhoods you can consider are Squirrel Hill and Shadyside.

With easy access to Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill is a wonderful place for students! The many bus lines that head downtown and towards universities make this area more accessible, as do all the restaurants with an Asian cuisine lining its streets. Though not perfect in every way (rush-hour traffic can be challenging), Squirrel Hill offers everything any student would need!

Don’t be fooled by its name! Shadyside is a neighbourhood in Pittsburgh with amenities that any aspiring young professional could desire, such as upscale restaurants and shopping centres within walking distance from your apartment. It also has plenty of nightlife options if you’re looking to round out your college experience with some partying on The Strip before heading back home after graduation day. Of course, with so many amenities Shadyside has to offer, be prepared to spend a little more.

8. South Side: Nightlife And Easy Commute

The South Side is a neighbourhood full of culture and nightlife just south of the Monongahela River. If you want access to all that Pittsburgh has to offer while still being close enough for an easy commute, then our advice is to relocate to the southern side of the city.

Southside sees bars scattered throughout and great restaurants in every direction and plenty more options around town! You’ll have quick access across bridges from downtown or Oakland with highways only minutes away, too, so going out into western PA will never feel like it’s taking forever again! When coming back through Pittsburg at night, taxis are always waiting nearby should transportation not work out!

9. Mount Washington: Suburban In The West

If you’re looking for a more suburban lifestyle, check out Mount Washington. Located on the West side of Pittsburgh, the neighbourhood offers an ideal mix of suburban life and the benefits of living downtown.

Young professionals often relocate to Pittsburgh and move their homes here in Mount Washington. Why? The reason is obvious when you can easily access multiple chic bars, cool restaurants, and cosy coffee shops. Not forgetting to mention the clean parks that are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking up the famous Mount Washington itself.

10. Cost Of Living In Pittsburgh

Compared to living in Detroit or moving to Newark, NJ, Pittsburgh, PA, offers an affordable cost of living.

It is 1% lower than the national average, though it varies based on factors like your career and its salary or real estate market, depending on where you are looking to move into.

Pittsburgh’s healthcare and housing expenses are lower than the national average, while the utility, transportation and grocery expenses are slightly higher.

Conclusion About Moving To Pittsburgh, PA

Moving to Pittsburgh can be a great change of pace, with many new opportunities and experiences awaiting you. Whether you’re looking for an urban or suburban lifestyle, downtown or on the South Side, there is something for everyone here! When you’ve decided to make your move to Pittsburgh, Sanelo is here to help you move!

If you’re still researching and want to find out more about cities in the area, check out our guides for moving to Philadelphia, Columbus and Baltimore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Moving To Pittsburgh

Is Pittsburgh A Good City To Move To With Family?

Yes! Not only is it home to a renowned children’s hospital, but it also offers many family-friendly attractions, such as the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

This makes Pittsburgh an excellent choice for families to move there.

What Are The Public Transportation Options In Pittsburgh?

In Pittsburgh, the Port Authority of Allegheny County operates buses, the light rail/subway system known as the “T,” and two cable-powered inclines in Pittsburgh, providing transportation for more than 64 million people annually.

If you’re trying to find ways to avoid driving around the confusing street layout in the business district, or maybe you just want to save some money on parking, public transit will be your dearest friend!

What Is The Weather Like In Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has one of the most pleasant summers, though its winter can be pretty rough and may dip to 0 °F (−18 °C) or below on several nights. The best part about living in Pittsburgh, PA, is that springs and falls are mild with moderate levels of sunshine, while you can expect summer to be always sunny.

Regardless of how the weather is like, Sanelo can help you with your next big move. Learn more about our Shipment Protection.

Should I Hire Professional Movers?

Yes, a piece of advice for moving to Pittsburgh, PA, is to hire professional movers as they are well equipped to handle the logistics of your relocation process. This way, you can save time and have a better and more enjoyable moving process. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are moving from; Sanelo offers International and Local Moving services! Contact us today!


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