Moving/Relocating To Portugal: 9 BEST & EASIEST Protips For An Awesome Moving Experience

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Portugal is a Western European country known for its scenery, natural resources, and good wine.

Moving To Portugal can be a perfect decision if you want to live in a European country that offers affordability. Other benefits of living in Portugal include living in a place surrounded by tourist destinations and enjoying an excellent quality of life.

Before you pack your bags or book your flight ticket, check out these 9 easiest protips to help you settle in and prepare for the relocation.

1. Get To Know The Pros And Cons Of Living In Portugal

There will always be pros and cons wherever you live, including Portugal. Therefore, we will inform you of the basic benefits and downside of living in this country to help you settle in.

The Benefits Of Living In Portugal

The Lovely Weather

Portugal experiences moderate summers and mild winters. It means you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round. The temperatures range between 77°F (25°C) and 43°F (6°C) throughtout the year.

People from colder areas like Alaska and Washington will consider Portugal’s weather as pleasant and mild.

On the contrary, people from tropical areas like Hawaii and Singapore may need to put on extra layers during autumn and winter.

Portugal’s Natural Beauty

It is known that Portugal is blessed with beautiful scenery. You can find hills, rivers, forests, and beaches in this country. On top of that, Portugal has historical sites with grand architecture. If you’re a fan of flora and fauna, Portugal might just be the perfect place for you!

Excellent Public Healthcare System

State health care services are tax-funded in Portugal. It is not entirely free, but patients don’t pay the whole expense.

If you are an expat working and living in Portugal, you are eligible to access this healthcare benefit. You can opt for a private health insurance service if you want more coverage.

The Downside Of Living In Portugal

Language Barrier

Finding locals who speak English is not difficult, especially if you work for a multinational company. However, it is best to learn the Portuguese language to help you communicate with more people daily.

You will find language courses for adults or professionals in cities in Portugal. This can also be an opportunity for you to make new friends and meet other expats.

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2. Do Your Research To Decide Where To Live In Portugal

If you are still confused about where to live in Portugal, you can check out the following cities for your reference. The cities we recommend are the main cities in Portugal which offer more opportunities and excellent city amenities.


Lisbon is a Portuguese city with sunny weather, colourful architecture, and friendly people.

It has plenty of attractions and is named one of the most scenic cities in the world. You can see a series of hills in Lisbon. This city also sits in the coastal area, so be prepared to enjoy the beach.

On top of the beautiful scenery, Lisbon is a walkable city. You will enjoy exploring some artsy neighbourhoods on foot.


Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal. It is also the home of Port Wine Production.

Porto is one of the top tourist destinations in Portugal since it has historical sites and beautiful city views. Additionally, the accommodation prices are lower compared to other European countries.


The next city you want to consider is Braga. It is a city in the Northern area and is one of the oldest cities in Portugal.

Braga is a lively city with students coming to pursue education in the local institutions. You will also find vibrant nightlife with clubs and bars around the city in Braga.

3. Calculate Budgets For Post-Moving And Monthly Expenses

It is crucial to have a budget ready before leaving your home country. To help you calculate your budget, you need to learn about Portugal’s average cost of living.

The good thing about Portugal is you can enjoy a relatively low cost of living. It is estimated that the monthly expense for a family of four is €2,952 (3,163.20 USD). For a single person, the estimated monthly expense is €1,477 (1,582.67 USD).

It is best to find ways to save money even though the living expenses in Portugal are pretty affordable. Therefore, check out the following tips to cut your spending:

  • Take public transport to commute,
  • Bring your skincare and cosmetic products from your home country since they can be pricey in Portugal.
  • Avoid buying imported goods.
  • Shop at local markets instead of supermarkets for lower food prices.

4. Find Out About The Biggest Industries And Jobs In Demand

Moving to Portugal for a better job opportunity is not a bad decision. In fact, the industries growing in this country is pretty diverse. This means everyone can have a chance regardless of their job experience and expertise.

As an insight into Portugal’s economy, here are the country’s major industries:

  • automotive,
  • construction,
  • fashion,
  • culture and creative industries,
  • manufacturing, and
  • professional services.

Aside from knowing the major sectors, you also need to know these several pointers when looking for a job in Portugal.

  • You will find more opportunities if you can speak the Portuguese language.
  • Please clarify to your employer about your health insurance coverage, so you can decide whether to buy additional insurance or not.
  • You do not need a work visa if you are a European Union (EU) citizen.
  • Learn about the tax policy in Portugal, such as income tax, wealth tax, and tax benefits.
  • Set up a local bank account as soon as you start working in Portugal.

5. Learn The Best Way To Explore Portugal

Portugal is well-connected due to its public transport. You will find various means of transportation such as planes, trains, funicular, trams, and bus. To go around within a city more conveniently, you can take a taxi.

On top of that, Portugal has seven international airports. Three of them are located on the mainland, and four are on the islands.

6. Find The Best University If You Want To Pursue Higher Education In Portugal

For you who are thinking of pursuing higher education in Portugal, this country has top universities you can choose from. The universities offer various subjects that you can choose to support your career advancement.

Here is a list of some top universities in Portugal that provide bachelor’s, master and doctorate programs:

  • The Catholic University of Portugal,
  • The University of Lisbon,
  • The University of Porto,
  • The University of Beira Interior, and many more.

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7. Visit These Beautiful Places When You Are Living In Portugal

You will never get bored in Portugal, especially during the vacation period. There are many places you can visit around the country.

We recommend some of the iconic places in Portugal below as your reference:

  • Porto City,
  • Douro Valley,
  • Parque National Da Serra Da Estrella,
  • Sintra, and
  • The Chapel of Bones in Évora.

You can also join a tour, so you won’t have to worry about the transportation and accommodation. Besides that, you can meet new people during the tour.

Portugal also has beaches since this country sits along the Atlantic coastline. You can visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, such as Camilo, Amado, Martin AL, etc.

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8. Explore Portuguese Cuisine

Portugal has hundreds of local dishes. Among them, there are about 50 cakes and pastries. This means you will have something new to try in Portugal.

Below are some of the most recommended Portuguese dishes that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Pastéis de nata (Portuguese custard tart, pictured above),
  • Bacalhau (salted and dried cod),
  • Caldo Verde,
  • Bolinhos de Bacalhau (deep fried salted and dried cod),
  • Arroz de Marisco (seafood stew), and many more.

Besides the above dishes, you also need to try Port Wine. This wine is produced in the Douro Valley. If you want to taste the original Port Wine, you can join a wine tasting tour.

Being familiar with the local food will also help you settle faster in this country.

9. Engage A Moving Company For A Less Stressful Relocation Process

Engaging a moving company like Sanelo will eventually lessen your stress. You won’t have to worry about carrying a lot of stuff because we will ship your belongings to Portugal.

Moreover, if you are not familiar with Portugal, then you will want your trip to be as practical as possible. It is best to carry less stuff when commuting to your new home from the airport.

Conclusion On Moving To Portugal

Portugal has so much to offer. It has an excellent public healthcare system, vibrant cities, well-connected public transportation, good food, and beautiful places to visit.

This country also provides opportunities for you who want to pursue a better career and higher education.

To make your relocation process less stressful, engage Sanelo to ship your belongings to Portugal. This way, you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy luggage or paying excess baggage fees.

You may also check out our guides about moving to Porto and Lisbon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Portugal

Is It Good To Live In Portugal?

Portugal is generally a good place to live in. This country has a relatively low crime rate, good quality of life, and reasonable living expenses.

On top of that, the local people are known to be kind, even to foreigners.

What Is The Portugal Golden Visa?

The Portuguese Golden Visa program is a residence permit that can be issued to a non-EU citizen who made a significant investment in Portugal.

People with Golden Visa have the right to work, study, and live in the Portugal area. They can also travel around Europe’s Schengen Area without a visa.

How Much Money Do I Need To Live Comfortably In Portugal?

The national minimum wage in Portugal is €822.5 (881.35 USD). This amount can afford the basic monthly needs of a person.

If you want to live comfortably and have savings, you need to earn at least €1,300 (1,393.01 USD) per month.

However, do take note that this amount is only enough for a single person. If you’re moving with family members, you will need to earn more.

Can Sanelo Help With International Relocation To Portugal?

Sanelo can help with your international relocation to Portugal. Simply visit our website or contact us to talk to our representative.

Our team will walk you through the process to ensure the shipment of your belongings runs smoothly.

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