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Moving/Relocating To Raleigh: 12 Most Reliable Advice

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Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina and is also known as the City of Oaks. Many young professionals are moving to Raleigh, NC and it is not surprising why. This city has excellent job opportunities and a friendly atmosphere for people to raise a family.

There are some things to know before moving to Raleigh, NC. This article can be your moving to Raleigh, NC, advice that gives you an idea about what you should prepare before moving.

In this article, you will find the 12 most reliable tips for relocating to Raleigh. This includes a brief explanation of what you should know about Raleigh, how to prepare yourself for finance and education, as well as things you can do in Raleigh.

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1. The Good Things To Know Before Moving To Raleigh NC

Before moving to Raleigh, NC, there are things that you should know. Here are two points to give you a brief idea about Raleigh.


Raleigh has four seasons: summer, spring, fall, and winter. Out of 365 days in a year, Raleigh has around 213 sunny days. So, you will find that it is nice to go outside for the most part of the year.

The coldest month is January and the hottest month is July. If you live in Raleigh, you will love May, September, and October as the weather during these three months is lovely and warm.

The Small Town Charm

Raleigh, NC, is a big city with the vibe of a small town. This is why many people find it a nice place to raise a family and seniors like to retire here. In Raleigh, you will love your local farmers’ markets, bars, and restaurants. You will also feel the southern hospitality as the people are mostly lovely and welcoming!

There is nightlife and a bustling, busy city at one part, yet there are quiet residential areas at the other parts. So, Raleigh is a family-friendly city.

2. Living In Ralegh Is Affordable

Overall, the cost of living in Raleigh is 5% lower than the national average. The housing price is even 30% lower than the national average! That means you are most likely able to afford a house in the area.

The median house price is $241,512 and the median monthly rent for an apartment unit is $756.55. This affordable housing is accompanied by higher costs in groceries and health care. On the other hand, you can still manage these two expenses by having a financial plan, especially health insurance.

3. Job Hunting Before Moving Is Safer

You may often find that Raleigh is known as a place with plenty of job opportunities. In 2017, Raleigh was named as the city destination for people who are in the job market. Even though Raleigh is thriving with job opportunities, it is always best to get a job before moving to Raleigh, NC.

Education, technology, and health care are the industries that provide more than 50,000 job opportunities in Raleigh. You can also find opportunities in other sectors like manufacturing, finance, leisure, and hospitality. So, whatever your expertise is, there is always a job for you in Raleigh!

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4. Pick Best Neighbourhoods Before Moving To Raleigh

With lower housing prices compared to the national average, we can say that Raleigh’s real estate market is competitive. This allows young families to settle and own a home.

If you are among the people that plan to relocate to Raleigh, here are some of the best neighbourhoods for you.

Downtown Raleigh

If you prefer the atmosphere of comfy living, then Downtown Raleigh is the neighbourhood for you. In one of the districts here, Fayetteville Street, the area is thriving with restaurants, convention centres, shopping areas, and museums. The good thing is this area is walkable, as amenities and public places are within walking distance from each other.

North Hills

North Hills is a fast-growing area in Raleigh. It is perfect for those who want a modern capital city vibe. This is also a good area for the newcomers to Raleigh. North Hills has public facilities like schools, shopping malls, and easy access to the major highway.


This neighbourhood gives you the suburban feel. It brings you closer to places like health facilities, stores, and highly rated public schools. If you’re moving to Raleigh with your children, you may want to consider living in this area.

5. Find Top-Rated Schools In Raleigh

Raleigh has top-rated public schools across the city. If you move with your children, you won’t have to worry about their education from elementary to university.

North Carolina State University (NCSU) in Raleigh, for example, is famous as a research university. It contributes as a part of The Research Triangle alongside Duke University in Durham and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, whose primary purpose is to promote the biotechnology industry.

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6. Get Yourself Around Raleigh With Public Transportation

Getting a car is ideal when living in Raleigh. This city has decent public transport, but it is definitely easier for you to get around by car.
Buses are also able to get you to your destination. If you are Downtown, you can use the R-Line to get a free bus ride. The CAT (Capital Area Transit) bus system can get you to tourist destinations. Another option for public transportation is a taxi.

7. Outdoor Activities You Cannot Miss When Living In Raleigh

Doing outdoor activities is fun in Raleigh. This city has public green areas that the Raleigh residents can use for picnics, walking, or jogging. If you love flowers, you can visit Raleigh Municipal Rose Garden or Dr Marthin Luther King Jr. Memorial Garden.

In Raleigh, you can enjoy art in the park for free. Other activities you will like in Raleigh are kayaking, playing golf, ziplining, and many more. Some breweries even put outdoor-sipping areas for alcohol lovers.

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8. Get Artistic In Raleigh

If you love the arts, you will love Raleigh. This city has art museums, art galleries, art museum parks, and an art festival. At the Artsplosure art festival, you can enjoy artworks such as performances, crafts, and installations.

9. The Food Is Awesome Here!

Raleigh has an incredible restaurant scene that serves you the best food in town! You can have fancy mealtime at fine dining restaurants, and you can also hang out with friends at the local casual eateries.

Some of the food that the Raleigh people take to their hearts are barbecue, Southern-fried chicken, grits, and biscuits. Having a sandwich with biscuits is comforting because it tastes lighter than regular bread. You can have biscuits as a dessert or main course.

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10. The Nightlife In Raleigh Is A Blast!

During the nighttime, Raleigh is buzzing with nightlife. One of the spots that you want to spend some time on is Raleigh Beer Garden. This place serves you around 350 beers on tap, making Raleigh Beer Garden the official largest beer section in the world.

11. Bike In Raleigh

The League of American Bicyclists has made Raleigh a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community. Since 2015, Raleigh has been expanding its facilities for bikers.

You will find artistic bike parking in several locations across the city. The lanes for biking are endless. Not only on the city street, but Raleigh also has 100 miles of trails that anyone can use to bike. Time to get a bike!

12. Here Is The Moving To Raleigh Advice You Need To Know

Pick Your Neighbourhood Before Moving

If you have never been to Raleigh or know no one from Raleigh, you have to start your research online. It is essential to secure a living place before moving to Raleigh. Your safest bet as a new resident will be to live near your workplace.

Have A Financial Plan

Yes, Raleigh has a low cost of living, and the job opportunities are excellent. However, it does not mean you won’t need to plan your finances and career before moving to Raleigh. Have a journal or notebook to write your budget and estimate how long will it take until your finance is stable after moving.

Contact A Mover

As much as you are a hard worker, you still want to work less during your moving process. There is a lot to prepare, and we believe you wouldn’t want to carry your bulky belongings by yourself.

To help you with all the belonging, contact a professional mover so they can pick and ship your packages to the new home. A mover company with good reviews like us at Sanelo can give you peace of mind by enrolling you into shipment protection.

Conclusion About Moving To Raleigh NC

Having a “moving to Raleigh, NC, advice” is always helpful. Knowing a bit about the city will help to prepare yourself before moving to Raleigh.

Even though the living expenses here are overall affordable, moving without financial strategy is not wise. Land a job in Raleigh before you are moving in or make a strategic plan to survive in Raleigh. This city is a place for people with any skillset, so don’t be discouraged from putting yourself into the Raleigh job market.

Besides that, the fact that Raleigh is not so much into nightlife can be a con for some people. However, you can still find fun activities and get closer to the local community.

Another thing you need to prepare yourself for is the weather. If you are not from a place with four seasons, you need to get information about the seasonal clothes that you must have. For people who are moving internationally, you may want to check out these tips to avoid common mistakes in international relocations. You’d be happy to know that you can manage to pack less when moving to Raleigh, NC! You may also want to find out how Sanelo can help when you’re moving internationally.

Start your quote with Sanelo two or three months before moving. Even if you are moving locally or from another state, preparing more time will give you a stress-free moving process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Raleigh

Is Raleigh A Safe City?

Based on the recent data from the FBI (September 2020), Raleigh came in third place as the safest large city in the states. No wonder young professionals and retirees love this city! Raleigh is a safe place to work and to live, especially for retirees, they want to spend their golden years peacefully.

What Is A Decent Salary In Raleigh?

The median income for a household in Raleigh is $61,500 yearly. You can live decently with this salary. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle and live more comfortably, you need to make around $81,000 annually for homeowners and $80,000 yearly for renters.

When Is It The Best Time To Move?

The best time to move is in the winter and fall. People usually move during summer, therefore moving in the winter or fall will be less packed for real estate agents and mover services. You can have lower moving costs by moving during the less busy season, and it is easier to make appointments with your real estate agents.

During a pandemic like now, you have to know the precautions before moving, especially if you are from overseas or with a family.

How Do I Contact Sanelo?

You can simply visit us at Sanelo.com and fill in where you are moving from and moving to, then click “Start my quote”. By using this service, you can rest assured of the safety of your belongings.


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