Moving/Relocating To Sacramento: 10 Surprising Secrets

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There are many reasons why people move to Sacramento. For those who live in a fast-paced city, moving to Sacramento gives them a breather. They can enjoy the easygoing vibe of this city while still having the big city’s amenities. Are you one of them?

Here are some things to know before moving to Sacramento, CA, for you who are thinking of relocating there. After reading this article, you should have an idea of what living in Sacramento looks like and if you’re still into the idea.

Let’s get right to it!

1. Quick Facts About Living In Sacramento

Before we let you in on the juicy secrets, let’s take a look at several facts about living in Sacramento. By knowing these quick facts, you will have an idea about what you should prepare before moving to Sacramento, CA.

The Summer Is Hot The Winter Is Nice

Sacramento experiences hot Mediterranean summers. The hottest days happen in July each year with a temperature of 100°F for 11 days during summer. Consider yourself warned!

During the hottest days of summer, you can still carry out outdoor activities. However, it is advised to not engage in activities that require much energy. Drinking plenty of water and taking a shower are also ways you can deal with a hot summer.

After the hot summer, Sacramento welcomes a lovely winter. The coldest day will be happening in December each year, with a temperature of around 40°F. There will be snowfall, but not to the point of extreme cold.

People In Sacramento

The art community in Sacramento is diverse and vibrant. You can find artworks everywhere, thanks to the artists who have chosen to display their works on the sidewalk.

The diversity in the community makes the Sacramento people more accepting of a new resident. Overall, they are friendly and generous. Don’t be afraid to make friends with the locals once you arrive in Sacramento.

The City Of Tears (Only If You’re Allergic To Pollen)

If you are allergic to pollen, then be prepared to tear up. Based on pollen count, Sacramento’s mark is 8.8 out of 12. It means that the pollen index in Sacramento is medium-high.

The highest pollen count is expected in spring which is during March, April, and May. Grass pollen will be increased from mid-May to mid-July. So, if you have an allergy to pollen, you need to prepare yourself for these months.

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2. Find The Best Neighbourhoods In Sacramento

Picking a neighbourhood should be your primary plan before moving to Sacramento, CA. You will save a lot if you already have a home when you arrive. Settling your new house before moving means you don’t have to spend on hotel or hostel stay while waiting for your new place.

Here are some best neighbourhoods for your reference:

River Park

River Park is one of the best places to live in Sacramento County. People who live in this area include families, seniors, and young professionals. This area has shops, restaurants, bars, and parks, so you don’t need to go far if you need anything.

Most of the residents here are homeowners, but you can also find apartments for rent. The median monthly rent in River Park is $1,381.

The schools around the area are above average. If you plan to move here with your kids, contact the school office to discuss the transfer process.

Natomas Park

Natomas Park offers the suburban feels. In this area, you can find many parks easily. This gives its residents easier access to the outdoor scene facilities.

Many of Natomas Park residents are homeowners. The median housing price is relatively high. The median price of apartment rent in this neighbourhood is $1,900 per month. With this price, you can get a safe neighbourhood with amenities that you need nearby.

Hollywood Park

If you want to find a community that cares and looks out for each other, Hollywood Park is the answer. This neighbourhood is suitable for everyone, especially retirees. The reason is that the residents in Hollywood Park will be looking out for them. If you decide to live in this area, hopefully, you will help the community to take care of each other.

The median apartment rent in Hollywood Park is $1,240. This rent price is still affordable for young families and employees with an entry-level salary.

3. The Economy And Opportunities

The industries thriving in Sacramento are manufacturing, agribusiness, entertainment, technology, and health care. Moving to Sacramento can be your best decision if you are interested in pursuing a career in these industries.

The job growth in Sacramento is positive. From July to August 2021, the jobs in Sacramento has increased by 8,300 jobs. This condition shows that the economy of Sacramento is conducive for anyone in the job market.

Sacramento has opportunities for people in the job market and for those who want to build a business. With a growing economy and job opportunities, you have a good chance for your business.

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4. Travel Around Sacramento Is Fun And Easy

This city has an excellent public transportation system. Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) allows people to travel the city by light rail or bus. There are also taxis and ride-sharing services. So overall, it is not difficult to get around even if you don’t own a car.

Sacramento International Airport is available for you to travel out of the city. If you want to travel by land, you can use Greyhound bus services.

5. You Can Afford Living In Sacramento

Overall, the cost of living in Sacramento, California, is 17% higher than the national average. The categories such as housing, transportation, groceries, and health care are higher than the average in the states, but the utility cost is lower than the national average.

On average, people in Sacramento spend over $2,000 on monthly expenses. This information should help you get an idea of how much you should make to live comfortably in Sacramento.

The universal money formulas of 50-30-20 or 70-20-10 will be your saviour in budgeting your monthly finances. No matter how much you make, this budgeting system will help you out.

6. No Worries! Sacramento Has Top Schools and Colleges

Finding excellent education for the kids can be another worry. In Sacramento, you can find top-rated local schools around your neighbourhood. For the students that are looking for a college, Sacramento has colleges with excellent quality.

Here is some information about both schools and colleges in Sacramento:

Top Schools

One of the top high schools in Sacramento is Vista Del Lago High School, with a graduation rate of 99%. This number is even higher than California’s average graduation, which is 88%. Overall, this school ranked top 10% in California.

For elementary school, you may want to look at Russel Ranch Elementary School’s profile. This school ranked in the top 1% in California. This rank was based on its students’ math and reading proficiency that reached above the California standard.

If these two schools are too far from your residential area, you can check on other schools nearby. Sacramento has the most top-rated schools in California. So it is not difficult to find excellent education for your children in the Sacramento area.

Prestigious College in Sacramento

Some of the top-rated colleges in Sacramento are the University of San Francisco (Sacramento campus), the University of California, California Northstate University, and many more.

To make your children’s transfer process run smoothly, contact the school office before your moving date so you will have enough time to prepare all the requirements needed for the transfer.

7. Sacramento Is A Seniors-Friendly City

Sacramento is not only a beautiful city, but it is also a safe city for senior citizens. Yes, there are dangerous parts of the city, but you’ll be in good hands if you pick the right neighbourhood.

Did you know Sacramento has 128 senior living communities that provide senior housing? These housing also come in many options, like independent living, assisted living, and home care.

8. Fill Your Tummy

Now, let’s get into the fun part of this article, food.

What’s unique about the Sacramento food scene is the relationship between the chefs and the farmers. Most of the chefs or restaurant owners in Sacramento will go to the farmers to pick their ingredients. It is not a foreign scene to see buyers from large city restaurants talk to the farmers whose produce will be served to diners for several hours.

The diversity of cuisine in Sacramento reflects the diversity of its community. Some of the foods you must try once you arrive in this city are steak, tacos, and ramen. The breakfast food is fantastic in Sacramento. Usually, people will get biscuits, bacon, and gravy for their breakfast.

You can explore the cuisine of Sacramento and bond with the local community at the food festivals. To celebrate the harvest season, Sacramento holds food festivals. At these events, people can enjoy food, join cooking classes, learn about food gardening, and brew beer.

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9. Weekend Getaways Ideas In Sacramento, CA

When there are no festivals, you can still go out and do fun activities. We are going to show you the best places for your weekend getaways!

Colusa Sacramento River State Park

This park is a place if you want to be one with nature. It is better to go here in a group, so you can enjoy outdoor activities together. The facilities you can find at this site are a campsite and trails for hiking, running, or bird watching.

The Colusa River State Park is also a good place for a picnic, fishing, and boating. Due to the pandemic, the park might only allow some of the activities. You need to check what activities are allowed before going there.

Sacramento Zoo

Another place that is worth visiting is Sacramento Zoo. It is the best place for the whole family to know more about the animals in Sacramento. Plan your visit and buy your tickets in advance.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the most important landmarks in Sacramento. This golden coloured bridge will light up at night. Besides that, you can visit this bridge to enjoy delicious food at The Tower Bridge Dinner. At this event, people have dinner made by Sacramento’s top chefs along the Tower Bridge.


It seems like you will never run out of museums to visit in Sacramento. One of the exciting museums is Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum, where you can see murals and other arts that represent multiple cultures such as African, Asian, Latino and Native American.

Another museum that your kids will like is Sacramento Children’s Museum. Besides the kid’s related exhibition, the museum also has programs and events for children such as summer camp and craft classes.

10. Thing To Prepare Before Moving To Sacramento, CA

These are three things that you need to do to prepare for a relocation. You do not only need to prepare to move but to settle down as well.

Plan Your Moving Timeline

You must know when you’re moving to know when you should start to prepare for the relocation. Knowing your timeline also includes knowing when you should process your documents, when you have to start packing, and when you should call your relocation company.

The process may take a longer time if you are moving internationally. Therefore, having a note for yourself is always a good help.

Always Get A Checklist

Having a checklist before moving to Sacramento is smart. A checklist also prevents you from making mistakes while moving. Include all the things you need to do and to have in your checklist before moving. Don’t forget to note down the people you need to contact regarding your relocation as well!

In particular, if you are moving from another country, you also need to make a checklist of precautions. It is essential to know all the precautions for your safety and seamless relocation process.

You can divide your “moving to Sacramento” checklist into three categories. They are things to do, documents to have, and things to pack. By having these categories, you will know what to do and when the deadlines are.

Hiring A Mover Does Worth It

Let go of one burden by contacting a professional mover. Moving from one place to another will require you to do a lot of things. So, let someone else ship your belongings to your new home.

First, you need to find a mover with good feedback from its previous customers, like Sanelo. Then you can start your quote with them. Here at Sanelo, we will ensure your packages arrive safely at your new home.

If you are moving locally, you can contact us two months before moving to Sacramento. On the other hand, you need more time if you are moving internationally because all your packages have to go through customs clearance.

Conclusion About Moving To Sacramento

Sacramento is a city that has it all. Job opportunities, great food and art scene, beautiful scenery, and safe neighbours are some of the charms that attract people to Sacramento.

After having a bit of information about Sacramento, you will know how you will settle in the city.

Now you know more about the job opportunities, which neighbourhood seems to fit you best, and what kinds of activities you can do once you are in Sacramento. Once you arrive, try to take a walk the next day to see around your neighbourhood, especially where all the shops and restaurants are.

After knowing what you need to prepare, make a checklist of things to do, people to contact, and things to pack. After that, start your quote with us at Sanelo and read about how we ship your packages safely

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Sacramento

Of course, we will provide you with more information to help you move to Sacramento. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about moving to Sacramento, CA.

Is It Legal For Me To Prepay My Rent?

The landlords in California are allowed to collect prepaid rent for one month plus a deposit. The amount of deposit your landlord can collect should not be more than two months’ rent.

Contact your real estate agent for more information, and ask for a receipt once you have paid the rent and deposit. Make sure to thoroughly read your contract before you sign it.

What Is A Good Salary In Sacramento?

With $76,000 of yearly income, you can live decently in Sacramento. This number is also the average annual income in Sacramento, California. If you want a more comfortable living in Sacramento, then aim to make around $90,000 yearly.

Is Sacramento A Pedestrians-Friendly City?

There are some neighbourhoods the require a car for you to get to your destination easier. Still, some neighbourhoods are walkable.

Areas like Midtown, Marshall School, and Mansion Flat are the pedestrians-friendly ones. If you prefer walking and biking, check on the walkable score of the area while looking for an apartment.

How Do I Start My Quote With Sanelo?

Visit our website to start your quote or contact us if you need more information. There are also pages of information that you can read before starting your quote.


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