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Moving/Relocating To Salt Lake City: 12 Best Tips To Get The Best Experience Of Moving And Living In Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City is a charming place to live. Moving to Salt Lake City means a lot of changes for you and your family, but it may be worth it. Therefore, you need this moving to Salt Lake City advice to help you out.

The cost of living in Salt Lake City is relatively low compared to other big cities in America. This city also has become an increasingly popular destination for entrepreneurs seeking to launch their startups.

Here are the 12 best tips to help you find out what it is like living in Salt Lake City. From jobs, neighbourhoods, amenities and recreation, all you need to know is right here!

1. Find Out What It Is Like To Live In Salt Lake City: The Weather, The Sports And The People

Salt Lake City has a lot of charms, starting from the climate to the community. As an introduction about living in Salt Lake City, there are three things that you need to know.

This City Has All Four Seasons

Salt Lake City has a subtropical climate. It means you can enjoy all four seasons in this city.

The summers in Salt Lake City are hot and dry, but the winters are cold and snowy. In between these seasons, there are wet transition periods. Spring is the wettest period in Salt Lake City, with frequent rainfall.

The locals are still out and about throughout these four seasons. You can find outdoor activities that suit all seasons in Salt Lake City.

Sports Scenes

Salt Lake City is an excellent place for sports fans. Imagine being in one city with the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association (NBA). There is also a fandom trip for the Jazz’s supporters, where you can get four days vacation plus cheer on your favourite team at Vivint Smart Home Arena.

Other than basketball, you can also enjoy university sports matches, Utah Minor League Baseball, Rocky Mountain Raceways, and many more.

The Community

People in Salt Lake City are generally friendly and open to newcomers. This city is known for their sense of equality, which makes them more accepting of people from any background. So, it is no wonder if this city is also LGBT friendly.

Moreover, generosity is not a strange sight in Utah, including Salt Lake City. You can find that there are a lot of volunteer activities to help the community.

2. The Job Growth In Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has been experiencing growth in job opportunities for the past few years. This growth is related to an economic boom in this city due to big companies, such as Adobe Systems, 3M Health Information Systems and Microsoft moving in.

This city provides opportunities for anyone from any industry background. You can look for job opportunities online before moving to Salt Lake City.

You may find support from the community if you are intending to build your business in Salt Lake City. In Utah, there are sites like Local First and Visit Utah that actively promote local businesses.

Overall, Salt Lake City is suitable for those who want to start and advance their career, as well as business owners, as they will receive healthy support from the local community.

3. The Affordability Of Salt Lake City

The overall living cost in Salt Lake City is 6% lower than the national average. Expenses like housing, utilities, and groceries are lower than the national average. The only thing that is more expensive than the national average is transportation expenses.

If you utilise public transportation, such as trains and buses, it is possible to cut your transportation expenses. Additionally, Salt Lake City is a bikeable city. You can ride a bike to get to your destination, and it will not cost you anything.

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4. Before Living In Salt Lake City: Find The Best Neighbourhoods With The Best Communities

Before packing your bags, make sure you’ve found somewhere to live. Here is some important information about some of the best neighbourhoods that you can use when choosing a neighbourhood.

Greater Avenues

Even though the residents of Great Avenues tend to have a conservative view, many young professionals live in this area. Here, you can find amenities such as parks, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

The ratio between homeowners and renters is almost equal; 49% homeowners and 51% renters. It is understandable since the median home price is relatively expensive,$522,488. On the contrary, the median rent price in this area is $1,047 per month.

Sugar House

This neighbourhood is one of the safest places in the city. Besides that, Sugar House is home to local art, nightlife, shopping spots, and restaurants.

The housing prices in Sugar House are relatively affordable for most people. The median home price is $324,184, and the median monthly rent is $988.

Sugar House is the perfect neighbourhood for young professionals, singles, families, and even retirees due to the abundant amenities and affordable housing expenses.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill offers a walkable neighbourhood with safe streets. You can also enjoy the view of Salt Lake Valley from this area.

This neighbourhood is perfect for families because there is green space, friendly neighbours, and access to top-rated schools. You do not need to go far to find learning and playing facilities for children. You only need to head to the Marmalade Branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library.

The median home price in Capitol Hill is $241,773, and the median monthly rent is $885. On top of that, Capitol Hills has various housing options, such as landed houses, modern condos, and apartments.

5. The Public Transportation And Traffic

In general, Salt Lake City has a good public transportation system. You can get around the city by taking trains, buses, and light rail.

In addition to these vehicles, there is also a bike-sharing system. GREENbike SLC is a green alternative for the residents and visitors to get around the city emission-free. You can purchase its 24 hours access for $7, four days access for $15, and its annual membership for $75.

If you want to have a more comfortable trip within the city, you can consider using a ride-sharing app, such as Uber and Lyft. This service is helpful when you need to go home after a night out, especially if you are under the alcohol influence.

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6. Schools and University

The charm of Salt Lake City is not only in the affordability and community but also in the quality of its education services. You can find top-rated schools for any grade throughout the city.

Salt Lake City is also the perfect place to pursue higher education. This city has top universities with high-quality education services.

Here is some information about formal education services in Salt Lake City to get you started.

Some Of The Best Schools In Salt Lake City

You may want to check out Canyon View schools, Oakridge School, and Uintah School for the elementary schools. These schools provide great academic progress, especially in math, English, and science.

If your teenage kids are interested in math and science, check out Academy for Math Engineering & Science (AMES). This school received good feedback on the Great Schools website. You can also find more information on websites like Great Schools to know more about their academic achievement and overall quality.

University Of Utah

The University of Utah is one of the members of the prestigious Association of American Universities. This association has been around for 100 years to give recognition to the most outstanding academic institutions nationwide.

So, suppose your children want to pursue higher education. In that case, you can consider the University of Utah as one of the options.

To be accepted into this university, a student should have a GPA of 3.66 for the high school report. This should be achievable for students who do well in high school.

Even though the University of Utah is packed with students with high academic achievement, it does not mean they do not know how to have fun. Students still host parties, sports games, and other school-sponsored activities.

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7. Moving To Salt Lake City Advice: Explore The Great Outdoors

There are a lot of places to see if you are living in Salt Lake City. One of them is the incredible outdoor scenery and activities. Below are only two of the recreation areas in Salt Lake City. You can find out more once you reach this city.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a trail that stretches for 100 miles along the Wasatch Front. This long-distance network of trails follows the shoreline of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville in Northern Utah.

You can run, walk, or bike along the trail. Do not forget to have your camera ready to capture the beautiful scenery along the trail!

Lake Blanche

Put Lake Blanche on your recreation bucket list! This alpine lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon serves a beautiful scenery with fresh air. You can relax at the shore of the lake while enjoying the beautiful view.

To get here, you need to go to Mill B South Picnic Area, which takes 20 minutes to drive from Salt Lake City. From there, you have to hike to reach Lake Blanche.

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8. The Winters Adventures

Winters in Salt Lake City are beautiful. There are a lot of places you can visit to enjoy the winter holiday. These two places are the hotspots for those who love outdoor adventures.

Park City Mountain

Park City Mountain is a skiing and snowboarding resort area. This resort size is 7,300 acres of mountain terrain and is considered the largest ski resort in the country.

The distance between this resort and downtown Salt Lake City is only 30 miles. The good news is you can still enjoy skiing and snowboarding in this resort even if you are a beginner. Park City Mountain is also a famous recreation spot for families.

Snowbird Resort and Hidden Peak

The resort is in Little Cottonwood Canyon, about 20 miles from the city. There is a cable car in Snowbird Resort to take you up to 2,900 vertical ft. You can enjoy the views of the Wasatch Range during the trip.

9. Spend Your Off Days Visiting The City Attractions

If you prefer to spend your days off in the city, there are attractions that you can visit. Some of them are Temple Square, Hogle Zoo, and Red Butte Garden.

Most of the city attractions are family-friendly. You can visit the official website of Visit Salt Lake for their opening time, admission fees, and special events.

10. Living In Salt Lake City Means You Get The Good Food

The cuisine of Salt Lake City is diverse. You can find dishes from all over the world in this city. So, if you are a foodie, you can spend your weekend restaurant hoping to try the most iconic food in town.

Some foods you have to try once you are in Salt Lake City are bagel sandwiches from Bagels and Greens, pork cracklings and beignets from Pig & a Jelly Jar. Mexican cocktails at Red Iguana are also a must-try!

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11. Have Fun At The Festivals When You’re Living In Salt Lake City

Festivals and community events make a city vibrant and lively. In Salt Lake City, you can have fun while experiencing the arts at the festivals.

Here are some of the festivals that you do not want to miss!

Sundance Film Festival

This film festival is one of the most important events in Salt Lake City. Sundance Film Festival is a two-week celebration of independent American films. You may even bump into some Hollywood celebrities during this film festival!

Utah Arts Festival

At the end of June, locals and visitors come together to celebrate the artworks from around the world. You can enjoy paintings, sculptures, photos, and other visual arts. There will also be performing arts such as dance and storytelling.


This is the time for all the foodies to shine. You can tour the local restaurants, bars, and eateries during this event to try some tasty bites.

You can expect food and beverage samples, entertainment, and giveaways from the event sponsor during the event. Watch out for the event schedule and when you can purchase the tickets.

12. Things You Have To Know Before Moving To Salt Lake City, Utah

Pack The Essentials First

Make sure you have all the essential things in your luggage. Make a list of the essential items, such as documents, medicines, and clothes, so you do not miss anything.

It is important to make a priority list when packing your belongings. You must pack the essential things first, then the second priority, and so on. This list will help you to organise your package and determine which one you should leave behind.

Find Your Home And Contact The Real Estate Agent Before Moving

Find a home before you hop on the plane. It is to avoid additional expenses for staying in a hotel or motel.

Contact your real estate agent a couple of weeks before moving to give the time to prepare all the documents and the place for you. This is also to book an appointment with them before you move to Salt Lake City.

You Can Pack More And Get Your Belongings Shipped

Sometimes, you need to pack more to avoid spending money on buying new things. You can pack your winter gear, electronics, or books and get them delivered to Salt Lake City.

You can engage Sanelo to help you with the shipment of your belongings. Consult us about your needs during the relocation process. Our team will adjust the process to fit your needs.

Conclusion About Moving To Salt Lake City, Utah

Interested in moving to Salt Lake City? This city offers affordability, job opportunities, and top-rated education services. On top of that, finding the safest neighbourhood in Salt Lake City is not a challenging thing to do.

Salt Lake City also has attractions inside and outside the city centre. There will be no boring holidays once you learn about these recreation spots. Besides that, you can celebrate art, food, and sports by attending the festival or events in this city.

To get a seamless moving process, make sure you find your home first. It does not have to be your permanent living place. Once you know more about the city, you can move to a different neighbourhood.

One more thing to do is to engage Sanelo in your relocation. We have a team that is experienced in assisting thousands of people moving homes. Our team is also expertise in helping international moving.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Salt Lake City, Utah

Is Salt Lake City A Good Place To Retire?

Salt Lake City took the spot as one of the best places to retire, according to This city has affordable housing, excellent access to healthcare, and outdoor recreation spots. These amenities will ensure the quality of life, especially for the senior residents.

While building your career in Salt Lake City, you can also plan to invest in a home. By having your own home, you can enjoy your golden years more peacefully.

What Is A Good Salary In Salt Lake City?

To live comfortably in a one-bedroom apartment, you need to earn $62,496 a year. However, you are still able to live decently by earning less than $60,000. In fact, the median household income in Salt Lake City is $45,833.

How Far Ahead Should I Start A Quote With Sanelo?

Ideally, you need to contact Sanelo two months before the move date. With enough time, we can work on making the shipping process fit your needs. Contact us as soon as you know about your relocation details.

Can Sanelo Ship My Belonging Safely To Salt Lake City?

Yes, in addition to normal shipments, Sanelo also handles special shipments, such as electronics, wine, and even antiques.

You can check out our other guides and tips about moving to a cold city like Chicago or a mild climate city like Orlando.


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