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Moving/Relocating To San Francisco: 7 Spectacular Tips To Score A Successful Relocation

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Have you been to a city with a pretty landscape that feels poetic yet a bit hectic? That’s San Francisco for you! It is the city of arts, beautiful architecture, and home to fast-growing tech industries.

If you are considering moving to San Francisco, then you are at the right place. We will provide you with information about things to know before moving to San Francisco.

You will find this article is a practical guide to moving to San Francisco. With this information, you will find out more about the city, how it is like living in San Francisco, and some useful hacks that you will be grateful to know before relocating to San Francisco.

1. Take A Closer Look Into San Francisco The Golden City

There is no doubt that San Francisco is a beautiful city. You will have a lot to see once you become part of San Francisco city. Here are some beauty factors of San Francisco.

Moving Closer To The Pacific Ocean

San Francisco Bay is parallel to the Pacific Ocean, with the Golden Gate strait connecting the two. The location of San Francisco which is close to the Pacific Ocean makes most of the beaches in San Francisco unsafe for swimming. However, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific shoreline. Not many cities have such spectacular scenery!

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The Architectures

One thing you cannot miss from San Francisco is its grand building architecture. From classic Victorian charm to modern architectural styles, your eyes are in for a treat! Some of the buildings that have become the city’s landmarks are Columbus Tower, Palace of Fine Arts Theatre (pictured above), and Transamerica Pyramid.

Natural Wonders In Golden City

Besides the ocean beach, San Francisco has breathtakingly beautiful natural wonders. Many of these open natural areas are available for anyone to visit. Plan an adventure-filled day at Fort Funston park, The San Francisco Botanical Garden, The Presidio urban forest, and many more!

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2. Pick The Right San Francisco Neighbourhood

It is essential to know where you are going to live before arriving in San Francisco. Below are some of the best neighbourhoods in San Francisco.

Outer Sunset

If you prefer to live in a relatively quiet neighbourhood, then you need to consider Outer Sunset. This is an area for families or those who do not need a vibrant nightlife scene. This calm neighbourhood is relatively safe with abundant parking spaces.

The average monthly rent for a studio apartment in this area is $1,423 and for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,555. Looking at the average monthly rent, this neighbourhood seems quite affordable for young professionals.

Outer Richmond

This area is one of the best places to live in San Francisco (plus, you can see the Golden Gate from here!). Living in Outer Richmond will bring you closer to the city attractions, such as The Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, and Sutro Baths.

If you have children, you must consider this place because many public schools around the neighbourhood are top rated. Wouldn’t it be nice to have closer access to an excellent education?

The average monthly rent for a studio apartment is $1,775 and for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,348. If being surrounded by recreation spaces is what you want, then the housing price in this area is definitely worthwhile!

Cole Valley

For you who love the suburban vibe, this area should be on your consideration list. Cole Valley is a safe neighbourhood that is also family-friendly. It has a hiking trail in which you can enjoy the view of Mount Sutro forest. It is the perfect area for young parents to raise children!

The average rental price in this area for a studio apartment is $1,119, and for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,874. It is best to talk to your real estate agent at least a month before moving.

Of course, there are great neighbourhoods in San Francisco other than those three. No matter where you live, you have to make sure that your area meets your needs, such as safety, budget, and the atmosphere it offers.

3. Ready For Job Market In San Francisco

More than 56,000 people work in retail, making it the most common job in San Francisco. Besides the retail industry, the tech industry is also thriving in San Francisco lately. Of course, there are other job opportunities for other sectors too.

So if you want a career change and a new life, try to land a job in San Francisco, as this city is bursting with job opportunities from various sectors!

For your information, the average starting salary in San Francisco is $3,085 per month. The median household income in San Francisco is nearly double the national median income. So, San Francisco is overall an excellent place to get better earnings or start a new job!

4. Embrace The Weather

Living in San Francisco means you have to embrace the weather, which includes the fog. Aside from the gold city, San Francisco is also known as the fog city. The fog in San Francisco can be very thick, especially from June to August.

The warmest period in San Francisco is during the fall season, especially in September. It is the perfect time to visit San Francisco.

The coldest winter in San Francisco is in January. The temperature can drop to 46.4°F on the coldest night. During the summer months, San Francisco gets foggy and hot during the day.

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5. Best Things To Do In San Francisco

Even though San Francisco has one of the best malls in the U.S, we prefer to recommend other things for you to do in your leisure time. It will be a loss for you if you don’t explore San Francisco while living in the city.


San Francisco is not only friendly toward the pedestrians, but also to cyclists! The city has added biking trails in the past few years. This placed San Francisco as the second most bike-friendly city in the state.

Picnic At A Park

The gold city has the most awesome parks for picnics. You can bond with your family and friends by sitting and enjoying the view during picnics.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to picnic spots in San Francisco. Some of the best picnic spots in the city are Pine Lake Park, Mission Dolores Park, Garden of Shakespeare’s flowers, Bernal Heights Park, among many others.

Walk The Golden Gate Bridge

When you are already in San Francisco, don’t forget to visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge has lanes for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the view. As the most photogenic spot in the world, you better get your camera ready before starting your walk!

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6. Living In San Francisco: The Practical Ways

There are tips you can apply to make your life easier in San Francisco. Take note of the tips below so you can save more and live in comfort in San Francisco.

Be A Local Tourist

Do not waste your money on vacations outside the town. Instead, enjoy your free time by visiting the beautiful places in San Francisco. The weather in San Francisco is not extreme, so you can enjoy outdoor attractions all year. Explore San Francisco on your free days!

Do Groceries In Chinatown

Save on monthly groceries by going to Chinatown. At the grocery stores in the Chinatown area, you will find high-quality goods at a lower price. Therefore, tourists love to visit the area and shop.

Doing groceries in Chinatown won’t make you save a lot of money. However, it is still essential to find ways on saving money.

Know Your Public Transport

The best way to get around in San Francisco is by walking or public transportation. There are buses, taxis, and even cable cars as options for your transportation. Some companies also provide free bus rides for their employees.

Buses in San Francisco are designed to be accessible by anyone including the senior citizen and people with disabilities. So if buying a car is not in your plans, you still can get around with public transportation in San Francisco.

7. Write What You Need Before Relocating To San Francisco

To make your relocation process seamless and stress-free, write down all the things that you need. Below is some additional information that you can use to make your moving easier.

Pick The Perfect Moving Time

It is nice to travel to San Francisco in warm weather, which is during the fall season. Also, during this period, especially in September and October, the demand for apartments is relatively low. You may get special deals if you move during the fall season.

Precautions Before Moving To San Francisco

There are precautions that you need to take before moving. If you are moving from overseas, make sure to find information about quarantine and flight regulations. After that, you can adjust the timing with the relocation service regarding the shipment of your belongings. So, you don’t have to worry about your packages arriving when you are not home yet.

Don’t forget to discuss with your relocation company about regulations regarding bringing electronic devices. Even if you are moving locally, having detailed information about your shipment is important.

Find The Right Relocation Company

Trust me, you’d want to get help from a professional mover with good reviews. If that’s what you are looking for, then consider engaging Sanelo. We have years of experience in helping people to move interstate or internationally. All you need to do is start your quote with us at least two months before the moving date.

Contact Sanelo via email or phone if you need detailed information about your moving process. You can also read the information on our website. Find out more about our shipment protection designed to protect just about everything.

Conclusion About Moving To San Francisco

San Francisco is a city with beautiful architecture and sceneries. People living in San Francisco will get the beauty of the city landscape and nature.

Before moving to the city, you need to pick the right neighbourhood for you. In choosing your residential area, you must consider your budget, the area’s safety, and the distance between your home and your workplace.

While researching San Francisco, you can also learn a few life hacks to save money on groceries and recreation. One financial tip that we strongly recommend is to always pick nature rather than a shopping mall.

Once you become a resident of San Francisco, make sure to make the best out of it by exploring the city. There are plenty of things to do in San Francisco. Moreover, the weather is not extreme so you can plan your adventure for the whole year.

Relocating to San Francisco should not be a painful experience if you engage the right relocation company. Start your quote with Sanelo to have your belongings safely delivered to your new home.

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Frequently Asked Question About Moving To San Francisco

Is San Francisco A Walkable City?

The city streets in San Francisco are friendly to pedestrians. The Walk Score of San Francisco is 87, which means you can do almost all your errands by walking.

There are also walking tours in San Francisco, and some are free on the weekends. On this tour, you can visit the city attractions on foot. This is also the best way to explore the city because you will remember the places faster if you walk there.

How Much Should I Make To Live Comfortably?

With a monthly salary of $3,085 to $4,000, you can live decently in San Francisco. If you want to live a more comfortable life, then you need to make $6,000 a month. This is also the number you want for your salary if you have children.

Is It Better To Pack Less?

It is always best to pack less when moving. Categorise your belongings into “must bring” and “must leave”. This categorisation will make your packing easier.

If you must bring electronic devices, please notify your mover or relocation service. Especially if you are from overseas, you’d want to ask for detailed information about the shipment regulations.

How To Start My Quote With Sanelo?

You only need to visit our website the start your quote. For detailed information, you can always contact us via phone or email. We never get tired of reminding you to start your quote a few months before moving. It is to make sure the seamless shipment process of your packages to your new San Francisco home.


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