Moving/Relocating To Sheffield: 9 Little-Known Tips

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Sheffield is the 4th largest city in the United Kingdom (UK), with a population of 741,000. People are moving to Sheffield for the job opportunities, education, and lifestyle offered in a place where city life and nature are incorporated perfectly.

To help you create the best experience of living in Sheffield, we have 9 little-known tips that you’d be grateful to know. You will learn how to embrace the pros and cons of living in Sheffield, survive the cost of living in Sheffield, and enjoy all Sheffield has to offer to the fullest.

1. Embrace The Pros And Cons Of Living In Sheffield

The best way to adapt to the new city is by embracing the pros and cons. That’s why we start this article by providing you with the pros and cons of living in Sheffield.

The Pros Of Living In Sheffield

A City With Frequent Rainfall

Sheffield does not snow often during the winter. However, it rains frequently during all seasons.

If you do not like cloudy weather, you may find Sheffield to be gloomy. However, thanks to this climate, you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities all year round since it will not be extremely cold or hot throughout the year.

Perfect Combination Between Nature And City

Living in a city with beautiful natural scenery is a dream come true for nature lovers. If being in nature is your way to de-stress, Sheffield will be an excellent place to live. In addition, having open green spaces will give you more recreational options other than going to the shopping centre.

One place that you cannot miss to enjoy nature is Peak District. It is a national park located in the Hope Valley village in Derbyshire county. This national park is famous for its limestone formation and stunning landscape. Now, imagine this landscape is your city background.

If you want to go there, you can take a bus. It takes around two hours from Sheffield to the Peak District. On the other hand, the commute time is only 34 minutes if you go there by car.

Friendly Locals

People in Sheffield are generally friendly. This city is known to have happy and outgoing residents. They will be more than happy to give you recommendations for the best places to shop, eat, and visit.

Making new friends in Sheffield is relatively easy, especially for students. You need not hesitate to say hi and make conversation with the locals.

The Cons Of Living In Sheffield


If you open a forum discussion about Sheffield, you will find many people complaining about Sheffield’s traffic. The rush hours in Sheffield start pretty early, from 7:15 am to 9:00 am, and in the afternoon between 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. You want to avoid being on the road during the rush hours.

In addition, sometimes the buses, trains, and trams might experience a delay. Therefore, it is always best to leave early from your home if you plan to take public transportation.

2. Find Out The Housing Prices Before Moving To Sheffield

Finding out the average housing prices in Sheffield is crucial as it would help you prepare your housing budget.

The average housing price in Sheffield is £233,632, and the average monthly rent is £836. These numbers are around 15% lower compared to the national average.

Moreover, as a campus city, Sheffield should provide affordable accommodations for students.

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3. Do Your Research About The Neighbourhoods In Sheffield

Find the best neighbourhoods in Sheffield and secure your home before moving there. This way, you will have a place to go when you arrive in Sheffield.

There are safe and relatively affordable areas you can find in this city. Here are some of the recommended areas in Sheffield.


This area is a suburb located on the northeast of Crookes. Since the location is on the outskirts, the property prices in this neighbourhood are relatively low.

Walkley is perfect for singles, families, and students due to its safety and reasonable housing prices. Besides that, it only takes about 21 minutes to travel to the University of Sheffield and 35 minutes to Sheffield Hallam University by bus.

Living in Walkley will bring you closer to nature. It is near some excellent open spaces in Sheffield, such as Rivelin Valley and Bolehills.


Crookes is one of the safest areas in Sheffield. This area is located about 1.5 miles from the city centre. Living in Crookes will give you access to open spaces such as Crookes Valley Park and Sheffield Botanical gardens.

Crookes offers reasonable housing prices with diverse property options. This area is loved by families. Many students also live here because of the easy access to the University of Sheffield.


One of the best things about Ecclesall is that everything is within walking distance. This trendy area has restaurants, coffee houses, pubs, and bars, making it perfect for families, students, and young professionals to live here.

Living in this area will take you closer to the shopping area on Ecclesall road and other city attractions like Endcliffe Park.

4. Estimate Your Cost Of Living In Sheffield To Get Yourself Prepared

This information is helpful to prepare your post-moving budget. You need to know the average living costs and make calculations before packing your bags.

It is estimated that the average monthly cost for a family of four is £2,156 without rent, and for a single person is £624. After knowing this, you can estimate how much you need to save for your post-moving budget.

However, there are always ways to save money in Sheffield. You can do the following tips to stretch your money even more.

Use The 50 30 20 Budgeting Rule

Making a budget plan should be your priority. You can divide your budget into 50% for monthly needs like groceries and transport, 30% for rent and utilities, 20% for saving. Once you are settled financially, you can allocate 30% of the budget for wants or leisure, and 20% for saving and financial goals.

Shop At Discount Stores

There are many discount shops across Sheffield to buy clothes and household items at low prices. Some of them are Moor Bargains, Wilko, and Brag Vintage.

Your local friends are your source of information to show you the best discount shop in town. You can also take this chance to get along and shop together with your new friends.

Buy In Bulk

Set a monthly budget for groceries and try to buy everything you need in bulk. You will get a lower price if you buy in bulk, and you do not need to make multiple trips to the store, which can result in more spending.

5. Be Optimistic! You Have An Opportunity In Sheffield’s Job Market

Sheffield was named the Steel City because iron and steel have always been the biggest industries here. In addition, sectors such as retail, creative and digital works, healthcare technology, and logistics have experienced significant growth in Sheffield in recent years.

With the steady economic growth, Sheffield can offer job opportunities for its residents and newcomers. On top of that, this city is expected to provide more jobs in the future, especially in the technology sector.

You can start your job hunting and secure a job before moving to Sheffield. This way, you will have financial security when you arrive.

6. Learn How To Get Around The City

Sheffield has trams, buses, and train services to help you get around the city. If you are new to Sheffield, the tram is the easiest option to get around since it covers the main routes in the city.

However, the bus service offers more extensive routes than the trams. You will need to learn how to get around in the city by bus.

One thing to note is that the buses and trams in Sheffield use contactless payment. You need to download the First Bus app to pay your bus fare to get your digital ticket. On the other hand, you can pay for your tram ticket by tapping your debit or credit card or using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

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7. Explore Sheffield On Your Days Off

Sheffield has many exciting places to visit. It has museums and great outdoors where you can enjoy recreational activities. The good news is many of these places are open to the public without an admission fee.

Let’s start with the free places to visit in Sheffield during your weekends or days off:

  • Sheffield Millennium Galleries;
  • Heeley City Farm;
  • Ecclesall Woods;
  • Endcliffe Park; and
  • Norfolk Heritage Park and Norfolk Heritage Trail.

If you are willing to spend some pound sterling, you can visit Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park and Tropical Butterfly House.

If you like to shop, you can visit High Street stores in the city centre. Here, you can find branded goods, vintage shops, and discount stores.

8. Get Familiar With The Local Taste

The experience of living in Sheffield will be incomplete without trying the local dishes. To guide you in starting this culinary journey, we recommend some of the best dishes in Sheffield:

  • Yorkshire fishcake,
  • any food with Hendersons Relish,
  • bonfire toffee, and
  • meat and tattie pie.

To finish off your dinner, you can try some Cocoa Wonderland beer. It is a famous alcoholic beverage in Sheffield with a rich chocolate aroma and sweetness.

9. Things You Should Do Before Moving To Sheffield

You need to prepare well to have a seamless relocation process. Here are things you can do to prepare for your relocation to Sheffield.

Prepare A Budget

Preparing a budget may be the most crucial thing to do before moving. You need to calculate and prepare for the expenses during the preparation, moving trip, and post-moving. Therefore, it will be better to start preparing for your relocation several months before the moving date.

List Of Documents

Whether you’re planning to move locally or internationally, having the necessary documents can save you from trouble. Contact the important parties such as your employer, business partner, real estate agent, or school to ensure you bring the required documents when moving to Sheffield.

Engage Sanelo

A relocation process can be more stressful if you insist on carrying heavy luggage during your moving trip. Contact Sanelo to help you deliver your belongings to your new city. Our team will ensure your belongings will arrive in Sheffield safely.

Conclusion About Moving To Sheffield

Whether you are moving to Sheffield for a job or education, you will enjoy living in this city. You will find that the housing prices are reasonable in Sheffield, there are many safe neighbourhoods, excellent universities, many city attractions, good food, and a relatively affordable cost of living.

If the above reasons are not enough, the friendliness of Sheffield residents will make you feel welcomed. In addition, various industries are growing in Sheffield, making the job market in Steel City more diverse.

To make your relocation less stressful, you must be well prepared. Remember to make a budget for moving preparation, moving trip, and the post-moving. In addition, you need to ensure that you have all the required documents before leaving your hometown. Lastly, engage Sanelo to ship your belongings to Sheffield.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Sheffield

Is Sheffield A Nice Place To Live?

Sheffield is overall a lovely city to raise a family. It is a relatively safe city with friendly communities that will support each other.

How Expensive Is Sheffield For Students?

Sheffield can be expensive for students from overseas. The undergraduates from overseas usually spend between £18,500 to £23,750 yearly for the tuition costs. However, local students can benefit from the £9,250 per year cap of tuition costs for undergraduates.

How Much Do I Need To Live In Sheffield?

The average salary in Sheffield is £33,500 per year. This number can afford you decent living expenses in Sheffield.

How Do I Contact Sanelo To Help My Relocation To Sheffield?

Visit our official website and start your quote. If you need more information or consult about your relocation needs, you can contact us by phone or email. Our team will guide you through the process of relocation.

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