Moving/Relocating To St. Louis: 7 Must-Know Quick and Helpful Facts To Make Moving Easy, Stress-free, And Even Fun! [Lifehack]

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Are you thinking of moving to St Louis, Missouri, but you have no idea how to do it?

Or are you hoping to get reliable advice about the things to know before moving to St. Louis from someone who lived there? Perhaps, do you want insider information from Missouri locals about what living in St. Louis is like?

If you’re not sure where to start your journey in moving to St. Louis, worry no more! This guide contains 7 must-know quick and helpful facts and other things to know before moving to the city.

We hope that this article will make sure that your move there is stress-free, easier and faster!

1. The First “Moving to St Louis, Missouri” Advice Is To Find The Best Neighbourhood Suited For You

Considered to be Missouri’s second-largest city, St. Louis is home to 79 beautiful neighbourhoods with attractive housing options, lower cost of living, and active community organisations, making it “The City of Neighbourhoods” located near the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

As of 2020, St. Louis’ population in the city proper alone is 301,500, while its bi-state metropolitan area is over 2.8 million. This alarming number suggests that the rate of moving to St Louis, Missouri, has more than doubled over the years. Consider this piece of information as good news!

A booming real estate market will offer the most competitive prices that can bring your housing costs down. And who doesn’t want extra savings?

The first good tip for not regretting the decision to live in St. Louis is always to compare the neighbourhoods first. Some of the most popular communities in St. Louis are:

  • Central West End
  • The Hill
  • Kirkwood
  • Webster Groves
  • Carr Square
  • Hi-Pointe
  • Holly Hills
  • Hyde Park
  • Kings Oak
  • Kingsway East

What makes these neighbourhoods most popular is that they not only offer varying prices for their quality homes, but they’re also near iconic places that will make your stay in Missouri special, such as:

  • Samuel Kennedy Park
  • Forest  Park
  • Homes of Baseball greats Joe Garagiola, Sr. and Yogi Berra
  • The Magic House
  • Laumeier Sculpture Park

2. St. Louis Is One Of The Best Cities In The U.S.

Image Credit: Unsplash

The 2019 U.S. News and World Report show that St. Louis is one of the best cities in the U.S! The ranking comes from analysing the metro areas of U.S. cities and the people’s quality of life, their booming job market, and many other factors.

A good tip in making sure you pick the most appropriate residence in St. Louis is to ask yourself first the reason why you’re moving. Are you staying in St. Louis to finish your degree or perhaps, you’re one of the young professionals wanting to take part in the city’s booming central business park?

What’s your reason for moving to St. Louis?

Many locals can agree that St. Louis offers excellent low-cost housing and luxury residences that will satisfy the most discriminating taste no matter your reason. It’s also the home of many cultural parks, stunning heritage sites and, well, of course, the famous gateway arch! The best part?

The costs for attractions are low so that you can tour around the beautiful City of St Louis without breaking the bank!

3. St. Louis’ Cost Of Living Is Surprisingly Affordable

When you move to big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, the upper-class lifestyle you will enjoy comes with a hefty price tag. But guess what, not when you relocate to Missouri! You can still enjoy first-class malls, exciting monthly events and sprawling natural scenery without going over budget and therefore, making the cost of living in St. Louis affordable.

With a median home price of just $168,500, it’s not hard to see why St. Louis ranks as one of the 25 best cities in the country where first-time homebuyers can get the best deals. Finally, you can now move into your dream home and enjoy countless affordable activities without worrying about your next month’s rent.

And did you also know that the average score for the cost of living in St. Louis is only 81.3? The score is based on the U.S. average of 100, where any amount below 100 means lower than the national average. This means more things to do for you and more places to enjoy in the City of St Louis without spending too much!

4. You Can Find Impressive Schools In St. Louis

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St. Louis offers excellent public and private education from kindergarten to graduate school.

The 75 schools in the public school districts mean that your kids don’t have to travel far for class no matter where you live. The Clayton High School, Lindbergh High School and Kirkwood High School are schools best known for their athletic and extracurricular programs. However, picking the right school when living in St. Louis can be pretty intimidating because every school has their own high standard enrolment requirements.

A smart tip: Find the right school by establishing your priorities, such as location, number of students or whether you want a private, charter, magnet or conventional school.

Higher Education

Enrolling your kids or yourself into college when moving to St. Louis is a fantastic decision because the city has multiple established and first-class universities. One of your best picks is no other than Washington University, which regularly tops any list of the most excellent colleges in the United States! Here are just some recommendations:

  • Wash U or Washington University is best known for its School of Medicine.
  • Saint Louis University also takes pride in being a top school and the oldest university located west of Mississippi.
  • Webster University offers a robust fine arts program and an internationally acclaimed chess team.

Truly, St. Louis attracts the country’s and even the world’s brightest minds because of its established reputation in innovative education. The more people are moving to St. Louis to study, the more the city’s economy will flourish. As a result, it offers local companies a limitless supply of talent and provides job seekers plenty of opportunities to relocate to Missouri as the number of jobs opening continues to soar. Impressive, indeed!

5. One Of The Most Important Things to Know Before Moving To St. Louis Is To Decide Between Buying Or Renting

The housing market in St. Louis can be challenging if you’re still not sure how long you’ll be staying in the city.

Before committing your entire life savings and hopes into a home in St. Louis, here’s an easy but practical tip – Try renting a unit first!

Fundamental Question To Ask Yourself Before Relocating to Saint Louis – #1. How Long Do I Plan To Stay In St. Louis, MO?

If you plan on constantly travelling, it may be ideal to rent a home first instead of buying. It makes more sense to invest in a house if you’re relocating to Missouri as a family.

Renting allows you to experience the neighbourhood first. This way, you can see if the services, the communities, and even the neighbours will fit your long-term goals.

Fundamental Question To Ask Yourself Before Relocating to Saint Louis – #2. Who Will Cover The Repair Costs?

If you’re planning to rent when moving to St. Louis, Missouri, make your landlord state which of you will cover the repair costs. Renting isn’t always more affordable than owning a home or a car if the overhead maintenance costs get too high.

Usually, renting has fewer up-front and unforeseen expenses, so you are saved from the repair costs you might incur when you have a home or a car.

6. St. Louis Turns Your Dream Of Traffic-Free Into Reality

Are you exhausted by the big city’s energy-draining commute system? Is traffic one of your frustrations? All of that fades away in the wind when you relocate to St. Louis!

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that St. Louis ranks consistently below the national average for commuting time to get to work. It’s no wonder that the city is known as the “20-minute city” because you can reach its famous spots almost instantly regardless of traffic!

Regardless of where you want to visit, from restaurants located downtown to a local history museum or going to work in one of the major companies in the city, you’ll have no problem reaching your destination on time. We’re not kidding! Here are your best modes of transport for commuting easily and stress-free!

  • Taxi
  • Uber/Lyft
  • MetroLink and Metrobus
  • Private Vehicle

A bonus fun tip: Always look for the “Attraction Corridor” signage. It’s your guide to find the most popular tourist spots in the area!

Keep reading for the final things to know before moving to St. Louis!

7. St. Louis Has A Lively Sports Community

Meeting your future neighbours before moving to St. Louis will be much easier if you share something in common. Usually, it’s sports! No city seems to have a baseball culture like St. Louis. If you weren’t a fan of baseball or the 11-time World Series winner, St. Louis Cardinals, then you will be after relocating here!

Your interest in sports can help you meet like-minded people who might eventually turn into one of your closest friends! You can count on them to give trustworthy advice on who to contact in your neighbourhood when you have utility problems, how to deal with power interruption, leaking pipes or locksmith issues.

Who knows? Maybe you can even gain a friend that is more than happy to tour you around the lovely must-see attractions in St. Louis!

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Conclusion About Living in St. Louis and Other Things To Know Before Moving To Missouri

Whether you’re relocating to St. Louis with your family or on your own, this guide has endless ways to make your move easier, stress-free and even fun!

With our highly requested guide about things to know before moving to St. Louis, you have nothing to worry about as we’ve covered all aspects for moving from affordable living options, best places to studies and how to lower the cost of living!

Whether you are moving locally or relocating internationally, Sanelo can help and assist you in moving to St. Louis! It’s really simple! Give us a call at +65 3138 5273 today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To St. Louis

Does Sanelo Only Provide Services To People Who Are Relocating To St. Louis, MO?

We’ve helped many people relocate, and St. Louis, MO, is just one of the cities we’ve covered before. Here are just some top locations that we have served before:

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Can I Still Request For Help To Move Regardless Of The Climate?

Missouri has a humid subtropical climate, with an average high temp of 65.8 °F, and an average low of 42.7 °F. If you love warm weather, St. Louis is perfect for you! Be sure to pack sunblocks and some lightweight clothes in natural fibres to keep yourself cool during summers. If you are moving during winter, you must get soft rubber soles so that your shoes will not freeze and become too slippery to walk in.

Are you already planning for relocation and really keen on finding a professional mover that can offer the best price that suits your budget? Contact Sanelo for an obligation-free quote!

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What Are The Hospitals In Missouri?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we understand from many of our clients that they need to have at least one hospital near the places they plan to relocate.

Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center, St. Louis, Audrain Medical Center, Aurora Community Hospital and Bothwell Regional Health Center are just some of your many options in Missouri. These hospitals are praised nationally for their medical advancements, especially in cancer treatment, colonoscopy, hernia repair and orthopaedic services.

Is St. Louis A Good Place To Live?

Yes, living in St. Louis, MO, is an excellent idea if you have always dreamed of living in a place that has a lower cost of living, affordable housing and plenty of lifestyle activities for people with a median household income. Indeed the city is simply one of the best places you can be!

St. Louis offers a lot of reasons for people to relocate there. If what you’re after is an adventure with your entire family, but you want to stay within budget, here are some of the affordable but fun things you can do in St. Louis.

  • Ride on the Emerson Zooline Railroad to see exotic animals, such as stingrays and zebras, in the petting zoo.
  • Indulge in art at the St. Louis Art Museum to experience the contemporary and classic oil paintings, sculptures, photographs and other masterpieces.

Other reasons that make St. Louis a good place to live include retirement and starting a family in a quiet rural setting. So what’s holding you back from relocating to St. Louis, Missouri?


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