Moving/Relocating To Stuttgart: 10 Things To Anticipate So You Won’t Be Caught Off-Guard

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Moving to Stuttgart may be an attractive idea if you are looking for a city with a high-quality living standard.

By living in Stuttgart, Germany, you will find opportunities to work in an international company and many things to do throughout the year.

In addition, the cost of living in Stuttgart, Germany is quite reasonable, considering the high average salary.

Here, we share 10 things you can anticipate when living in Stuttgart.

1. Reasons Why Living In Stuttgart, Germany, Is Worthwhile

Stuttgart is one of the most expensive cities in Germany. However, it never fails to attract more people to move in. You’re probably wondering why. Let’s find out!

Below are some reasons why living in Stuttgart has been the best decision for many people worldwide.

Best Destination For Digital Nomads

Expats living in Stuttgart are not only employees of international companies located there. A substantial portion of them are digital nomads who are there to enjoy the city.

If you are a digital nomad, finding a co-working space around the city is not challenging. You will also enjoy working from a cafe or from the comfort of your home in Stuttgart.

High Safety Rate

Stuttgart has a high safety rate. The overall safety index in Stuttgart is 69.19, which is pretty high.

You can walk alone in the daylight or at night without worrying about being a crime victim. Of course, basic safety measures such as not walking alone in a dark alley should be practised to avoid undesirable situations.

Many English Speakers

Stuttgart is home to many international brands like Porsche, Bosch, and Hewlett Packard. Therefore, many people speak English, even the locals. Since many expats live here, staff at restaurants or public services usually speak English.

However, learning the German language will still be beneficial for you. Among other benefits, you will also be able to ask for directions from a stranger and communicate with the local neighbours if you’re familiar with the German language.

2. Lovely Weather All Year Round In Stuttgart

One thing you can expect from Stuttgart is the rain. This city experiences about 114 days of rainy days throughout the year.

The summers are warm and comfortable, and the winters are cloudy, cold and windy. The average temperatures in Stuttgart are between 33.8°F (1°C) to 66.6°F (19.2 °C). It is comfortable to do outdoor activities all year round in these temperatures.

city skyline during night time

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3. Stuttgart Has The Best Neighbourhoods For Anyone

Stuttgart is generally a lovely city to live in. It has neighbourhoods suitable for singles, families, and retirees.

Below are some of the best neighbourhoods for everyone including expats:

  • Stuttgart Mitte,
  • Stuttgart-West,
  • Stuttgart Ost,
  • Degerloch, and
  • Bad Canstatt.

The above neighbourhoods provide excellent amenities such as restaurants, bars, public transport, and recreational areas. These areas are also safe options for a newcomer to the city.

If you are looking for peaceful areas with easy access to the city centre, Bad Cannstatt and Degerloch can be your best options. Besides that, Bad Cannstatt also offers more affordable housing.

4. The Cost Of Living In Stuttgart Is Reasonable

The cost of living in Stuttgart is still considered reasonable. Including rent, the estimated monthly expenses for a family of four is €3,657, and for a single person is €1,985.

To save more money in Stuttgart, there are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Make a monthly budget.
  • Live outside the city centre area for cheaper rent and house prices.
  • Take advantage of the free attractions such as the Public Library, Höhenpark Killesberg, and Christmas Markets.
  • Take public transport.
  • Ask for recommendations from your local friends about the cheap grocery stores.

5. Job Opportunities In Various Industries In Stuttgart

One of the main reasons why Stuttgart is attractive to expats is due to the career opportunities available. Stuttgart has various significant sectors, especially in creative industries and there are around 4,500 companies in the creative industry here.

To give you an insight about career opportunities, here we share the main industries for your reference:

  • automotive industry,
  • aerospace,
  • electronics and machinery,
  • finance,
  • IT,
  • media, and
  • creative industry.

Please remember to secure a job before moving to Stuttgart. This way, you can consult with your employer about the visa application, health insurance, and even temporary accommodation if needed.

6. There Are Many Ways To Get Around Stuttgart

One of the best things about Stuttgart is you will find many ways to get around this city. It has an excellent public transportation system that covers extensive routes.

Taking public transport may be a better way to travel in Stuttgart than driving a car. You will find various means of public transport such as S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines, trams, trains, and buses.

Around the city centre area, you can enjoy biking. If you do not have a bike, you can rent one from the bike rental service.

a train station with a train on the tracks

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7. Fun Local Events To Anticipate

There are four main events in Stuttgart that you shouldn’t miss. These are the Spring Festival, Summer Festival, Beer Festival, and Christmas Markets.

You will find delicious food, entertainment, and many shopping stalls at these festivals. Through festivals, you will also learn more about the local culture. Thus, we always recommend attending local events and festivities!

For more fun, you can also look forward to the following festivals:

  • Stuttgart’s Afrika Festival,
  • Flammende Sterne Fireworks Festival,
  • Weindorf Wine Festival, and
  • Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival.

a building with a lot of windows at night

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8. You Will Never Get Bored Because There Are Many Places To Visit

Stuttgart has many historical and modern landmarks. Fill up your bucket list with the iconic places in Stuttgart that you cannot miss to make the most of your time in this city.

Below are the famous landmarks in Stuttgart worth visiting on weekends or days off:

  • Johanneskirche,
  • Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross (Stiftskirche),
  • Palace Square,
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum,
  • Fernsehturm Stuttgart, and
  • Staatsgalerie.

To explore more beautiful places in Stuttgart, you should visit these gardens and parks:

  • Hohenheimer Garden,
  • Maurischer Garten Stuttgart,
  • Tal der Rosen,
  • Rosensteinpark, and many more.

9. Exciting Food Scene In Stuttgart

If eating is your way to destress and have fun, you are in the right place. You will find many delicious dishes in Stuttgart.

As a guide for your culinary adventure, here are some of the must-try dishes in Stuttgart:

  • spätzle (flour dumplings),
  • flädlesuppe (soup with long pasta),
  • zwiebelrostbraten (roast and onions),
  • bretzel, and
  • German potato salad.

Since you are in Germany, you should taste the local beer. Visit the local breweries with friends to taste craft beers while having a good chat.

10. Stress-Free Relocation By Engaging A Moving Company

For a stress-free relocation, you need to let the professional ship your belongings to Stuttgart. A moving company, like Sanelo, will walk you through the whole process, from the paperwork to picking up and shipping your belongings.

By engaging Sanelo, you can avoid the risk of carrying too much luggage on your trip. Especially if you move from overseas, you will find it more practical to carry less luggage on your moving trip.

Conclusion About Moving To Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a city with many charms. It offers working opportunities for anyone, even the digital nomads.

In addition, you will also find many neighbourhoods suitable for expats, singles, and families. This city is also safe, has an excellent public transport system, and various festivals to look forward to throughout the year.

You will not get bored when you’re living in Stuttgart since there are many beautiful places to visit. Stuttgart is also the perfect place for your culinary adventure if you love food.

The last thing you can anticipate is a smooth relocation by engaging Sanelo to ship your belongings to Stuttgart. Our team is ready to pick up and deliver your belongings to your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Stuttgart

Is Stuttgart A Good City For Expats?

Stuttgart is one of the popular destinations among the expat community. This city offers opportunities in various industries and a conducive environment for digital nomads.

Many people from overseas even consider Stuttgart as the best retirement destination.

How Much Do I Need To Live In Stuttgart?

The average monthly salary in Stuttgart is €3,900. This salary is enough to afford decent living expenses, including rent for a single person.

If you’re moving with your partner or kids, you need to earn at least €5,000 to €6,000 monthly. This way, you can afford the basic living expenses and housing costs.

Is Stuttgart More Expensive Than Berlin?

The cost of living in Stuttgart is not much different from Berlin. For example, suppose you need €4,000 to afford certain living standards in Berlin. In that case, you will need €3,920.56 in Stuttgart to maintain the same standard.

Can Sanelo Ship My Belongings From Overseas?

Yes, the team in Sanelo can ship your belongings from your home country to Stuttgart, Germany. We will also walk you through the whole process to ensure the documents for the shipment are well prepared.

Find out more information about international relocation on our website. You can also contact us for more information about the shipment process.

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