Moving/Relocating To Sydney: 10 BEST Sydney Life-hacks For A Smooth Relocation Process

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Living in Sydney, Australia, can be an excellent decision if you want to study or work in a vibrant city with many attractions.

However, before moving to Sydney, we highly recommend you read and learn about these 10 best life hacks that will help you prepare for your relocation to Sydney. You’ll find out all the essential information, including the cost of living in Sydney, Australia to help you make your budget.

1. Learn The Benefits And Downsides Of Living In Sydney To Adapt Faster

Learning about the pros and cons of living in Sydney, Australia, will save you from culture shock. Sydney is a lovely city that offers nice weather, beautiful scenery, and excellent transportation. However, it also has its cons.

Below we mention some of the pros and cons of living in Sydney.

The Benefits Of Living In Sydney

The Lovely Weather

Sydney experiences a subtropical climate. It means you can enjoy four seasons in this city with occasional rainfalls.

Summers in Sydney are warm and humid, with temperatures ranging from 65.5°F (18.6°C) to 78.4°F (25.8°C). Winters in Sydney are mild, with average temperatures from 47.8°F (8.8°C) to 62.6°F (17°C).

Plenty Of Attractions

There are plenty of places to visit when you are in Sydney. You can relax by the beach, stroll along the harbour, or enjoy the grand architecture of Sydney’s landmarks.

If you’re in the mood to socialise, you can hang out at bars and clubs or enjoy some games in virtual reality escape rooms.

Sydney Airport

This is one of the main plus points for Sydney. This city has its own airport, which means you can easily travel to other countries or cities from Sydney.

The Downsides Of Living In Sydney

The Traffic Can Be Hectic

The congestion on Sydney’s roads can be bad during the rush hours. The average speed can drop to 29 km/h during the peak traffic jam in Sydney.

To avoid being stuck on the road, it is better to plan your commute ahead. For example, you can travel before or after the rush hours to avoid traffic jams.

Sydney Opera near bridge

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2. Search For A Home In The Best Neighbourhood In Sydney

While preparing for your relocation, make sure you also search for an accommodation. To help you settle in faster in a new city, you need a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle.

Therefore, we recommend you some of the best neighbourhoods in Sydney suitable for singles, families, and students below.

Central Business District (CBD)

This area is perfect if you want easy access to entertainment and a vibrant nightlife. You will not run out of things to do while living in this area.

You can spend your weekend visiting Circular Quay and the Sydney Opera House. Enjoying a stroll along the harbour or shopping at Pitt Street Mall will also be a good idea.

Baulkham Hills

Baulkham Hills is a family-friendly suburb with a lot of green spaces. This area is attractive to families because of its proximity to schools for children aged 7 to 12 years old.

This area also offers other amenities such as churches, public transport, hospitals, and commercial space. You will find that Baulkham Hills is a comfortable place to live whether you move alone or with family members.


Arncliffe has affordable house prices due to its far distance from the CBD. It will take you 20 minutes to commute by train to the CBD.

This area also offers houses and apartments you can buy or rent. In addition, you will find great food venues and vibrant nightlife.

3. Find Out The Cost Of Living In Sydney And How You Can Save More Money Here

Learning about the cost of living in Sydney is important to help you craft your post-moving and monthly budget, since Sydney is also known as an expensive city in Australia.

The average monthly cost of living for a family of four and a single person is 7,464 AUD (5,557 USD) and 4,254 AUD (3,167.42 USD) respectively. These numbers do not include the housing costs.

To get a total average cost of living, you should add the monthly rent. The rental prices in Sydney range from 1,876 AUD (1,396.82 USD) to 3,254 AUD (2,422 USD), depending on the size and location of the property.

Here are some tips to save more money and cut expenses in Sydney that you’d be grateful to know:

  • Live in a shared accommodation to cut the rental cost.
  • Switch off your electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Wash laundry using cold water.
  • Make your coffee at home rather than buying from a coffee shop.

seashore during daytime

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4. Make Sure To Find A Job Before Moving To Sydney

If you plan to move to Sydney as a skilled worker or professional, make sure to secure a job before moving. This way, it will be easier to earn your visa since you have an employer and income.

We will share some of the biggest industries in Sydney to help you find more opportunities in the local job market. You can refer to the following sectors when on a job hunt:

  • professional, scientific and technical services,
  • food and accommodations, and
  • financial services.

Once you get a job offer, please remember to clarify with your employer on the visa requirements. You’ll be able to prepare all the required documents on time if you have the information early.

5. Pursue A Higher Education At The Top Universities In Sydney

Aside from job opportunities, many people move to Sydney to pursue higher education. Universities in Sydney are globally recognised for their research.

Additionally, Sydney offers a suitable environment for foreign students with beautiful beaches, lovely weather, and friendly locals.

To help you decide which university to enrol in, here are some top universities in Sydney for your reference:

  • University of New South Wales,
  • Macquarie University,
  • The University of Technology Sydney,
  • Australian Catholic University, and
  • Charles Darwin University.

On average, the cost of an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Sydney is between 15,000 AUD and 33,000 AUD (11,169 to 24,573 USD) per year. Meanwhile, a postgraduate master’s degree may cost you from 20,000 AUD to 37,000 AUD (14892.8 to 27,551 USD) annually.

You can apply for a scholarship before moving to Sydney to get financial assistance for your education. Many universities in Sydney also offer scholarships or financial aid for their students.

6. Learn The Best Way To Commute In Sydney

Familiarising yourself with the local transportation will help you to navigate the city. Luckily, you will find plenty of options to commute in Sydney.

Sydney has metros, trains, buses, ferries, a light rail, regional coaches, taxis, and hire vehicles. If your destination is not too far, walking and cycling are the best options.

To help you learn about the routes, spare one day to go around Sydney by public transport. It will be easier to navigate the city if you explore it directly.

people walking on the beach near high rise buildings during daytime

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7. Visit The Beautiful Places In Sydney And Enjoy The Recreational Activities

Sydney is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. This city offers plenty of attractions and entertainment that you can enjoy all year round.

To fill up your itinerary, below are some beautiful and fun places to visit in Sydney:

  • Sydney Opera House,
  • Bondi Beach (pictured above),
  • Royal National Park,
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge,
  • Taronga Zoo,
  • Art Gallery of New South Wales, and
  • Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

When visiting the above places, you can enjoy sightseeing, walking, and relaxing. Of course, there are more exciting places in Sydney that you will find out about after spending some time in this city.

You can also ask your local friends or colleagues to show you around. It will be the best way to get closer to them while enjoying the city.

8. Make Sydney Your Home By Exploring The Food Scene

Another thing to enjoy in Sydney is the food. You will be surprised that Sydney is home to amazing food and restaurants.

To start off your culinary journey in Sydney, here are some of the iconic dishes you should try while you are living in this city:

  • Australian prawns,
  • Avocado on toast,
  • Barramundi,
  • Potato cake, and
  • Lamington cake (picture above).

If you want to challenge your palate, you can try witchetty grub. It is a traditional food of indigenous Australian that can be eaten raw or cooked. The cooked witchetty grub will produce a nutty flavour with crunchy skin, so it may not be as scary as it looks.

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9. Things To Do To Help You Prepare For Your Relocation To Sydney

You need to be well prepared if you want your relocation to be seamless. Below are the two most practical yet efficient pointers to ensure your relocation runs smoothly.

Prepare A Relocation List

Preparing a checklist before starting your relocation process is an excellent move. To help you create a relocation list, below are some categories you need to include in your list:

  • documents,
  • things to do and the timeline,
  • items to pack,
  • items to donate or sell,
  • moving essentials to buy (boxes and luggage),
  • list of travel precautions, and
  • important contacts.

You can track your relocation progress regularly using the list. Check the item or activity that was done, and add new pointers if needed.

This checklist will save you from more stress since you won’t need to memorise everything. You can always refer to the list to see the next things to do.

Prepare A Relocation Budget

The relocation budget should be well planned to cover your preparation, trip, and post-moving expenses. Therefore, you need to write the things you need and the costs.

A post-moving budget is essential to prepare since you will not receive your first income until the next month. You need to plan a budget that will cover your living expenses, rent, and transportation fare during this period of time.

10. Engage An International Moving Company To Ship Your Belongings

If you want your relocation to be stress-free, engage a moving company to ship your belongings to Sydney. You won’t have to carry heavy luggage or get surprised by excess baggage fees.

Sanelo, for example, has a team with years of experience in helping people to relocate internationally and locally. We also will guide you through the process, including the paperwork regarding the shipment of your package.

Conclusion On Moving To Sydney

Sydney is a friendly Australian city with nice weather, plenty of places to visit, good food, and also opportunities for education and careers. This city also offers excellent public transport with various options to commute.

It is best to find a new home before flying to Sydney to avoid paying more for a hotel room. This city has neighbourhoods that will fit everyone’s needs, whether you live alone or with family members.

In addition, to make your relocation stress free, you need to make a checklist and budget that cover everything from preparation to the post-moving period.

Engaging Sanelo to ship your belongings to Sydney is also an efficient hack to avoid carrying heavy luggage during the moving trip. You will also avoid extra spending on excess baggage if you have your belongings shipped by our team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Sydney

Is Sydney A Good Place To Live?

Sydney is one of the most liveable cities in the world. This city has a thriving economy which means more job opportunities. In addition, you can enjoy your leisure time by visiting city attractions.

How Much Should I Earn Monthly To Live Comfortably In Sydney, Australia?

On average, people in Sydney earn around 67,860 AUD (50,531.27 USD) annually or around 5,000 AUD (3,723.20 USD) monthly. This amount of income can afford you a decent living expense in Sydney.

If you want to afford a more comfortable lifestyle, you need to earn around 6,000 AUD (4,467.84 USD) a month. This monthly income can afford you a studio apartment and other monthly expenses.

Is Sydney A Friendly City?

Sydney is one of the friendliest cities in the world. The locals love the beauty of their city and are happy to share it with people from other parts of the world.

Can Sanelo Help With My International Relocation To Sydney?

Yes, we can. Sanelo has a team with years of experience in helping people to relocate internationally and locally.

Contact us to talk to our team and consult about your relocation needs. Start your quote with us a couple of months before your moving trip. This way, our team will have time to schedule your shipment and adjust the process for you.

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