Moving/Relocating To Tampa: 8 Factors To Consider Before You Pack Your Bags

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Living In Tampa, Florida, means sunny days and mild winters. You will be able to do many outdoor activities all year long. Believe it or not, this is one of the main reasons why people are moving to Tampa.

If you’re planning to move to Tampa, this article is for you. We’ll share some important things that you must know before moving to Tampa, Florida, including the neighbourhood, job opportunities, and the cost of living in Tampa, Florida.

You will get an idea of what it is like living in Tampa after going through these 8 factors to consider before moving.

1. Interesting Yet Essential Facts About Living In Tampa, Florida

Before we share some serious information, let’s get an idea of what Tampa is like at a glance first. These fun yet true facts will be helpful information to introduce you to Tampa.

Visit Cuba In Tampa

Tampa is a city with a noticeable Cuban vibe. One of the obvious examples is the Cuban cigars which are, actually, made in Tampa. The Cuban sandwich was also invented in Tampa.

Therefore, you will love Tampa if you like Cuban culture and food.

Gulf Coast Beaches

Tampa is the major city on the Gulf Coast and is blessed with many beautiful beaches.

You do not need to go anywhere else for a summer vacation if you are already in a tourist destination. Wouldn’t it be nice to live like you are on vacation every day?

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2. The Weather Is Lovely

The climate in the Tampa Bay area is a humid subtropical climate. It means Tampa gets hot and wet seasons from May to October and dry seasons from November to April.

The coldest period in Tampa is from December to February. The temperature is expected to be the coldest in January, where it can dip to anywhere between 71°F and 52°F.

For many people, this climate is good news. There is no freezing winter or heavy snowfall in Tampa, so everyone can enjoy outdoor activities all year long.

3. Safe And Affordable Neighbourhoods In Tampa

Securing where you will live is important before moving to a new city. Tampa has affordable and safe areas for you to choose from. Below are some of the safe neighbourhoods with affordable houses and rental prices:

Channel District

Channel District offers the atmosphere of Downtown Tampa with more affordable housing prices. The median home price in this area is $288,175, and the median monthly rent is $1,767. Considering this area has the feeling of living in Downtown Tampa, these median housing prices are worthwhile.

In addition to its affordability, Channel District has excellent amenities such as bars, restaurants, a sports arena, and parks. You cannot also miss the chance to visit The Florida Aquarium located in this neighbourhood.

Riverside Heights

Riverside Heights is located about a ten-minute drive from Downtown Tampa. It is also a perfect neighbourhood for you if you want a quiet and safe area.

In addition, the housing prices are relatively affordable. The median house price is $151,350, and the median monthly rent is $1,464.

The amenities in this area are pretty decent. You will find parks, restaurants, and coffee shops around the neighbourhood.

Seminole Heights

This suburban area is perfect for young professionals and young families. The housing prices are affordable in Seminole Heights. The median house price is $131,63, and the median monthly rent is $958.

The amenities in this area are decent. You can find shops, vintage shops, and restaurants around the area.

Other attractive things about Seminole Heights are the bike-friendly streets and the historic vibe in this neighbourhood. This area also has a high safety rate in Tampa, Florida.

4. Get The Money! Job And Business Opportunities

The job growth in Tampa has increased in 2021. It is reported that there is a 7.2% increase in private-sector jobs. According to Best Places, Tampa is also expected to have 42.7% job growth in the next ten years.

The growing economy in Tampa shows plenty of opportunities whether you are in the job market or planning to build a business.

Some of the biggest industries in Tampa are as follows:

  • avionics, defence and marine electronics;
  • tourism;
  • business and information services; and
  • financial services.

If you have the skills and expertise in the industries above, Tampa can be your best choice to advance your career.

On the other hand, if you want to start a business in Tampa, then you are in the right city. The office space prices are relatively affordable. The income tax for corporations is 5.5%, which is pretty low if compared to other cities like New York or Vermont.

5. The Cost Of Living In Tampa, Florida, Is Reasonable

In Tampa, Florida, the overall cost of living is 5% lower than the national average. The best thing in Tampa is the housing prices that are 23% lower than the national average. It means you have a better opportunity to invest in a home for your retirement days.

On top of that, there is no state income tax in Florida. Your income will not get deducted to pay the income tax.

Transportation expenses such as bus fares and gas prices are 6% higher than the national average. However, you can cut your transport expenses by living near your workplace. Another way to save money on transport is by living in a walkable neighbourhood.

The cost of living in Tampa makes this city perfect for young professionals who are just starting their careers. The affordability is also suitable for retirees.

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6. Go Outside And Have Fun!

It will be a waste if you do not enjoy the outdoor fun when you are living in Tampa. This city has tons of attractions to enjoy all year long!

Here are some recreation spots to enjoy yourself during weekends or on holidays:

  • Clearwater Beach
  • Caladesi Island / Honeymoon Island
  • Hillsborough River State Park
  • Tampa Riverwalk
  • Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park
  • Ybor City

You can find more places other than these six once you are in Tampa. For more accurate information about fun places to visit, you can ask for recommendations from your local friends.

If you prefer indoor activities, you can visit museums such as the Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa Bay History Center or jump around at trampoline parks.

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7. Visit Restaurants That Serve The Local’s Favourite

The ultimate must-try dishes in Tampa are Cuban sandwiches, grouper sandwiches, deviled crab, and guava pastry. These are the foods that Tampa is known for.

You can find many restaurants that serve these dishes. Here are some recommended restaurants where you can enjoy the best local food:

  • La Segunda Central Bakery (Cuban sandwich)
  • Cacciatore & Sons (deviled crab)
  • Emymar Bakery (guava pastry)
  • Big Ray’s Fish Camp (grouper sandwich)

The best way to get the local taste is by exploring more dining places. However, it is best to go to the recommended places first if you are new to Tampa.

In the winter, you can try attending the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival, where you can find over 60 types of margarita and food stalls that serve various dishes to fuel your energy during the festival.

8. Things To Know To Help You Move And Settle In Tampa

Make A Budget

It is crucial to make a budget for your relocation process. You must know the approximate amount that is needed for your moving preparation and trip.

If you get your salary or income a month or more after moving, you need to budget your living expenses. Make sure you have enough savings to afford the cost of living in Tampa for one to three months.

Contact Your Real Estate Agent

It is best to contact your real estate agent several weeks before your arrival time. Your agent needs to schedule the meeting with you and prepare the essential things before arriving.

Let Sanelo Ship Your Belongings To Tampa

Your moving process will be less stressful if you let a professional ship your belongings to Tampa. This way, you will not have to worry about carrying heavy luggage on your trip to Tampa.

Sanelo will ensure your packages arrive in Tampa safely. You are welcome to contact us first to get more information about the shipment process.

Conclusion About Moving To Tampa, Florida

Moving to Tampa is a good decision if you search for warm weather with mild winters. The temperatures in the Tampa Bay area rarely drop below 60°F or rise above 100°F.

If you are a young professional, Tampa is an excellent place for you. The living expenses here are relatively affordable, and the job opportunities keep growing. You can save a lot while pursuing the career you want.

It is also not too challenging to find safe neighbourhoods with affordable housing prices and plenty of recreational options.

To have an even better moving experience, engage Sanelo to ship your belongings to Tampa, Florida. We can ensure the shipment to Tampa, whether you are from another city in the country or overseas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Tampa, Florida

Is Tampa A Good Place To Live?

Overall, Tampa is an excellent place to live. This city has lovely weather, affordable cost of living, safe neighbourhoods, and beautiful beaches.

You can also find excellent city amenities around Tampa. There are parks, restaurants, a convention centre, and many more.

How Much Should I Earn To Live Decently In Tampa?

On average, Tampa residents earn $39,610 to $45,072 per year. This salary range is enough for a one-person household to live decently in Tampa.

Can Sanelo Assist An International Moving?

Yes, Sanelo can assist an international move. Our team will walk you through the process, including the paperwork. You will find that the shipment of your belongings to Tampa is painless with Sanelo.

How Do I Contact Sanelo?

Visit our official website to start a quote, or feel free to contact us first to consult your moving situation. We will adjust our process to fit your needs.

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