Moving/Relocating To Virginia Beach: 9 Stress-Free Hacks Of Moving To Virginia Beach

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Do you like going on vacations? What if we told you that you could be on a vacation every day if you live in this coastal city? If going on a vacation every day is something you’d like, consider moving to Virginia Beach.

You’re probably wondering “is Virginia Beach a good place to live?”. If that’s the case, this article is for you.

This city lies in the southeastern part of the country and stretches from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains. With a long Atlantic coastline, living in Virginia Beach will make you feel like you are on holiday every day. The cost of living in this city is not cheap, but considering the fact that it is a resort city, the numbers are still reasonable.

To have a stress-free moving and settling process, find out 9 stress-free hacks about Neptune city.

1. Learn Some Facts To Know About Living In Virginia Beach

Before moving to Virginia Beach, you must have an idea of what it is like to live there. Below are some facts about Virginia Beach that seem trivial but essential to know.

No Potty Mouth Allowed

Virginia Beach has a no cursing law. The signs of no cursing are spread around the VA Beach boardwalk. Last year, 25 people were fined for cursing in public areas.

This no-cursing law helps to reduce rowdiness in public, making Virginia Beach more family-friendly and safe for everyone.

The Beaches Are Clean

Virginia Beach people keep their beaches pretty clean. Trash, dead fishes, and algae are almost not seen along the shores here.

So, if you visit the beaches around this city, make sure not to litter your trash. Bring a plastic bag to collect your trash, so you can throw it quickly once you find a trash bin.

Home To Numerous Military Bases

It is Virginia Beach’s pride to be a home for military bases. Some of the military bases are:

  • Naval Station Norfolk,
  • Naval Air Station Oceana,
  • Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck Annex, and
  • Naval Medical Center Portsmouth.

Due to the numerous military bases in this city, you will encounter jet noise. However, to some, the military bases provide a sense of security.

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2. Decide Where To Live Before Moving To Virginia Beach

Searching for the best neighbourhoods to live in Virginia Beach can be a tricky task. However, you can use our recommendations below as your reference to narrow your search.

These areas we recommend are safe with reasonable housing prices.


Occupying the Downtown Virginia Beach area, Seatack is an ideal neighbourhood for young professionals. It is an oceanfront area with plenty of housing options. You will find apartments, townhomes, and homes of all sizes and budgets.

On top of that, you can reach all places you need such as restaurants, shops, and the beach by walking. It is also easy to access Norfolk Virginia Beach Expressway to go wherever you want in the city.

The proximity to the city’s attractions and amenities makes the housing prices in the area higher. The median monthly rent is $1,574, and the median home price is $334,944.


The best thing about this neighbourhood is you can see kids walking around freely and people walking their dogs through an open street. It also offers proximity to recreational areas such as Pleasure House Point Natural Area and Lynnhaven River.

Thoroughgood is the best neighbourhood for families because there are top-rated schools close to the area. You can also find great restaurants, parks, and fitness centres around the neighbourhood.

Since most houses in Thoroughgood are detached landed houses, the median home price is relatively high, which is $453,000. The median monthly rent in this area is $1,267.

Dam Neck

Dam Neck is only 15 minutes drive from Downtown Virginia Beach. It is a perfect area for military personnel and families because the neighbourhood sits near Naval Air Station Oceana.

There are plenty of open spaces for outdoor activities. The best perks of living in Dam Neck are the easy access to Croatan Beach and Red Wing Park and the affordable housing prices.

The median purchase price for a house is $246,175 and for monthly rent is $882. The affordability makes Dam Neck perfect for single young professionals and families.

3. Reasonable Cost Of Living In Virginia Beach

Yes, the cost of living in Virginia Beach is 10.6% higher than the national average. However, considering the city is packed with resort areas, the living cost is reasonable.

For a single person, the weekly expense is about $731, without rent or housing costs. It means, in a month, one would spend at least $3,000 on living expenses.

The expense that is lower than the national average is transportation. It makes sense because of the walkability. So, its residents do not have to spend much on transportation, especially to the beach, restaurants, or parks.

4. Embrace The Competitive Job Market

The three major sectors in Virginia Beach are real estate, defence, and tourism. Therefore, if you want to pursue a career in these three sectors, moving to Virginia Beach can be your best option.

If your experience and expertise are not in these three sectors, other industries still grow well in Virginia Beach. Some of these sectors are service, fishing, and medical.

In recent years, Virginia Beach has seen an increase in its job market by 1.4%. In the next ten years, future job growth is expected to be 33.2%. This slow and steady growth shows the competitiveness of the job market in Virginia Beach.

5. Enjoy The Weather In The Neptune City

The climate in Virginia Beach is sub-tropical. This city is warm and humid in the summers and cold and windy in the winter.

The temperature is considered moderate since it rarely rises above 93°F or drops below 23°F. It means you can enjoy outdoor activities even during the winter. However, you may need to wear an extra layer in January, the coldest month in the whole year.

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6. Of Course, You Have To Visit The Beach

Going to the beach is the best thing to do in this city. As the world’s largest resort city, Virginia Beach has fantastic beaches that you should put on your must-visit list.

Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach is about 30 minutes south of the busy Virginia Beach. This recreational spot is more laid-back than crowded.

There are plenty of vacation homes around the beach area, and they are available for rent. Usually, young families would rather go to a quieter place like Sandbridge than the crowded one like Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park lies between Virginia Beach and Chic’s Beach. This coastal reserve area is home to 3,000 acres of protected freshwater cypress swamps.

This place is perfect for camping and picnicking. If you bring your little ones, you need to be extra careful since there is no lifeguard in the area.

If you fancy a relaxing recreation, there are many boardwalk trails. People explore these trails by bike and foot.

Ocean View Beach Park

The locals from the Norfolk area love to hang out at Ocean View Beach Park. It is the most popular recreational zone in the city, yet the beach does not feel crowded.

There are facilities such as parking, a dining area, washrooms, showers, and a pavilion for picnics. You can also join yoga sessions at the beach area.

7. Virginia Beach Is More Than Beaches

There are other city attractions in Virginia Beach that are worth visiting. These places are family-friendly and perfect as recreational options on weekends.

Here are some of the attractions you should visit at least once when living in Virginia Beach.

  • Nightmare Mansion Haunted House,
  • Virginia Beach Boardwalk,
  • Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center,
  • Back Bay Wildlife Refuge,
  • Ocean Breeze Waterpark, and
  • Atlantic Fun Park.

You can make your bucket list and plan your visit to these places. Take pictures and make memories with your new local friends or family.

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8. Taste The Southern Charm

As a hot tourist destination, Virginia Beach has excellent cuisines to satisfy your tastebuds. When you are here, you must try the “holy trinity” of the local cuisine. They are oysters, brunch and Southern food.

One of the oyster dishes that Virginia Beach is known for is Oysters Rockefeller. This dish is made from local oysters baked with spinach, parmesan, cream cheese, bacon, and scallions.

As a resident of Virginia Beach, you should try the iconic orange crush. This drink is made from orange juice, orange vodka, triple sec, and Sprite.

If you live in Virginia Beach, sooner or later, you will taste the orange crush.

9. Prepare Your Relocation: Hacks To Make Your Moving To Virginia Beach Stress-Free

Do not move without preparation. Try these hacks to ensure your moving process is stress-free.

Keep A Note

There is a lot to do when you move to another city, especially if you are from overseas. Keep a note to lessen your stress. By having a note, you can track your to-do list easier.

Here are things that should be on your relocation note.

  • Things to pack
  • Things to donate or resell
  • To-do list
  • Document list
  • Important contacts (mover company, real estate agent, and employer)
  • Calculate Your Saving

Another essential thing that you must prepare before moving is the budget. Save enough to afford the moving trip and your living expenses for the first month in Virginia Beach.

Therefore, you need to learn about the cost of living in Virginia Beach before moving. By knowing this information, you will know the approximate savings you need before heading to Virginia Beach.

Share Your Luggage With A Professional

The worst mistake you can make to your household goods is carrying them yourself during the moving trip. Not only will it cause you to pay more for over baggage, but you will also risk causing damage to your belongings.

The best way to transport your belongings to Virginia Beach is by engaging a professional like Sanelo. We have the experience, expertise, and facilities to ensure your belongings are shipped safely.

Conclusion About Moving To Virginia Beach

Moving to Virginia Beach can be your best decision to pursue a career while maintaining a laid-back lifestyle. With beautiful beaches and other city attractions, Virginia Beach is perfect if you want a balanced work and personal life.

As a hot tourist destination, Virginia Beach may not be the cheapest city to live in. However, it offers excellent city amenities, steady growth in the economy, and safety. For your information, Virginia Beach is one of the safest cities in America.

The neighbourhood areas are safe and perfect for single or married young professionals, families, and even retirees. Once you find the ideal area, contact the real estate agent to consult your needs before you seal the deal.

Virginia Beach has a sub-tropical climate that allows you to do outdoor activities all year long. You only need to worry about the stickiness during summers due to its humidity. Consider adding extra layers in January since it is the coldest month in a year.

To lessen your stress during the moving process, make sure you have a note to list all things you have to do during the preparation. Also, do not forget to save enough money for your moving trip and living expenses during the first month in Virginia Beach.

To have an even better moving experience, engage Sanelo to help with the shipment of your belongings. Our team will ensure that your belongings arrive in Virginia Beach safely without damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Virginia Beach

Is Virginia Beach A Good Place To Live?

Overall, Virginia Beach is a good place to live, even for retirees. This city is safe, and it has big-city amenities. The economy is also growing steadily.

The only concern is its cost of living is higher than the national average. However, if you think of Virginia Beach as the world’s largest resort city, these living costs are reasonable.

What Is The Virginia Beach Crime Rate?

Based on the FBI’s latest data, Virginia Beach ranks number one as the safest large city in the country. The violent crime rate is 11.8 per 1,000 residents, and the city had a property crime score of 17.6.

How Much Do I Need To Make To Live In Virginia Beach?

On Average, people in Virginia Beach earn $61,946 a year. Considering the cost of living in this city, this amount is enough for a decent lifestyle. You need to earn more if you want a more comfortable lifestyle.

Can Sanelo Help An Interstate Moving?

Yes! Sanelo is a reliable mover to help your local moving process. Contact us to consult what you need during this moving process. We will walk you through the process of the shipment of your belongings.

Here are the other guides about moving to other cities in the States. Reading these articles will get more ideas about what to do before moving to a new city.


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