Moving/Relocating To Worcester MA: 9 Smart Hacks & Tips To Settle Down Like Locals

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There are reasons why moving to Worcester MA is a good decision. As one of the best cities to live in the United States 2020 based on the U.S. News & World Report, it is not difficult to find comfort when you are living in Worcester MA. So if moving to this city ever crossed your mind, do not hesitate to make it real.

Here are 10 smart hacks and tips for you if you’re planning to relocate to Worcester, whether alone or with the whole family.

1. The Number 1 Best Hack To Finding The Best Neighbourhood

Once you’ve decided to relocate to Worcester, the first thing you have to consider is to can choose whether you want to rent an apartment, or invest in a house. On average, the rental price for an apartment in Worcester is between $1,037 to $1,881. Of course, the price will be based on location and the size of the unit.

If you decide to live in an apartment unit, then make sure that they have adequate facilities for your safety, like CCTV. You also want to live in a safe neighbourhood. Therefore, it is crucial to find out complete information about your future neighbourhood. You can get all this information by visiting housing websites or discussing it with the HR staff from your office.

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It is also essential to choose a living space that is near to your working place.

Even though the transportation system in Worcester is quite comfortable to get you around, as a newcomer, you may not know the route well enough to navigate by yourself. So, it is better to live nearby while learning about the city. Once you are familiar with the transportation system, you can move to a new place that may be a bit further.

2. Average Cost Of Living In Worcester MA

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When moving to a new area, knowing the average cost of living is important. This information can help you in planning your finances before and after moving.

In Worcester, housing expenses are 23% higher than the national average. Besides that, the expenses for healthcare and utilities are also higher than the national average.

On the other hand, groceries and food cost the same compared to the national average. Their transportation expenses are even lower if you compare them to other areas in the U.S.

3. Know Your Public Transportation Before Moving To Worcester MA

Access to transportation services is not that difficult in Worcester. You can choose a taxi, bus, or train. To make your life easier, you can find information about the public transport schedules in Worcester MA here. Do not forget to download the information, so you can access it anytime you need it.

The Commuter Rail fare is between $2.40 to $13.25 per trip. The transport fare will differ based on the distance, from where you are boarding to where you are heading. You can also sign up for a monthly pass, so it will be easier for you to commute without having to worry about bringing cash.

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4. Getting In Touch With The School In Advance!

If you are moving to Worcester with your children, you need to get in touch with the local school in advance! The local authorities provide assistance if your children plan to enrol in their public schools. You can visit the official website to get information about entering public schools in Worcester.

If you plan to put your children in private schools, you can directly visit the schools’ websites. Before deciding which school your children will go to, it is important to research and make comparisons. Find out how their environment looks like, the tuition fee, and the rank of the school.

5. Traffic And What You Need To Know When You Want A New Car

Lately, the congestion level of traffic in Worcester MA has been decreasing, even during rush hour. That means Worcester is still a nice place for you to drive your own car.

But, do take note! You might need to change or update your driver’s license and car’s registration if you’re holding an out-of-state license. If you are from another country, then you need to transfer your driver’s license and update your data in the state’s system.

For you who want a new car, you can find great deals online. Simply contact a local seller before you come into any agreement. Buying directly from the official dealers is the best decision to avoid any scam.

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6. The Perks Of Living In The City of Parks

When talking about green areas, people would think about Pittsburgh, Cleveland or Austin. Well, Worcester has its fair share of the greeny reputation as well, you know. This city has many parks and green areas to keep you away from boredom. You can spend your off time here to relax while enjoying the scenery or hanging out with friends.

Aside from parks, Worcester also serves you the beauty of its natural green area. You can hike and camp in the city forest area. It can be a great way to escape the rush of the city and just enjoy your time in nature with friends or family.

7. Mingle With The Local Community

You do not need to feel alone in Worcester MA. The people in the neighbourhood are easy to find. You can go to the park, farmers’ market, or street markets, and you will feel the connection among people of the community.

The availability of public areas enables people to meet each other outside their homes. This can leave peace of mind for the newcomers, especially those who live alone. You can also visit local restaurants and pubs to mingle.

If you are an expatriate, you can always get involved in activities that are held by the local community or visit public places to avoid loneliness.

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8. Food Scenes

As a city with diversity, Worcester serves you food from all over the world. You can try new cuisine as you please in this city. Of course, restaurants are the main reference for food, but you can’t underestimate the food trucks. Many times you will find the real treasure of good food here.

One of the best events for foodies is the food truck battle. In this event, food truck owners will show off their specialities to win the judges over. The admission fee is only $5, and you can already enjoy a variety of foods and beer.

9. Fundamental Tips To Ensure That Your Relocation To Worcester Is A Smooth One

We cannot stress enough that you must make sure that you have enough information to help you relocate to Worcester. Read more about the 5 Precautions To Take When Relocating. We hope that this guide can make your relocation process smooth with less stress.

Fundamental Tip 1: Find Out Information About Travelling Safely During A Pandemic

During this time, when the pandemic hit, travelling regulations changed to ensure the safety of the passengers. One thing to make your travelling process safe is to make sure that you are already being vaccinated. You can register at your local health centres to receive vaccines. It is also safer to not have children with you during the flight. If you must bring them, make sure they are also vaccinated.

Some other things you have to pay attention to are:

  • Keeping up to date with the new regulations for travelling;
  • Always put on your masks throughout the entire trip;
  • Having a health check before the flight; and
  • Being absolutely sure that you have got your sanitizing necessities with you to keep you free from diseases.

Fundamental Tip 2: Find Help From A Relocation Company

This trick will save you from a lot of stress. Make sure to find a trusted company to help you relocate to Worcester, especially if you are from another country.

Sanelo is a great moving company that makes relocation easy for you. Learn more about us today!

Fundamental Tip 3: Check The Regulation If You’re Bringing Your Pets

Just like children, pets are your lifetime commitment. Make sure you know the regulation of relocating your pets to Worcester MA. Do they need to be vaccinated before the flight date? Do they need to be quarantined? Find out the procedure you have to go through so you and your animal best friends can move together.

Conclusion About Moving To Worcester

Moving to Worcester, Massachusetts, can be the best decision in your life. Not only about the job you are getting, but also about the living experience.

Just like moving to any other city, having adequate information is important to ensure you move smoothly. Contact your office beforehand, your future landlord, or any other organizations you need to inform before moving. Lastly, get in touch with the best relocation company to sharpen your plans for your next big move!

Want to find out more about nearby cities? Here are our guides about moving to New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Worcester

Is Worcester MA A Good Place To Live?

Worcester Massachusetts is on the list of best cities to live in in 2020. According to U.S. News & World Report, this city got 6.6 points out of ten for the best city to live in. Not only Worcester is children friendly, but it is also seniors friendly. If it is not for work reasons, you can plan your move to Worcester for retirement!

Is Worcester Children Friendly?

Worcester has public and private schools of high quality. There are also universities, so your children do not have to move to pursue their higher education. Aside from proper education facilities, your children can also enjoy the green area and local events to socialize with the community.

Do I Need To Hire Professional Movers To Help Me?

Having assistance from professional movers saves your energy and time. You can contact a company that provides services like shipping and even consultation to make your moving process smooth. The relocation company that provides these services is Sanelo. We are extremely good at carefully packing your stuff and delivering them safely!

How Far In Advance Do I Have To Prepare My Moving Process?

Give yourself time to book and have a consultation with your relocating company. This is important to make sure that they can meet your needs. Moreover, if you are moving internationally, there will be more paperwork that you have to go through.

Prepare your moving process at least two months ahead. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare all the relocation requirements, and it also gives time for your moving company to work their best.


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