Moving/Relocating To Wyoming: 7 Closely Guarded Secrets And Advice

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Are you planning to move to Wyoming but still unsure if it is a wise idea? Or do you need advice from someone who has actually relocated to Wyoming not long ago? In this article, we’re here to cover some practical advice before moving to Wyoming and 6 closely guarded secrets about what you should know before moving to Wyoming.


1. The Number 1 “Moving to Wyoming” Advice Is To Really Think About Where Do You Want To Live

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The secret to not regretting your decision to move to Wyoming is really about the location that you plan to live in. And many longtime Wyomingites wish they could advise Newcomers that the very first decision to make is to decide where to live in Wyoming.

Think about it, not many people are ready to settle in the middle of an unfamiliar place to live. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, your life in Wyoming would subsequently have a huge impact.


2. There Are Several Unknown Yet Attractive Locations To Live In Wyoming That Not Many People Know Of

There are several unquestioned reasons to move to Wyoming, and one of the most popular questions is where is the best location to live in. We will shed some light on the best area that people living in Wyoming would not want you to know.


Consider Cheyenne as a location while moving to Wyoming

Many people know that Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming and one of the most populated cities in the whole state. Despite the busy lifestyle and fast pace, Cheyenne has a good mix of beautiful parks, botanical gardens, and recreation activities to balance out stress or anxiety.


Jackson is known for its strong economy – consider this city before you move to Wyoming

Back then, many would turn down the idea of living in Jackson because it is just another place for tourists. This belief has slowly faded during recent years as more people prefer to live an affluent lifestyle, and Jackson has become an ideal relocation place for many. Now, Jackson is a historically rich city with a strong economy built on tourism, arts, retail, healthcare, and education.


Laramie is best for families or those retiring – if you intend to move to Wyoming

If you have a family or you are looking for a place to retire, Laramie is one of the best locations that most people overlooked when deciding on a place to live in Wyoming. Laramie is home to several famous parks, museums, libraries, as well as the University of Wyoming.


3. It Is Not True That You Won’t Be Able To Find A Job If You Decide To Live In Wyoming

It is definitely not true that you cannot find a job in Wyoming. In fact, the unemployment rate in Wyoming has fallen to 6.6% in August 2020, which is 8.4% lower than the national average.

Some of the fastest-growing jobs in Wyoming are commonly in the government, energy production, mining, distribution, healthcare, and education sectors. You can often find job opportunities such as:

  • Medical receptionist;
  • Personal care assistant;
  • Front desk clerk;
  • Preschool teacher;
  • Assistant Manager;
  • Bartender;
  • and many more!


4. Renting Could Be A Better Choice To Lower The Cost Of Living In Wyoming

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Understanding the housing market in Wyoming is a major relocation consideration, yet it can also be confusing, especially to newcomers. Before putting your deposits, hopes, and future into a forever home in Wyoming, here’s a secret advice – Rent instead of buy.

Renting allows you to experience your life in the neighborhood before committing to purchasing a home. In Wyoming, renting a property is often more cost-effective than owning one.

Besides, renting a home has fewer up-front costs, and maintenance is generally included. It also eliminates unnecessary stress, responsibilities, and expenses which could potentially make life in Wyoming miserable.


5. Why Income Tax In Wyoming Was Never Revealed

You can’t find information relating to income tax in Wyoming because there isn’t one! Yes, it is true because Wyoming is known to be one of the most tax-friendly states in the United States.

Being the most tax-friendly state would also mean that if you plan to relocate to Wyoming for work:

  • You won’t have to worry about filing income tax as your paycheck will be free of taxes.
  • Your take-home salary will be higher.
  • You’ll have more income to sustain your cost of living in Wyoming and also some extras for leisure or savings!


6. The Most Basic Things To Know Before Moving To Wyoming That No Body Told You

The last thing you want is to find yourself stuck in an awkward situation where you know nothing about the place after living in Wyoming for more than a week, months, and even years. Here are some basic information to learn so that you can blend in easily like a local.


Basic Things To Know Before Moving To Wyoming – #1. What’s Wyoming’s Nickname?

Wyoming is known for its nickname “The Cowboy State.” It has become a thing when Wyoming first adopted a bucking bronco and a cowboy that serves as the state symbol. Even though the state has grown drastically over the years, Wyoming is still a very open state that holds on to its cowboy ways.


Basic Things To Know Before Moving To Wyoming – #2. How Wyoming Got Its Name?

In 1869, Wyoming, which means ‘The Equality State’, was officiated after becoming the first state to grant women the right to vote.


Basic Things To Know Before Moving To Wyoming – #3. Why Wyomingites Takes Pride With The Yellowstone National Park?

In 1872, Yellowstone National Park was established with the help of government-led expeditions, and ever since then, it has became the very first national park.


Basic Things To Know Before Moving To Wyoming – #4. What Is The Real Reason That People Move To Wyoming?

Wyoming is the tenth-largest state in the nation, and yet they have the smallest population with only 573,720 people. With its booming economy, exciting culture, cuisine, and job opportunities, this is the real reason why most people would consider relocating to Wyoming.


7. Recreational Activities That Only Locals Living In Wyoming Knows That You Don’t

With the low population density and beautiful sceneries in Wyoming, there are countless leisure activities to keep you busy having fun. Commonly, newcomers would often go for basic recreational activities such as hiking, skiing, sledding, camping, fishing, climbing, cycling, or kayaking.

But there are so much more the states can offer! Here are the top list of Recreational Activities That Only The Wyomingites Know Of:

  • The Yellowstone National Park is one of the most visited parks that attracted over 40 million tourists in 2017. But a Wyomingites sees the Yellowstone National Park as a place to camp or have a nice picnic to slow down and relax in nature.
  • The Devils Tower is famously known for rock climbing activities in Wyoming. But often, Wyomingites would prefer wildlife watching over climbing to cause less disruption to the place and also protect the falcon nesting sites.
  • Wyomingites also takes pride in their National Museum of Wildlife Art as it highlights and preserves wildlife art. There are over 5,000 pieces of exceptional wildlife art from local and international artists.


Conclusion About Moving To Wyoming

Wyoming is definitely your dream state to relocate if you are looking for a simpler lifestyle, friendly neighbors, a low crime rate location, and an affordable cost of living.

We can help and assist you in moving to Wyoming. Contact us and request a quote today!

If you’re interested to find out more about cities and states near Wyoming, you can check out our guides for moving to Idaho, South Dakota, Fort Collins and Salt Lake City.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Wyoming


What Locations Does Sanelo Covers For People Who Want To Move To Wyoming?

We’ve helped many people move to Wyoming regardless of any location that they lived in. Here are some top locations that we have served before:

  • Worland
  • Saratoga
  • Lyman
  • Marbleton
  • Basin
  • Guernsey
  • Kemmerer
  • Mountain View
  • Greybull
  • Thermopolis


What Is The Coldest Month In Wyoming? Can I Still Request For Help To Move?

The coldest month usually falls in January, where temperature mostly ranges from 5° F to 10° F. Regardless of the season, we are able to assist you in moving to Wyoming smoothly. Learn more about our services:


Is Wyoming A Good Place To Live?

Yes, Wyoming is a good place to live if you enjoy outdoor nature, are looking to retire, or start a family at a slower lifestyle pace. Wyoming can offer an affordable cost of living, boundless natural beauty, low taxes, and more.


What Is The Traffic Situation In Wyoming? Will My Moving Schedule Be Delayed?

The traffic in Wyoming is often non-existence, and this is due to the low population density in the state. You do not have to worry about your moving schedule as we’ve got you covered. You will be assigned a personal assistant who will keep you updated throughout your entire moving journey.


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