Top 9 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Internationally

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Relocation can be an exciting experience, a new country to explore and new people to meet! However, it also brings a lot of stress and challenges.

That’s where we come in, our fully trained experts can reduce all of your relocation worries. Giving you back the time to focus on the next chapter of your life!

Here are the top 9 mistakes you should avoid when moving internationally!

1. Not using Sanelo as your international moving company

We are part of Santa Fe relocation group, a leading international relocation company with over 130 years experience. We can get you where you need to be! Whether that is relocating to Australia, Asia, Europe or USA.

2. Moving Somewhere Without Researching

A change in lifestyle is an understatement. You can expect a plethora of change. Some considerations worth paying attention to include:

  • New language
  • New transport system
  • New culture
  • New neighbours
  • New job
  • Cost of living
  • Visa applications
  • Private health insurance
  • Real estate


3. Lack of Necessary Paperwork

You won’t need a lot of paperwork when you relocate with us! Your assigned relocation specialist will deal with all the necessary documents, while you can focus on what’s important.

Here’s our list of everything we help you with:

  • Admin Support
  • Pre-move consultation
  • Packing
  • Logistics – moving, transport, ocean & air freight, storage for your belongings, shipment protection and delivery & unpacking.
  • Settling in

4. Forgetting to cancel existing obligations before moving

Some people have an arrest warrant sent for them when they re-enter the country down the road. They forgot to close their existing financial obligations and have since been out of reach.

You should notify the respective organisations and close these accounts. If not, you may accumulate huge debts and face charges in court.

Here’s a checklist of financial obligations to follow up with:

  • Utility Bills (Water/Electricity)
  • Phone Bills
  • House Mortgage
  • Study Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Investment Policies


5. Using Local Movers to Move Internationally 

Yikes! You may feel the pinch with all the upfront payments. However, we guarantee this is one item you shouldn’t scrimp on.

While local relocation services are more economical, they’re often inexperienced in moving internationally.

Furthermore, your items definitely can’t weather the 1-2 months international journey in substandard cheap packing. Don’t risk the higher chance of damaged goods.

Established international housing moving services such as Sanelo, is the best and safest option. They provide quality end-to-end relocation solutions (from the consultation to the packing and delivery). With 130 years of experience, we have dedicated relocation experts in 38 countries to ensure safe and timely delivery of your belongings.




6. Bringing Too Much With You

If you are unsure on what to bring, Sanelo’s relocation experts will guide your packing according to your lifestyle needs.

We’ve got a team of specialists who assist with the customised packing and shipping for valuable items. The appropriate shipment protection covers all your items.

Get all your treasured items shipped safely without having to lift a finger.

7. Under-estimate The Moving Time Frame 

Often, many don’t anticipate the extensive preparation required, including the moving time frame.

Unlike moving house locally, your shipment through sea freight takes an average of 1 to 2 months to arrive. This means you better start packing and shipping now in order for them to reach the same time you do.

We say at least three months before your departure. Setting time buffers in case of any shipment delay is good.

Sanelo provides door-to-door moving services. Our experienced consultants will guide you with the packing process. That’s one more item off your to-do list, so you can focus on what matters most. 

8. Not Knowing The Destination Custom Inspection Regulations

Customs may prohibit and remand certain products because of their rules and cultural sensitivity.

If this is too much, Sanelo’s got you covered. Our relocation support services can filter out the relevant information and process the necessary documents for you. We ensure all your belongings pass through customs and arrive safely at your new home. 

9. Missing Out on Tax Payments

You don’t want inadequate record weeks into your relocation. Being ignorant about taxation and other expenses can cost much more.

Depending on your residency status, different rules may apply. Stay vigilant, track your activities, or face the possibility of receiving a fine. 







Start your relocation journey by getting an estimate with us. We are your one-stop solution for all international relocation needs. We handle all the relocation steps, so you can focus on what’s important. At Sanelo, we simplify, make stress-free, and ensure a seamless relocation journey for you.

You will get high quality customer service always, with Sanelo. 



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