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Helping Expats in London make local connections

Whether you are planning a move to London or you have already touched down, Sanelo’s Area Orientation partners can help you feel more at home in the capital of the United Kingdom.

What are Area Orientation Services?

Area Orientation Services help people feel at home when their home is a brand new, unfamiliar place.

Feeling at home is more complex than just unpacking or learning to navigate your new neighborhood. The process of settling in after an international relocation includes learning about culture, language, entertainment, and local services. That can be hard to do on your own.

Sanelo’s Area Orientation Partners in London will arrange a custom itinerary for you and your family to help you settle into your new city. Experienced advisors — many of whom are expats themselves — can help you with local housing, school visits, groceries, shopping, parks and recreation, places of worship, and more.

Area Orientation Services are a comprehensive way of getting to know the place you’ll be living in.

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If you’re ready to enjoy life in London, connect with Sanelo’s Expat Services today for area orientation, childcare & education, and even help with furnishing your new home! Find all of that and more in Sanelo Marketplace.

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