Moving/Relocating To Hamburg: 9 Hacks You’ll Appreciate And DEFINITELY Don’t Want To Miss

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If your dream is to work for an international scale company yet still have opportunities to enjoy life, moving to Hamburg, Germany, can be your solution.

Hamburg is an important commercial hub that offers opportunities to anyone who wants to work in this port city. That’s why living in Hamburg will give you the vibe of an international city with people from all over the world living here.

To prepare you for life in Hamburg, we share 9 hacks that will be helpful for the relocation. You will find information about the best places to live, how to get around, the cost of living in Hamburg, and many more.

1. Start With The Basic Things To Know About Living In Hamburg

Hamburg is a city with many charms. This city offers you opportunities to have a better workplace and quality of life.

To enjoy life in Hamburg, you need to know the following basic facts.

The Weather In Hamburg

In general, the weather in Hamburg is not too harsh. The summers in Hamburg are pretty comfortable, with temperatures around 73°F (22°C).

Winters in Hamburg are cold, cloudy, and windy. However, the temperatures are usually around 30°F (-1.1°C). It means with proper winter clothes, you can enjoy outdoor activities even in the winter.

Hamburg Takes Its Title As A Port City Seriously

As a port city, Hamburg has a way to welcome ships. There is a “Welcome Point” (Willkomm-Höft) to greet and say goodbye to the ships coming in and out of Hamburg harbour.

The captains at the Welcome Point, called greetings-captains, will play the national anthem according to where the ship comes from.

Connect With The Fellow Expats Easily

As a home to several international companies, it is not difficult to find an expat community in Hamburg. This community will help the newcomers adapt to life in Hamburg.

You can also find fellow expats at the language courses. Some people prefer to enrol in German courses after arriving. If you want to connect with other expats outside your workplace, you can enrol in a language course.

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2. Secure A Home In The Neighbourhood That Suits You Best

When it comes to a place to live, you need a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle and needs.
Some people like a vibrant and lively neighbourhood, while others prefer a quiet one. Choose a neighbourhood that offers a suitable vibe for you, so you can live comfortably. Additionally, find a living area with amenities and good transport connections.

We picked these three neighbourhoods that you can use as your reference when searching for a home.

Hamburg Nord

Hamburg Nord offers many beautiful buildings, shops, and restaurants. This area has large residential buildings that are perfect for families.

This neighbourhood’s average rental and house price is relatively reasonable since it is pretty far from the city centre. The residents here can enjoy the view at Alster Artificial Lake while jogging or strolling.


Altona is one of the favourite areas among the expats. This area offers amenities such as boutiques, restaurants, shops, bars, and clubs.

For recreation, you can enjoy the scenery of the Elbe river that flows through the city. This area is perfect for young professionals who need fun places to hang out and socialise.


This neighbourhood is near the University of Hamburg and is a great area for students, young professionals, and families. This area also has the highest population density in Hamburg.

Eimsbüttel has cafes, restaurants, and bars around the area. Therefore, if you want to live in an area with easy access to amenities, you should consider Eimsbüttel.

3. Find Out The Average Rent And House Price In Hamburg

In Hamburg, the average monthly rent for an apartment is €1,049, and the average house price is €787,974. If you choose to live outside the city centre, you will find apartments and houses with cheaper rents or buying prices.

Start your home search before moving to Hamburg. This way you can settle in faster as you’ll already have a home.

4. Make An Estimation For The Cost Of Living In Hamburg

Hamburg is an expensive city. Therefore you need to prepare a budget for your monthly expenses.

It is estimated that the monthly expense for a family of four is €3,016 and for a single person is €871. To find the overall living costs, you can add these numbers to the average monthly rent or house price in Hamburg.

Even though the cost of living in Hamburg is relatively high, there are tips to help you save money in this city. Take note of the following financial tips:

  • live in the area outside the city centre,
  • open a German bank account for easy transactions,
  • buy yearly public transit for cheaper transport costs,
  • cook your meals, and
  • shop at flea markets

5. Find Out Where The Job Opportunities Are

Hamburg offers job opportunities in international companies and fast-growing industries. Therefore, this city is the perfect destination for professionals who wish to advance their careers.

Here are some of the international scale companies in Hamburg:

  • Philips Medical Systems,
  • Nivea,
  • Olympus Medical Systems, and
  • Sysmex.

In addition, below are the main sectors in Hamburg for your reference when looking for a job:

  • life sciences,
  • export and import,
  • services,
  • media and creative industries, and
  • renewable energy.

6. Explore Hamburg By Public Transport

In Hamburg, not having a car is not a cause for worry. This is a walkable city, and its public transport system is extensive.

After arriving in Hamburg, spare time to explore the city by taking public transport such as U-Bahn underground lines, S-Bahn suburban lines, buses, and ferries.

Taking advantage of Hamburg’s public transportation system is also a great way to save money. It is cheaper to travel by public transport, and you won’t have to worry about finding parking space.

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7. Check These Must-Visit Places In Hamburg

You will have plenty of places to visit when living in Hamburg. The places that we recommend below are beautiful and perfect to learn more about Hamburg.

Explore the following places to get the best experience of living in Hamburg:

  • Port of Hamburg & Speicherstadt,
  • Miniatur Wunderland,
  • Hamburger Kunsthalle,
  • St. Michael’s Church,
  • Tallships: Rickmer Rickmers and Cap San Diego,
  • International Maritime Museum, and
  • Planten un Blomen and Wallringpark.

There will be around 30 Christmas markets in Hamburg during the Christmas season. You can visit these markets to enjoy Christmas shopping at a more affordable price.

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8. Taste The Famous Local Dishes In Hamburg

If you think it will be challenging to find good food in Hamburg, you should explore the food scene.

Hamburg has many delicious dishes that you must try. To start off your culinary journey, here are some of the famous local dishes in Hamburg:

  • Franzbrötchen (French rolls, as pictured above),
  • Currywurst,
  • Labskaus,
  • Rote Grütze, and many more.

In addition to the tasty meals, Hamburg is also famous for its coffee. Enjoy a cup of coffee made of freshly roasted coffee beans in Hamburg.

9. Engage A Professional Mover To Save You From Stress

Carrying heavy luggage on your moving trip is inefficient and not cost-friendly because you may need to pay the excess baggage fee.

Therefore, you need a professional like Sanelo to ship your belongings to Hamburg. Whether you are moving internationally or locally, having your stuff shipped will lessen the stress.

Contact us around three or two months before your moving date. This way, our team will have more time to adjust the process to meet your needs.

Conclusion About Moving To Hamburg

If you choose Hamburg as your destination to find better career opportunities, you are on the right path. This city offers better job opportunities, excellent neighbourhoods, beautiful places, and developed public transportation.

Before moving to Hamburg, it is best to secure a home. This way, you won’t have to pay for temporary accommodation.

One thing that makes moving stressful is carrying heavy luggage during the trip. You do not have to worry about this anymore if you engage a professional like Sanelo. Our team will ship your belongings to Hamburg, whether you’re moving from overseas or locally.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Hamburg

Is Hamburg A Good Place To Live?

Hamburg is one of the nicest places to live in the world. It is a beautiful port city with parks, canals, and rivers. On top of that, this city is also a perfect destination for expats.

Is It Safe To Live In Hamburg, Germany?

Hamburg is a relatively safe city. You can walk alone day and night around the city, even asking for directions from strangers without worries.

However, it is always best to be careful. For example, keep your belongings safe in your bag when you’re outside.

Is Hamburg A Good Place To Retire?

Based on Mercer’s 2019 Quality of Life Ranking, Hamburg was in the top 20 for the best places to retire in the world. This city offers an excellent healthcare system, safety, and plenty of recreational activities for retirees.

How Do I Contact Sanelo To Help Me With My Relocation?

You can visit our official website and start a quote. Feel free to contact us if you need more information regarding your relocation.

For more tips about moving to cities in Germany, you can check our articles about moving to Berlin and Munich.


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