Smart Home Surveys with Sanelo

We are always looking to make your relocation experience as simple and as stress free as possible. With a state of the art AI survey tool, powered by Yembo, this technology can now do all the hard work for you.

How does the Yembo AI Technology work?

1. Record Videos
Using your smartphone, you will record short videos of each room in your house. You can then send these videos/photos to us without needing an app.
2. AI Technology
Yembo’s AI is then able to identify all the objects within the video and creates a visual house inventory.
3. Inventory

You can then review the inventory and add any extra items, or edit existing ones.

4. Sign Off

Using a simple e-sign function, you can sign off the inventory and send it across to us for review.

Saving you time

Moving overseas has many moving parts. This handy AI tool provides a great solution to what can be an overwhelming task, giving you back much-needed time for everything else. 

Here are some quick tips on how to complete these videos:

  • When taking the videos, it’s important that we have commentary from you alongside them. If you can describe the items that are coming with you and ensure all items are clearly visible.

  • The videos need to include what items you intend to move with and if you are taking the contents of those items. For example, we will need to know if you are taking the contents of your wardrobes and/or cabinets. Our team can then gauge the number of boxes required for your move, providing you a much more accurate quote.

  • We know that certain items in your house maybe valuable, or hold sentimental value. They also may be fragile and require extra attention. We can offer added care for these items, so be sure to point them out to us.

  • We need to know how to enter your property, which floor you’re on, and if we need to use an elevator. We would also request a video of the walk from where they would park to your entrance.

Quick & Professional

If you don’t feel comfortable completing the video survey, not to worry.

We also have in-house pre-move surveys where our pre-move consultant will come to your home. You can then walk them through your move requirements face to face.

Completing the survey means that your moving team arrives on moving day ready to go! They know what needs to be packed, where to park, and which items need some special love and care. This even includes all those items under the kitchen sink!

Once you have finished your self-survey, our team will send you a summary for you to double check. We don’t want to miss anything so please look through this thoroughly before confirming.

As a relocation specialist, AI technology enables us to offer a quick and professional service to our customers. We don’t want to be just another moving company, we want to offer you peace of mind at every point in your moving journey.

An outstanding team who came on time and were so efficient, courteous and professional. They were organised and packing was completed on time. I would highly recommend Sanelo Relocation Services

Why choose Sanelo?

Over 130 years ago, Santa Fe Relocation company began, the one stop place for any corporate move. Internationally or just down the road, however, there was always something missing.

Sanelo, born in 2019, represents the consumer side of the business. We continue the legacy and trust that Santa Fe started all those years ago.

We are here for you when life presents an opportunity, an unexpected door opens or maybe you’ve just met the ‘one’. Whether you have one bedroom or ten, two children or a dog, or both, we can help you start your new life, miles from where it began.

With nearly 1,000 people speaking 60+ languages in 38 countries, our staff are ready to help you on this next adventure. Our relocation experts will be there with you every step of the way.

We now have over 35,000 local, long-distance and international moves every year under our belt. If are moving abroad, you can trust that Sanelo will make it a stress-free, simple and an easy relocation service for you!

What other AI Technology do we use?

At every stage of your international move we want to make it simple and seamless. To do this, we are working with companies such as Yembo, as well as using Shipping Tracking technology.

Our shipment tracking allows customers to see the progress of the shipment any time of the day. So, whether you’re on route to work or picking up the children, you can check in when it suits you. You’re unique customer link showcases the shipment timeline, from your origin country, all the way to the final port. Plus, you will be able to see the expected time and arrival at each stage of the journey.

Shipping overseas comes with many challenges and sadly, delays can happen regularly. It might be an issue at the port or a storm has adjusted the route of the boat. Regardless of the problem, if any, our team are always keeping a close eye on the situation. This is to ensure that we are always on top of any changes and we can keep you up to date at a moments notice.

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