Ocean and Air Freight

We'll find the right way to get your belongings to your new home

When it comes to international relocation, it shouldn’t be your job to learn about every method of shipping your belongings from your starting point to your destination. Sanelo can manage the logistics of your move so you can focus on what’s really important-your family, your friends, your farewell and, most importantly, your future. We offer both air freight and ocean freight services, providing flexible options to cater to your specific moving needs.

Choosing Between Air Freight and Ocean Freight for Your Move

Deciding between air freight and sea freight can depend on various factors like urgency, budget, and the type and volume of items you’re moving.

When moving overseas, the majority of household goods move by Ocean Freight, or Sea Freight. Ocean Freight allows for the shipment of entire containers of household goods. That means it is the economical choice for large-scale moves. It also has the most capacity, making it perfect for morning large and heavy items like books, furniture, and even vehicles!

Ocean Freight operates on a fixed schedule, and freighters need time to cross the ocean to reach their destination! For time-sensitive or high-priority household goods, we can also arrange moves via Air Freight. Air Freight can transport a single box of seasonal clothes or an entire pallet of some of your most-essential possessions.

Your dedicated move coordinator is a relocation expert who will work with you to assess your needs and decide the best mode of transportation for your belongings. Whether you choose air freight or ocean freight, you can rely on our experienced team to manage the logistics seamlessly. Sanelo’s 130 years of experience as a local and international moving company equates to millions of hours perfecting our operational services, all so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Period.


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